Shenzhen Warehouse China

with better storage options in China
  • Extensive experience in handling goods reliably and safely
  • Skilled and professional team specialized in warehousing
  • Excellent warehouse solutions to accomplish your mission
  • Great warehouses to safely keep your goods before sold to global resellers
  • Offers 10 days free warehousing if goods ship with us, but if not, charges will be added
  • Full ability to accept and ship goods
  • Capable to offer fast processing of a large number of goods
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Fulfillment Center in Shenzhen China
Fulfillment Center in Shenzhen China

We highly recommended the fulfillment center to store small-large quantities of goods. A storage solution where processing, warehousing, packing, picking, and distributing is manipulated for eCommerce partners. The fulfillment center is more favored option by most eCommerce vendors as of today. Efficiently ship goods and outsource their storage. Moreover, the fulfillment center is the right one especially in developing your business. Contact Bansar to assist you in choosing the appropriate storage for your goods.

Fulfillment centres are used by e-commerce vendors in China. Having a fulfillment centre warehouse in Shenzhen is an efficient way of outsourcing storage. You can request space for small or large quantities of goods. Also, you can choose from a whole range of additional services to streamline your supply chain.

Public Warehouse in Shenzhen China
Public Warehouse in Shenzhen China

Public warehouse is open to any individual or firms that need larger space to store their goods. This option is usually chosen by several manufacturers for long-term or just temporary arrangement. It is entirely based on providing logistic services. The company is fully supported with trained staffs and latest technology to meet newest trends in supply chain administration and catch customer`s attention. Public warehouse is a must to have a variable space for your goods. Surely helps boost your business and save more capital.

Public warehousing, on the other hand, means that many distributors can use a given space according to their needs. This option does not guarantee you consistent space, but is a flexible option. You can use as many or as little warehousing resources as you need—and as are available. This option is perfect for new China importers, or those who do not have a consistent supply chain in China.

Refrigerated Warehouse in Shenzhen China
Refrigerated Warehouse in Shenzhen China

To all goods that need refrigeration, there`s no other solution but only this public refrigerated warehouse. It meets high safety standards and fulfills the required efficiency level. We, Bansar team can really assure you great services from refrigerated warehouses in China. Clients from all over the world already trusted this kind of warehouse to keep their goods well refrigerated. A perfect storage solution to ensure the safety of goods, and maximize efficiency.

Bonded Warehousing in Shenzhen
Bonded Warehousing in Shenzhen

Normally, imported goods are subject to duties. However, Bansar Shenzhen warehouse lets you import, store, and process goods without paying duties. What’s more, in our Shenzhen free warehouse, your goods may be eligible for an export VAT refund. Our international warehouse in Shenzhen is perfect for all sorts of Free Trade Zone benefits. Contact us for more information! 

Contract Warehousing in Shenzhen, China
Contract Warehousing in Shenzhen, China

Contract warehousing means a fixed partnership for a period of time. You would have a fixed quantity of space in our warehouse that you can use at any time. Basically, it is as if you are renting that space for your goods only. This is good if you are looking for a long-term warehousing solution for stable imports. This solution is safe, guarantees security, and is cost-effective. 

Long-Term Warehouse Storage in China
Long-Term Warehouse Storage in China

You can use our China warehouse storage space in Shenzhen for as long as you want. Beyond the first free 28 days, we will be charging you. However, our offers prove to be cost-effective even for long-term bulk storage. Our warehouses have cameras and security, so your products will always be safe. If you are looking for a long-term partnership, we will provide you with the best deal. 

Free Storage in Shenzhen
Free Storage in Shenzhen

If you choose Bansar as your international freight forwarder, then we will also support you with secure warehousing space free of charge for 28 days. By opting for one logistics company to handle freight and storage, you will ensure the best handling of your goods in China. We offer many bonus services to make your import or distribution as seamless as possible. 

Consolidated Warehousing Service
Consolidated Warehousing Service

During storage, we can combine your LCL goods with LCL cargo from other suppliers or importers. Upon arrival, consolidated goods are separated again. If you import e-commerce goods from China, this is a great option for you. It will help lower your shipping costs, especially for bulk imports. Not only is this cost-effective for your business, but it is also safe. This way, your products are less likely to get lost or damaged. 

Pick & Pack at Shenzhen Warehouse
Pick & Pack at Shenzhen Warehouse

Professional Bansar employees can pick & pack your stored products at our Shenzhen warehouse. This is when particular goods are picked out of a bulk order and packed into separate shipments. Warehouse staff can do batch picking, wave picking, and more. This service is great if you are distributing cargo for different destinations or purposes. Also, this can help lower your costs. This, and other order fulfilment services can solve your e-commerce troubles. 

Shipping Preparation in Shenzhen
Shipping Preparation in Shenzhen

Before a shipment departs, it may need to be repackaged, labelled, or customized. Bansar can take care of this as well. We can enforce boxes with dangerous or fragile goods, add custom packaging elements, and label your items in any specific way. That may be safety labels, your business logo, or something else entirely. Our Shenzhen warehouse staff will make sure that your shipments are stored and sent out in the condition you want. 

Quality Control Services
Quality Control Services

Shenzhen warehouse services include quality inspection. Once your products arrive, they may be examined for proper packaging and general quality. Specifically, we can report on product quantity, specifications, inventory control, acceptance quality limit, and marking. At Bansar we take care to fulfil your requests perfectly. 

Refrigerated Storage in Shenzhen
Refrigerated Storage in Shenzhen

If you have products that require special climate control, Bansar will offer you our refrigerated storage units. Some climate control features may include vents, air conditioners, humidifiers, freezers, and heaters. This is great if you distribute fruits, vegetables, beverages, other foods, plants, or specialty chemicals. Many clients trust us to handle their unique products. 

Container Loading Supervision in Shenzhen
Container Loading Supervision in Shenzhen

As soon as your products arrive on our premises in Shenzhen, we will take care of them. Our employees will supervise the unloading process and move your goods to their dedicated spaces. We will also supervise loading when it is time to ship your cargo. We examine quantity checks, packing list checks, container conditions, loading process, packaging, and much more. You can trust Bansar every step of the way. 

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Shenzhen Warehouse

  • Bonded warehousing options
  • Contract warehousing
  • Professional handling of goods
  • International FCL, LCL, FBA distribution
  • Free storage for 28 days 
  • Cost-effective e-commerce solutions
  • Inventory and quality control
  • Consolidate shipping 
  • Custom repackaging 
  • Secure item monitoring

Bansar: The Best Storage Options in Shenzhen

Bansar has been supporting Chinese and global trade for well over 10 years. Naturally, as a professional logistics company in China, we offer warehousing in many large cities, and Shenzhen is one of them. 

Shenzhen is part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which means that it is one of the primary economic ports in the world. 

Shenzhen ports are the busiest and fastest-growing ports in the whole world!

Shenzhen is a part of Guangdong bonded logistics park, or the Pearl River Delta Special Economic Zone

This means that local public warehouses offer you the flexibility of duty-free import and bonded warehousing.

So, our Shenzhen warehousing benefits countless importers, distributors, and suppliers. 

If your products are manufactured or supplied from Shenzhen, you can use our professional Bansar warehousing. 

To facilitate storage and processing of goods in China, we offer many great warehousing services.

We will take care of your cargo, starting from the arrival of your products on site, and all the way to shipment. 

We will supervise container loading and unloading, sort and consolidate items, provide secure storage, customize packaging, check quality, and even send you photos in the process.

You can request storage in our warehouse for all sorts of goods—be that industrial, commercial, fragile, or otherwise special cargo. 

Our services are perfect for importers, exporters, wholesalers, e-commerce distributors, and drop-shippers. 

Additionally, Bansar provides secure and cost-effective international freight from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

Our Shenzhen location offers air-, rail-, and sea freight, door-to-door delivery, and customs clearance services.

Bansar will support your business at any stage.

Besides Shenzhen, we also have warehouses in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, Ningbo, Xiamen,  


You can reach us 24/7, and we are always ready to help your business skyrocket.

We will look after your products for 28 days free of charge. 

Send us an inquiry today to receive the best quote and warehousing options for you! 

Shenzhen Warehouse: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you’re importing electronics from Shenzhen or any product, you’ll probably require a warehouse.

That’s why today you’re going to learn how to find a safe and affordable warehouse in Shenzhen.

And, if you have any questions about this China warehouse, you will find the answer right here.

Let’s dive right in.

Where is Shenzhen Warehouse Located?



These are warehouses within Shenzhen.

Some of the warehouses located in Shenzhen include:

  • Shenzhen Yusen freight service company limited
  • Futian warehouse
  • Yantian bonded logistics park warehouse
  • Shenzhen Qianhaiwan bonded logistics center
  • Shenzhen Huanian investment company limited
  • Shenzhen wood limited company Qingshuihe storehouse unit
  • Shenzhen city warehouse commerce and trade development limited company
  • Shenzhen Weili non-staple food wholesale warehouse
  • Seiko international freight forwarding Shanghai company limited- Shenzhen distribution center

As a leading freight forwarder in China, we provide all warehousing service for all our customers.

So, if you’re importing from China, worry no more – BanSar is here to help you with free warehousing services.

How much does it Cost to use Shenzhen Warehouse?

The average monthly rent you are likely to pay for warehouse space in Shenzhen warehouse is:

  • $ 0.35 per square meter for 1-99
  • 9 square meters
  • $0.3 per square meter for 100- square meters and above

Note that the cost of rent in Shenzhen warehoused fluctuate and varies from one location to the other.

The prizes are also negotiable and what we have provided above are just estimates.

Please note that BanSar will offer the best warehouse rates in Shenzhen.

Why do you need Shenzhen Warehouse?

It would be best if you had a Shenzhen warehouse because of the following reasons:

  • Shenzhen warehouse will help you get a central storage location for your goods.
  • You will be able to achieve improved order processing of your customers’ orders.
  • Shenzhen warehouse will provide you with additional storage space when your production outgrows during your busy months.
  • With better storage management at the Shenzhen warehouse, you will be able to improve your production quality.
  • An effective inventory management system at the Shenzhen warehouse will significantly help you in making improved purchasing decisions.
  • Using Shenzhen warehouse will help you leverage seasonal growth during holiday and shopping seasons such as black Fridays and Christmas.
  • Shenzhen warehouse will help you in risk management as it will minimize the loss of your goods from fire, damage, and theft.
  • Shenzhen warehouse will allow you to release your products in the market when demand becomes more than your immediate supply.

What are the Challenges You’ll Encounter in Shenzhen Warehouse?

Some of the challenges that you might encounter at the Shenzhen warehouse include:

  • High labor costs
  • Handling returned items
  • Avoiding product damage
  • Seasonal demands
  • Low space utilization or layout
  • Product diversification
  • Suboptimal picking
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Redundant activities

How will Shenzhen Warehouse help Solve Freight and Delivery Needs?

Shenzhen warehouse will help you solve freight and delivery needs by:

  • Centralization of goods: Shenzhen warehouse makes it easier to receive, store, and distribute your goods since all the goods are stored in a central location.
  • Value-adding operation: Shenzhen warehouse helps in adding value to your goods in the overall logistics systems through activities such as:

a) Order consolidation

b) Order assembly

c) Mixing of product

d) Cross-docking

  • Economic benefit: Shenzhen warehouse offers you a wide range of financial services by cutting expenses like shipping costs, outbound delivery expenses, and transportation expenses.

By consolidating you products at Shenzhen warehouse as storage center, it helps you keep a balance between demand and supply of your products.

  • Social benefit: Shenzhen warehouse helps you keep a safety stocking in an emergency like a delay in transportation and defective goods in a shipment.
  • Cross-docking: Shenzhen warehouse can make able to move your products more efficiently and effectively.

Which Services does Shenzhen Warehouse Providers Offer?

 Shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen warehouse

Services that you will be able to get from Shenzhen warehouse providers include:

  • Order fulfillment: Shenzhen warehouse providers can process your order, package it, label it, and ship it to your stated location.
  • Inventory control: you can use warehousing services to control inventory by utilizing cycle counts by Shenzhen warehouse providers to analyze goods’ delivery to your consumers.
  • Contract warehousing: Shenzhen warehouse providers offer you the ability to set up a warehouse facility overnight and deliver goods to customers within a few days.
  • Cross-docking: Shenzhen warehouse providers allow you to route products from one or several suppliers to a strategically located distribution center.
  • Transport: as a client, Shenzhen warehouse providers can offer you transport services.
  • Transloading: Shenzhen warehouse service provider can offer you the service of transferring goods from one mode of transport to another, for example, from an airplane to a truck or vice versa.

How do you Track your Good in Shenzhen Warehouse?

You can track your goods in the Shenzhen warehouse by using systems and policies designated to monitor inventory movement.

Whenever there is the movement of merchandise, the system receives an automatic update of the transaction.

Systems used in tracking inventory help in the elimination of human error experienced when inventory is tracked manually.

Inventory tracking will also help you know how much stock you own and its status (damaged, rejected, returned, and on-hold)

Some of the inventory tracking methods used by Shenzhen warehouse include:

  • Bar codes
  • RFID technology: active RFID and passive RFID

Can you use Shenzhen Warehouse as Fulfillment Center?

Warehouse and fullfilment center

Warehouse and fulfillment center

Yes, you can use the Shenzhen warehouse as a fulfillment center.

A fulfillment center is a physical location where a fulfillment provider meets customers’ orders for eCommerce retailers.

Fulfillment centers are used to store and channel out orders as and when they come.

They help in the timely distribution of customers’ demands and relieve pressure from the warehouse.

It is essential to be aware of the similarities between a warehouse and a fulfillment center.

Some of the similarities between the two include:

  • Both are immense structures used for holding products.
  • Warehouses are used for long-term storage solutions, while fulfillment centers are used for short term storage solutions.
  • Fulfillment centers are used for order fulfilments, while warehouses are used for storage purposes.
  • Fulfillment centers have a more dynamic and complex operations model, while warehouses have rigid operations.
  • Fulfillment centers can be used by different customers at a time, while individuals mostly use warehouses.

Fulfillment centers are advantageous for small scale importers because of the following;

  • Pickup of products for individual customer orders
  • Gathering of inventory
  • Order packing
  • Shipment labeling
  • Managing customer exchanges and returns
  • fulfillment centers can guarantee next-day or same-day delivery in various locations.

Does Shenzhen Warehouse have a Schedule for Sending inventory?

Yes, we have at Shenzhen warehouse have a schedule for sending inventory as follows:

  • We will ensure that you always know where your cargo is and how much you have instantly.
  • After you place your shipping requests, we will move your freight immediately.
  • We will track your inventory in real-time and keep you updated on the shipping status when your cargo comes into or out of the warehouse.
  • We schedule cargo deliveries day and night and ensure we move products when you need them.
  • We can also combine your goods and shipments from several other manufacturers or suppliers to leverage your shipping power.
  • We ensure that we collect what you need when you need it.
  • We add pallets to your cargo before it leaves China to ensure smooth delivery and safe handling of your goods when they reach their destination.
  • Our goods labeling and preparation services mean that you can be confident that your goods are compliant with the strict carrier regulations.
  • We can also keep your goods for days, weeks, months, or years and ship them the moment you need them.
  • When we are moving your high-value goods, we take great precautions and ensure a security safety level.

What are the Terms for Using Shenzhen Warehouse?

The terms and conditions for using Shenzhen warehouses are broad and vary from one warehouse to the other.

Some of the general terms for using Shenzhen warehouse include:

  • Most of the warehouses in Shenzhen stipulate you pay warehouse fees within fourteen days from the invoice date.
  • All quotations are valid as offered by the company and can be altered before acceptance by the customer.
  • The warehouse might require prepayment from the customer for any costs and expenses which they may incur.
  • Interest will be imposed on any late payments, mostly capped at 2%.
  • The warehouse is not obliged to take out any insurance on the goods for any risks whatsoever.
  • The warehouse is not liable for any inability to take insurances requested by the customer.
  • The customer is required to issue the warehouse all orders and instructions regarding the goods in writing.
  • All rights of ownership and title over the goods shall be established and verified by the customer.
  • The customer should ensure that all instructions, information, and documentation on goods are provided to the warehouse.
  • The customer is liable for any damages, losses, and expenses suffered or incurred by the warehouse resulting from the customer’s inaction.
  • The agreement between the customer and the warehouse is governed and construed per the laws of China.

Should you Buy or Rent Shenzhen Warehouse?

As a business owner, you may find yourself undecided about renting or buying a warehouse in Shenzhen.

Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages, and you may find it hard to choose.

Therefore, you should first conduct intensive research and make an informed decision.

1. Renting Warehouse Space in Shenzhen

Renting warehouse space provides you with far more commercial leases than purchases.

It allows you to have more options in choosing the location, size, and other preferences.

When renting, you do not have to pay a given down payment, and thus you may use the finances for the growth of your business.

Renting will also allow you to spread over the costs when paying rent instead of all at once.

Additionally, when renting a Shenzhen warehouse, you will not incur money on repairs and maintenance of the facility, saving a lot of time and money.

If the business does not grow in a rented warehouse in Shenzhen, you are free to move out as you are not tied down by owning the building.

2. Buying Warehouse Space in Shenzhen

When you decide to buy a warehouse in Shenzhen, you will have to pay higher upfront costs.

That is why substantial companies own most warehouses.

As small and medium-sized businesses, it is advisable to spend that money elsewhere in its growth.

Once you have bought a warehouse in Shenzhen and need more warehouse space, it will be difficult for you to sell your current location and relocate to a new one.

Selling property might put you at the risk of losses, and thus you will have trouble taking advantage of new opportunities for business growth.

Which option is better?

Both renting a warehouse in Shenzhen and buying one have their pros and cons, but renting is more efficient for most business owners.

Renting a warehouse in Shenzhen is not only a lower risk choice but will also help you save money on maintenance, repairs, and down payment.

When you have rented a warehouse space in Shenzhen, you will also enjoy the freedom of moving around to different locations.

You must note that China has some restrictions on foreigners owning property; therefore, renting is a better option.

Do Freight Forwarders have Warehouses in Shenzhen?

Yes, they offer 20-30 days of free warehousing services.

Other services offered by freight forwarders in Shenzhen include:

  • They offer door to door transportation from Shenzhen to all countries.
  • Freight forwarders organize shipping services by sea, air, and road.
  • They offer you the most competitive rates for shipping for any shipments.
  • Freight forwarders can consolidate your shipment from several suppliers and deliver it as a unit.
  • They will provide you with tracking and pick service in any city.
  • Freight forwarders can handle heavy and combined transportation such as road and railway.
  • They provide a container loading supervision service.

Is Good Safe in Shenzhen Warehouse?

Yes, your goods are very safe in the Shenzhen warehouse because of the following:

Goods handling in warehouse

Goods handling in the warehouse

  • Shenzhen warehouse is always committed to knowing your products to establish the handling technique required.
  • Shenzhen warehouse has adequate volume and space for storage of your products.
  • Shenzhen warehouse has appropriate equipment for handling your product type.
  • It has massive duty weights/scales for weighing big loads that are shipped.
  • It has enough handling personnel.
  • Shenzhen warehouse uses a warehouse management system (WMS).
  • Shenzhen warehouse ensures inventory accuracy and control of your goods.
  • They have internal and external metrics.
  • They have a clean warehouse, which ensures safety.

Which Warehouse Storage Systems does Shenzhen Warehouse use?

Warehouse storage systems that we use at Shenzhen warehouse include:

  • Pallet racking
  • Pallet flow stacking
  • Push back stacking
  • Drive-in stacking
  • Compact pallet stacking
  • Shuttle stacking
  • Cantilever stacking
  • Medium duty stacking
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Static shelving
  • Multitier racking
  • Mobile shelving
  • Block stacking
  • Wire partitions
  • The automated system, for example:

I. Unit load AS/RS

II. Man-on-board AS/RS

III. Mini-load AS/RS

IV. Deep-lane AS/RS

What should you Consider when Choosing Shenzhen Warehouse?

Selecting the correct warehouse position in Shenzhen leads to a big difference in how smooth, organized, and income-generating your business will be.

When you are choosing a warehouse location in Shenzhen, you must consider the following factors:

a) Rent and Taxes

The cost of a warehouse is among the most important considerations when selecting a warehouse location in Shenzhen.

You should consider other prices not shown to affect the overall rent and taxes you pay for the Shenzhen warehouse.

The rates of rent and taxes paid for a warehouse in Shenzhen are generally calculated using square feet per month or per year.

It is essential to liaise with the premises’ owner to get friendly rates.

b) Consider Workforce availability, Labor Skills, and Costs.

You should be keen on the surrounding environment of the warehouse location.

Ensure that there is the availability of personnel who can help around in the warehouse, hire individuals with the right skills.

You must note that your operating costs will increase if your warehouse is located in an area with no available workforce.

c) Roads, Highways, and Traffic Flow

When trucking is the primary mode of transport, you should consider the accessibility to roads, highways, and local traffic density.

Before choosing a warehouse in Shenzhen, you should consider the following points:

  • Proper roads Average traffic volume
  • Public transportation penetration
  • Average traffic speed
  • Accessibility to highways & exit ramps
  • signs & signals
  • Highway inter-connectivity
  • Traffic peak hours
  • Road safety & conditions

d) Proximity to Airport, Railway Stations, and Ports

When choosing a Shenzhen warehouse, you should ensure that you are as close as possible to your transport mode to ensure effectiveness.

e) Market and Local Environment Factors

When choosing a Shenzhen warehouse, you should consider your proximity to suppliers, producers, and the market. You must ensure you are close enough to your significant suppliers, producers, and customers.

f) Building availability and Utility Costs

When selecting a Shenzhen warehouse, you should ensure there is available space to let in and essential utilities.

Some aspects of utilities entail electricity, water, internet availability and strength, and communication services.

How Long can you Store Goods in Shenzhen Warehouse?

We do offer both long-term and short-term storage of your goods.

How Big is the Shenzhen Warehouse?

Shenzhen warehouses vary in design and size, and they are about 125,000 square feet in Ingram micro-facility.

Do Shenzhen Warehouses have Special Storage Systems?

Not all Shenzhen warehouses have unique storage systems.

But a good warehouse should have unique storage systems like:

  • Cold storage systems
  • Retrieval systems
  • Split case order picking system
  • Automatic guided vehicle robots

How do you Prepare Goods Before Sending them to Shenzhen Warehouse?

You can prepare goods before sending them to a warehouse in Shenzhen by:

  • Labeling the goods with bar codes for easy retrieval and tracking.
  • Wrapping up all the fragile goods and labeling them.
  • Releasing the goods based on the warehouse orders.
  • Announcing the delivery to the warehouse through a delivery note. The delivery note usually contains information about the goods to arrive at the warehouse.
  • Verifying all the goods before dispatch.
  • Comparing the goods to be delivered with the shipping documentation.

In Case of Loss or Damage, Will Shenzhen Warehouse Owner take responsibility?

When you bring in goods for storage to the Shenzhen warehouse, the goods’ responsibility is transferred from you to the warehouse owner.

Therefore, when goods get damaged in the Shenzhen warehouse, the goods’ fault will be on the warehouse owner.

You may reduce product damage in the Shenzhen warehouse by:

  • Knowing your pallets
  • Loading and wrapping your pallets right
  • Lightening up your operation
  • Keeping the warehouse clean
  • Installing safety equipment
  • Utilizing accumulation conveyors that hold products in

How do you Identify Reliable and Safe Shenzhen Warehouse?

A reliable and safe Shenzhen warehouse should:

  • Use WMS for automatic inventory counts, which prevents room for mistakes and fraud.
  • Use ID badges with RFID-enabled sensors, which help us track your goods as they move through all the stages, thus ensuring safety.
  • Have installed CCTVs at all warehouse points, which helps monitor the movement of goods and prevent theft in the warehouse.
  • Have motion detectors that enhance security by detecting the movement of people in the warehouse at odd hours.
  • Use environmental controls and sensors that monitor the temperature to act faster in case of fire, the refrigerator’s status to prevent spoilage, and track power consumption.
  • Have security personnel in place to ensure the warehouse is always protected.

Can you Conduct a Quality Inspection in Shenzhen Warehouse?

Yes, we do conduct quality inspections in the Shenzhen warehouse.

The Shenzhen warehouse quality inspection entails assessing products’ quality at various stages up to a point right before distribution.

The quality inspections that we perform at the Shenzhen warehouse includes the following:

  • Inspection upon receipt of the goods in the warehouse to ascertain that they are in the right condition.
  • Inspection in the process: we continuously monitor the goods’ quality when they are in the warehouse to avoid loss and damage to the inventory.
  • An inspection before shipping: before the goods are dispatched, we inspect them to ascertain that they are in the right condition.

The importance of quality control checks before shipping includes:

  • The final quality inspection ensures accuracy.
  • It reduces costs that would have been incurred in the case of shipping errors.
  • It ensures that the products are accurate and of good quality.
  • Quality inspections help in ensuring that the products being delivered are the right ones.
  • It helps reduce customer complaints.
  • Quality inspection adds value to the products of a company.
  • The quality inspection helps reduce the market costs over time.

The quality inspection helps Shenzhen warehouse check the following before shipping:

  • Product safety
  • helps in Compliance with the company’s specific requirements.
  • Quantity
  • Product specifications
  • Packing

Is it Advisable to Share Warehouse in Shenzhen with other Importers?


Warehouse in Shenzhen

Yes, it is advisable to share the warehouse in Shenzhen with other importers.

This kind od of warehouse is commonly referred to as a bonded warehouse.

A bonded warehouse is a place that is secure and serves the purposes of export-import and storage of goods.

The importer only pays duties when the goods are removed from the repository.

A bonded warehouse is a place that is secure and serves the purposes of export-import and storage of goods.

The importer only pays duties when the goods are removed from the repository.

A bonded warehouse is called because the importer and warehouse owner sign a connected agreement when they enter the warehouse.

The essence of bonded warehouses is to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in export and import business.

The government of China owns most of the bonded warehouses in Shenzhen.

You should apply for a certified import storage facility with the customs office if you would like to run a private bonded warehouse.

Your bonded warehouse should have a specific area for storing goods to get approved, and you should also prove financial and operational integrity.

Once your bonded warehouse is approved, you should post a customs bond and agree to the customs inspections required.

In short, you don’t have to worry about finding a warehouse in Shenzhen.

BanSar will provide you with the best Shenzhen warehouse – contact us now.

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