Higer Bus

Case Study: Ship Buses from China to Fiji

Shipper: HIGER BUS

shipping Higer Bus from China to Fiji

Port of Loading: Shanghai, China

Port of Destination: Suva, Fiji

Mode of transport: By Roll-Roll

Liners Term: FLT

Size Per bus:12000mm*2550mm*3820mm

Ship Buses from China to Fiji

Actually, there are three types of shipping for buses, include Roll on-Roll off, Bulker-Cargo Ship, and FLAT TRACK(FR), we can compare as below:

By Roll-Roll

By Bulker-cargo Ship

By Flat Rack Container

Shipping rate


Transit time



Easy to unloadYesNO


Our work

  • Check the shipping Schedule and book the Space with Carrier
  • Assist Higer drive the buses from Suzhou factory to Shanghai Port
  • Finish the customs clearance smoothly(pay attention to the oil mass in oil box according to the China customs Policy)
  • Bansar team provide loading supervision service in the port to make sure the buses loaded in the carrier
  • Bansar confirm the reinforce for the buses in the Roll-on/Roll-off ship well
  • contact with shipping line companies to provide the Bill of Loading to customer
  • Shipping line unload the buses from Vessel after the Vessel arrive to Fiji
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