bansar help Midea shipping

Case Study: Ship dry Cargo from China to Philippines 

Shipper: Midea


Port of Loading: Shenzhen, China

Port of Destination: Manila, Philippines

Mode of transport: By FCL

Terms: DAP(Door to Door)

Midea chooses Bansar as their logistics partner, due to our professional logistic experience, our competitive price, and the best service in the Philippines.

Our work:

  1. Book the space from shipping line companies from Beijiao port to Manila
  2. Check the paperwork with Media team for customs clearance in China
  3. Arrange the shipping service by barge from Bejiao to Hongkong then by Vessel from Hongkong to Manila
  4. Confirm the information on BL and make Form E for cutting the duty in Philippines
  5. Customs clearance in the Philippines use our trade company
  6. Delivery the container to the warehouse of the consignee
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