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What Does Ship From Address Imply In Amazon?

Ship from the address in Amazon refers to the warehouse where goods are kept during shipment plan to await collection once you do the payment.

While goods are here, they undergo preparation which involves labelling, palletizing among others before you pick them up for delivery to Amazon.

Your supplier’s address should never be used as your ship from address.

A Table Showing Ship From Address

 A Table Showing Ship From Address

Why Does Amazon Seller Central Require Ship From Address?

Ship from address is known to be one of Amazon seller central requirements.

The reason behind it is for the generation of a ship to address, which is usually the allocated FBA warehouse.

Which Information Should Be Your Ship From Address When Using Amazon?

What should you include on your ship from address information?

When shipping to Amazon, including all information related to the assigned FBA warehouse as your ship from address.

This information should not include the supplier’s address.

It is at these warehouses where preparation services are taken care of and delivery is done thereafter.

Can You Change Ship From Address In Amazon?

This is only possible in a state where the shipping process is yet to begin.

Once shipping is underway, it becomes difficult to proceed with changes and instead requires you to seek alternative measures.

This possibly means going for undeliverable packages.

It requires you to contact the third party to help you update the shipping address of the seller items that are yet to be shipped.

Thereafter, you can make a reorder after the cancellation of the older one.

Here, you can now make your order information changes by selecting the order details link where you are provided with details on change options.

With a set of guided instructions, you can now change information to your desired interests.

Is Billing Address Same As Shipping Address In Amazon?

Billing is only considered to be equal to shipping once you only have one address on your profile.

All Amazon invoices contain information on billing and shipping addresses.

Once the printing of these invoices is done, both details are printed on it separately regardless of the number of addresses on your profile.

Otherwise, they are known to be different from each other.

 Billing Is The Same As Shipping If Only You Have One Address On Your Profile

Billing Is The Same As Shipping If Only You Have One Address On Your Profile

How Can You Delete Shipping Address On Amazon?

Deleting of order from an address is possible but on the condition that you not only have one shipping address.

You are provided with a set of instructions in the settings bar with which you have options you can select from based on changes you wish to make.

In Your Settings Bar Select Your Addresses

In Your Settings Bar Select Your Addresses

To delete a shipping address, select the general shipping settings.

Here you are provided with a shipping address section as your default setting.

Begin by clicking edit in this section.

Next, click delete right next to the address you are to delete.

Deleting only applies when you have more than one shipping address since you cannot delete your default address.

Only One Deafult Shipping Address Is Allowed Per Seller Account

Only One Default Address Is Allowed per Seller

It is recommended you create a new address that has to act as your default address, from there you can delete other forms of address.

Only one default shipping address is allowed per seller account.

To set the default app, click general shipping address settings.

Go to the default shipping address and select edit.

You are provided a menu from which you have to select your default shipping address.

Next is to save your new changes by clicking on the save option.

It takes a minimum of 6 hours or more for you to see your results.

Finish by clicking yes to delete.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Amazon FBA Ship From Address?

Amazon FBA ship from address is made in such a way that they are not equal.

For this reason, you have to consider their specific needs before making your choice.

Factors to consider while making this choice include price, turnaround time, location, and warehouse capabilities.

Amazon FBA ship from address vary.


Pricing is one of the highly ranked factors to be considered.

Price is quite easily the number one concern most sellers have when vetting FBA prep service centers.

It is natural to be concerned with the expense associated with outsourcing FBA prep.

However, it shouldn’t be the only consideration.

Charging rates vary from one company to another.

Some incur charges per item, ideal for non-regular retailers whereas others have monthly rates, all depending on your specific interest and ability.

Monthly rates work best for retailers doing impulse shipment.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for FBA ship from address vary.

It may range from days to months based on the goods ordered and requirements.

Ensure you inquire about turnaround time so that delays do not affect transactions with your customers or Amazon.

Usually, it takes 24-48 hours to do item prep work.


Location is more fundamental since the closer the FBA the smoother the shipping.

When it is far, the inventory has to travel far which makes it expensive.

If you are shipping from overseas, make it close to the port to ease up the shipment.

Warehouse Capabilities

Warehousing condition requirements vary for different inventories.

Some FBA provides their retailers with specific requirements including the size of the storage facility. Enough space to accommodate massive items is guaranteed.

How Can You Manage Ship From Addresses On Amazon?

Yes, to manage ship from address, select general shipping settings.

Here you are provided with a default shipping address section, go to edit.

If provided an address entry, click edit, and if not add a new address.

Start editing by entering your address name

Key in your country of origin

Next, you provide your physical shipping address.

Your postal code about the shipping address.

Verify the process by clicking on the check postal code.

You will be asked to enter your city/town, state/county/region, phone number, and email address.

Save the information by clicking on save.

When Using Amazon, Are There Restrictions On Ship From Address You Can Use?

Yes, ship from address restrictions exist and require you to provide additional information for you to proceed with shipping. Some of the restriction requirements include;

Name of the recipient.

Name of site location to the recipient.

Drop number/ Department of the recipient.

Specific site address to the recipient.

Site address city, state, and zip to the recipient.

What Are The New Ship From Address For UK Amazon Sellers/Buyers?

With effect as from January 2021, all online marketplaces were set to be charged with VAT collection for sales made to the UK.

The new changes made by Amazon were to help trace the actual ship from the address upon confirmation of shipment.

Everyone has to comply with the new tax regulations whether you are a seller from overseas or UK. This is for as long as you are selling to customers in the UK on Amazon.

The new changes apply in three different areas as part of the shipment confirmation.

These are; Seller central, Shipping confirmation template, and MWS API.

For the seller central, the new amazon ship from address field appears on the shipment confirmation page once you confirm shipment.

It is therefore upon Amazon to pre-select the default ship from the address you created in settings.

Shipping from different addresses requires you to give the actual ship from the address.

This is opposed to you shipping severally from one address. Here you are only required to provide information detailing your previous shipment confirmation process.

Confirmation of shipment using Amazon can also be done with the help of shipping confirmation templates.

Usually, the new ship from the address field is added to the template.

Confirmation of shipment requires you to provide the actual ship from the address.

Failure to, Amazon uses the default ship from the address you created in your settings.

For MWS API, you are provided an additional ship from the address field with which you are supposed to confirm shipment.

Provision of the actual ship from the address is also mandatory.

The ship from the address you provide in settings is considered useful by Amazon in case you fail to provide these details.

Is Ship From Address Amazon Refers To My Suppliers Address?

No, your supplier’s address should not be used as the ship from address.

For this reason, a safe collection of items for final delivery to Amazon has been achieved.

Some preparation services are done before the delivery of the shipment to Amazon.

This involves labelling, palletizing, etc.

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