7 Must Read Tips before Shipping Container to Philippines from China

Shipping Container to Philippines

Shipping container to Philippines from China may cost you a lot if you’re not familiar with importing from China.

These are 7 must-read tips when you’re shipping goods from China to Philippines.

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#1 Ask Your Freight Forwarder about the Details of Charges at the Destination Port

If you are shipping with FCL, your forwarder may quote your shipping rate as “0”, or maybe around $50 for every 20ft container.

You will pay a lot at the destination port.

For example, shipping from China to Manila port, the destination charge will be around $500 for every 20ft container and around $800 for a 40ft container.

If you do not know about the destination port charges, you may regret when picking up your goods in the destination port.

If you are shipping with LCL, your forwarder will often quote an “all in” shipping rate.

For example, if your goods are over 3CBM, check BanSar’s shipping rate:

“BanSar’s door to door shipping to Manila from China (include ocean freight, destination charge for LCL, duty, VAT and customs clearance in Manila), costs 200 – 300 USD/CBM. Over 3CBM is based on your goods’ detail and free delivery service in Manila.”

If you need a detailed quotation on shipping container from China to Philippines, please contact BanSar.

#2. Ensure You Have Both Import License and Import Permit for Special Goods

Before you import goods from China to Philippines, ensure you have an import license.

Without it, you will get into trouble during customs clearance at the destination port.

And, Philippines customs will confiscate your goods.

If you are importing special goods like chemical goods, vehicle, boat, kayak, cement, etc. you need a special import permit.

You can visit here to know more about how to get the import license.

PS: If you do not have an import license and import permit, or you do not want to spend much time on this, then contact BanSar.

We can import and ship goods to your home or warehouse with only a packing list.

You do not need to provide any other documents to us.

Ask for the Best Shipping Rate China to Philippines

#3. Use SOC Cargo if your Warehouse is in Remote Area of Philippines

If you are shipping your goods to remote regions like Puero, Princesa, Coron or Zambonaga, you should take care – do not use the carrier’s containers.

Because, for example, let’s say your destination port is Manila.

When the container arrives in Manila, after customs clearance, you will use domestic shipping service to transport the container to Puero.

It may cost you around $1400.

And then, after loading goods from the container, you have to ship it back to Manila.

Again, this will cost you around $1400.

This will cost you A LOT.

So BanSar suggests:

Buy an empty container in China to ship your goods.

One 20ft container will be around $1300.

Then, after loading your goods from the container, sell it in your local market.

This way, you will save at least $2000 for every container shipment.

#4. Ensure Both Documents and Goods have the Same Details

document when shipping from China to Philippines

On every order, the goods’ weight, the quantity of package, pieces, and volume, must be the same as the real goods.

In case of any mismatch or discrepancy, Philippines customs will confiscate your goods, and you may lose them forever.

#5. Get Phytosanitary Certificate for Pallet Goods

A phytosanitary certificate is a must when shipping from China to Philippines.

Without it, you cannot do customs clearance at the destination port.

Below are details of a phytosanitary certificate.

phytosanitary certificate

Often, your supplier in China will give you a phytosanitary certificate.

If they forget, remind them to make a phytosanitary certificate for you. This is very important!

#6. Let Your Supplier Provide you with the Form E Certificate

form E certificate

Often your supplier will provide the Form E certificate.

Remember to keep the value of goods on the Form E lower than the real goods value to reduce your customs clearance cost.

If your supplier cannot provide the Form E certificate according to the requirement from a broker in Manila, find a forwarder to make a third party Form E certificate.

This way, you will reduce costs.

BanSar also provides this service at competitive rates. If you need the third party Form E, contact BanSar directly.

#7. If  You Ship Mixed Cargo, Provide Detailed Packing List for Customs Clearance in Philippines

You may ship multi goods from China. For example, you can put over 300 different kinds of goods in a container.

It is impossible to write all product names on the B/L – this indicates your merchandise.

So you must provide a detailed packing list for all your goods, the product classification, quantity, pieces, gross weight, and volume.

If you do not provide this, your goods will be seized by Philippines customs.


Every tip you can see above will make customs clearance easy, besides saving you both time and money.

Honestly, you need to know a lot when shipping container to Philippines from China.

If you still have more problems when importing from China, contact BanSar at any time.

We will solve all your problems about shipping from China to Philippines.

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