Shipping from China to California

Shipping from China to California – The Ultimate Guide

Are you a new seller or a well-established seller in California, and you have numerous questions for shipping from china to California?

Well, Bansar china has summarized all of your queries in a comprehensive manner in order to provide you with the most feasible options.

Bansar China has more than ten operating offices in four major cities of China; we are helping the sellers with the most advanced and innovative shipping solutions.

1. What methods are used for shipping goods from China to California?

Bansar china is offering a range of services as a freight forwarder; we are operating for more than a decade as a logistic partner for companies all over the world.

Firstly, you need to know about our services, and then we can help you decide about what stands best for you.

Here is the list of our services for you;

We are providing three modes of transportation; it includes sea shipping, air shipping as well as rail shipping.

Each of our transportation modes further includes particular services for shipping.

Sea shipping is known as the most cost-effective mode of transportation.

Bansar china is operating for more than ten years with sea cargo ships, and we have developed quite an efficient way of delivering your products.

Sea shipping is usually more time consuming as compared to rail and air shipping, but it can be considered as one of the safest modes of transportation for your products.

We are offering the following set of services for shipping goods from China to California.

If you have small shipments, then you should consider LCL; LCL is known as a shipment load of less than a container.

LCL is usually for new startups and e-commerce clients who want a low number of quantity to minimize their risk.

If you are a well-established seller, wholesaler, or manufacturer and you want a shipload of a full container, then you should switch to FCL; FCL is known as full container load.

FCL applies to the item weighting at least 20 CBM.

Many of our customers from china opt for OOG shipping, as china is the hub of manufacturing industries, so you might want to ship items that can’t be ship in a container due to its design and dimensions.

It is a cargo beyond the length of 12.5m, width 2.33m, and height more than 2.59m.

If you have such items to ship, then you should consider of gauge(OOG) shipping option.

On the other hand, if you are an individual or vehicles deals and you are considering importing vehicles from china, then bansar china will provide you roll on and roll off service.

Under this service, we provide shipping of wheeled goods, such as four-wheeler vehicles.

We are providing cargo air shipping for our clients all over the world.

We are open for air shipping of your products from china to California; here is the list of services we are providing under air shipping.

  • Normal goods air shipping to California
  • Out of gauge products shipping to California
  • Hazardous good air shipping to California

In the case of air shipping, you don’t need to worry about the amount minimum weight of freight; you can have air shipping even at 1 kg of weight.

If you want your OOG goods to reach you efficiently in the least time, then you should opt for an air shipping option.

Hazardous goods contain all those goods which are categorized as hazardous according to the UN hazardous goods transport list.

On shipping of less than one CBM, you should opt for air shipping.

If your per unit product is less than 2.2 lbs, then you should also consider air shipping.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you should split your shipment on air and sea shipping; it will enable some of your inventory to reach in minimum time so that your sales won’t get any negative impact.

Mode of shipping from China to California

Mode of shipping from China to California

We are offering a safe and efficient route of rail shipping from China to Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

Rail shipping from China to California is not available due to no land route available, but if you are a California-based company and want to extend your business in Europe, Asia, and Russia, then rail shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation.

We are offering the following services under rail shipping;

  • FCL ( Full container load)
  • LCL(less than container load)
  • Railway carriage

2. How much time does shipment need from China to California?

It depends on the mode of shipment you choose.

If you are opting for air shipping, then it might take 1 to 5 days for it.

If you are opting for sea shipping, then it might take 10 to 30 days.

The shipping time also depends on pickup and delivery points.

It also depends on the terms of shipping; terms of shipping can be;

  • DDP( delivery duty paid)
  • FOB( free on board)
  • EXW( Ex-works)

EXW means that your freight forwarder has to take products from your supplier factory; EXW price includes only the product cost of your product.

For FOB, you are responsible for products until they are loaded on cargo ships.

In the case of DDP, the freight forwarder is responsible for clearance of all kinds of duty clearance, and products are delivered to your business address.

If you are opting for a warehousing facility, too, then it will also increase the delivery date of shipping.

Choose your shipping mode wisely to save time and money

Choose your shipping mode wisely to save time and money

3. Are there any restrictions on goods shipping from china to California?

No, there are no specific restrictions while shipping from China to Taiwan except the general guidelines that apply everywhere.

You are not permitted to ship; Acids, Aerosols, alcoholic beverages, non-domesticated animal skins, batteries containing liquids, bleach, gas, explosives, etc., are prohibited from shipping.

4. Is political instability between the USA and China leads to any hindrance of shipping from china to California?

A lot of our customers have inquired us related to this query, so we are here to address you with this problem.

USA and China are the world-leading economies, they might have political instability, but both of the countries need each other to drive their economies.

A very recent example was at the start of the pandemic when the largest part of china’s medical shipments was delivered to the USA.

There might be temporary delays, but no such example of trade blockade is seen in near history between the two countries.

A very major part of USA industries needs raw material from Chinese suppliers. Thus there can’t be any shipping blockade between the two countries.

China to USA trade

China to USA trade

5. What is the fastest method for shipping goods from China to California?

The delivery time varies on the types of service you opt for, plus the pickup, drop down, and warehousing time.

If you have no urgency of the timeline and you have bulk products, then you can opt for sea shipping.

In the event that you have no immediate need for tight dates and you have the mass number of items, at that point, you can decide on ocean delivering.

In the event that you have ordinary merchandise under 1 CBM and you have a period compel, at that point, we favor you to have air delivering.

On the off chance that you have the Weight of more than 1 CBM and you have tight cutoff times, at that point, we can part your shipment into air and ocean delivering so you can get a few supplies on schedule, and it will be financially effective for you.

Fastest shipping is the relationship of time, cash, and sort of items.

On the off chance that you have Bulk Cargo or Roll-On Roll-Off-, at that point, you have the solitary alternative of ocean dispatching.

In the event that you are thinking about transportation from China to California through sea cargo, you should think about utilizing FCL.

6. Is it cheap or expensive to ship goods from China to California?

Shipping isn’t expensive or cheap; it depends upon your strategy, timeline, products, and budget.

If you have an extended timeline, then you should opt for sea shipping; this will enable you to save thousands of dollars on shipping.

If your item is less than 2.2 lbs, then you should opt for air shipping because it won’t cost you much, and you will get shipment right on time.

Calculate your package weight

Calculate your package weight

If your items are more than 2.2 lbs and they have oversized dimensions, then you should consider using sea shipping, but if you have tight deadlines, then either you could have air shipping, or you can split your shipments in sea and air shipping.

Remember, this is always about the strategy you are opting for; you just need to contact our customer service, and we will let you know about the most feasible option.

7. How Bansar China facilitate its customer in shipping from China to California?

Bansar China is available to its customer around the clock.

Bansar china critically analyses the specifications and features of your product, then our logistics team advise you with the most efficient and safest option.

For our customer’s ease, we provide you with free storage warehousing facility of up to thirty days.

We can even provide labeling, packaging, and repackaging facility to our customers.

We know custom clearance is the real headache for our customers, so our law team handles it quite efficiently, and we deliver our products right in your footsteps.

We know that this pandemic has increased the level of uncertainty in you; we provide our customers with product insurance, which provide you with investment safety.

If you are a new seller and you don’t have much weight and mass, even then, Bansar china is here to tackle your situation.

Bansar china, your Shipping partner

Bansar china, your Shipping partner

We handle low-weight shipments, too; we can even offer you a consolidated shipping option too.

Most importantly, we are offering shipping plans to all of the regions of the world, no matter where you are located, you are just one step away from Bansar, china, and we will be here to deliver your items right to your business address.

8. Is Covid-19 having any impact on shipping goods from China to California?

Covid-19 has impacted businesses from all over the world.

It had a positive impact on you in a sense that due to very less demand for products, shipping all over the world has decreased significantly, due to which rates of shipping have decreased dramatically.

You can avail of this offer by smart thinking; this could lead you to save a lot of money.

Although covid has slow down the shipping industries, it didn’t halt the shipping industries.

We are shipping to our full potential to California, some of the areas might have a partial lockdown, which could lead to a bit of delay, but we stay in touch with international authorities so that we can avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

9. What arethe precautionary steps taken by your company in Covid-19 for shipping from China to California?

As we all know that Covid-19 had disastrous effects on businesses from all over the world.

Even in the time of this pandemic, Bansar China is completely operational to provide you with shipping solutions.

However, our logistics team have devised numerous precautionary steps and measurement to avoid any inconvenience.

Due to Covid-19, authorities from all over the world have placed additional restrictions on the shipping of products.

Bansar China provides you with the right set of certifications and approval information for your products.

In covid-19, many of the countries are either in partial or full lockdown; we are trying to get live updates for affected areas and provide those details to you; we plan shipping plan likewise so that your shipment doesn’t get stuck at any time.

We have made Proper SOPs for the handling of your items; we sanitize your product packaging at each step.

10. Why should we choose Bansar China over other freight forwarders for shipping from china to California?

Our company has established numerous international routes of shipping which enable us to provide you with efficient, cheap and safe service.

We have helped and assist almost have a million customers regarding their logistics and shipping problems and helped them save up to fifty percent cost on shipping due to effective solutions.

We are providing a warehousing facility of up to 30 days, while usually, freight forwarders provide you with 7 to 8 days of free shipping.

We have an alliance with the best airlines and cargo shipping companies; due to this, we can provide you with the most affordable prices.

Airlines and cargo shipping have confidence and trust in our dealings. Thus they give us the best offers and services.

We offer a range of shipping services for your products.

No matter what kind and type of your product is, we have experienced logistics people to provide you with the most feasible options.

We are providing Amazon FBA services, too; we can provide labeling, packaging, and shipping to the Amazon warehouse.

Bansar china Contact info

Bansar china Contact info

We can pick your products from anywhere in china and can deliver to drop-off your desire.

We provide you with live tracking of your shipment; our customer care service gives you regular updates on shipment status.

11. What is the pathway to get quotations from your company for shipping from china to California?

Bansar china has very few easy steps to get a price quotation.

Usually, we have set rates for every region and country, but our rates vary depending upon the type and mass of your shipment.

We have the following steps for a customized price quote.

Firstly, you need to visit the bansar china website; you will go into the desired region of shipping.

Then you will get a brief form of the mode of shipping, the type of shipping you want, and some basic information about your business.

As soon as we get your response, our customer care person will get back to you at once.

He/she will inquire about your products, he/she will re-confirm all of the details from the form.

Now, you will be asked about the mode of shipping you want and what are the desired timelines in which you want your shipment to be delivered at your business address.

Our customer care representative will get these details to our logistics head; our logistics team will drive the feasibility of the plan.

As soon as our logistics team finalizes the plan, it will be forwarded to our finance team, and they will provide you with price quotations along with the breakdown of all costs.

12. What are your company’s experience and expertise in shipping goods from China to California?

Bansar china started its operation back in 2008; we came into existence at a time when the whole world was facing a recession.

A lot of established businesses were gone bankrupted at that time, but we survived this great recession with patience and effort.

In this timeline of 12 years, we have made a great partnership with world-leading airlines, rail, and sea shipping companies.

This enabled us to provide you with the most competitive prices, along with safety.

We have state of the art law team which handle all of the custom and duty clearance issues for you; they provide you with precise information about what is best for your product.

Usually, freight forwarders provide five to seven days of free warehousing facility, but for your ease, Bansar china provides you with 28 to 30 days of free warehousing facility all over china.

We are providing a range of solutions for product shipping; we have diverse shipping solutions of all types of products.

Bansar china shipping Web

Bansar china shipping Web

We are even providing OOG and bulk cargo shipping facilities.

We are also offering Amazon FBA shipping templates; we can label, pack, and ship your products directly to the Amazon warehouse.

We have over ten offices in four main cities of China; this enabled us to get better communication with your product supplier.

We value your product’s investment; that’s why we have shipping insurance, which provides you with safety against all of the risks.

13. What are the delivery options (DDP, EXW, FOB) you gave for shipping goods from China to California?

We are offering the following delivery options;

  • Freight on board
  • EXW Pickup and door delivery
  • Door to door delivery
  • Door to port Delivery
  • Port to Door delivery
  • DDP
  • DDU

delivery options for china to California

Delivery options for china to California

We are offering the following mode of payments for you;

  • Payment through Alibaba via trade assurance
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Western union
  • International Bank transfer

Bansar china is well established in international air, sea, and rail shipping.

We provide our customers with real-time fright information along with competitive prices.

14. What items can you ship from china to California?

Bansar china is available for shipping of any kind of legal product from china to California, but you should understand that every product has its prerequisite of shipping.

Some items don’t need any certifications and particular details, they are from the non-medical and non-hazardous field, so there aren’t any complexities in the shipping of such products.

Then there come items that belong to a medical category, these medical items need special certifications and manufacturer details, and when all of the details are given to us, then we are able to get approval for them from custom and other checking authorities.

There is one more category to understand; this category is for items that can be hazardous to human health and usage.

These items include lithium, lead batteries as well as chemicals; for the shipments of such items, you should have approval from the manufacturer.

You should also make sure that your product supplier is following all of the safety and required quality tests; your forwarder should also be eligible for the shipping of such items.

Bansar china has all of the required certifications and experience for the shipping of such items.

If you want to know that your item lies in which category, please visit the UN website or get in touch with our customer care.

15. What identity or legal requirements do you need from clients for shipping from china to California?

When shipping internationally from China to California, the documents required for custom duties are as follows:

  • Bill of Entry:
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Bill of Lading / Airway bill
  • Import License.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Purchase order/Letter of Credit.
  • Technical write-up, literature, etc., for specific goods, if any.
  • Industrial License, if any.

16. What are your costing criteria for shipping from china to California?

Firstly, it depends that either you are taking air shipping or sea shipping to California.

Cost may differ due to pickup and drop-off points; these are some of the locations;

The cost relies upon different factors, for example,

  • The procedure for shipping (by air or sea, if by air classic or Express, if by air or sea door to door or any other services)
  • type of goods
  • mass of goods

Typically, international air freights can range from approximately $2.50 to $5.00/kilogram.

Shipping cost depends upon mode and type of shipments

Shipping cost depends upon mode and type of shipments

If you want to know further about efficient air shipping, then please visit this video.

The cost of shipping also affected due to the following services;

A rough estimate of ocean freight is around 50 cents per kg.

The cost of shipping relies heavily on the mass of your product; if you are opting for a full container load, then you can get a huge cut in freight charges.

If you don’t have a load of the full container, then you can opt for LCL, and you can still avail of the maximum discount.

17. What is the best time for shipping, and how can we get discounts and special offers for shipping from china to California?

If you want to ship your package at the cheapest rate possible, you should ship during the holiday season and use BANSAR CHINA as your shipment service rather than FedEx or DHL.

Bansar china is providing its services for more than ten years, and we have extended experience of shipping across the globe.

We regularly offer discounts and special offers to our dedicated customers to help them save their cost along with smooth shipping to their desired address.

Follow us on different platforms to avail maximum discounts

Follow us on different platforms to avail of maximum discounts.

Many freight forwarders are using online platforms, such as Alibaba, made in china, etc.

It would be best if you remain active on such websites.

These websites offer discounts and special vouchers multiple times in a year, and you should avail of those offers to save your cost and should forecast your shipping according to it.

18. Do you help in shifting cars and household items such as furniture, crockery, decoration pieces from china to California?

Yes, we offer shipping in all of the mentioned products; it just needs the right set of knowledge and freight forwarders to avoid any means of queries.

Fragile items need special handling, packaging, and shipping.

Some of the items of this category may require extra certifications and quality tests; for this, please connect with your production supplier please ensure that he is following all of the set guidelines.

We also help in shifting items such as cars and furniture.

These products require customized handling of transportation for both breaths of air as well as sea shipping.

We also assist in customs clearance of your favorite cars; simultaneously, we have Door Door delivery options for vehicles.

Bansar china is here to develop shipment plans even for your complicated items; we will brainstorm the safest and most effective mode of shipping for you.

19. Where are your offices located around the world?

We have physical stores in the four main cities of China.

We believe that these four cities have a major number of suppliers of products, so we have acquired offices there with more than 200 employees.

Our employees are 24/7 available to assist you with shipping to California.

Our offices are located in the following cities of china;

  • Shangai
  • Shenzen
  • Ningbo
  • Guangzhou

We develop close interaction with your suppliers, which enables a smooth flow of work between all of the stakeholders.

20. Do you offer a warehousing facility for goods shipping from china to California?

Bansar china understands the challenges you can face, so we offer you a warehousing facility within our premises, which enables the safety of your products.

We have several warehouses all over china; you can avail yourself of up to 28 to 30 days of free warehousing facility.

We have strict quality control for your products; we offer you product insurance too.

Along with the warehousing facility, we provide item labeling options too.

We also offer an additional packaging facility for you.

Simultaneously, we are also offering to consolidate shipping options of your products from our warehouse.

Free warehousing facility for up to one month

Free warehousing facility for up to one month

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