Shipping from China to Japan

Shipping from China to Japan

We are a reliable logistics company with extensive experience in shipping a variety of goods from any port in China to Japan.—we will professionally support your LCL/FCL shipment, even in the shortest of deadlines.

Not only will we fully deal with everything, but our shipping and service costs are very reasonable. Destination charge in Japan may be expensive, but not when you are with Bansar.

Bansar provides you with the most competitive rates on sea freight from China to Japan. We have routes to every Japanese ports, and we offer a loading supervision service in any Chinese port. And we have a lot of experience with out-of-gauge goods shipping.
If you have short deadlines, we offer you air freight from China to Japan. We have contract air freight with many airline companies, ensuring space for your cargo no matter what. Our air freight will take care of your OOG, hazardous, large, and normal goods at competitive prices.
We will ship cargo from your supplier in China straight to your warehouse in Japan. We offer the best shipping rates, and handle all sorts of goods. With our low rates, customs clearance, and timely shipping, Bansar is your best international door-to-door freight forwarder from China to Japan, you just need receive the goods at your warehouse.

FCL Shipping from China to Japan

We are specialists at FCL shipping from China to Japan. Our shipping rates are great for wholesale cargo. Plus, you can use our warehouse storage for free. We ensure that your import goods are safe during the freight, In addition, we provide HDS( Hot Delivery Service) service for your urgent goods.

LCL Shipping from China to Japan

Bansar will protect your LCL shipment and make sure it gets to the destination accurately. Our consolidation services are cheap and reliable. Get great shipping services for a price lower than the market standard, And our destination charge is lower than market price.

More Services When Shipping from China to Japan
Pick up your goods from any location, any supplier in China.
Enjoy our free warehousing services, along with a range of other related offers.
Our cargo insurance protects from all freight risks to ensure the safety of your goods all the way to Japan.
We will look after your goods from the start: how they are packaged and loaded.
Bansar will deal with all customs and documents in China and Japan. So, you can sit back, relax, and just wait for your shipment.

Your Reliable Freight Forwarder from China to Japan

  • Pick up delivery service in China
  • Free warehousing
  • Professional 1-day custom clearance in any Japanese port
  • Insurance service
  • Loading supervision
  • Tracking your goods
  • Paper work in China and Japan
  • Lowest competitive shipping rates
  • 24/7 online support

How Long When Shipping from China to Japan (By Sea)

Port of LoadingDestination PortDays in Transit (Sea Freight)


Bansar is the leading freight forwarder company to ship your goods from China to Japan. We have extensive experience with sea freight, air freight, door-to-door shipping, express shipping, and countless other services. Everything to benefit your business.

We provide professional services at competitive rates, fast completion, and reliable shipping. We offer free warehousing, cargo consolidation, packaging, customized labelling, cargo insurance, one-day customs clearance, loading supervision, and more.

Our rates are lower than the market standard. This is because we have partnered with reputable carriers and airlines, ensuring great rates and fast shipment.

You can use our free warehousing services for a month—your cargo will be safe, sorted, and packaged, all ready to go.

If you need express shipping with customs clearance in Japan done in the shortest deadlines, then Bansar is your answer. Our expert team will deal with customs in just a single day. We will find you the best import tariff rates and register you with the Bureau of Customs. As a result, we minimize all import delays and provide you with the best import tax and duty rates. Your shipment from China to Japan will be reliable and cheap.

We will help you ship any kind of cargo: fresh, out-of-gauge, hazardous, etc. Whatever your goods or application, Bansar will always help you with FCL and LCL shipping from China to Japan.

Saving your time and money is our goal, facilitating your import shipping from China to Japan.

We will take care of everything, starting from loading your goods from a Chinese supplier and delivering them to your home, office, or warehouse in Japan.

We can ship to all the major Japanese ports, such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Moji, Kawasaki, Hakata, etc. Our shipping time and shipping cost from China to Japan are great—ideal for any importer, business owner, distributor.

With our low rates, reputable partnerships, fast shipping, and countless reliable services, Bansar is the best logistics partner for your China-Japan import.

Send us an inquiry today, and get our best quote and services!

Ultimate FAQ Guide to Shipping from China to Japan

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