Shipping from China to Lebanon

Bansar is one of NVOCC logistics company in China, we provide shipping service from any city in China to Lebanon and we offer very competitive shipping freight for any kinds of shipment goods. We keep good relationship with carriers and airline companies so that we provide enough space even in peak season.

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Sea Freight Shipping from China to Lebanon
Bansar provide the best logistics solution for any shipping request from customer, and we offer good shipping freight for shipment goods by FCL and LCL from China to Lebanon.
air Freight Shipping from China to Lebanon
Bansar have contract air freight lower than market from airline companies,such as from SU, 3X, HO, RJ, SL, XJ, TK, EK, SV, QR, EY, etc,.
Door to Door Service China to Lebanon
Bansar provide good door to door shipping service for the shipment goods from China to Lebanon.

FCL Shipping from China to Lebanon

Beside dry container service, Bansar has rich experiences handle the OOG(out of gauge) goods loaded into FR(Flat Rack) and OT(Open Top) containers, and we offer very competitive ocean freight.

LCL Shipping from China to Lebanon

Bansar pprovides good ocean freight better than the market and we collect lower destination charge in Beirut port.

More Services When Shipping from China to Lebanon

Pickup and Delivery
Bansar will provide most fuel efficient pickup service China to Lebanon.
Warehousing Distribution
We provide free warehousing services for any of your goods.
Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to the Lebanon.
Loading Inspection
Ensure safe packaging and loading of goods in your suppliers factory.
Custom Clearance
You do not need to provide us any documents, just receive your goods at home.

Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to Lebanon

  • Provide professional shipping solutions for any kinds of shipment goods
  • The best shipping freight from China to Lebanon
  • Consolidate service for the shipment goods from different suppliers
  • Free warehouse storage service
  • Collect the normal local charge from shipper under the FOB trade terms
  • Professional brokerage
  • Paper work
  • Provide Certificate of Original
  • Container loading supervision
  • Tracking shipping goods in time
  • 24/7 on line support

How Long Does it Take Shipping from China to Lebanon by Sea Freight and Air Freight

Port of LoadingPort of ArriveTransit Time
ChinaBeirut3-7days by air


Shipping from China to Lebanon: The Ultimate Guide

Finding products in China can be an easy process – all you need is a sourcing agent in China.

But, how can you ship your goods from China to Lebanon?

I know you could be worried about this.

Well, worry no more – I am going to walk you through the entire process of shipping from China to Lebanon.

This guide covers everything you should know about shipping from China to Lebanon – from choosing the right Incoterm 2010, hiring freight forwarder, custom clearance, mode of shipping and many more.

Keep reading…and you’ll definitely be an expert when importing from China.

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 Shipping from China to Lebanon – Photo courtesy: Alibaba

Start by Choosing Best Incoterm when Shipping from China to Lebanon

Shipping to Lebanon will require you to know some of the primary shipping terms that you will be using.

Whenever you want to get your cargo from China to Lebanon utilizing any form of transport, there are terms to use.

You can generally identify the conditions that you will be using in shipping at any moment as Incoterms.

International commercial terms or Incoterms are terms set for use in international trade assemblies and also in shipping of cargo.

You can find them under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and they relate to the International commercial law.

You are free to use them in any international procurement process and commercial transactions such as shipping from China to Lebanon.

The terms are usually abbreviations that consist of three letter words that represent an international trading term.

The terms are admissible not only in the business community but you can them in a court of law.

They communicate the task, cost, and risk that you will bear in case you choose to use a particular Incoterm 2010.

They act as informers on sales contracts and define the obligations covering delivery of cargo from the seller to the buyer.

Do not confuse them as the final term that will conclude a contract or determine cost payable for your goods.

Continue reading and know the significant incoterms that you will come across when shipping goods from China to Lebanon.

· EXW Shipping Terms from China to Lebanon

EX Works is an incoterm that terminates the responsibility of the seller after availing the goods at his factory.

EXW Works

 EXW Works

The seller will not have any obligations on the cargo such as transport unless they agree otherwise with the buyer.

In this case, the buyer will have to assume the following responsibilities:

  • He/she will organize for the transport of the cargo from the factory to the port.
  • He will organize for the loading of the cargo on to the truck or the trailer that will be available.
  • He will take care of the clearance of the goods at the customs department and prepare them for export.
  • Loading of the goods onto the ship will be his responsibility.
  • Offloading the goods at the destination port and loading them onto a trailer to the warehouse.

The seller, in this case, will bare minimum responsibility on the cargo and leave the load to the buyer.

In case the buyer thinks that he cannot do all that pertains to the EXW incoterm, he can consider changes.

He is at liberty of choosing other incoterms that you will find out as you continue reading.

· FOB Shipping Terms from China to Lebanon

Free on Board (FOB) states that the seller will cease responsibility of the cargo at the port of shipment.



He will assume responsibility from the factory up to the point where the cargo passes the rail of the ship.

The principal obligations of the seller on the Free On-Board incoterm include:

  • Availing and organizing for the loading the cargo on the truck or trailer at the factory.
  • The means of transport will be the arrangement of the seller.
  • Transporting the cargo from the factory to the loading port
  • Clearing the goods for export to the port of destination
  • Loading the cargo onto the ship and informing the buyer that his cargo is on board.

The buyer will assume all the responsibility of transporting the cargo from the port of shipment.

He will be responsible for all the costs and risks the cargo will incur while on board.

He will offload it at the port of destination and transport it all the way to the destination of choice.

· CIF Shipping Terms from China to Lebanon

Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) is another incoterm that will be in use only on inland waterways or sea transport.

The seller will arrange and pay for the transport of the cargo from the factory to the port of destination.



His responsibilities will come to an end after paying the costs and loading the cargo on board.

He is supposed to take charge of the following:

  • Load the cargo on the truck or trailer that he will organize.
  • Transport the cargo from the factory to the loading port.
  • Clear the goods for export with the customs department.
  • Arrange for loading of the cargo onto the ship.

His responsibilities will cease, and the buyer will take over as soon as the goods arrive at the destination port. The buyer will organize for offloading of the cargo from the ship and onto the transporting truck or trailer.

He will then transport the cargo from the destination port to the warehouse of choice for further actions.

· DAP Shipping Terms from China to Lebanon

Delivery at Place incoterms is available for all the modes of transport or in a case where you use both.


 DAP – Photo courtesy: International Commercial Terms

The seller has more responsibility and will bear most of the costs and risks for this type of incoterm.

The responsibilities of the seller will end once he/she has the goods at the destination port.

The primary duties that the seller will have to work on include:

  • Loading the cargo on the trailer or truck and transporting it to the loading port.
  • The mode of transport, in this case, will be the responsibility of the seller.
  • Clearing the cargo for export at the customs office
  • Loading the cargo on the ship or plane
  • Paying for the risks and cost of transport all the way to the destination port
  • Making sure that the cargo arrives safely at the destination port.

At this point, the buyer will receive information about the arrival of his cargo and take charge.

He will be responsible for:

  • Organizing for the offloading of the goods from the ship or plane on to the ground
  • Organize for transport of the container on a truck or trailer.
  • Clearing and paying the import duty and taxes at the customs office.
  • Loading the cargo on to the truck and transporting it to the destination of choice.

· DDP Shipping Terms from China to Lebanon

Delivery Duty Paid is another incoterm that you can use on any means of transport available for your goods.



In this case, the seller will assume all the responsibility on the cargo from the factory to the destination.

The buyer will name the destination that he expects the cargo and leave the work with the seller.

The seller will assume the responsibility of:

  • Loading the cargo on to the trailer that he will organize.
  • Transport the cargo on the trailer or truck to the seaport or airport depending on the mode of transport.
  • Clearing the cargo for export with the customs officials
  • Organizing for the loading of cargo on to the ship or the plane
  • He will pay for the risks and cost of transport for the cargo all the way to the destination port.
  • Offloading the container from the ship or plane and finding a means of transport.
  • Paying the import taxes and duty on the cargo and the loading it on the truck or trailer.
  • Transporting the cargo all the way to the place where the buyer will specify.

The duties and responsibilities of the seller will cease once the goods arrive at the place the buyer specifies.

The buyer will now assume full responsibility after the goods are at the point of his specifications.

Hire China Freight Forwarder to Lebanon

Freight forwarders are the people who will help you in transporting the cargo from the seller in China to Lebanon.

International shipping is a good business, but the hassle that you will go through might be overwhelming to handle alone.

It is the point where you will need a freight forwarder to help you in transporting the cargo to Lebanon.

A freight forwarder will help you through the paperwork, process, and regulations of international shipping which is very intimidating.

 Freight Forwarder

 Freight forwarder

It is, therefore, a firm that arranges for the packing, storage, and transport of cargo on behalf of the client. Freight forwarders usually provide many services which include:

  • Tracking of the merchandise from the loading port all the way to the buyer
  • Organizing for inland transportation of the cargo to the destination
  • Preparation of the documents that the customs department will require.
  • Warehousing
  • Booking space for the merchandise on the ship or plane
  • Negotiating the best charges and deals for your cargo.
  • Insurance for the cargo including filing any insurance claims.

You must be thinking of the way you will use to get a freight forwarder to attend to your needs.

Well, finding a freight forwarder is not a difficult task, but you have to be very careful.

Continue reading and find out more about the best way you can use to secure a good freight forwarder.

First, you need to do thorough research and identify the best freight forwarders available in the industry.

Have a list of more than three and then compare the kind of services that they offer before choosing.

 Freight forwarder with network

 Freight forwarder network

When you are considering to choose the best, you have to look at the following factors:

  • You should know the requirements of your business so that you can narrow down the list of the freight forwarders.
  • Look at the kind of experience that the freight forwarder has.
  • This will help you understand the kind of business he is into and how he will handle your cargo.
  • You will also know the route that the freight forwarder takes when shipping his cargo.
  • Look at the capacity that the freight forwarder has when it comes to handling multiple merchandises.
  • Do they have an office where you can go and speak to them in case of a problem?
  • What is the kind of facilities that they have that will be essential for your cargo?
  • At what rate are they charging for the services that you will require?
  • Research on the person who will manage the shipments so that you can have direct contact with them.
  • Ask about the customs agents they have at the destination port who can assist in case of any problems.
  • Some companies have insurance, and they should be among your priorities.
  • Ask if the company has customer care services that you can contact whenever you need assistance.

With all these in mind, you are now capable of getting a good freight forwarder for your merchandise.

You can search online for the freight forwarder available in China and narrow the list accordingly.

The reputation of the freight forwarder is very important, and you should take keen note on the references.

Evaluate Shipping Cost from China to Lebanon

Shipping merchandise from China to Lebanon will cost you, and you will have to pay some money for the services.

Shipping cost

Shipping cost

The cost of shipping will also vary accordingly depending on the kind of choices that you will make.

The cost of shipping from China to Lebanon will depend on the following factors:

  • The type of cargo that you intend to ship from China to Lebanon.
  • This will include the size, weight, and condition of the cargo you intend to transport.
  • The bigger and heavier the goods, the more you will pay for transport.
  • The mode of transport that you will choose among them being air transport and sea transport.
  • Air transport is known to be faster than sea transport so it will cost you a lot more.
  • The route which the mode of transport that you will choose will take.
  • Longer routes tend to take a lot of time and thus will cost you more than the shorter routes.
  • The Incoterms that you will choose for your goods will vary the cost of shipping in a significant way.
  • Different freight forwarders will also charge different prices on their services thus causing a significant variation on the costs.

Shipping cost

Shipping cost – Photo courtesy: Amazon

Apart from the list above, there are many other factors that you will know as you transact business.

You will find out more about the cost of critical issues in shipping in the following paragraphs.

1. Cost of Shipping Container from China to Lebanon

Shipping a container from China to Lebanon will cost you some money especially when it is by sea.

The route from the port of Shanghai all the way to Lebanon is long covering over 8385 nautical miles.

The longer the distance between the port of loading and the destination port, the higher the rates.

Types of shipping containers

Types of shipping container

The type of container you are transporting the merchandise will also be a significant determinant of the cost.

The cost will vary depending on whether it is Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL).

LCL will be cheaper in comparison to FCL as it does not involve hiring or purchasing a whole container.

The type of freight that you will choose for your cargo will also influence the cost of shipping to Lebanon.

The freights usually come in different forms and classes, and you are to select the class you need for your goods.

You will pay more money for the first class in comparison to the other classes which will not cost much.

The kind of treatment that your merchandise will require will either escalate or bring the cost down.

Certain types of merchandise will require special treatment such as refrigeration and careful handling.

This type of cargo will attract extra costs as the freight forwarder will be paying extra attention to it.

2. Air Freight Cost to Lebanon

The cost of transporting cargo from China to Lebanon through the air will be costly in comparison to sea freights.

Air China

Air China

Air freight is expensive because they are faster than the sea freights and they will deliver your cargo on time.

The cost is, however, not constant and it will vary depending on the type of services you are requesting.

Air freight is available in two main parts including express shipping and international shipping services.

Express shipping will cost you more since bringing the cargo to your place will be the only priority.

It is known to be the fastest mode of delivering cargo, and they will make sure that the goods arrive at your doorstep.

Express shipping

 Express shipping

The cost of Express air freights will vary depending on the services that you will receive.

They have various packages including same day deliveries and overnight deliveries.

There are cases that you will have to charter a plane which explains why the cost will vary.

The cost of international shipping is not as expensive as that of express shipping.

The plane will carry cargo on it and transport it to your destination through other countries.

It means that the international air freight will serve other countries that are on its way to your country.

It will involve booking space on the cargo plane which is not as costly as chartering a flight.

The fact that it will be dropping cargo at different destinations will reduce the cost of shipping.

Keep in mind that it is faster than the sea freight so you will be paying higher rates for it.

Calculate Import Duty and Taxes when Importing to Lebanon

When the cargo arrives in Lebanon, you will have to seek clearance at the customs office first before transporting further.

Labanese customs

Lebanese customs

At this point, you will be presenting all the documents for importing the merchandise into Lebanon.

At the same time, you will be calculating the import taxes and duty that you will pay for your merchandise.

Import duty and tax that you will pay for your merchandise will vary according to the type of goods you import.

The customs office will cross-check the kind of products you bring in with their database and help you with the calculations.

Certain goods might be tax and duty-free, so you have to confirm all the details.

The method of valuation is CIF, and it will involve the following factors:

  • The total sum of the insurance, the value of the goods you import and the shipping cost.
  • The import duty you will pay will also include excise duty and sales tax.


Duty RatesAverage Duty RateSales Tax (GST) or VATThreshold on Goods
0% to 70%7.85%Sales Tax (ST) = 10%

VAT = ST*(CIF + Duty + Excise Tax)

No Thresholds


  • The rates you will pay will be the determinant of specific schedules in conformity to the “Harmonized System of Nomenclature.”
  • It will create a friendly environment for the importer as it conforms with the unified systems of Lebanon.
  • The customs rates are in percentage, and you can also pay in a lump sum of the whole unit of imports.
  • Since there is no threshold, all the merchandise is subject to taxes and duty irrespective of the value.

Consider Top Lebanon Imports from China

China produces a lot of material that you can import and make a good business selling them to people.

There is a high demand for many products in Lebanon since they do not produce them locally.

It creates a market gap increasing the need for these types of products in Lebanon.

Top imports to Lebanon

Top imports to Lebanon – Photo courtesy: MIT

The only way of getting the essentials that the people of Lebanon need is through imports from China.

Since the route for delivery is also available, it is straightforward to get the products from the manufacturers in China.

Continue reading and find out the kind of products that you can import from China and also the goods under restrictions.

Products to Import from China to Lebanon

Imports from China to Lebanon have been on the increase in the recent past due to the right relationship.

China and Lebanon are in a trade agreement where both countries benefit from the trade of goods and services.

In the recent past, the Chinese exports to Lebanon have been on the increase up to 530 US million dollars.

The primary goods that the Chinese export to Lebanon include portable computers, textiles, footwear, ceramics, toys, electronics, and computer accessories.

Other goods include wooden furniture, false jewelry, motorcycles, microwave machines, refrigerators, peanut, and other agricultural products not available in Lebanon.

Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture

These are among the merchandise that many Chinese companies produce and export to Lebanon since there is demand for it.

Restricted and Prohibited Imports from China to Lebanon

Lebanon has its restrictions on the kind of goods that they will allow you to import into the country.

Prohibited imports

 Prohibited imports

It means that other goods are under restrictions and they will not allow them into the country.

They are the goods that the law that Lebanon is party to restricts you from importing.

The goods that are under restrictions and prohibitions include:

  • Cedar seedlings and seeds (they are protecting their cedar species)
  • Chemical additives that you may use in making bread as a health measure.
  • Table salt that does not contain iodine as another health measure.
  • Waste/Ash/Slag/scrap from the many metal products, minerals, and chemicals.
  • Black Cement and Clinker.
  • Vehicles that carry passengers that have been in use for more than eight years, to protect the environment
  • On the same note, transport vehicles that are older than five years will not come through their borders as imports.
  • Medical and radiological equipment that has been in use in other places
  • Pocket lighters that use gas as a source of fuel.
  • Wireless cell phones that are below the bandwidth of 900 megahertz.
  • Merchandise that does not have the correct label on them.

Goods that are under a particular type of monopoly will not cross the border of Lebanon unless with a valid permit.

The customs department will cease these goods and take them back to the country of origin or confiscate them.

Understand Import Customs Clearance and Regulations in Lebanon

The customs department in Lebanon has rules that they expect you to follow when importing merchandise into their country.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance

These are the rules that will spell the direction you are to take when you are importing goods.

There are certain documents that you will be presented whenever you are importing into Lebanon such as:

  • Declaration form that bases its facts on “Single Administrative Documents” (SAD)
  • Packing List of the container.
  • Bill of lading.
  • The original commercial invoice.
  • The delivery order so that they can have proof that you are the owner of the goods.
  • Quietus from the office of social security that will act as proof of all the payments.
  • You will present it for all the commercial establishments.
  • The contract between the seller and the buyer proving that the goods are in your hand after sales agreements.
  • You can as well provide a letter from the bank stating that you will pay for the products in due time.
  • Certificate of origin from the seller in China if the invoice does not mention the country of origin.

Other goods will require other documents such as:

  • Export certificates and licenses.
  • Conformity certificates for verification of the quality of goods.
  • Agricultural health certificates in case you are importing agricultural products.

With the following documents in the hands of the customs officers, the cargo will undergo inspection.

They will check if the goods conform to the products that they will allow into Lebanon.

If they are okay, you will pay the customs fee, import duty, and taxes before you take your merchandise away.

Choose Suitable Freight Service from China to Lebanon

Transporting the cargo from China to Lebanon will be on a particular means of transport known as a freight.

You are at liberty of choosing the type of freight for your cargo depending on:

  • The time limit that you have.
  • The type of cargo that you intend to transport.
  • The budget that you are working on.

There are two main types of freights that you can choose from including sea freight and air freight.

Continue reading and find out more about the two main types of freights.

· Ocean Freight from China to Lebanon

Ocean freight is the type of freight where you will transport your cargo through the sea on a ship.

It is the cheapest mode of transport even though it takes time before you get the cargo.

It also offers many options that you can choose from depending on the type of goods that you are transporting.

·  Main Ports in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country with a lot of resources at their disposal including thirteen ports for imports and exports.

The ports in Lebanon have the best equipment that will be ready for use when the cargo arrives.

Port of Bayrut

Port of Bayrut

The main ports in Lebanon are:

  • The Dora terminal.
  • Port of Beirut.
  • Port of Amchit.
  • Port of Bayrut
  • Port of Chekka
  • Port of Jieh (Jiye/Jiyye/Jiyeh/Jiyyeh
  • Port of Jounieh
  • Port of Selaata
  • Port of Sidon or Saida
  • Port of Sour or Tyre or Sur or Tyrus
  • Port of Tripoli
  • Zahrani Terminal
  • Zouk terminal

These ports vary concerning size and nature of the business that they are conducting.

The busiest among them is the port of Beirut which has the capability of handling many containers at a time.

·  Sea Route from China to Lebanon

When importing cargo from China to Lebanon, there is only one main sea route from the port of Shanghai.

Shanghai to Bayrut

Shanghai to Beirut

The sea route serves the port of Beirut from which other ports in Lebanon can also assist.

The sea route covers 8385 nautical miles, and you can get your cargo in 35 days if the ship travels at 10 knots.

The other sea route that you can use starts from the port of Qingdao all the way to the port of Beirut.

The distance between the ports is approximately 8737 nautical miles, and you should get the cargo in 37 days.

The speed of the ship that is carrying your cargo is approximately 10 knots.

The third sea route is from the port of Mawei in China to Dora terminal in Lebanon.

A ship traveling at 10 knots will take 34 days at sea covering a distance of 8004 nautical miles.

· Shipping from China to Lebanon Transit Time

Ocean freight is the slowest means of transport that you can use when transporting your cargo from China to Lebanon.

In many cases, the freight time is often a little bit over a month approximately 36 days depending on the route. Apart from the sea route, the time that the cargo will take at sea will depend on:

  • The distance the ship will cover from one port to another.
  • The speed at which the ship will be moving.

· LCL Shipping from China to Lebanon

LCL is an abbreviation for the less than a container load where the cargo is less and cannot fit a container.

FCL vs LCL Shipping

FCL vs. LCL Shipping

It will make very little sense when you decide to hire or purchase a whole container for very few goods.

In this case, the freight forwarder will organize for LCL where you will get a container to share with other importers.

It is the most convenient mode of transporting smaller cargo, but it has certain risks that come with it.

Your cargo is under exposure to other people’s cargo which might lead to loss of cargo or damage of the cargo.

In case it is fragile, it might need another form of transport which is not LCL.

· FCL Shipping from China to Lebanon

Full container load is another form of transporting your cargo in one or more containers depending on the quantity.

You will use this type of shipment if the cargo you intend to bring in can fill a whole container.

It is economically viable, and you are sure that the goods you are transporting are safe.

In this case, you will be paying for the container and the space that the container will take on the ship.

It is more expensive in comparison to LCL, but you are at peace that the container will arrive without many hitches.

· Ro-Ro Shipping from China to Lebanon

Roll on Roll off shipping is for the type of cargo that has wheels and can roll on to the ship on the wheels.

It can also roll off the ship on its wheel through a ramp that connects the port or land to the ship.

Ro Ro Shipping

Ro Ro Shipping

The ships are available for transporting cargo such as motor vehicles, motorcycles which are imports of Lebanon from China.

The ship is usually big and has decks where the cargo will pack as the ship sails to the destination port.

Cranes, in this case, are not a necessity as the cargo can roll on its wheels on to the ship and also off the ship.

· International Shipping Companies from China to Lebanon

International Shipping companies are responsible for transporting your cargo from the supplier to the destination port.

They not only provide transport but are in the business of meeting you at the point of need.

Some of the main shipping companies you can trust when it comes to shipping from China to Lebanon include Maersk, COSCO, CMA CGM, Hapag Lloyd, etc.

Hapag Lloyd

Hapag Lloyd

 Among the services that they offer include:

  • Transporting the cargo inland to the loading port and also from the destination port to your warehouse or doorstep.
  • They have enough experience and close relationships with the customs departments for the clearance of cargo for export.
  • They can also do the same when the goods arrive at the destination port and clear them as imports.
  • The vessels that they have can take care of any form of cargo that you intend to transport.
  • They will take care of any size of cargo including Ro-Ro shipments to Lebanon.
  • They have enough personnel at the port which will make sure that your container is in the right hands. The customer care service is also recommendable, and you can call in at any time to talk.
  • Tracking services from the port of loading all the way to the warehouse.
  • The offices they have in many ports is proof enough that they have been around for a long time.
  • They have enough experience in handling many types of goods so you should be at ease.

Air Freight from China to Lebanon

Air freight is the fastest means of transport that is available for transporting of cargo from China to Lebanon.

It is known to be safe, and your goods will arrive at the time that the freight provider specifies to you.

There are two main types of air freights available which are express air freights and international air freights.

 Wings of Lebanon

Wings of Lebanon

Express air freight is the type where you will get your cargo as soon as possible all the way to your door-step.

It is the responsibility of companies with enough experience such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx among others.

These companies have the experience and the capacity to handle all types of express shipping depending on the agreement.

The primary services that you can receive from express air freight include same day services and overnight services.

They have planes that are ready to take off whenever you need them to which including flight carters.

They also offer door to door services for the cargo you transport with them.

International shipping, on the other hand, will take an extended period in comparison to express flights.

Normally, they collect cargo that they will be leaving at different destinations as they move from one point to another.

They do not offer express shipping services, and you will only pay for the space on the plane that your cargo covers.

It is capable of handling different types of cargo as they use massive planes to carry the merchandise.

They often guarantee the safety of the cargo, and they can also provide door to door services.

In most cases they are cheaper than express air freights and you can call and make a deal with them.

· Main Airports in Lebanon

Lebanon has one major airport from which you can receive your merchandise from China.

It is the airport in Beirut while others are military airports and an airstrip.

The main airport in Beirut is known to be the busiest, and you can receive your cargo at that point.

Beirut Airport

Beirut Airport

You can identify it as OLBA under ICAO or BEY under IATA or common name Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.

It has one other airstrip which you can identify as Baadaran airstrip.

· Cargo Planes from China to Lebanon

The cargo planes that you can use to transport your cargo from China to Lebanon are available.

The cargo planes often serve the main international airport in Beirut.

Qatar Cargo

 Qatar Cargo

The cargo planes include:

  • Cedar Jet or the Middle East Airlines (ME)
  • Tango Lima (TL)
  • Air cargo China
  • Qatar Airways Cargo
  • Etihad Cargo
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Cargolux
  • Aeroflot Cargo
  • Turkish Airlines cargo

§  Express Shipping to Lebanon from China

Express shipping of the cargo from China to Lebanon is done by the companies with more experience.

They include DHL, FedEx, and UPS which have offices and bases in both countries.

They guarantee fast delivery of cargo from China to your doorstep in Lebanon.



You have to ready to pay more for these services because they are fast and reliable.

They can also offer you certain services such as customs clearance, tracking services among other vital services.

§  The door to Door Shipping from China to Lebanon

The door to door shipping services from China to Lebanon is possible depending on your arrangements.

You can organize for this service with your freight forwarder of choice.

It is, however, the specialty of express shipping companies such as DHL and UPS.

Note that you can get the services from other companies too as long as you pay for it.

Buying from AliExpress to Lebanon Step-by-Step Process

AliExpress is an ecommerce type of business where you log in to the website and purchase the products available.

It is a straightforward process that will take you very little time to find and make an order for a product.




The site allows third-party companies to post and sell their products on their website.

The payment process is also very simple, and soon as you pay for it, the cargo will be on transit to your destination.

You should also be very careful as there are fraudsters who are capable of misleading you.

AliExpress guarantees safe delivery of the cargo to your doorstep.

Apart from that, in case your cargo does not arrive, you can file a complaint, and you will get a full refund.

You can also get a refund from the company if the cargo does not meet the description the company was displaying.

As you pay for the cargo, you will be free of many implications of importing the goods.

You will be sure of getting the cargo with you as the other processes will be complete.

These include services such as that of clearing with the customs department.

They will also provide you with the tracking services for the cargo as it is on transit.

How to Find Product Suppliers on Alibaba

Finding a product supplier on Alibaba is a simple process that involves logging in to the Alibaba website and searching.



The first step is identifying the type of supplier that you need and for the type of products that you will need.

It will help you in filtering the suppliers that you do not need from the sea of suppliers available.

In filtering, you will employ keywords such as manufacturers, drop shippers, wholesalers and importing agents.

Then take a look at the specific type of supplier you were searching for in the process.

You can use the trade assurance suppliers to help you create a rapport between you and the suppliers.

Trade assurance suppliers will help you if the product does not arrive at the time you needed it.

If the product does not meet the standards of quality that you initially had in mind.

It will be a great way of helping you avoid any form of scam you might meet in due course.

You can choose a supplier from the list that will be available for you to choose from.

Ask the supplier a few questions in regards to your goods.

Negotiate with the supplier on the best services that they will offer to you.

You can also request for customer reference on a particular supplier to ensure that it is legitimate.

BanSar Freight Forwarding Services to Lebanon from China

BanSar is among the NVOCC logistics companies that you can find easily in China.

They provide some of the best shipping services at affordable rates from any place in China to Lebanon.

BanSar China

BanSar China

They also deal with any cargo that you intend to transport from China to Lebanon.

They are in touch with some of the best shipping companies in China to whom they can make the best deals.

You are in safe hands when you choose to use Bansar as your logistic company of choice.

They will make sure that you receive your cargo even when the business is at peak and getting space is a problem.

They are also able to clear with the customs department as soon as your goods are ready for shipment.

They will offer inland transport in China as well as in Lebanon plus tracking services for your cargo.


I believe that you have the best information in regards to shipping from China to Lebanon.

You can log in to your computer and find a supplier through Alibaba or shop on AliExpress.

With all this information at your disposal, you can become a great importer to Lebanon.



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