Shipping from China to Spain

Bansar is a comprehensive logistics company in China and we are NVOCC, we book the container space to the carrier directly so that we provide the competitive shipping rates for the shipping goods from China to Spain.

We are professional to operate some difficult shipment goods, besides ocean and air shipping service.

Bansar provides the railway shipping service from any city in China to Madrid for FCL and LCL shipment goods, which is fast than that by sea and cheaper than that by air.

Sea Freight from China to Spain
Bansar has rich experiences handle FCL,LCL, Bulk-cargo ship, Roll-Roll shipment goods and we offer the good ocean freight to support your business.
Air Freight from China to Spain 1
Bansar offer the best air freight based on cooperation with many airline companies,we provide direct and transfer shipping service by air from any air port to anywhere in Spain.
Railway Shipping from China to Spain
If you need the shipping goods urgently,but there is not enough budget, Bansar provide the railway shipping service from China to Madrid which just need 17-20days transit time.We finish the customs clearance within one day.
Door to Door Shipping from China to Spain 1
Bansar provide professional door to door shipping service from any city in China to Spain,even you are personal.

FCL Shippng from China to Spain

Besides good ocean freight for FCL, Bansar provides loading service in China warehouse and container loading supervision service.

LCL Shipping from China to Spain

We provide good ocean freight and lower destination charge for LCL shipment from any port in China to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Malaga.

Additional services for shipping from China to Spain

Pickup and Delivery
Pick up your goods in any city in China.
Warehousing Distribution
We provide free warehousing services for your goods.
Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to the UK
Custom Clearance
We handle all paperwork and other details for you.

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  • The competitive shipping rates by sea and by air
  • Free warehouse service from different suppliers
  • Collect the reasonable local charge
  • Enough space even in the peak season from shipping companies
  • Pick up service and delivery service
  • Rich experiences operate OOG(out of gauge) shipping goods
  • Professional for product classification
  • Brokerage and paperwork
  • 24/7 on line support

How Long When Shipping from China to Spain

Port of Loading

Port of Arrive

Transmit Time














Spain1-3days by air

7-10days by railway

Shipping from China to Spain: The Ultimate Guide

As an importer, having a one-stop shipping guide from China to Spain is important.

That is why this guide aims to give you.

This guide looks at all you need to know when it comes to shipping from China to Spain.

In the end, you will be able to understand prohibited goods, shipping methods and incoterms you will meet during the shipping period.

You can find this and much more in this guide.

How BanSar Helps in Shipping from China to Spain

Before we start, let’s see how BanSar can help in shipping your cargo from China to Spain.

Our dedicated staff is always up to date with the customs law which enables faster clearance of your cargo.

As part of our service to you, we provide free warehousing for your cargo for a maximum of 30 days.

This enables you to arrange for proper packaging as well as labeling of your cargo.

And that is not all; you can also use our containers for a maximum of 30 days free of charge.

This gives you time to ship your cargo as well as load and offload conveniently.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, we guarantee you of professionalism as well as dedicated services to our clients.

By choosing BanSar, you will enjoy our competitive shipping rates which will match your financial ability.

Popular Incoterms when Shipping from China to Spain

When it comes to shipping from China to Spain, there are Incoterms 2010 that you will have to identify.

These Incoterms will help in the facilitation of your cargo arriving in Spain from China.

Incoterms 2010

Incoterms 2010 – Photo courtesy: IncoDocs

Let me take you through these incoterms.

1. EX-works

When you are using this incoterm during your shipping, you have to bear the maximum responsibility for shipping your cargo.

What happens is that your supplier will avail your cargo to their warehouse or a pre-agreed place for you.

From there, you are responsible for the shipment of your cargo to your final point f destination in Spain.

2. Free Carrier

Under this incoterm, your supplier will arrange the shipment of your cargo.

The risk passes over to you once the goods have been cleared for export and loaded on to the first carrier.

The responsibility of the supplier includes packaging, customs clearance,and tracking while the goods are in China.

You will be responsible for the goods once they are onto the carrier.

This includes the responsibility for loading of your cargo to the carrier as well as ensuring delivery to the final point of destination in Spain.

More so, you will pay for the carriage of the goods to the point of import and paying for the insurance of the goods.

3. Free On Board

You can use this term when you agree with your supplier to take responsibility for your cargo up until when it is on board your carrier.

Your supplier will hence bear all the risk and charges up to when your cargo is on board your carrier.

This includes tracking, customs clearance, unloading and loading onto the named carrier.

From there, you are responsible for your shipping to the final destination in Spain.

4. Carriage Paid To (CPT)

Carriage paid to is where your supplier agrees to take responsibility for your cargo from their premises up to a named destination.

Your supplier is also responsible for booking your cargo to the primary carrier.

However, the risk passes to you when the cargo is handed over to the first main carrier.

You are hence responsible for your cargo henceforth from there.

Your supplier is responsible for costs such as export clearance cost and freight cost up to the destination named.

5. Carriage and Insurance Paid to

The use of this term is similar to that of the carriage paid to except the insurance factor.

You will find this incoterm if you ship a container via a multimodal shipment.

Your supplier will be responsible for your cargo up till when the goods arrive at the destination point.

The carriage and insurance cost is on your supplier till when your forwarder takes possession of your goods.

6. Delivery At terminal

Under his incoterm, your supplier will deliver your goods to a named terminal unloaded.

Your supplier will bear all the charges including export fees, carriage, unloading charges,and destination charges.

You will incur all charges after the unloading of your cargo.

This includes import duty, customs charges and on- carriage.

7. Delivered at Place (named place of destination)

Your supplier is responsible for your goods including the transportation cost and risks up to a designated destination.

However, you are responsible for the customs clearance of your cargo.

8. Delivered Duty Paid

DDP places all the responsibility on your supplier.

This incoterm is not ideal for importers since you lose control of your cargo.

Your supplier will assume all responsibilities and risk right from their premises in China to your destination in Spain.

They will make the transportation arrangement from their premises to the port.

Clearance of your cargo is done by them as well as loading and unloading to the main carrier.

They are the one responsible for making shipping arrangement including insurance cost.

Once the goods arrive in Spain, they will transport them to your final destination.

Your only responsibility will be to unload the goods once they arrive at your premises.

9. Cost and Freight (named port of destination)

Using this incoterm means that your supplier is responsible for the price and freight of your good up to the destination point.

On your part, you will pay for the customs clearance.

Ways of Shipping from China to Spain

There are various ways that you can use to get your cargo in Spain from China.

The choice will depend on factors such as the cost of shipping, urgency, size,and nature of your cargo.

China and Spain

China and Spain

Here are the available way that you can ship from China to Spain.

· Ocean Shipping from China to Spain

Ocean shipping is ideal if you are shipping large volume from China due to its cheap cost.

Though slow, you can use this means if you have time to spare for your shipment.

Some of the items that you can import using this method include RORO cargo, liquid,and perishable container and bulk cargo.

Port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona

Let’s have a look at the details of ocean shipping from China to Spain

Sea route from China to Spain

Let’s have a look at the possible sea routes that you can use to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

a) Port of Qinhuangdao to Bilbao Port

Shipping via this route will take your ship 50 days traveling a distance of 12304nm at 10 knots to reach the port of Bilbao.

The starting point is the port of Qinhuangdao

This route starts from the China Sea heading to the Philippine Sea before joining the Indian Ocean.

In the Indian Ocean, your shipment will pass through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal.

From the Suez Canal, your shipment will join the Mediterranean Sea through the Nile River and the Ismailia Canal River.

Your shipment arrives at the port of Bilbao from the Mediterranean Sea y passing through the Alboran Sea, Strait of Gibraltar and the North Atlantic Sea.

b) Beijing Harbor to Port of Barcelona

Using this route will take your shipment 38 days to cover a distance of 9036nm at a speed of 10 knots to reach your destination.

The starting point is the Beijing port in China,and it will pass through the China Sea and the Andaman Sea before heading to the Indian Ocean.

In the Indian Ocean, your goods will pass through the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal.

It will go through the Ismailia Canal River and the Nile River and the Damietta Branch River before joining the Mediterranean Sea.

From the Mediterranean Sea, your cargo will dock at the Port of Barcelona.

c) Port of Shanghai to Port of Barcelona

Starting from the port of Shanghai in China, your shipment will pass through the China Sea, the Philippine Sea and the Strait of Malacca.

Your shipment will flow into the Indian Ocean through the Bay of Bengal.

In the Indian Ocean, your shipment will pass through the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea And the Gulf of Suez.

Through the Suez Canal River and the Suez Canal, Nile River and Damietta Branch River, your cargo will join the Mediterranean Sea.

From the Mediterranean Sea, your cargo will dock at the Port of Barcelona.

Your shipment will take 42 days covering a total of 10041nm at a speed of 10 knots to arrive in Spain.

Main Shipping Companies from China to Spain to Consider

When it comes to ocean shipping, you will need a shipping company to assist in your shipment.

There are different companies that you can select for your shipping.

Here is a look at some of these shipping companies.

· Mediterranean shipping company

The Mediterranean Shipping Company is a shipping company that traces its origin in the year 1970 with its headquarters in Italy.

The company has a total of 471 container vessels as of 2014 that can ship a total of 2,435,000TEU.



You can conveniently use this company to ship your cargo.

Evergreen shipping company

This company has been in operation since 1968, and its headquarters are in Taiwan.

With over 150 container ships that can handle 400,000 TEU, you can safely ship your cargo from China to Spain.

Evergreen shipping company

Evergreen shipping company

What’s more is that evergreen shipping company has reefer containers that you can use to ship your refrigerated cargo.

American president lines

Another shipping company that you can use to ship your cargo from China to Spain is the American President Lines.

Together with its parent company, CMA, it is the third largest shipping company in the world.

The headquarters of this company is in California.

The advantage you have is that you can conveniently ship using this company using one of its 153 container vessels.

COSCO shipping company

COSCO shipping company is the largest shipping company that you can use to ship your cargo with over 1114 shipping vessels.

These vessels have a total capacity of 85.32 million DWT.



The headquarters of this shipping company is in China.

You can conveniently use his company to ship container or dry bulk cargo.

Orient overseas container lines

You can also ship using Orient Overseas Container lines whose headquarters are in Hong Kong to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

The company started operations in 1969 and has a total of 59 shipping vessels of different classes.



The total cargo handling of these shipping vessels is 21,413 TEU.

Container Shipping Rates from China to Spain

Different containers have different shipping rates from China to Spain.

The implication of this is that you will pay different rates when shipping different container sizes.

Let’s have a look at the different container shipping rates.

There are three types of shipping containers that you can use to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

They include the 20-foot container, 40-foot container and 40 HC container.

The 20 foot container measure 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8 ½’ high external (c. 6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m).

On the other hand, the 40-foot container measures 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8 ½’ high external (c. 12.2m x 2.4m x 2.6m).

Shipping containers

Shipping containers

The shipping rates will defer depending on the type of container you use and the port that you are shipping from

Let’s examine each of the shipping container rates in different ports.

Shipping rate of a 20-foot FCL to Spain

  • Ningbo port will cost around 2000.00 $
  • Qingdao port will cost around00 $
  • Shanghai port will cost about00 $
  • Port of Xiamen will cost about00 $
  • Port of Yantian will cost you around 2000.00 $

Shipping rate of a 40- foot FCL to Spain

  • Ningbo port costs 2100.00 $
  • Qingdao port costs 2100.00$
  • Shanghai port costs 2100.00 $
  • Shekou port costs 2100.00$
  • Xiamen port costs 2100.00 $

The shipping rates of a 40 HC container to Spain

  • Ningbo will cost around 2000.00$
  • Qingdao port costs around 2000.00 $
  • Shanghai port costs around 2000.00 $
  • Shekou port costs around 2000.00 $
  • Xiamen port costs 2000.00 $

Air Freight from China to Spain

If you want a faster shipment of your cargo from China to Spain, air freight needs to be your choice.

Yourcargo will take between a few hours to a few days to arrive in Spain.

In case you have run out of stock, you can use this method to reduce the demand as you await your bulk stock.

The limitation of this mode of shipment is that it is expensive when you compare with ocean freight.

There is also the limitation on the size and nature of goods you can ship via air.

In particular, you can use this mode when you are shipping urgent cargo, dangerous items such as firearms and expensive items like gold.

You can also ship parcels and samples via this method.

That aside, allow me to take you through the details of air freight.

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Reliable Cargo Airlines from China to Spain

For your cargo to arrive safely and quickly, you will need a reliable cargo airline.

Here is a look at some of the airlines that you can use to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

Have a look.

Cargolux airlines

You can use this airline which has its headquarters in Luxembourg to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

The airline has a total of 28 fleet that ensures you have an airline any moment you want to ship your cargo.

Cargo Lux

Cargo Lux

If you choose to ship via this airline, your cargo will land at Barcelona International Airport and Zaragoza Airport.

China Airlines

China airlines is another cargo airline that you can use to ship your cargo.

China airlines

China airlines

With its headquarters in Taoyuan city in the Republic of China, the airline boasts of a total of 88 fleets.

Air ChinaCargo

Air China Cargo is a subsidiary of Air China that has a total of 405 fleets.

The airlines started operations in the year 1988 with its headquarters in Beijing China.

Air China cargo

Air China Cargo

By using this airline, your cargo will be shipped to Barcelona International Airport from China.

Lufthansa airlines

This is the largest airline in Europe with a total of 283 fleets and has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

You can use this airline that started operations in 1955 to ship your cargo from China to Europe.

Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa cargo

Your cargo will land in Alicante-Elche Airport, Barcelona International Airport, Bilbao Airport, Ibiza Airport, Madrid Airport, Palma airport and Valencia Airport.

Cathay Pacific Airlines

You can ship your cargo via this airline to Barcelona International Airport and Madrid Airport.

The airline has a total of 146 fleets that you can choose to ship your cargo.

Cathy Pacific Cargo

Cathy Pacific Cargo – Photo courtesy: The Business Journals

You can locate the offices of this airline that started operations in the year 1946 at its headquarters in Cathay City, Hong Kong International Airport.

Major Airports in China and Spain

Depending on the origin and destination of your cargo, there are several airports you can choose to ship your cargo.

This section takes a look at these airports in China and Spain for you to get an understanding.

Major airports in China are among the busiest in the world as such; cargo handling is professional and in a secure manner.

Major airports in China include:

Main airports in China

Main airports in China

  • Beijing Capital International Airport.
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
  • Hong Kong International Airport.
  • Xian Xianyang International Airport.
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

The choice of which airport to ship your cargo from depends on the location of your cargo.

When it comes to shipping to Spain via air, there are a couple of airports that you can use.

They include:

Spanish airports

Spanish airports – Photo courtesy: Airport Information Guide

Palma de Mallorca Airport

You can locate Palma de Mallorca Airport in the city of Palma de Mallorca.

You can conveniently use this airport if you are shipping your goods to Mallorca, Can Pastilla and their surroundings.

Barcelona–El Prat Airport

If you are shipping to Barcelona in the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, and Sant Boi, then you need to consider Barcelona–El Prat Airport.

With an annual cargo handling of 156,105.3 million tons as of 2017, this port offers the best cargo handling facilities in Europe.

Lanzarote Airport

Another airport that you can use to ship your cargo is the Lanzarote Airport which is in San Bartolomé, Las Palmas.

The port is ideal if you are shipping to the island of Lanzarote such as the town of Arrecife.

Gran Canaria Airport

You can quickly ship to the island of Gran Canaria using this airport.

The airport has an annual cargo handling of 18,045 million tons as of 2017.

Shipping Cost to Spain from China by Air

Perhaps one of the considerations you will have to make when it comes to air shipping is the cost.

The cost of shipping determines if you will choose air shipment or seek an alternative.

The determination of your air shipping cost is on the volumetric weight or the chargeable weight.

Whichever is heavier is the one that determines your shipping cost.

You can calculate the volumetric weight by multiplying the dimensions of your cargo and dividing the result by 6000.

For instance, you multiply the length, weight,and height and dividing the result by 6000.

On the other hand, you can achieve the chargeable weight by weighing your cargo.

That is weighing your cargo and hen

Apart from the above charge, other costs that you are likely to encounter when using air freight include:

  • Fuel surcharges which are the amount you will pay for the variation of fuel prices during shipment
  • Security surcharges are the amount you will pay for the security of your cargo in different airports
  • Terminal Handling Charges
  • Airport transfers
  • Dangerous goods surcharge

Here is a look at factors that determine the shipping cost of your cargo.

i. Shipping destination

The shipping destination is an obvious factor that will affect the shipping cost of your cargo.

The further you are shipping from China to Spain, the more you will pay for your shipment.

ii. The shipping season

Another factor that will affect your shipping cost is the season that you are shipping in.

During the off-peak season, the shipping cost will be low since shipping activities are low.

On the other hand, during the peak season, you are likely to pay more for your shipping due to the shipping activities taking place.

iii. Payment currency

The currency that you will use to pay for the air shipping cost affects the cost of your shipping.

A currency that is not stable will have the effect of devaluation and evaluation within the shipping duration.

The effect of this is that you may pay more than the stated amount if the currency devalues.

It is for this reason that it I recommend that you use a stable currency that can withstand the foreign exchange rates.

iv. Terminal charges

Different ports have different terminal charges which will add up to your shipping cost.

For instance, an airport in China will have different terminal charges from an airport in Spain.

You need to prepare in advance the port’s terminal charge which you will use to calculate the total shipping cost for your cargo.

v. Cargo packaging

The kind of package you use on your cargo will affect your shipping cost since it adds weight on your cargo.

As a recommendation, you need to use standard packaging when packing your cargo.

Your forwarder will provide recommendations of the type of package to use.

vi. Speed of delivery

The speed of delivery will affect the shipping cost in the sense that urgent shipping will cost you more.

Immediate shipping is where shipping your cargo is done by express shipping.

In case you need your cargo urgently, you may opt for this service,but you will pay more.

Railway Shipping from China to Spain

Railway shipping acts as an alternative to the ocean and air shipping.

The cheap shipping cost and the availability of shipping a large volume of cargo make it a choice if you want to import your cargo.

Let’s go through the details of railways shipping.

Read along.

Rail Routes from China to Spain

Here is a look at the possible routes that your cargo will use if you choose to ship via rail

Yiwu–Madrid railway line

You can use his route to ship your cargo from the city of Yiwu in China to the Spanish capital of Madrid.

The distance that your shipment will cover using this route is 13,000 kilometers and will take 21 days to arrive in Spain.

Yiwu Madrid railway line

Yiwu Madrid railway line

Your cargo will pass through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany,and France before arriving in Madrid.

Customs Clearance Process when Shipping from China to Spain

When it comes to customs clearance, the faster you are done with the customs,the better for you.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by understanding your requirements for customs clearance.

This section simplifies your customs clearance process by taking you through what you need to know in regards to customs.

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Have Importing Documentation and Paperwork

You need to have proper documents and paperwork ready for the customs clearance process to be quick and straightforward.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading

Some of the documents that you need to have include:

Single Administrative Document (SAD) Form

The information that is required by the customs on the SAD include the parties to the importation of goods, means of importation and the goods you are importing.

Commercial invoice

The importance of this document is that the customs will use it to calculate the amount of VAT you will pay on your cargo.

The customs invoice contains the essential information necessary for the clearance of your cargo.

Necessary permits for your cargo

In case you are importing restricted cargo, you will have to bear the essential licenses that allow you to import the cargo.

Lack of these documents will mean that the customs will confiscate your cargo and even charge you.

Freight documents

Depending on the means of importing your cargo to Spain, you will have to fill any of the transportation documents necessary.

Some of the freight documents include roadway bill, airway bill, railway bill, sea waybill or bill of lading.

You will then present this document to the customs.

Freight insurance documents

You will need this document if information indicating the amount of premium of your insurance does not appear on the commercial invoice

Packing list

Another document that you need to have in hand for customs clearance is the packing list.

Information in this document includes the number of packages, net weight, and date of issue as well as the type of package.

Custom value declaration

If the value of your cargo exceeds EUR 20,000, you will have to present this document to the customs.

The importance of this document is to help in determining the value of the goods to calculate the customs value.

It is the customs value also known as a taxable value that the customs will use to apply the tariff duties.

Know Restricted and Prohibited Imports in Spain

To avoid problems with the customs, you need to understand prohibited and restricted goods in Spain.

Knowing which goods are restricted will help you to arrange for permits before shipping them.

Restricted imports

Restricted imports

On the other hands, understanding prohibited goods will help you know the type of products you cannot import to Spain.

Importing these goods may lead to confiscation and payment of penalties.

Here is a list of restricted goods you need to know when importing from China to Spain.

  • Animals and animal products
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Jewelry and precious objects
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Plants and parts of plants.
  • Kangaroo skins
  • Crocodile skins
  • Emu oil
  • Fish oil
  • Bunker oil
  • Coal
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Any alcohol drink including beer and spirits all volumes.

On the other hand, some of the goods you cannot import to Spain include the following:

  • Cottonseed
  • Foodstuffs containing saccharine
  • Lottery tickets
  • Mushrooms and microbes, cultures of
  • Playing cards
  • Religious relics and objects, such as rosaries
  • Tobacco
  • Any weapon including a firearm.

Know How to Calculate Import Duties and Taxes in Spain

Taxes are necessary when you are importing your cargo to Spain,and as such you need to know how to calculate them.

Customs declaration

Customs declaration

To start, calculation of your tax and duties will be in the CIF value of your cargo.

There are items that you can import to Spain duty-free.

They include laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras,and game consoles.

Also if your cargo is less than 22 Euros, you won’t pay any duties.

Generally, the import duty for your cargo will range from 0% to 17% depending on the goods you are importing.

On top of the import duty, you can pay additional taxes on some products such as bicycles.

The additional taxes are also known as anti-dumping duty usually is at 48.5%.

This duty is in place to help protect the local industries from cheap imports from China.

Another tax that you need to consider is the Value Added Tax.

The customs will apply a VAT of between 10% and 21% depending on the kind of imports you are bringing to Spain.

You will calculate the VAT from the CIF value of our cargo.

You will also have to pay for any examination of your cargo including laboratory testing

Pay Import Duties and Taxes in Spain

Once you know the amount of taxes you need to pay, you pay them so as the customs authorities can release your cargo.

Remember to attach a copy of the payments on the customs documents to clear your cargo.


You can do this while your cargo is on its ways to the port.

Make it Easy for Quality Inspection and Verification of Imports

The trick with the customs is that the sooner you clear with them,the better it is for you to get your cargo.

You, therefore, need to be as transparent as you can during the clearance process.

You can do this by allowing the easy access by the customs to your cargo for verification and inspection.

Always remember to have the correct information on the customs documents to ease the customs work.

Obtain Necessary Custom Clearance Documents from Spanish Authorities

Once the customs finish verifying your cargo, they will issue you with the necessary certificate that permits entry of your cargo.

Cleared for public release by USARCENT PAO, MAJ Renee Russo. For additional information, contact MCC Anthony C. Casullo at or DSN 318-439-6250 or COM 011-973-1785-6250

Customs clearance

These certificates are important as you can use them as evidence that you cleared with the customs.

Transports Imports from the Port

After clearing with the customs, you can go ahead and plan on the logistics of moving your cargo from the port.

There are several options that you can choose for transporting your cargo.

You can either organize the transportation yourself using your transport system or hire an agent to transport on your behalf.

An agent can use several options depending on your location and your budget.

They can ship your cargo using rail or road transport.

Road transport which is in everyday use entails loading your cargo in a truck and shipping to your address.

Modes of Shipping Imports from China to Spain

There are various modes that you can ship your cargo from China to Spain.

This section examines these modes to enlighten you on which mode you can choose.

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FCL shipping from China to Spain

Shipping bulk cargo from China to Spain can be cumbersome. One way that you can ship is by utilizing FCL services.

LCL vs FCL shipping

FCL vs. LCL Shipping

FCL shipping is where you book a whole container exclusively for your cargo.

What happens is that you load a container with your cargo and secure it ready for shipping.

Remember, when using FCL, it is not a must that you fill the whole container even though it is economical when you fill it.

However, you will pay for the price of hiring the entire container.

The advantage you have with this mode of shipment is that there is the safety of your goods.

You have many options of stuffing your cargo under FCL which depends on your forwarder.

This includes Live Load and Drop and Pack stuffing options.

LCL shipping from China to Spain

In case you are shipping small quantities of cargoes, it may not be convenient for you to use FCL services due to cost.

However, you can still ship your cargo from China to Spain using LCL services.

LCL is whereby your forwarder consolidates your cargo with those of other importers who are heading in the same direction as yours.

LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Once they fill a container, shipment of your cargo takes place.

When you compare to shipping the same size of cargo via FCL, shipping using LCL is cheaper and saves you some cash.

Using this mode of shipment may take time depending on your destination which is due to the offloading at various ports.

The disadvantage of this is that your goods may get lost or damaged during shipment.

 Courier shipping from China to Spain

At times you may want to ship a relatively small size of cargo which may be a waste if you ship via ocean.

You can utilize a courier service for the shipping.

Courier shipping is ideal if you are shipping samples from your suppliers before engaging in the purchase.

Express shipping

Express shipping

You can also use courier services if you want a quick stock as you wait for the shipment of your bulk stock.

Courier services mainly utilize door to door shipping where they ship your cargo from the supplier to your premise.

However, you need to note that there is a limit on the amount of cargo you can import using courier services.

As such you may not be able to ship goods that are above a certain threshold.

Also, there is a limit to the quantity that you can ship using this service.

Door to door shipping from China to Spain

If you have a reliable supplier and forwarder, you can leave the business of importing your goods to them.

You can achieve this by using door to door shipping from China to Spain.

Door to door is where your forwarder organizes the shipment of your goods from your supplier to your doorstep.

Using this mode will have to involve more than one way of shipping.

Door to door shipping

Door to door shipping

For instance, it might involve road, rail and ocean shipment or road, rail and air shipment.

The advantage of this mode is that it gives you time to focus on expanding your business.

The disadvantage is that it may be expensive due to the involvement of various ways of shipping.

If you are a frequent importer and you have established suppliers and reliable forwarders, then you can use this method.

As a first time importer, this mode of shipping might be risky.

Reefer shipping from China to Spain

There are cargoes which when shipping requires a particular temperature.

You can ship these cargoes using reefer shipping mode.

Reefer shipping

Reefer shipping

Reefer shipping is where your temperature controlled cargo is shipped using a unique vessel that maintains the temperature of the cargo.

These vessels may be the shipping containers or the ships that are shipping your cargo.

When it comes to reefer shipping, you need to note that the vessel does not cool or raise the temperature of your cargo.

The purpose of the reefer vessel is only to maintain the temperature of the cargo as it was before being loaded to the ship.

Cargoes that you can ship via a reefer vessel include perishable goods such as fish and fruits.

RO-RO shipping from China to Spain

A convenient way of shipping your wheeled cargo from China to Spain is by using RORO services.

The types of wheeled vehicles that you can use include motor vehicles, helicopters, tractors,and machinery.

NYK RO RO Shipping

NYK RO RO Shipping

RORO shipping involves a ship that has a ramp on its sides that your wheeled cargo uses to board the ship.

The purpose of this is that the cargo is handled safely and securely during the shipping period.

Step-by-step Process in Finding the Cheapest Shipping from China to Spain

One thing that you will realize is that cost plays a significant role in the importation business.

Minimizing this cost is therefore important.

Port of Shenzhen

Port of Shenzhen

You, therefore, need to pay attention to the shipping cost since; minimal shipping cost will translate to a higher profit margin.

One of the ways you can do that is by finding cheaper shipping from China to Spain.

Let’s go through the steps you can follow to achieve this.

Understand what you want to ship

The first step in minimizing your shipping cost is by understanding what you need to ship.

Getting it right from the start will prevent you from the last minute rush which may affect your budget.

You can avoid the last minute rush by planning well in advance all that you want to import from China.

Negotiate with several suppliers

Now that you know what you need, you can go ahead and request quotes from several suppliers and compare.

Different suppliers will offer different quotes and quality of the same product.

Inquire from them and possibly negotiate with them if they can reduce the price to fit your budget.

Negotiate with different carriers

Once you have the ideal supplier, you need to find a carrier for your cargo.

The best way to do this is by requesting or quotes from different carriers and comparing for the favorable one.

You can also negotiate with the different carriers to see if they can fit your budget.

One thing I know is that a god carrier will not be a hardliner to chase you away because of bargaining.

Always ship during the low season   

Keep this in mind, during the low season; the shipping cost is low meaning that you will get cheaper shipping rates as well as having space for your cargo.

Type of packaging you can use

This is another step that minimizes our shipping cost.

The customs may charge you extra-dimensional charges for using your packaging materials.

To avoid this, always use the standard packaging material that your forwarder provides for you.

How to Ship from Alibaba to Spain

One of the ways you can ship your cargo from China to Spain is by utilizing the Alibaba platform.

This platform enables you to interact with multiple suppliers thereby giving you an array of supplier choice.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba group

Let me take you through the steps you can follow when using Alibaba to ship your cargo from China to Spain.

Step 1: Identify what you want to Import

The first step when you want to import from Alibaba to Spain is identifying what you want to import from China.

There are several items that you can import from China that will depend on your preference and budget.

If you are into the resell business, you can factor in items that are in demand when choosing items to import.

Step 2: Find a Good Supplier

Once you have the items you want to import from Alibaba, the next step is to select a supplier of your choice.

There are several suppliers on Alibaba who can supply you with different quantities and qualities of the same item.

You need to verify the credentials of the suppliers to come up with a supplier that will suit your needs.

One way of doing this is by checking on the verification program of Alibaba that gauges suppliers.

You can also ask questions about the suppliers. Issues such as a copy of their licenses can help narrow down on a potential supplier.

Serious suppliers will furnish you with these details.

You can also request for samples to see if they meet your standards before engaging in further transactions.

Remember that samples are generally free,but you will have to pay for the freight cost.

Step 3: Determine your budget

The budget you are going to spend importing from Alibaba is crucial.

The reason is that it will help you in planning on the quantity of purchase as well as customs charges.

Failure to properly account for the budget may lead to your failure in clearance of your cargo at the customs.

When it comes to customs clearance, the quicker you are,the better to avoid extra charges.

Step 4: Contact your supplier

Not that you have a budget and a list of possible suppliers, you can now get in contact with them.

The purpose of this step is to enable you to get the right supplier to engage.

Some of the things you can ask the suppliers include the following:

  • You can request a quote to compare which supplier has the favorable price.
  • The minimum order quantities you can make. This is important when budgeting since there are suppliers who can supply a minimum order which is higher than your budget.
  • Inquire about the production time. The production time can help you in scheduling your order such that it does not coincide with the demands of your clients.
  • Product pricing. Though you can find the price of the item on Alibaba, it is important to clarify with the supplier on the exact cost of the item.
  • Payment options. At the end of the business deal, you must make payment must. You, therefore, need to inquire with the supplier which payment options they use. Remember, a payment option must guarantee security on your part. Don’t pay when you haven’t received the goods.

Going through this step enables you to find a suitable supplier who you can do business.

Step 5: Negotiation

Once you have your supplier, you now go ahead and engage them.

You can negotiate on various aspects of the business including the delivery time and the pricing of the items.

Step 6: Select the Port of Loading and destination

Once you have agreed on the trade, you can now go ahead and choose the port of loading in China.

You can also select the port of destination in Spain where you will pick your cargo.

Step 7: Collect your goods

Your supplier will ship your products from China to the named port in Spain where you can go and pick your cargo.

Remember depending on the agreement with your supplier; there will be a need for customs clearance at the port before you collect your cargo.

Step 8: Payments

You will have to pay for the goods before ownership changes over to you.

The standard practice is that you pay an installment before shipping takes place and clear the balance when the products are at your port of destination.

FAQ when importing from China to Spain

There are questions you would like to get clarification.

But before that, I have sampled questions that are frequently asked by our clients importing from China.

Section of YiWu

Section of YiWu

Have a look.

1) What is the shipping duration from China to Spain?

The shipping duration depends on the method of shipping you will use.

For instance, air shipment being the fastest will probably take between 1-2 days.

On the other hand, ocean shipment will take between 1-2 months.

  1. Rail transport takes around one month to arrive in Spain from China.

What are some of the risk associated with my shipment and how can I avoid them?

Your cargo may experience some risks during the shipment period which you need to be aware.

Threats such as damage to your goods, piracy or even loss of products in the sea are some of the risks you may face.

While there is no one particular way of mitigating these risks, there is one general way you can control them.

You can do this by taking an insurance policy for your goods.

An insurance policy will undertake to safeguard your interest even when these risks occur.

2) How do I package my cargo for shipment from China to Spain?

The packaging of your cargo can affect your shipping cost. Remember that the average weight of your cargo determines your shipping cost.

You, therefore, need to ensure that you have the correct packaging material.

One way that you can achieve this is by using the packaging material of the supplier of your forwarder which usually is the standard.

3) Can I track my cargo during the shipping period?

Yes, you can.

A reliable forwarder needs to provide you with a shipping code of your cargo that you can use to track your cargo.

4) What happens if I import prohibited or restricted cargo?

Importing restricted cargo without necessary permits or prohibited cargo will land you into problems with the customs.

The Spanish customs authorities will impound your cargo and even penalize you for importing those items.

The more significant consequence is that you will be at a loss especially if your intention was for resale.

Always ensure that you adhere to the customs regulations.

5) How much tax and duties do I have to pay in China?

You may not believe this,but the answer to that is that you will pay absolutely no tax or duties for your cargo in China.

The only levy you will pay is the cost of your goods, the transportation cost to the port, the loading cost and the cost of shipment.

6) What is the best time to ship from China to Spain?

The accurate time that you can ship from China to Spain is during the off-peak season.

During this season, you will have cheaper shipping rates as well as enough space to load your cargo.

In China this season occurs during March to July and November to October.

7) What are the top imports I can import from China to Spain?

The top main imports that you can import from China include machinery, electronics, vehicles, mineral fuels,and pharmaceuticals.

8) What options do I have when am shipping via rail?

Just like ocean freight, you have the option of shipping your cargo either as FCL or LCL via rail.

The terms of shipping under these two options are similar to shipping via ocean.

You still have not gotten the clarifications you needed? Don’t worry; we can still address it.

Get in touch with us today and let’s address your questions.


This guide has taken you through all that there is when it comes to shipping from China to Spain.

As you have seen, shipping from China to Spain is simple.

What you need now is a reliable forwarder who will handle your shipping needs from China to Spain.

That reliable forwarder you can get in BANSAR.

With our many years in the forwarding field, we guarantee you of professionalism when handling your shipment.

Contact us today and experience a whole new level of shipping from China to Spain.

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