Shipping from China to Taiwan

Bansar provides a professional shipping service from any port in Mainland China to Taiwan by sea and by air, we offer the most competitive shipping rates and the best solution.

Bansar is an expert in handling all types of cargo shipments from China to Taiwan, you no need to worry since we will take care of everything for you. We are one of the trusted freight forwarders and the best partner in transporting your goods from Mainland China to Taiwan.

Enquire now to get the best shipping option and get world-class services for your next shipping from China to Taiwan.

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
Bansar has rich experiences handle any kind of goods by sea from Mainland China to Keelung, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, such as dry container goods, Bulk-cargo, OOG(out of gauge) goods.
Skylight Air Freight Shipping from China
Bansar have good air freight from airline company based on the BSA(blocked space agreement) price with them.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Bansar supply strong door to door shipping service from mainland China to Taiwan even you are personal and purchase from Taobao online.

FCL Shipping from China to Taiwan

Bansar have good cooperation with OOCl, MSL, KMTC, CNC, WHL, YML so that provide good price and stable space even in Peak season.

LCL Shipping from China to Taiwan

Bansar collect reasonable destination charge for LCL shipment based on good ocean freight.

More Services When Shipping from China to Taiwan

1 Pickup and Delivery
Bansar provide hassle-free transport option from China to Taiwan.
2 Warehousing Distribution
We offers free warehouse storing for your goods.
3 Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance helps you to secure your goods from any physical damages all throughout the shipment from China to Taiwan.
5 Loading Supervision
To shield your goods that they are handled carefully and secure.
6 Custom Clearance
Bansar will take care the documents needed for your shipment.

Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to Taiwan

  • Offers competitive ocean freight and air freight
  • Charge the reasonable local fee from shipper under the FOB term
  • Professional customs clearance in Mainland China and Taiwan
  • Enough space even in the peak season from shipping line companies
  • Professional for product classification
  • Paperwork
  • Pick up goods in any city in China under the EXW trade terms
  • Free warehouse storage service
  • Warehouse and Consolidate service
  • 24/7 online support

How Long When Shipping from China to Taiwan (By Sea)

Port of LoadingPort of ArriveTransmit Time

Shipment from China to Taiwan – The FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide is designed to provide you with all the information that you need to know if you ship products from China to Taiwan.

Whether it’s a parcel, package, container or shifting from China to Taiwan, the guide is packed with information to give you all the necessary knowledge.

Q1. What is the Cost of Shipping from China to Taiwan?

The cost of shipping from China to Taiwan is dependent upon many factors:

For this, you need to understand Bansar services and their compatibility with your requirement.

Firstly, for all of the following services, bansar provides air, sea, or rail version if applicable for transportation.

Every of our service lies in these categories, for your understanding, we will elaborate on each service under transportation type.

1. Sea Freight

We have the following services under Sea transportation.

  • FCL Sea Freight Shipping from China

FCL is known as full container load, if you have goods of weight more than or equal to 20 CBM, then it is preferred to used FCL.

  • LCL Sea Freight Shipping from China

LCL stands for less than a container load.

If your goods are not enough to fill 20-foot space and you want to ship your goods at a cheaper rate, then you should opt for LCL sea shipping.

  • Bulk – Cargo Ship Sea Freight Shipping from China

Bulk Cargo is for items which are not shipped in a container or package.

These items can be free-flowing liquid, dry item, coal and oil etc.

OOG is classified as Cargo which cannot be loaded into six-sided shipping containers.

It is a cargo beyond the length 12.5m, width 2.33m and height more than 2.59m.

You might need to provide us with technical diagrams to help us make shipping format about the nature and design of the product.

This includes cargo ships which are specially made to carry wheeled goods, such as four-wheeler vehicles.

Sea shipping

Sea shipping

2. Air Freight

If you want to ship weight less than 1 CBM, then you should opt for Normal goods air shipping.

This will accelerate your shipping as well as you won’t get much per unit cost on your product.

As defined above about the OOG goods, if you want your OOF goods to reach you efficiently in the least time, then you should opt for an air shipping option.

Hazardous goods contain all those goods which are categorized as hazardous according to UN hazardous goods transport list.

If you are looking for safe and fast travel of your hazardous good, then you should opt for air shipping.

Air shipping

Air shipping

3. Rail Freight

We are offering our rail route from China to Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

  • Less Than Container Load(LCL) Railway Shipping from China
  • Railway Carriage
  • Full Container Load (FCL) Railway Shipping from China

If you found railway mode to be more feasible for these services, then we can provide you best services and rate for them

Once you have finalized the mode and type of freight transportation, then you need to finalize the goods delivery and pickup points.

We are offering pickup and delivery points for you,

  • Amazon FBA shipping
  • Door to Door delivery
  • free onboard
  • Warehousing Facility
  • China Broker
  • Custom Clearance China

The sum of the points mentioned above calculates the total cost of shipment.

Depending upon the mode of transportation you use, the shipping cost varies.

The shipping cost also fluctuates depending upon whether you use ocean or air freight.

If your goods weigh more than 100kgs, shipping through ocean freight would be cost-efficient as air freight is expensive for heavier loads.

Q2. How long does it take to Ship From China to Taiwan?

The choice of freight that you tend to choose will not only affect your shipping costs but will also impact your shipping duration.

If you wish to ship the parcel steadily and the cost is not a problem, choose air freight as delivery will take 2 to 8 days.

With ocean shipping, it might take 20-30 days, and sometimes there can be custom clearance delays too in sea shipping in the host country due to over flooding of shipments.

However, choosing FCL or LCL will also determine the shipping time.

FCL will usually deliver earlier than LCL because, for LCL, we need to wait until the container is filled with goods, and then we process the container for shipment.

Q3. Is Shipping From China to Taiwan Easy?

Yes, there is no complication that one might have to face while shipping from China to Taiwan.

You should contact our representatives with the mode, type, pick up and drop off information, and we will represent you the most feasible method for shipping.

However, make sure that you provide us with the correct freight details, weight and nature of the products.

Q4. What is the Best Service to Use to Ship from China to Taiwan?

This depends on the type, shipping time, pick up and drop off factors.

If you have no urgency of the timeline and you have bulk products, then you can opt for sea shipping.

If you have normal goods of less than 1 CBM and you have a time constrain, then we prefer you to have air shipping.

If you have the weight of more than 1 CBM and you have tight deadlines, then we can split your shipment into air and sea shipping so that you can get some supplies on time and it will be cost-effective for you.

Best service is the relationship of time, money and type of products.

If you have Bulk Cargo or  Roll-On Roll-Off, then you have the only option of sea shipping.

If you are considering shipping from China to Taiwan through ocean freight, you might want to consider using FCL.

Sea vs air shipping

Sea vs air shipping

Q5. Are there any restrictions while shipping from China to Taiwan?

No, there are no specific restrictions while shipping from China to Taiwan except the general guidelines that apply everywhere.

You are not permitted to ship; Acids, Aerosols, alcoholic beverages, non-domesticated animal skins, batteries containing liquids, bleach, gas, explosives, etc. are prohibited from shipping.

List of Prohibited items

List of Prohibited items

For more information related to prohibited and restricted items transport, please visit the following page.

Q6. How Can you Ship a Package From China To Taiwan?

Shipping a package from China to Taiwan shouldn’t be very complicated.

  1. Weigh your package:

Make sure that your package is the optimal weight.

The package should not be more or less than the required weight.

If the package weighs more than 1 CBM, then you should consider delivering through sea freight, and that would be much cost-effective.

  1. Choose the best service from Bansar China:

Contact Bansar china and provide us with details of your goods and queries, we will provide you with the most feasible type and mode of freight transportation.

For more details regarding shipping from china, please visit the following video.

Q7. Can FedEx be Used to Ship From China to Taiwan?

Yes, indeed FedEx can be used to ship from China to Taiwan.

Approximately about 30 weekly flights are organized through FedEx to ship from China to Taiwan.

Depending on your destination in Taiwan, you can choose shipment options accordingly.

Bansar China provides customized shipment plans according to your needs and requirements, we are offering a lower rate and better quality than others, so you should consult our advisors for professional guidance for your goods.

Make sure that you choose the best service that fits all your requirements.

Customer service

Customer service

Q8. What is required To Get a Quotation from Shipping from China to Taiwan?

To get a freight quote, there are numerous things that one is supposed to consider.

The things that you should provide to get a freight quote respectively are as follows:

  1. Shipping mode
  2. Incoterms
  3. Weight
  4. Quantity
  5. Type of product
  6. Type of packaging
  7. Arrival date
  8. Arrival type
  9. Departure district
  10. Departure type

Q9.  How much does It Cost to Ship from China to Taiwan by Airfreight?

Depending upon the type of Cargo that you use for shipment and the space available, the air freight differs.

It also differs due to pick up and drop off points. These points include

  • Door to Door
  • Port to Door
  • Door to port
  • Port to Port

Sometimes due to holidays or in the last quarter of the year, the rate for freight may increase.

It is a fundamental inquiry that pretty much every individual who needs to transport from China inquires.

It is smarter to realize that the specific response to this inquiry is unimaginable.

Since the cost relies upon different factors, for example,

  • The procedure for shipping (by air or sea, if by air classic or Express, if by air or sea door to door or any other services)
  • type of goods
  • mass of goods

Typically, international air freights can range from approximately $2.50 to $5.00/kilogram.

If you want to know further about efficient air shipping, then please visit this video.

Q10. How much does Shipping from China to Taiwan Cost for Sea Freight?

Firstly, this depends upon the type of shipping you would choose;

Similarly, you need to let us know about the type of delivery you need, the type of deliveries in sea shipping as follows.

  • Door to Door
  • Port to Door
  • Door to port
  • Port to Port

But to give a rough estimate ocean freight calculated to be around 50 cents per kg.

Sea freight costs

Sea freight costs

If you want to have more knowledge related to shipping from china, then do give this video a look.

Q11. Should you opt for Air Freight or Sea Freight If Shipping from China to Taiwan?

This depends upon what you want to ship and what your requirements are.

Please visit our website page, or give a look in the FAQs section regarding our services and mode of freight, this will help you understand about the most feasible option of freight.

If your package contains normal goods and you want it to be shipped quickly, and you don’t have any limitations regarding the cost then you should opt for air freight.

If time is not the problem and you have a heavier load to ship, then you should opt for sea freight.

Keep in mind that sea freight would be cheaper than air freight.

Q12.  Will COVID-19 delay your Shipment from China to Taiwan?

There has been no such evidence that shows delays in shipment due to COVID-19 as of now.

It is, however necessary that you do your research and makes sure that the area you want to deliver to specifically doesn’t have a ban on daily pickups and drop-off location.

Many countries have imposed either full lockdown or partial lockdown to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, in case of any updates related to traveling of goods, please visit the Taiwan healthcare website.

If you are dealing in medical-related items, then you might need extra certifications from suppliers, otherwise, your shipment could be stuck on custom.

Simultaneously, you should try to ship your items in bulk items, because if you are going for FCL load then it will help accelerate your shipments.

On the case of LCL, you should keep regular updates for container load and goods from a freight forwarder, Bansar china always tries to accommodate you according to queries, even in covid-19, we are determined to ship your products right on time.

Bansar china always keeps you updated regarding the status of the shipment so that you can track your shipments with ease.

Q13. Will COVID-19 make Shipping from China To Taiwan Costly?

The shipping industry has been impacted highly both directly and indirectly.

There are several factors to be considered, due to Covid-19, there have been disruptions and paused too many industries, such as export-related industries.

Since international transport requires human interaction so trade is one of the many things that has been immensely affected.

Industries have either stopped their operations or they have been looking for local sourcing options to avoid any means of inconvenience, which led to lower demand in the shipping sector.

This lower demand has halted the annual rise of prices in shipping, you can act intelligently to avail this opportunity to save your shipping cost.

If you are dealing in any items related to the medical category, then you should consider taking the latest certifications set by the Chinese government, otherwise, your shipments could be cancelled on imports.

Some Suppliers have risen the prices of shipping for medical items, because of extra care and precautions, therefore you should act wisely, and should take expert advice from Bansar chinato avoid any mean of inconvenience.

Q14. Are there any Extra Precautions that you should Keep in View While Shipping From China To Taiwan Due To COVID-19?

Definitely, you should consider opting for all the necessary SOP’S.

  1. Sanitize your hands:

Do not forget to sanitize your hands before packaging the product.

  1. Sanitize the packaging:

Not only should you consider cleaning your hands.

Make sure that your packages are also vigilantly sanitized, as ignorance can’t be afforded in this area.

  1. Maintain distance:

Make sure to maintain a 6ft distance from all your co-workers.

Also, maintain the necessary distance while delivering the package.

Make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves all the time.

  1. FedEx dropbox:

Some areas have an option to drop your package to a dropbox that is near the location.

The client can then collect it from the dropbox.

However, there are some additional shipping rules issued by the Chinese government due to Covid 19.

  1. Chinese Covid-19 policies

To fortify the quality oversight of both clinical and non-clinical item send out, Ministry of Commerce of China, General Administration of Customs and State Administration for Market Regulation delivered an order No. 12 of 2020 on April 25, 2020, with prompt impact to fortify the consistence.

China transporters should guarantee all fare shipments to be agreeable with the most recent guideline and administrative work prerequisites.

You may get more data from the site of the Ministry of Commerce of China

To guarantee smooth shipments send out from China, merchants are now firmly urged to check with their transporters in China that their fare shipments of both clinical and non-clinical product send out to meet the guidelines/rules forced, before taking part in any kind of export dealings.

Q15. How Much will DHL Cost to Ship From China To Taiwan?

The shipping cost while shipping from China to Taiwan through DHL depends upon the weight of the package.
The shipping costs will be as follows:
1lb – $24.4
5lb – $42.23
10lb – $57.16
20lb – $83.93
30lb – $110.36

Q16. What will be the Cost of Shipping a Container from China to Taiwan?

The cost of shipping a container from China to Taiwan depends upon the size of the container, a 20-foot container, the cost will approximately be $3000.For a 40 foot container, the cost will approximately be $5000.

Ocean cargo is one of the most favoured ways for merchandise transportation.

On the off chance that your circumstance fits the ocean cargo, and you like to pick as such, it is fundamental to know the seaport in China to Taiwan.

The primary ports in China to Taiwan are as the accompanying:

  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Beijing
  • Guangzhou

China shipping industry

China shipping industry

  • Hong Kong

For more understanding of shipping from china, please visit the following video or else contact our customer service.

Q17. How Much will FedEx Cost to Ship to Taiwan From China?

The rates differ according to the size of the package.

The shipping costs of FedEx is mentioned below:

For 1lb – $25.14

For 5lb – $50.46

For 10lb – $72.96

For 20lb – $105.5

Q18. What is The Standard Shipping Tracking if One Ship from China to Taiwan?

  1. Freight services:

The freight you choose will determine shipping tracking.

Whether you choose air freight or sea freight, check which service claims to deliver as soon as possible and book according to your requirements.

  1. Airfreight:

If you want to deliver your parcels within 8 to 12 days you should get them delivered by air freight.

Once we have received your items, we will generate tracking bar code, this will help you know that what is the current status of your shipment and you can plan accordingly.

It might cost you more to deliver through sea freight.

  1. Sea freight:

If you don’t have a time constrain and you want to save money on shipping, then you should consider sea shipping. It will make you save money.

We can also split your shipment in air and sea shipping, and this will help you save money as well as you would get part of supplies for your business on time.

Shipping Tracking

Shipping Tracking

Q19. Can you Ship Furniture from China to Taiwan?

Yes, shipping furniture from China to Taiwan is possible, but it needs the right set of knowledge to avoid any mean of communication.

It requires special handling, packaging, and shipping, and we will let you know about some of the most satisfactory solutions so that you can worry-free get your goods.

There are some of the known exhibitions related to furniture in Canada, details of the exhibitions are following.

This exhibition is held every year in March and September and is considered one of the world’s largest furniture summit.

You can get in touch with leading brands and with the freight forwarder specialized in furniture shipping.

This exhibition is held every year right after the CIFF exhibition.

China’s leading furniture and freight forwarders attend this exhibition.

Bansar china has sufficient working experience in furniture shipping, in case of any shipment related to furniture, please feel free to contact with us.

Furniture Packaging

Furniture Packaging

Q20. What is the Best time to Ship from China to Taiwan?

You should avoid making any shipments in the peak season.

The peak seasons are:

  1. Holiday season:

During the holiday season, the shipping rates are incredibly high.

The holiday season lasts from August to October.

Make sure that you make your shipments before or after the peak season to get the best rates.

  1. The Chinese new year:

The rates are at the highest during the Chinese new year.

The Chinese new year starts from the end of January and lasts till the end of February.

Avoid making shipments during the Chinese new year season as well.

Apart from this, it would be best if you keep regular contact with your freight forwarder, freight rate varies with every 15-20 days, your freight forwarder can let you know whenever the best rates are available.

Bansar China always represents the most cost-effective solutions to its customers. It would be best if you gave us a query, and we will get back to you with the most feasible solution for you.

Q21. What is the Maximum Weight of the Container that can be shipped from China to Taiwan?

There isn’t any hard and fast rule for it. Generally, the maximum weight of the container that can be shipped from China to Taiwan is about 28,490 kg.

But, there are different circumstances for every type of goods, we have various sizes of containers and shipping capabilities.

Please connect with your advisors to guide you with the most effective pathway, and you should know exact details of your products, and you should also consider the type and mode of shipping according to product nature and your requirements

Q22. What is the Minimum Weight of the Container to allow Shipping from China to Taiwan?

The minimum weight of the container to allow shipment from China to Taiwan should be 2.2lbs.

That is the safest and the minimum amount a container should weigh.

Weight of your goods has a relationship with the cost of shipping.

More the weight, less is the rate for per unit kg.

It would be best if you got the right combination of weight and shipping rate, Bansar china is guiding it’s customers for ten years to provide them with the best combination of rate ad weight.

Q23. Are there any Special Offers That Might Reduce Shipping from China to Taiwan?

If you want to ship your package at the cheapest rate possible, you should ship during the holiday season and use BANSAR CHINA as your shipment service rather than FedEx or DHL.

Bansar china is providing its services for more than ten years, and we have extended experience of shipping across the globe.

We regularly offer discounts and special offers to our dedicated customers to help them save their cost along with smooth shipping to their desired address.

Many freight forwarders are using online platforms, such as Alibaba, made in china etc.

It would be best if you remain active on such websites.

These websites offer discounts and special voucher multiple times in a year, and you should avail those offers to save your cost and should forecast your shipping according to it.

Q24. What Time of the Year is the Shipping Rate from China to Taiwan the Highest?

Shipping from China to Taiwan is highest during the peak season.

The peak season arrives during the holidays, that is from August to September, and also during the Chinese new year.

As the USA is one of the major exporters of china, so in case of the holiday season in the USA, it leads to a spike in freight cost for other countries too.

Shipping rates fluctuate in every 15-20 days, and any global uncertainty could lead to a spike in rates, it would be best if you keep pre-booking for your product’s shipping.

Q25. What Time of the Year is the Shipping Rate from China to Taiwan the Lowest?

The shipping rate might be the lowest just after the Chinese new year has ended.

So to get a fair shipment price you should consider shipping your parcels at that time of the year.

Due to covid-19, the shipping rates are lowest, and you should act efficiently and could ship the maximum quantity and weight of your products to save shipping cost.

Also, keep in touch with your freight forwarder, shipping rates fluctuates in every 10-15 days, you can get regular updates from freight forwarder and can book your items when the rates seem feasible to you.

Q26. Can you Ship Fragile Items from China to Taiwan?

Yes, fragile items shipping is feasible from China to Taiwan.

It doesn’t matter what type of products you have, even if you have fragile items, you only need the right information from experts.

Your freight forwarder should ensure extra care during packaging, handling, and shipment of the fragile items.

Some of the items of this category may require extra certifications and quality tests; for this, please connect with your production supplier, do ensure that he is following all of the set guidelines.

Q27. Are there Any Specifications to Ship Fragile Items from China to Taiwan?

Yes, fragile items demand proper care.

Make sure that you mention that the item is fragile.

Products should have proper packaging and sealing to avoid any sort of breakage or damage.

Itemshandling and labelling should be appropriate and protective.

A portion of the things of this class may require additional accreditations and quality tests; for this, kindly contact with your product provider, do guarantee that he is following the entirety of the set rules.

Q28. Is the Door To Door Service Available If you Ship from China to Taiwan?

Door to Door dispatching is where the cargo forwarder ensures that the products will be gotten from and conveyed to the areas chose by the end client.

It is not quite the same as entryway to-port or port-to-port since it starts and finishes at exact addresses inside urban areas covered by the cargo forwarder.

Yes, many shipping services provide you with the offer to ship from door to door from China to Taiwan.

It depends upon the agreement between forwarder and customer.

Door to Door delivery

Door to Door delivery

Q29. What Is The Ocean Freight For Shipping Door To Door From China To Taiwan?

There are no hidden or extra charges if you ship from door to door from China to Taiwan.

This depends upon your dealing with freight forwarders.

There are other services such as EXW and FOB etc.

You should talk with you forwarder about the feasibility of each of the options, you should consider the pro and cons of each of the method, and then you can decide accordingly.

Q30. Where can you Ship Door to Door Shipping Services from China to Taiwan?

All services like FedEx, DHL, BANSAR CHINA and USPS will offer door to door shipping services from China to Taiwan.

Usually, there are no hurdles in the door to door delivery.

Still, due to covid-19, there might be some issues in various areas, because many countries have imposed lockdown, resulting in restrict movements of goods.

You should contact the Taiwan health care website and keep your forwarder in the loop so that he/she can advise you accordingly to the best possible solution.

Out of all these services, the Bansar china offers you customized plan with customer-friendly rates.

Shipping services

Shipping services

Q31. Can FCL Provide Door to Door Service for Shipping a Package from China to Taiwan?

FCL has a unique service called 360-degree sourcing service.

If you choose the service, you will be able to ship door to door from China to Taiwan.

FCL consume less labour and handling time, so it is more feasible and easy for forwarders to offer door to door delivery for it.

The goods can be delivered right at your doorstep.

Q32. Can LCL Provide Door to Door Service for Shipping a Package from China to Taiwan?

LCL usually offers door to port service, because of the less amount of goods require more handling and labour.

It also provides a port to port service, but it is rare for LCL to provide door to door services.

Bansar China always tries to accommodate it’s prestigious customers, if you have any such query related to LCL door to door service then contact us at any time.

Full container load vs less than container load

Full container load vs less than container load

Q33. What is the Easiest Method to Ship a Package from China to Taiwan?

There is as such no one method that is the easiest.

All services provide almost the same amount of ease when it comes to package deliveries.

However, make sure to choose the most reliable services to avoid any inconvenience.

Generally, it depends upon the mode of transportation you use.

The shipping cost also fluctuates depending upon whether you use ocean or air freight.

If your goods weigh more than 100kgs, shipping through ocean freight would be cost-efficient as air freight is expensive for heavier loads.

If your weight is less than 100 kg and per unit product weight is not more than 2.2 kg, then you should opt for air shipping to have fruitful results.

Q34. What is the Easiest Method to Ship a Container from China to Taiwan?

The easiest and most cost-efficient way to ship a container from China to Taiwan is through sea/ocean freight.

As you most likely are aware, various variables impact the ideal method of transportation.

If your merchandise has the accompanying conditions, the ideal method of delivery is via ocean

  • If your goods are of heavyweight
  • If your goods are not in proper shape or form
  • If the dimensions of your goods are extra large
  • The keenest reason for sea shipping is the huge price difference between air and sea shipping

Simultaneously, If you have the following conditions:

  • Goods are not more than 20 kg
  • Goods are lightweight
  • Goods are general and normal products, and they shouldn’t be in any air prohibited item list

Air shipping is the most effective options if you have;

  • No time constrain
  • high speed
  • No major insurance issues

Nonetheless, because airship cargo cost is higher than ocean cargo, numerous individuals hesitate to pick along these lines.

We can guarantee that each individual’s financial plan a principal function in deciding the ideal manner for transportation.

Q35. Should You Choose LCL Or FCL For Shipping Package From China To Taiwan?

It would be best if you chose the FCL because it’s less time consuming and you can get fast shipping even by sea.

LCL can be expensive because their agents first have to fill the container with goods, and once the container is full, only then they make their way for the shipping.

FCL also provides door to door service while LCL doesn’t.

Overall,it depends upon your requirements and needs; we believe that you should get an expert opinion to avoid any chances of inconveniences.

FCL Comparison vs LCL

FCL Comparison vs LCL

Q36. Why Are Custom Duties Essential While Shipping From China To Taiwan?

Custom duties are essential while shipping from China to Taiwan as they protect the country’s economy, residents, jobs, etc by controlling the transportation of packages, especially restrictive items into and out of the country.

China has proclaimed a progression of guidelines to diminish import-send out custom duties and obligations to advance a more elevated level of transparency and homegrown utilization made direr because of the continuous US-China exchange war.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and you can order goods from Chinese suppliers and Bansar china will help you to clear any custom related issues.

Custom duty

Custom duty

Q37. What are the Documents required for Custom Duties when Shipping from China to Taiwan?

When shipping internationally from China to Taiwan the documents required for custom duties are as follows:

Bill of Entry:

Commercial Invoice.

Bill of Lading / Airway bill :

Import License.Insurance certificate.

Purchase order/Letter of Credit.

Technical write-up, literature, etc. for specific goods if any.

Industrial License if any.

Q38. If you Shift Permanently, How Should you Consider Shipping Household Goods from China to Taiwan?

If you were to shift permanently and had to ship your household items from China to Taiwan the most sensible decision would be to shift via sea freight.

Shipment of household goods

Shipment of household goods

Q39. Does Shipping From China to Taiwan Allow You to Shift your Car?

Yes, you can ship your car from China to Taiwan.

However, you will have to consider shifting your car through ocean freight.

Shifting a car is possible through air freight but would explode your budget.

Bansar china is handling the shipping of cars for more than ten years, we have an expert to layout plan for your shipping of cars.

As cars need customized handling of shipping on both air and sea shipping, we are here to brainstorm the safest path for you.

We also help in custom clearance of your favourite cars, we offer Door to Door delivery for the shipping of cars, you just need to sit relax at your home and we will deliver your car safe and sound at your doorstep.

Q40. How should you Consider Shifting Car through Shipping from China to Taiwan?

There are three methods that you can use to ship your car from China to Taiwan.

  1. Find the best company that ships cars internationally.
  2. (RORO) Roll on Roll off shipping services.

Car shipment from China to Taiwan

Car shipment from China to Taiwan

  1. Shipping via sea freight or Airfreight depending upon your requirement and budget.
Ask Best Shipping Rate
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