Shipping from Nigeria to USA

Shipping from Nigeria to USA: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What is the advantage of Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

USA and Nigeria share an amicable trade relationship. Currently, the country ranks as US’s 51st largest goods trading partner in the world.

According to statistics, Nigeria exported over USD 1.48 billion worth of goods in 2020. Based on this, it is no doubt that Nigerian resources contribute significantly to the US industry.

Besides, as I have already mentioned, the two countries share an excellent trade relationship. Both countries’ governments have put measures to develop their trade and economic interrelationship.

One of these measures is the 2020 agreement for Trade and Investments Framework, whose main objectives are:

  • To recognize the significance of developing an open and predictable environment for international trade and investment
  • To recognize the benefits that each country may enjoy as a result of increased trade and investment activities between them

Through this agreement, both countries have expressed their interest to expand trade both in products and services. It also affirms the countries’ desire to put measures and policies that encourage and facilitate trade through international shipping.

Apart from this, Nigeria is a member of AGOA, the African Growth, and Opportunity Act. This body allows Nigerian Exporters to bring goods into the US market without restrictions. Therefore, you can ship goods from Nigeria to the US more quickly and cheaply, thus increasing your profits as an importer.

To put it simply, shipping goods from Nigeria to the US comes with many benefits. One of which is the significant increase in profits. It is more recommendable to import certain products from Nigeria to the US than others due to the considerably lower cost of materials and production.

Also, shipping from Nigeria to the US is a sure-fire way of getting authentic, quality products.

Which Products can you Ship from Nigeria to USA?

Figure 1 Nigerian products

 Nigerian Products

The top US imports from Nigeria are agricultural produce and mineral fuels. Kola nuts, palm oil, cocoa, oleaginous fruits, tea, and spices are among the top products shipping from Nigeria to the US every year.

Other Nigerian products that can generate good profits in the US market include;

  • African Textiles and fabric such as Ankara, Agbada, kaftan and Buba
  • Fashion items like beads which you can import duty-free
  • Leather and related products
  • Hair weaves and extensions

Which Products does the USA restrict/prohibit for Import from Nigeria?

Your priority when shipping from Nigeria to USA should be to get goods delivered quickly and safely.

Unfortunately, there are some products which you absolutely cannot send to the US from Nigeria. There are also products with strict regulatory requirements that must be met before they can be allowed for import into the US.

Prohibited Items

Goods that you cannot, for whatever reason, ship from Nigeria to USA is:

  • Illegal substances
  • Weapons
  • Certain agricultural items and insects
  • Live and dead animals, animal parts, tissues, fur, and skin, as well as live fish

Restricted Items

These are items with limited shipping options and whose requirements for importation must be met before shipping.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Some meats (including bush meat)
  • Tobacco products
  • Some alcohol like absinthe
  • Some fruits and vegetables

Please note that the list of prohibited and restricted items for importation into the US changes every time. So it is advisable to check the updated list anytime you intend to ship from Nigeria to avoid problems with Customs.

You can find this information on the official US Customs and Border Protection website.

Does the US allow the importation of HAZMAT from Nigeria?


But while USA allows you to import HAZMAT from Nigeria, it also restricts/prohibits the importation of certain HAZMAT goods.

Please note that the US has unique regulations for the importation of HAZMAT. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates the importation of such goods. So check the official CPSC website for the applicable regulations to follow when importing HAZMAT from Nigeria.

What are the requirements for Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

To successfully ship goods from Nigeria to USA, you need to work on a few things.

You need to:

– Inspect your Shipment

Before shipping from Nigeria, you need to ensure that your shipment contains goods allowed in the US.

Remember, the US has rules governing the type of goods you can bring from Nigeria.

So check your cargo carefully to ensure that you’re not shipping any restricted or prohibited items without authorization. You can always ask your carrier for a list of these items just to be sure.

Learn about the Import Rules and Regulations for Shipping your Product

US customs have varying rules and regulations when receiving items from Nigeria and other countries.

Sometimes, you may need extra and more specific documents. Other times you may be required to pay additional charges on products you import. But this varies depending on the type of product you’re shipping.

It is always wise to learn about and understand your product’s standards, regulations, and certifications. This helps you know and plan in advance for extra paperwork or charges you may need during customs clearance.

Package your Products Properly

As you well know, the climate in the US varies depending on the time of the year.

This is to say, if you’re shipping during winter, package the goods differently than you would when shipping in summer.

Many guidelines and resources exist online to help you package your goods correctly for shipping.

Find a Suitable Carrier for your Product

Several delivery options are available for shipping from Nigeria to USA. However, you should know that all of them are suited to transport your type of product.

So, find a reliable and affordable carrier with experience in shipping your product. If you’re shipping breakbulk items, find a carrier with a good reputation for shipping such items.

Goods Description

US customs require shippers to provide an accurate description of goods they’re bringing into the country.

So as you prepare to ship, make sure to provide a detailed description of the same.

Details should include the type of products, quantities, the unit price of the products, and the total value of the shipment. Try to avoid generic information.

This is for a smooth shipping and customs clearance process to find and replace lost/damaged items easily.

Do I need an Importer’s EIN when shipping goods from Nigeria to USA?

Yes and no.

You need an EIN if you have an entity or some kind of presence in the United States. For this, you’ll need to provide a valid importer EIN on the commercial invoice.

But if you don’t have any presence or entity in the US, then you don’t need the number. Instead, you should get your customs broker or shipping agent to apply for a customs assigned importer number on your behalf. This way, you can import goods from Nigeria to the US stress-free.

What are the Documents needed for Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

Figure 2 Shipping documentation

 Shipping documentation

Relevant export and import documentation are mandatory when shipping from Nigeria to USA. Note that the documents you need will depend on the type of goods you’re importing. As such, it may be prudent to ask your freight forwarder or customs broker what documents you may need.

Here are the main documents you must produce when shipping goods from Nigeria to the US:

  • Commercial invoice – it is a rule of thumb that you have a commercial invoice as evidence of a transaction between you and the supplier.

The invoice must include details about the shipment and the address of the buyer and seller.

  • Bill of lading – this is a contract agreement between the shipper and carrier. Customs and port authorities will use the bill of lading document to release goods to the enlisted consignee.
  • Certificate of origin c/o – US customs require that every import have a signed statement indicating its origin. You can get a relevant certificate of origin from your local chamber of commerce.
  • Inspection certificate – a certificate of inspection is a document attesting to the goods you’re shipping. This document is obtainable from an independent testing company after a successful review of the goods.

You may need other documents: the packing list, consular invoice, insurance certificate, and export/import license.

How does Air Cargo Shipping from Nigeria to USA work?

Air shipping from Nigeria to USA is basically sending goods by air. For this, goods are transported in cargo planes.

Cargo delivery by air takes just about 3 days, making it the fastest means of transporting items from Nigeria to USA.

Note that there are two different air cargo shipping types; standard shipping takes 4-8 business days and express shipping, which takes 3 days.

Concerning cost, air freight is costlier than other means of transportation. As a result, it is preferable when it is the only available option or when you need to deliver goods fast to the US.

How does Ocean Shipping from Nigeria to USA work?

Figure 3 Ocean Freight

 Ocean freight

As the name implies, ocean shipping involves transporting goods from Nigeria to USA by sea. It uses containers to transport the goods.

You can choose FCL shipment or LCL shipment for this. FCL or full container load shipping from Nigeria to USA is available for shippers with items that can fill up a standard shipping container.

If your shipment is not enough to fill up a container, then LCL or less than container load shipping is recommendable.

Shipping by sea is considerably slower than shipping by air. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks or more to deliver goods from Nigeria to USA by sea.

Although slow, ocean shipping is the most affordable and cost-efficient shipping option, especially when shipping large volumes.

How much does it cost to ship a Package from Nigeria to USA?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question.

In international shipping, freight cost is determined by the weight and size of consignments.

So if you want to know how much shipping will cost you, consult with your delivery service.

You can check their website for pricing guidelines or contact them directly for a quote.

Alternatively, you can make use of the numerous shipping calculators online to determine the price. Please note that the online shipping calculators only provide price estimates. The actual cost of shipping may be slightly higher or lower depending on the carrier and time of shipping.

Apart from Freight costs, which other charges should I expect to pay when Shipping from Nigeria to USA by Sea?

You should know that freight/shipping costs are not the only charges you have to pay when shipping from Nigeria to USA. This is concerning all forms of shipping – whether air freight or sea freight.

Several people are involved in the movement of the goods other than just the shipping company. There are port operators, trucking companies; warehousing companies, customs, and other various entities you’ll have to pay separately. So you really need to do your homework.

Which are the available methods of Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

Several options are available for shipping goods from Nigeria to USA.

Depending on the type and size of goods you’re shipping, you can consider the following delivery services:

DHL Aviation

Figure 4 DHL Cargo

 DHL cargo

DHL is a household name in the package delivery service industry. It is an air shipping service that prides itself in safe, affordable, and fast shipping of goods to and from destinations worldwide.

For shipping from Nigeria to USA, DHL would be suitable for time-sensitive and fragile items. This is because compared to other means of shipping, DHL is considerably pricey. Nonetheless, it is more reliable and super safe as far as international shipping is concerned.


Figure 5 USPS Cargo

USPS cargo

The United States Parcel Service (USPS) is a popular shipping method from Nigeria to USA. It offers affordable shipping rates and fast delivery of goods, especially for small and light packages.

Shipping prices with USPS range from USD 2 to USD 30 depending on the size, weight, and ETA of the goods.  The company has a shipping calculator on its website that you can use to estimate your shipping costs.


Figure 6 FedEx

 FedEx express

Like DHL and USPS, FedEx is also a household name in the industry. It is reasonably priced and offers reliable shipping services from Nigeria to USA. The only limitation with FedEx is that it can be costly when shipping heavy and large cargo.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)


MSC Shipping

 MSC shipping

Of bulk shipping services, MSC takes the crown for Nigeria to USA and other shipping routes.

The Mediterranean shipping company is one of the largest in the industry with an impressive reputation. It offers a reliable tracking schedule where shippers can monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time. This is something that has managed to give MSC an edge over other shipping companies.




MAERSK is the household name of ocean shipping services just like DHL and FedEx rule the air and courier shipping industries.

The company does not only cover shipping of cargo from Nigeria to USA but to and from many other countries as well.

Also, it does not just ship containers for you but can also help solve other cargo delivery problems that you may face. MAERSK can ship all kinds of ocean cargo, including dry bulk, OOG, REEFER, and RORO.

You can consider other shipping solutions from Nigeria to USA are UPS, ZIM, CGM, NYK, Qatar airways, and American Airlines.

How do you Ship Heavy Machinery/Equipment from Nigeria to USA?

Shipping services from Nigeria to the USA are not limited to textiles, fashion items, and agricultural produce.

So many people ship heavy items like machinery and industrial equipment for repair or return to the USA. This type of cargo is known as Breakbulk. It is oversized, bulky, and heavy for shipping inside a container. Hence, special shipping services are used.

The breakbulk shipping cost is very reasonable and is exclusive via ocean freight.

What is the average Shipping Time from Nigeria to USA?

Before choosing a shipping solution for your cargo from Nigeria to USA, consider how quickly you need it to arrive.

Typically, shipping time from Nigeria to USA depends on the package destination and the delivery service you choose.

When booking your shipping service, always request an estimated delivery date and tracking details for the shipment. This way, you can always see when your package is set to arrive and plan for the delivery accordingly.

Also, it is important to consider the method of shipping to use based on the type and urgency of goods. You can choose a slower option such as ocean shipping if you have no urgency and are looking to save on cost.

But if shipping time-sensitive goods, a faster delivery service such as standard or expedited shipping is ideal.

Please note that it takes 1-3 days to ship goods from Nigeria to USA by air. Transit time for ocean shipping takes an average of 8 weeks.

What are the shipping Container cost and options from Nigeria to USA?

If you choose ocean shipping from Nigeria to USA, your cargo will be shipped in a 20ft, 40ft, or 45ft high-cube container.

Your items don’t have to fill the whole container; if you’re shipping about 15m³ of cargo, you will share shipping space with other shippers.  Here your cargo is consolidated with other shippers’ in one container, in a process called LCL shipment.

If your goods are large enough to fill up an entire container, then you can book an FCL shipping service.

Please note that FCL shipment is quoted based on the weight and size of the cargo. On the other hand, LCL shipment is charged based on the actual weight or volumetric weight of the shipment, whichever is higher.

The minimum charge for LCL shipments from Nigeria to USA is 1MT which is equivalent to 1000kgs.

What are the Major Shipping Ports from Nigeria to USA?

The main loading ports in Nigeria for international air shipping are:

  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos (LOS)
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (ABV)
  • Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano (KAN)
  • Port Harcourt International Airport, Port Harcourt (PHC)

For ocean shipping, you can consider any of the following seaports in Nigeria:

  • The Lagos Port Complex
  • Tin Can Island Port
  • Calabar Port
  • Delta Port
  • Rivers Port at Port Harcourt
  • Onne Port

The US has five major container terminals. These are:

  • Port of Los Angeles
  • Port of Long Beach
  • Port of New York
  • Port of Seattle and Tacoma
  • Port of Savannah

If shipping by air, you can choose any of the following arrival ports in the US:

  • Memphis International Airport (MEM)
  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
  • Louisville International Airport (SDF)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Miami International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  • Ontario International Airport

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. There are many other ports that you can choose for receiving your cargo from Nigeria.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that port selection when shipping from Nigeria to USA depends on your cargo’s ultimate destination. Once the goods reach the US, they’ll have to clear customs before moving by truck/train to the final destination.

How do you Pack Goods for a shipment from Nigeria to the United States?

Improper packaging when shipping from Nigeria to USA can result in additional expenses. It may damage your products or even cause customers to lose confidence in your business.

For your shipment to reach its final destination in the US unscathed, it should be packed in the best possible way. Proper packaging will reduce the impact of shocks that may occur during shipping.

The most important element of packaging international shipments is to use the right and quality box. Boxes for packaging should be strong, stiff, and well secured. Fragile goods such as glasses should be cushioned with bubble wraps to avoid damage.

When packaging, make sure that there is no free space left between the product and the package. If there is space, fill it up with soft material to prevent the products from moving loosely during transport.

Also, sealing must be done carefully to avoid pilferage and tampering. Don’t forget to attach the bill of lading document in a visible place where customs and port authorities can access it easily.

When shipping palletized goods, this guide has more information on packing, securing, and sealing the pallets for safe shipping: preparing shipping pallets for global shipments.

What is Labelling and Marking requirements for Imports from Nigeria to USA?

US customs require that goods entering the country must display the following information:

  • Product name
  • Country of origin
  • Product Specifications
  • Manufacture date
  • Bach number
  • Standards to which the products conform
  • Goods such as food, drinks, soaps, and medicine should show the expiration date and the ingredients used in making the products.

All items entering USA from Nigeria and other countries must be labeled in metric terms only. This requirement is subject to UPLR, except for non-consumer products. The latter may be labeled exclusively in customary units or exclusively in metric units.

You can find more information on labeling and marking for US-bound goods on NIST.

Does the US have a Pre-shipment Inspection Policy for Imports from Nigeria?


But some government agencies require/request pre-shipment inspection certificates for certain types of products. In some instances, the PSI certificate may be necessary only for shipments above a certain value.

So make consultations to be sure of what is required for the products you’re shipping from Nigeria.

How do US Customs Regulations work when shipping from Nigeria?

The US customs regulations may seem daunting, but a qualified customs broker can guide you through it.

Here is some basic advice, though:

  • When shipping from Nigeria to the US, you must declare your goods through a detailed packing list. The inventory must detail everything you’re sending, including names, quantity, and specifications.
  • You must pay customs duty and taxes for your imports from Nigeria. Tariff rates will vary depending on the type and declared value of goods you’re shipping.
  • For successful clearance, you must accompany your shipment with all the necessary obligatory documents.
  • Customs will not clear your shipment if goods do not conform to the requisite quality and safety standards.
  • US customs officials may physically open and inspect your shipment. So make sure that you’re importing only what is allowed in the country.

You can check the official customs and border protection website for more information on US import regulations.

How much is US Import Duty for shipments from Nigeria?

Import duty in the US depends on the type of product you’re importing and the shipment value.

Note that US import duty rates can be ad valorem (as a percentage of value) or specific (dollars/cents per unit). The rates vary from 0% to 37.5%, depending on the factors above. A typical duty rate in the US is about 5.63%

To find the exact tariff rate for your product, you need to first find its HS code.

What is HS Code when shipping from Nigeria to USA?

A HS Code is an eight-digit numerical code assigned to various products during international shipping.

It shows the complete details of the product being imported. It is pretty helpful in determining applicable tariff rates for products.

How do I find the HS code for my product I import from Nigeria to USA?

The US government offers a product classification search engine that you can use to locate your product’s HS code. The engine is known as Schedule B.

To find your HS code, visit the search engine and follow the prompts shown on the website.

Alternatively, you may work with your customs broker or freight forwarder to help you find the HS code for your product.

In other cases, you can customs US customs to seek formal customs ruling on the same.

What is FDA, and what is its significance when shipping Products from Nigeria to USA?

FDA Approval

FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a government agency that regulates the importation of certain kinds of goods into the US.

Food, drugs, biological substances, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products that emit radiation are some of the items regulated by the FDA.

These items must be screen electronically before they can be allowed to enter USA.

Which Customs Provisions can I take advantage of in reducing or eliminating Import Duty costs in the US?

If you’re a US importer, several provisions allow you to reduce/eliminate your import duty costs.

These are:

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

An FTZ is a designated area in the US where, under special circumstances, businesses can delay or reduce duty payments on merchandise from foreign countries. This provision aims at encouraging US activity and promoting healthy competition of local and foreign products.

Duty Drawback

A duty drawback is a refund of duty paid on imported products used to manufacture goods that are subsequently exported from the US. The drawback is also applicable to imported merchandise that is later exported unused.

ATA Carnet

This is a temporary provision that allows US importers to bring in tools of trade or products into the country for a limited period.

How long does it take to clear with US Customs when shipping from Nigeria?

Customs clearance can take a few minutes, hours, days, or even weeks, depending on several factors.

If your shipment and paperwork comply with all of the customs requirements, then clearance should be quick. But if your shipment has issues, clearance may take longer.

So avoid anything that may delay your shipment due to clearance issues. Also, always provide accurate and up-to-date contact details when booking your shipment. This allows customs to reach you directly and fast in case there is an issue with your shipment.

What are the Challenges faced while Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

International shipping is an everyday challenge where risks and mistakes are a common occurrence. Therefore, shippers need to be careful to avoid mistakes that may disrupt their supply chain.

The following are some common challenges you may encounter when shipping from Nigeria to USA:

Delivery Delays

Delay is one major challenge that shippers from Nigeria to the US face. Unreliable suppliers in Nigeria, inadequate shipping space, and carrier backlogs are the most notorious causes for shipment delays.

Poor Packaging

It is essential to recognize the importance of using the right packaging material and plan for your shipments from Nigeria. Otherwise, the risk of damage and theft may increase during shipping.

Customs Clearance Issues

Importation laws vary from one product to another when shipping to the US from Nigeria.

There are instances where customs may seize or temporarily hold your shipment, which can disrupt your shipment. Delay with customs will delay the shipment delivery to the final destination. Ultimately, it will also delay distribution to customers.

In addition, clearance and delivery delays can result in additional fees such as demurrage and other port fees, which may eat into your profits.

Unreliable Door-to-door Delivery Service

Sometimes going to the port or airport to pick up your shipments may be difficult or inconvenient. In such cases, you need a reliable door-to-door delivery service that can pick up your cargo from Nigeria and deliver it to your door in the US.

Unfortunately, there have been complaints about such services where providers don’t fulfill their end of the deal.

There are many instances where you will be required to pick up your consignment from the port despite having booked Door-to-Door shipping.

You must find a reputable door-to-door service to avoid such inconveniences when shipping from Nigeria to USA.

Inability to Track Shipments

It can be nerve-wracking when you’re unable to track the progress of your shipment from Nigeria. This can make it challenging to schedule distribution and final deliveries.

High Shipping Costs

The cost of Shipping from Nigeria to USA can be incredulously high sometimes. This is something you have to be prepared for and find ways to mitigate.

What are the Benefits of Shipping from Nigeria to USA using a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a critical partner in the Shipping from Nigeria to USA process.

With a capable forwarder, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of international shipping.

These agents are experts with immense experience and numerous connections in the industry. They will do all the dirty work of shipping your cargo to USA for you.

All you have to do is entrust them with your shipment and trust that they will deliver.

Among the things that a freight forwarding agent will do for you are:

  • Obtain regulatory certificates necessary for shipping/importation
  • Arranging inland transportation from suppliers to the shipping port in Nigeria
  • Organizing necessary inspections and overseeing them
  • Paying duties and taxes, where applicable
  • Finding a reputable carrier and booking shipping space
  • Paying freight charges and other shipping costs
  • Ensuring safe and on-time delivery of cargo from destination port to final destination

Do you need Insurance when Shipping Goods from Nigeria to USA?

Insurance is essential for any shipment as international shipping is unpredictable.

Things can and might go wrong.

Thus, you need to be prepared in advance for any losses that may occur by taking cargo insurance for your shipment.

You should note is that there is no ‘absolute best’ when it comes to types of freight insurance. Most carriers have their own insurance, which covers losses or damage to goods during shipping.

Unfortunately, the amount of coverage for carrier insurance is not usually much.

Carriers only cover for partial loss of freight.

As a matter of fact, they carry the minimum liability for goods. For this reason, you must get adequate coverage for your goods.

Get just enough insurance to cover for the full loss of goods in the event of risk, but no more as this may only add to your shipping costs.

Who is Responsible for Damage or Theft of Goods when Shipping Goods from Nigeria to USA?

It depends on the incoterms as specified in the contract of sale.

For instance, in FOB shipping, the seller is only responsible for the goods up to the shipping port.

In EXW incoterms, the buyer is responsible for goods from when they leave the supplier’s premise up to the final destination.

What are Incoterms, and why are they Important when Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

Incoterms refer to the International commercial terms which define buyer/seller responsibility in international trade.

These terms are known and widely accepted by traders all over the world.

They are a requirement on every commercial invoice as they help reduce the risk of costly misunderstandings in business.

Using incoterms when shipping from Nigeria to USA makes the contract valid and simplified. Thus, there is no risk involved in transacting with a foreign company.

The commercial invoice must have all the obligations of the seller and the buyer engaged in the transaction.

This removes any type of confusion related to the rules of shipping goods from Nigeria to USA. It also informs the transacting parties when risks and costs would be transferred in the process of the shipment

Can you ship goods from Nigeria to Amazon USA?

Yes, you can.

If you are selling goods on Amazon, you can shop products from Nigeria and deliver them directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the US.

All you have to do is ensure that the products meet the necessary safety and quality standards. The packaging and labeling must also meet Amazon FBA requirements.

What are some Tips for Saving Money when Shipping from Nigeria to USA?

International shipping can be expensive if not done right.

It is essential to ensure that the cost of shipping your items from Nigeria to USA doesn’t exceed the price of the item itself.

Here are some ideas on how to save on shipping costs from Nigeria to USA:

Understand the Difference Between Value and Price

Getting a low price for goods/services doesn’t mean you’re getting good value.

Always compare quotes from different suppliers and choose the one that offers affordable pricing with good value.

Use Proper Packaging

Proper packaging goes a long way in keeping your shipping costs down.

A few tips to consider are maintaining packaging materials as light as possible and cushioning fragile items properly.

You may also consider using an expert packaging service to avoid any extra weight or packaging mistakes that might cost you.

Familiarize yourself with the Freight Terms

Charges can show up in your invoices that you are not aware of. Knowing the terminologies helps you avoid any unnecessary charges that may add up to your freight costs.

Get the Timing Right

Avoid shipping during peak seasons as costs are unusually high. Book your shipments during slow seasons to maximize your savings.

Consolidate your Freight

Space is one of the things that tend to increase shipping costs.

Gas and unused truck/container space can also end up costing you as well. This is why consolidated shipping is essential in keeping down costs. Not only does it save you with the carrier, but it also helps in reducing loss.

Keep in mind that losing a full pallet of goods is much harder than losing a single box. Having one large consolidated shipment makes it more difficult for carriers to lose or misplace your goods.

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