Shipping label

Shipping label – The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Shipping labels are considered the most significant requirement for shipping, and if you haven’t filled the details with proper concentration, it will lead to serious consequences for your shipment.

For your ease, our technical team has gathered all of the possible queries, and we have answered them in the best way for you to avoid any inconvenience for your future business shipments.

Q1. How Do You Define Shipping Labels And How They Are Created?

The shipping label contains the key information required for a courier to deliver the shipment from its origin that can be a warehouse, for example, to its end destination, which can be the customer’s home.

The information which is there on the shipping label includes your postal/zip code, country’s name, tracking ID, the date on which the parcel has to be shipped, the shipment quantity and its weight, validation, origin address, and destination address, which includes shipping street name, house no. and city.

Sometimes the shipping labels also state the contents included in the shipment, especially if they are to be shipped internationally.

Shipping labels also include information regarding the shipping medium or method such as Express, Standard, etc.

Shipping labels

Shipping labels

  • Every shipping label created for a shipment is incomparable; that is why you cannot reuse a label again.
  • A fresh shipping label must be created for every single delivery.
  • Normally the shipping labels are created while order processing.
  • Every courier service provider has some specific standards for a shipping label.
  • In order to generate a shipping label, you must fulfill the courier service provider’s requirements.

You can either visit your local post office, pay for the label there, or you can arrange the label yourself.

You can generate the shipping labels online through the courier’s website, or you can use shipping label software.

For more information regarding how to create a shipping label please visit the following video link or contact customer service:

Q2. What Are Amazon Shipping Labels?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce in the world.

Amazon USA alone has the potential of more than 450 billion dollars; thus, Amazon is a great market for your business, and you should follow proper labeling terms of Amazon; otherwise, you would end up rejecting your inventory from Amazon.

Usually, there are two types of labels for Amazon.

One is the item label, which contains Bar code and a special code; it must be labeled on every item shipping to amazon.

Second is the Box label, which contains the supplier address, box details, amazon warehouse details, and bar code of your shipment plan.

Every amazon market has its shipping label options, and if you are a seller on Amazon.

  • you should access your seller central; now select the item you want to ship to Amazon.
  • Tap on “print item labels,” and then you can set the number of item labels you want.

Amazon Shipping labels

Amazon Shipping labels

  • You can get the Box label once you are done making the shipment plan; you should send this box label to your supplier or freight forwarder.
  • This box label must be on 2-3 sides of each box shipping to amazon.

This shipping label should be pasted so that it can be clearly scanned and identified by the amazon logistics team.

Bansar china is providing sea and air shipments for your Amazon FBA stores.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q3. How Are The Shipping Labels Generated And Printed?

You can use three different methods to arrange a shipping label.

A shipping label can be created by using the courier company’s online platforms or tools.

Almost every courier service company has its own dedicated online tool where you can create your shipping labels that fulfill their specific requirements.

You have to visit our website, complete the shipping label template and then copy the label file to your computer so that you can print it out.

Details required for our shipping label template

Details required for our shipping label template

However, this is not the fastest method for generating a shipping label because if you have multiple orders, then for every order, you will have to visit the courier company’s website or an online tool and then manually fill out all the required information repeatedly.

You can also use shipping label software.

By using the shipping label software, you will be able to download the shipping label template of the courier service provider and then fill out the label on your computer.

This will allow you to create a shipping label in your own way using a wide range of unique functionalities of shipping tools.

An efficient shipping tool is directly connected with your store and retrieves all the required information related to the orders for creating a label.

Hence, you only have to print out the label created.

Bansar China is providing customized shipping label for your shipments.

If you have a considerable number of orders, this is where a shipping tool comes in handy; it can save you time and effort, eliminating the need to fill out each of the labels.

For more information regarding how to generate and print a shipping label please visit the following video link:

Q4. What Care Should Be Taken For Shipping Labels?

It is really important to have knowledge of attaching the shipping label to a parcel.

You should remove any old shipping labels attached to your shipment.

Old shipping labels or address labels will create confusion when scanned and is most likely to mislead drivers or personnel handling the parcel.

First, you should clean the surface of the parcel and then attach the label to it.

Ensure that the shipping label is prominent to read when you are attaching it to the parcel.

Paste the shipping label on the widest side of the parcel so that it can be scanned at the terminal without any inconvenience.

The correct way to paste the shipping label

The correct way to paste the shipping label

It is suggested for the smaller parcel to paste the shipping label in a manner that both the barcode and the address information are displayed on the adjacent sides.

Protect the shipping label at all costs because once the label is damaged, the parcel will be returned.

Hence it is advised to use adhesive tape on the sides of the shipping label to prevent it from getting damaged.

It is necessary to paste the shipping labels on all the parcels, even if they are being delivered to the same location.

It is recommended as a precautionary measure to stick a label on each side of the package.

Q5. How Can You Help Us With Shipping Labels?

Bansar China is always available to its customers for any kind of assistance.

We can assist you as well as your supplier with the shipping label.

We have a logistics team to help you with the details of the shipping label; we review your shipping labels and inform you in case of any mistake.

Either you are handling bulk products of container load or having a load of 5kg, and we will guide you with the best way so that your shipping label can be interpreted in every stage of logistics.

In case of any error or mistakes in your shipping label, we keep a proper follow-up with the logistics team, custom teams, and transit team so that your load is shipped to the desired address.

Bansar China is providing you logistics services for more than a decade.

Bansar China is providing you logistics services for more than a decade.

Q6. Is The Shipping Label Essential For Every Shipment?

Shipping labels contain information related to your identity and address details of both seller and buyer; hence it’s quite important for you to label a package properly.

There are other details on a shipping label, such as shipping type, tracking number, product description, and bar code.

These details are essential for the smooth travel of your shipment; otherwise, it could haul your shipment at any stage of logistics.

Shipping labels provide key supply chain information required to move the package from one place to another, from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep.

You should avoid handwriting on the shipping label because it can be confusing as well as it doesn’t seem professional, plus it saves your time.

Avoid handwritten shipping label

Avoid handwritten shipping label

Suppose you are shipping more than 100 parcels in a day, and each parcel consumes 20 seconds, then it almost saved you more than 30 minutes in a day.

Shipping labels make your package more secure.

Sticky tape is not only a hassle, but it can also cause the label to be a rip-off during shipping, which means that your parcel cannot be delivered.

Special stick-on labels are not required; just print the shipping label on a piece of paper and tape it to the parcel.

Shipping label minimizes the probability of the problems occurring delivering your packages.

Printing shipping labels will allow you to smooth your packaging and posting process.

If you can quickly print large amounts of professional-looking labels and simply stick them to packages, you will save yourself hours every week, as well as a lot of unnecessary stress.

You can get your package insured; as few shipping companies provide declared value coverage, you can get insurance coverage confirmation on the shipping label itself.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q7. Can We Use Handwritten Labels As Shipping Labels?

You may handwrite the shipping label, and the courier services will deliver the package as long as the label is readable.

Still, it is essential for you to get a system generated barcode on your shipping label.

If the volume of the orders were high, it would not be feasible to write the shipping addresses on each of the packages, which can become time-consuming.

There is also a greater possibility that you will make a mistake if you handwrite all of your shipping labels.

You are better off using the large range of tools available online, which will make your shipping label process easier and efficient.

It does not matter that you have good handwriting or the content you have written is visible and easy to read; it is just that it is not considered professional to use written information on shipping packages.

You can use handwritten shipping labels if you send the package to your relatives, friends, etc. but not to your professional clients.

Handwritten shipping labels

Handwritten shipping labels

If you use handwritten shipping labels of bulk packages and the courier cannot read the address, then all costs of the transporting cost would go in vain; hence, it is not recommended our logistic team.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q8. How Does The Shipping Label Work?

We all see different shipping labels in our everyday lives, but most people do not understand how a shipping label works and how it transports a package from one place to another.

The shipping label has many sections, and each section carries its importance, which is used to help the couriers identify and sort out the packages so that they can be transported to the correct destinations.

The shipping label’s basic structure includes the address of both seller and buyer.

It also contains the initial date of shipment, package dimensions, and weight, tracking number, and shipping type.

In case your product is not delivered to the mentioned address, then the return address is used to ship the product back to the seller’s business address.

Bansar china use destination information to deliver the package to mentioned address.

Usually, the whole delivery address is important, but a ZIP code is quite important for the safe delivery of your shipment.

You should also include details related to the apartment number, floor number, and company information.

The date mentioned on the shipping label is the date when the package begins its traveling through the delivery process.

Shipping dates help track your package’s timeline, and it keeps you updated with the status of your shipment.

The weight of the package is used in calculating the total cost of shipping and is also used to categorize the packages.

While being transported, the packages are evenly distributed all over the transporting truck by weight to ensure that the truck or container is balanced properly.

The shipping priority enables you to decide your package’s shipping speed, and it contains categories such as standard delivery, overnight delivery, etc.

The tracking ID is used to track the current status of your shipment.

Important details for shipping label

Important details for shipping label

There are also other pieces of information like shipping cost, proprietary barcode, postal barcode, and more, which are encouraged to be included on the shipping label but are not necessary.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q9. What Details Are Required On Shipping Labels?

A shipping label requires the information that is required to send your product parcel to the desired destinations.

You can keep a check on your parcel through the shipping label, and you can also verify the shipping details and services.

Every courier service has its template for its shipping label.

The details required are the names and addresses of both the sender and the recipient, a routing code, the postal barcode, tracking ID, level of service, package weight, and shipment date.

Generally, Bansar china automatically generates most of the information.

Q10. How Can We Get A Shipping Label?

You can generate a shipping label by yourself.

If you are using an e-commerce website, you should use the system-generated labels of the following platform.

You can use a handwritten label, but it should identify all of the details related to addresses and products.

You can ask our services to generate shipping labels.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q11. What Are The Different Ways Of Pasting The Shipping Labels On A Parcel?

There can be different ways of pasting the shipping labels on the parcel depending upon the courier services we are using and the destination to which we are sending the shipment.

It mostly depends on the courier services we are using as there are different guidelines for every courier service.

We will discuss the most recommended way of pasting the shipping labels, which is mostly accepted by every courier service.

So, the first and most basic thing for pasting the shipping labels is that they are always meant to be pasted outside the box; however, it is recommended for people to drop a copy of the shipping label inside the box as well so that if the externally pasted label gets damaged or it comes off the parcel, then the carrier would still be able to deliver the parcel to its destination.

The labels can be printed as adhesive stickers, or they can be printed on a normal A4 size paper.

Shipping details should be clearly scanned and identified by the logistics team

Shipping details should be clearly scanned and identified by the logistics team.

If they are printed on as stickers, then that is simple to paste them on the widest outer-side (usually it’s the top) of the parcel where it can be easily seen.

And if the label is printed on a normal A4 size paper, we need to use strong adhesive transparent tape to paste it on the widest outer-side (usually it’s the top) of the parcel.

We also need to take care of not covering any important data with tape, making it unreadable for the carrier.

Q12. What Should Be The Size Of Shipping Labels?

The prime purpose of creating the shipping labels and pasting them on the parcel is to identify the parcel through the tracking barcode and specify the important information such as addresses, names, and weight.

It is very important that our shipping label must be neat enough so that the carrier can read and see it easily.

If the label is not printed decent enough or the print is a blur, then the purpose of that shipping label will end.

So, for the same purpose of making our label readable enough, we have to ensure that we follow the standard sizes, which are commonly used for printing the shipping labels.

The standard size of printing from our team for the shipping label is 4 by 6 inches (10 by 15cm).

If your parcel is of a size that does not fit this standard size, you can use different standard sizes of 6 by 3 inches (15 by 7cm) and 4 x 4 inches (10 by 10cm).

Different dimensions and sizes of shipping labels

Different dimensions and sizes of shipping labels

Q13. What Is The Price Of A Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are the most important part of shipping and as well as eCommerce businesses.

Shipping labels are not a very expensive thing, but people are still very curious to know whether the shipping labels are free of cost.

So here is the answer, Yes.

eCommerce sellers who are selling their products online can get the labels for free, but they cannot ship their parcels until the shipping fee is paid.

You may also have to pay a minimal fee for additional services such as insurance options and a tracking facility.

So, with such a scenario where one thing alone doesn’t do the job with others, you may have to buy the whole package, and it is impossible to quote an exact amount for the complete package.

Q14. Can Shipping Labels Expire?

Shipping labels are meant to be an identification document for a parcel, which is why they are essential for a parcel to get delivered where it belongs.

The shipping labels consist of many important things for a customer, but there is one most significant thing in the shipping label, which is the tracking barcode.

The tracking id or tracking barcode is given for the customer to track their parcel during the whole process of shipment.

So this id is something that may get expire sometimes, but this depends on the company.

Some companies allow the customer to use the tracking id days after it is generated; however, there are companies that do have a time limit of 90 days of the tracking barcode’s validity.

An exmaple of shipping label's validity

An exmaple of shipping label’s validity

Other than the tracking barcode, the parcel is also supposed to be shipped according to the “ship by” date mentioned on the label.

There is always a chance of complexities during the shipment process if the parcel or package is not shipped within the mentioned “ship by” date.

Some companies do accept the parcel after the date, but still, this can create complications.

So it’s better to follow the dates properly, to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Q15. When Is A Shipping Label Created?

The shipping label is created when you book a shipment for your products or parcels.

This stage of generating the shipping labels is a step of the whole process of shipping the parcels from one place to another.

This also depends upon the person who is creating the shipping labels.

Suppose the person is a seller on an eCommerce website and wants to deliver its inventory to the particular eCommerce website’s warehouse.

In that case, the process is a bit changed but, for a normal person sending a parcel from one place to another its standard.

The person needs to create the shipping label from the courier service provider’s website while booking the parcel shipment.

While booking the shipment, the customer needs to give specific information regarding the parcel, such as weight, quantity, and addresses.

These are important for the courier service provider to safely deliver the parcel to its destined location without giving you any trouble.

For more information, please visit the following video link:

Q16. Can Regular Paper Be Used For Printing The Shipping Labels?

Many people are confused regarding the printing of the shipping labels.

This confusion exists because the shipping labels have barcodes in them, and people think that the barcodes are something that needs a special printer to be printed.

Moreover, they are also confused regarding the material of the printing paper.

Let’s just clear this confusion right away.

So, the shipping labels are as normal as any worksheet or document typed on Microsoft Word; just the content and arrangement of the content are different.

So you don’t need to arrange anything special for printing the shipping labels.

They can be easily printed on a normal A4 size page with a normal printer.

However, there is another option which you may opt for to make your work easier.

That is to use a thermal printer and adhesive 4 x6 sticker labels.

This is the costliest option which you can go for.

This expensive option saves your efforts to use a separate adhesive tape to stick the label on the parcel yourself.

Instead, you can just paste the stickers directly onto the parcel with the least hassle.

For an economical option, you must opt for a simple printer with standard A4 size pages.

Shipping labels in printed form

Shipping labels in printed form

Q17. Can The Same Shipping Label Be Applied To Multiple Parcels?

Shipping a package or packages from one place to another place is not as simple as it sounds.

There are some scenarios where a few complexities can come up during the shipment process.

Such a scenario can as follow: If your shipment has multiple boxes or parcels.

So, in this case, a question arises, which creates confusion about whether we need a different shipping label for each box.

So the solution is that you will need to apply a different label on every parcel as every parcel needs to be taken care of as a separate box but of the same shipment.

Let’s consider an example of a shipment with two boxes of different weights, weighing 5 kg and 10 kg.

So, in this case, you need to print two separate labels for each box as their characteristics are different.

The two shipping labels will have two different weights mentioned on them as well as a different tracking barcode or id.

The tracking Barcodes will help in the tracking of each parcel throughout the whole journey to its destination.

There can be a scenario where the boxes have been transported on different means of transport due to any reason such as lack of space, so, in that case, as well a different tracking barcode or id is required.

Shipping labels on multiple products

Shipping labels on multiple products

Q18. What Is The Significance Of A Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are one of the most important bits in the complete process of shipping a parcel from its origin to the final destination.

The whole process or chain of events through which a parcel goes through gets halted if the label is not correctly pasted or it is missing in any case.

The reason behind this huge value of shipping labels is that they provide the parcel with an identity through which it can be recognized throughout the process.

The shipping label specifies all the important and required information for the messenger or carrier who is supposed to transport the parcel from the beginning (Home or Warehouse) to the destination.

Bansar China also provides you the services of door to door shipping which includes the delivery of your shipment to a warehouse or at your doorstep.

The information which is present on the shipping label includes the date on which the parcel is to be shipped, country, city, state, street, postal code, tracking barcode, package quantity, package weight, and the shipping method.

Sometimes it’s necessary to specify the parcel’s content, especially if it’s for international shipping.

The shipping label’s prime purpose is to identify the parcel uniquely and also to specify wants inside.

Components of shipping labels

Components of shipping labels

Q19. Can Shipping Labels Be Printed In Color Ink?

The shipping labels are meant to be clean and prominent so that the carrier or machine may read them easily.

So it’s recommended to use the highest contrast possible for printing the shipping label, such as black ink with white paper.

Printing the shipping labels is a comparatively easy task as it doesn’t require any special equipment such as a printer or printing material.

It can easily be printed using a normal standard inkjet or laser printer with standard A4 size white paper.

However, there are some other options for using a special printer with a special printer material, but that’s not necessary.

That option is for avoiding a little hassle of sticking the shipping labels with adhesive tape or pasting them by using glue.

For that, we require a thermal printer with adhesive stickers of 4 x 6 inches sticker labels.

This option reduces the mistake of covering the barcode with tape while pasting the shipping label on the box or parcel.

If the adhesive tape covers the barcode so it may be possible that the barcode reader might not be able to read or scan the covered barcode.

Q20. Is Tracking Id Necessary For Shipping Labels?

The shipping label is a major part of the shipment process as it specifies the key information in the box or parcel.

We should not overlook that the shipping label is not as useful for the customer who is shipping the parcel from one place to another.

Instead, it’s more useful to our team who is handling the parcel.

If the shipping labels have wrong information on them, such as the destination address, so the carrier will have to waste a lot of time to figure out the fact that the address is wrong on the label.

So the one thing on the shipping label and is very useful for the customers is the tracking barcode or the tracking id.

This is the thing that facilitates the customer to track the parcel throughout the shipment process from the beginning to the end.

With the help of this tracking id, the customer can know where the parcel is at a particular time of the day.

The customer can know whether the parcel is on time or not and when it will probably be delivered to its final destination.

Tracking ID of shipping labels

Tracking ID of shipping labels

Q21. Is A Barcode Required For Shipping Labels?

A shipping label is incomplete with some of its essential parts.

One of those essential parts is the barcode on the shipping label.

The barcode on the shipping label is not just a standard requirement that needs to be there on the label for the sake of fulfilling the courier service company’s requirements; instead, it is very important for the process of delivering the parcel from its origin to its destination.

The barcodes on the shipping labels are there to be read by the machines or barcode readers at different phases of delivering the item to its destiny.

These barcodes consist of the essential information necessary for the carrier to know while transporting the parcel.

Such information like the parcel’s content that needs to be taken care of due to its fragility is crucial for the carrier to arrange a suitable mode of transportation for the parcel.

These barcodes are supposed to be read by the barcode scanners at different phases during the shipment process.

These phases can be when inventory is being received at the fulfillment centers to know the required details about the parcel.

Other situations can be receiving a return from the customers who did not like the product or damaged product.

So in these kinds of situations, the barcode information proves to be handy.

Q22. Is A Shipping Label Different From A Packing Label?

Yes, a shipping label is completely different from the packing list.

Both documents are there because they have their usage in different situations.

A shipping label is a document that specifies all important information related to the parcel.

The shipping labels consist of the information required for your carrier to deliver the parcel to its desired doorstep.

While the packing list is the list of items inside the parcel that are to be shipped by the carrier, this information is important as the carrier and the receiver both should be aware of the items which are inside the box.

The packing list is sometimes called a packing checklist.

Difference between packing slip and shipping label

Difference between packing slip and shipping label

Q23. Which Shipping Labels Can Be Used For An E-Commerce Business?

There are number of templates for the shipping labels, and it depends upon your e-commerce business.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you should have a box label and item label on your shipment.

If you are using any other platform and have your own warehousing facility, you require an item label that should contain seller address and delivery address and the details of the product.

Q24. Can The Shipping Labels Be Generated Online?

To avoid standing in long queues of postal services to get your shipping label printed, now there is the facility to get your shipping labels generated online at home without any stress and wasting time.

There are many online courier services, each of which has its dedicated online tools.

You just have to insert all the required information, and with just a single click, you can download your own personal shipping label and get it printed.

Regarding the payment method, your shipping label can be billed against your Visa or debit card.

System generated shipping label

System generated shipping label

Q25. How Long A Package Can Be Mailed After The Shipping Label Is Printed?

It depends upon your requirement for the delivery, and there isn’t any particular deadline or expiry to the shipping label.

Shipping labels describe the details of the products and the addresses.

If you are planning for the long term, then you should make sure that the delivery address should remain the same; otherwise, your delivery address will be considered invalid by the logistics team.

Q26. What Can Extra Labelling Information Be Put On A Shipping Label?

Extra labeling information helps to notify the courier services that if there are any special precautions to be taken or prepare for any avoidable problems with the package.

You can mark the package with the information related to what the package contains, especially when the parcel for international shipping.

You can also mention the type of material of the contents of the package, such as fragile, flammable, etc.

Also, if required, you can write “This Way Up” if you want your package to be delivered in an upright position.

Extra labelling information

Extra labelling information

Q27. Should We Use Shipping Labels For Every Item In Bulk Shipments?

Shipping labels can be regarded as being one of the essential parts there exists to that of the e-commerce logistics business, having said that they can be more confusing than what meets the eye at first glance.

If these labels were to be placed in the wrong fashion no matter how big or small your store is, the packages that were to be delivered would not be successful in reaching their required destinations.

The shipping label is responsible for displaying the key information, which is required by the carrier in order to transport the package to their final destination all the way from their origin of dispatch.

Because of this reason, it can be said without any doubt that these labels are of crucial importance if you were to run your business in a proper fashion without any hurdles popping up in the task.

The key information that these labels include constitutes the country name, the postal code, the tracking number, the quantity held by the package, the date, and the weight of the package.

These same labels are also responsible for the specification of the contents, especially for the international shipments; thus, a new label must be created for each new delivery.

Q28. What Language Should We Use For Shipping Labels?

The type of language is an important aspect one has to keep under consideration while generating the shipping labels.

To make sure that the labels comply with the international export laws the information about the relevant senders, recipients and the contents of the package is reviewed by the federal agencies and the postal service.

The compulsion of language in this scenario restricts the usage of language to English only for the complete names of both the senders and the receivers along with the complete address of the recipient.

This is done to ensure that these packages are cleared by the respective federal agencies for further travelling to their respective destinations.

This information can be typed or for that matter is also at times be allowed under written statures for convenience.

There is however an exception to make it easier for the local shippers to ship this package, it has been allowed by the authorities as a general principle to write the address in the local language if the city, province, and the country have been previously mentioned in the English language on these shipping labels.

Q29. What Details Should We Avoid Writing On Shipping Labels?

When considering the right information that has to be included on these shipping labels and the language this information has to be typed in, it is equally important to avoid mentioning any unwanted information which can be the cause for the federal agencies to restrict this package from being delivered to the destination.

The information that is not required by the sender to be mentioned on the respective label is generally everything else other than that which has been mentioned above as the necessary prerequisites for the parcel to be transported safely.

Expanding slightly upon the details, one should avoid the mentioning of any personal information other than the contact number, email address, residential address, country, city, and zip code of the recipient as this might create a security breach.

Avoid writing the wrong dimensions of the package, as this might result in an inaccurate shipping cost.

Double-check the zip code before pasting the shipping label onto the package, as this might result in delivering the package to the wrong destination.

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