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What Is A Shipping Order (SO)?

A shipping order is generally a document issued by the Carrier to confirm the shipment booking. It usually contains the location of the empty shipping container.

Empty shipping container

Empty shipping container

What Are Some Importance Of A Shipping Order?

Shipping order is essential since;

  • It will ensure goods safety until it is delivered to the warehouse.
  • The document usually permits the consigner to clear with the custom.

What Do You Include In Shipping Order?

On your shipping order, you need to include the following;

  • The address and the name of the receiver of the goods
  • Container of the description of the goods
  • Quantity of the goods
  • The delivery dates
  • The signature of both Carrier and recipient.

When Do You Issue The Shipping Order?

Okay, the shipping order is usually issued by the Carrier only when all the handling charges of the holder of the OS document have been cleared.

And the Bill of Landing contract has been carried out to the last detail.

Is It Mandatory To Issue A Shipping Order?

Yes, a shipping order is a mandatory document that must be available for goods to be shipped to their proper location and be traced easily.

Can Shipping Order Act As A Receipt For Your Goods?

No, they are entirely different.

A receipt is usually a bill that will show the full payment of the buyer. A receipt is sent along with the goods or after the dispatch of goods.

While OS is a document that does not have any bill but the description and quantity of the goods plus the location to deliver the cargo. The OS is issued typically realized before the cargo to consignee.

What Is The Process Of Shipping Order?

The shipping order process generally consists of the following steps;

  • Step One – Accepting the order
  • Step Two – Picking
  • Step Three – Packing
  • Step Four – Shipping the goods that are mentioned on the order
  • Step Five – Tracking the orders up to their delivery

What Will Be The Benefit Of A Shipping Order?

The benefit of a shipping order is that you will track your goods easily until the delivery is done.

Shipping order also has another benefit of securing your cargo.

Can I Change My Shipping Address On The Shipping Orders?

Yes, you can change your shipping address on the shipping order.

All you need to do is communicate to the person who will issue the OS at the right time, and all will be set.

Do You Have A Standard Shipping Options Available?

Yes, we do. We categories them into two is;

For the U.S, it will take 7-14 working days

While non-U. S orders will take between 8-23 working days.

How Do You Compare Shipping Order Over Delivery Order?

A shipping order is a document issued by a carrier to confirm the shipment is booked on a vessel.

On the other hand delivery order is a document issued by Carrier or his agent to realize cargo to another party or the owner.

Is The Shipping Order A Legal Requirement?

Shipping order has no legal obligation, but it has become a standard when shipping.

How Do You Differentiate Shipping Order And Shipping Bill?

Shipping order is usually sent along with the goods, which will help the person receiving them verify the document if they match the goods.

A shipping bill is generally a document that is required by the customs authorities for the goods clearance.

What Are The Documents Needed To Issue A Shipping Order?

Figure 2 Shipping documents

Shipping documents

The essential documents needed are.’

  • Bill of landing
  • Commercial invoice
  • Export custom declaration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Letter of credit
  • Packing list

Will Provision Of The Contract Of Carriage Be Included In Shipping Order?

No, it won’t be included.

Will I Need To Sign On The Shipping Order For My Package?

Yes, if the sender requests you.

Is Shipping Order Similar To Bill Of Landing?

No bill of landing is a legal document that is usually required to move a freight shipment. It typically works as a freight service receipt.

It’s a contract between the shipper and the freight carrier.

What Express Shipping Order Do You Have?

We do not have an express shipping order.

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