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Shipping Time from China – The Complete Guide

I know you’re wondering when you will receive your cargo from China.

If that is the case – today’s guide will give you time estimate and factors that may affect the shipping time from China.

So, before you import from China, read this guide.

When is the Best Time to Ship from China?

Shipping from China may seem to be a smooth experience where the cargo gets on the ship to your destination.

Well, this is true at particular periods of the year which is often the best time to ship from China.

The best period to ship from China is basically from late February all the way to late July.

Apart from that, you can also ship your cargo from late October all the way to early January.

There are periods when shipping from China is not good and that may lead to delays or high process of commodities.

Shipping from China from August to mid-October is often not recommended due to the China holiday retail peak season bump.

Apart from that, there is another shorter bump lasting from January to February due to the Chinese New Year.

Public holidays in China

The disadvantages of shipping from China during these periods include:

  • High demand with very low levels of supply thus leading to increase in prices.
  • Capacity within the shipping containers is also scarce as many shippers are on holiday

What are the Modes of Shipping from China?

There are four main shipping modes that you can use to ship your cargo from China including:

· Sea Freight

You will use the sea shipping mode especially when are shipping bulky cargo overseas from China.

COSCO Shipping Lane

You can also use railway transport your cargo from China through the railway line.

This is true especially for countries with railway connections with China.

This is the fastest mode of shipping from China and often costs more in comparison to other modes.

Air China Plane

You can also depend on road transport if destination has road connections with China.

Transporting cargo by road

How long Does it take to Ship from China?

The period it will take to ship your cargo from China will vary according to quite a number of factors.

Here is a table showing how long it would take to ship from China to your destination.

Shipping from China to:Duration using different Modes of Transport (Days)
Ocean Freight/Sea FreightAir FreightRail
Philippines4 – 131 to 2
Singapore4 to 131 to 2
Vietnam2 to 101 to 3
Indonesia6 to 151 to 3
Malaysia4 to 151 to 3
India14 to 321 to 4
Cambodia4 to 161 to 35 to 13
Thailand3 to 151 to 3
Pakistan13 to 233 to 5
Bangladesh12 to 231 to 3
UK24 to 356 to 15
Germany24 to 316 to 13
Italy22 to 363 to 718 to 22
France24 to 393 to 619 to 24
Latvia30 to 443 to 4
Ireland24 to 351 to 3
Netherlands26 to 351 to 3
Spain27 to 381 to 37 to 10
Estonia31 to 453 to 7
Russia29 to 443 to 810 to 16
USA30 to 408 to 10
Canada35 to 566 to 13
Mexico18 to 303 to 7
Australia16 to 256 to 12
Dubai11 to 131 to 3
Brazil28 to 401 to 4
Kuwait21 to 351 to 3
Egypt16 to 383 to 7
New Zealand16 to 261 to 3
Lebanon18 to 353 to 7
South Africa17 to 385 to 7
Kenya20 to 273 to 5
Nigeria31 to 425 to 7
Ghana29 to 395 to 7

Which Factors Determine the Shipping Time from China?

When Shipping from China there are quite a number of factors that you have to consider when calculating time.

Here are the main factors that will affect the period of shipping from China.

· Mode of Shipping from China to your Destination

The faster the mode of shipping, the shorter the time it will take to ship from China.

Implying that air shipping mode is faster than the sea shipping mode thus will take less time.

· Distance between China to your Destination

The longer the distance between from your destination to China, the more time it takes to ship the cargo.

In this case, you have to consider the loading port as well as the destination port of the cargo when calculating time.

Shipping routes from China

· Route Taken by the Ship

There are routes that are smooth and will take you directly to your destination without wasting a lot of time.

There are, however, other routes that are quite challenging and stretched thus requires time to maneuver through.

· Season of Shipping

Well, there are periods when shipping from China is not recommended due to high cost as well as numerous delays.

Apart from that, sea shipping can also be tricky as you have to consider the roughness of the sea during particular seasons.

How can you Reduce Shipping Time from China?

You can reduce the shipping time from China by using express shipping methods.

This involves using shipping providers known as drop shippers such as AliExpress.

This will only work if you are shopping for goods that are easy to find and will not take time to get.

Apart from that, you can also depend on other modes of reducing shipping time such as:

· Having Local Warehouses

You can have warehouses at almost every location of the origin country thus allowing you to get cargo faster.

· Avoid Ambitious Timelines

You should also forget about making unrealistic promises especially on your customers thus avoiding customer pressure.

· Manage Proper Carrier Relationships

In this case, if you have proper carrier relationships, you will reduce delays caused with ignorance.

Implying that your cargo will get first class handling even at the normal shipping rates.

· Using Intelligent Analytics

Using intelligent analytical tools will help you ship in advance before the official sale season actually begins.

How do you Estimate Shipping Time from China?

You can have a rough estimation on how long it will take to get your cargo to your destination.

This is possible only by using the shipping time calculator to estimate the shipping time from China.

In that case, you must have the following information:

  • City of origin in China or loading port
  • City of destination of the off-loading port

The shipping time calculator will give you the results based on the last 6 months shipping experience.

Apart from that, you will also have a range of time using different modes of transport.

How can you Save on Shipping Time from China During Chinese New Year?

You will experience a lot of delays in shipping your cargo to your destination especially during the Chinese New Year.

Well, to avoid all the delays, there are specific factors that you have to take under consideration.

Here are some tips to help you save on shipping time during the Chinese New Year.

· Securing Shipment in Advance

Here, you will have to secure your shipment of the cargo way before the Chinese holiday begins to affect normal flow.

Implying that you should avoid placing last minute orders on goods as you anticipate the Chinese holiday.

· Make Large Orders

Apart from that, you should also ensure that you make large orders that will carter for the Chinese holiday period.

This will give you ample time and space to do your business even if the Chinese holiday is underway.

· Choose Right Shipping Partner

Well, it can also pay off if you use the right shipping partners to handle your cargo during this period.

Such shipping partners have the capability of handling your cargo normally without the effect of the Chinese holiday.

What are the Implications of Skipping Shipping Time from China?

The main implication of skipping shipping time from China is the high cost of shipping.

You will have to pay more to have your cargo from China skip the usual shipping period from China.

Allowing your package to take more time means that it will have to go through the normal channel of shipping cargo.

This involves going through the system of reduced rates thus leading to numerous delays along the way.

If you are willing to carter for the implications of skipping time, you can charter and express shipping service.

This will definitely cost you a lot more than the normal shipping modes at reduced rates.

What can Cause Delay in Shipping Time from China?

Well, shipping your cargo from China to your destination does not have to go through all the delays.

In that case, you will have to pay more money that will eliminate all the barriers that usually cause delays.

In that case, the main underlying factor that causes delay is the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Implying that the more you are willing to pay more, the better the services you will get from shipping agents in China.

You will have the best mode of transport which is air transport to get your cargo to your destination in a shorter period.

Apart from that, you will have easy time going through the customs and clearance offices after paying the right fee.

How do you use Freight Shipping and Transit Time Calculator?

You can have a rough estimate of the LCL, FCL, Tracking and air freight time using the transit time calculator.

The freight shipping and transit time calculator has specific sections that you must fill to determine the shipping duration.

In that case, you will enter the following details to generate the right shipping period to your destination.

  • City, or zip code of the loading port in China
  • City, or zip code of the destination port
  • Type of load

This will give you a range of time it would take to get your cargo to your destination from China.

You will, therefore, use this information to choose the mode of shipping that you will use for your cargo.

What’s more, you must know that this is an estimation and there might be delays or the cargo might arrive earlier.

As you can see, there are many variables that affect the shipping time from China.

It starts right from your supplier, clearing logistics, transportation, and holiday’s amongst others.

To make the entire process, seamless, you can consider working with a freight forwarder in China.

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