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Aloha Shirt Importing from China
Aloha Shirt Importing from China

If you want a casual, loose fit, button-down shirt with colorful prints shirt, aloha is an excellent choice. There are a lot of shirt manufacturers in China that supplies aloha shirts with straight flat hem to look casual easy going style for your business or personal use.

Baseball Shirt Importing from China
Baseball Shirt Importing from China

Baseball shirt has no collar with a simple button opening. It is design in a raglan style with sleeves come in a contrast color and will extend completely to the collar in one piece.If you want this type of shirt, China shirt manufacturers can offer a lot of baseball shirt with high-quality at the best price.

Casual Shirt Importing from China
Casual Shirt Importing from China

Do you want a loose carefree fit and made in a lightweight but textured fabric, you may want to wear casual shirt. There are thousands of casual shirt in Chinese shirt market in a wide selection of designs, style, color and sizes in high-quality and affordable price.

Dress Shirt Importing from China
Dress Shirt Importing from China

Dress shirt is typically worn under suits and jackets to formal and semi-formal occasions. China has a lot of shirt suppliers and manufacturers that provides a high-quality fabric dress shirts mostly in a solid color. Perfect for you and your business.

Epaulette Shirt Importing from China
Epaulette Shirt Importing from China

Chinese shirt market provides different types of shirt comes in diffrerent color, design and sizes including epaulette shirt. It is characterised by a special shoulder styling with a  militarily inspired shoulder straps in high quality with reasonable price.

Flannel Shirt Importing from China
Flannel Shirt Importing from China

If you want to wear a rugged looking checkered flannel fabric, flannel shirt is perfect for you. You can buy this type of shirt in any area in China. These suppliers made a lightweight casual flannel which at the same time is warm. They assure you high-quality products.

Granddad Shirt Importing from China
Granddad Shirt Importing from China

Granddad shirt is a full front button up shirt with a band collar. This type of shirt is supplied by Chinese manufacturers made with high-quality cotton or linen. They offer you an affordable price, perfect for your business and personal use.

Golf Shirt Importing from China
Golf Shirt Importing from China

Shirt markets in China provides a Golf shirt made with knit fabric with a short placket with two or three buttons and a collar. It also comes in a loose fit  and elbow length sleeves and a double-stitched collar  with loose double-stitched sleeve cuffs, and sometimes a left breast pocket perfect for you to take that golf swing. It comes with different designs, color and sizes with high quality fabrics to suit your preference.

Henley Shirt Importing from China
Henley Shirt Importing from China

Henley shirt is a knit shirt with a short placket and round neckline and no collar at all. There are many Henley shirt supplied by Chinese manufacturers that uses high-quality fabric and materials to meet your high standards perfect for you and your business.

Jersey Shirt Importing from China
Jersey Shirt Importing from China

Whether you are you an athlete or not? Jersey shirts are perfect for you. Lot of jersey shirts are manufactured by Chinese suppliers which is super soft and comfortable perfect for your everyday use. These factories made jersey shirts with high-quality cotton/linen blend just  right for casual weekend outings.

Night Shirt Importing from China
Night Shirt Importing from China

China market manufactures different type of shirts including night shirt. It is a loose fitting shirts worn as nightwear. Chinese manufacturers offers you a high-quality night shirt made with breathable cotton fabric at the best price that comes with any color, designs and sizes.

Polo Shirt Importing from China
Polo Shirt Importing from China

Are you owning a shirt business? China shirt manufacturers offers you a lot of shirts including polo shirts. Polo shirt is Shorter-sleeved that end midway down the biceps. They assure you a high-quality polo shirts made with high-quality fabrics and affordable price perfect for your choice.

Sweatshirt Importing from China
Sweatshirt Importing from China

China supplier produces high-quality sweatshirt wit a loose collarless pullover type of shirt perfect to wear during athletic activities. These manufacturers supplies sweatshirt made with thick soft and absorbent material like wool to meet your high standard requirements.

Undershirt Importing from China
Undershirt Importing from China

If it is your habit to wear undershirt, it is perfect for you to buy undershirts from Chinese suppliers. Under shirt is a long, knit, sleeveless shirt which is fitted and worn under other shirts. Manufacturers from China offers you an undershirt that features a U or V neckline with sweat absorbing quality. Perfect for your everyday use.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Shirt Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 9
If you have a huge shirt orders from China, you can choose sea freight shipping. It has high cargo carrying capacity.
Air Freight from China to 10
When your shirt orders need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Shipping your shirt by rails is efficient for longer journeys. It tend to be less expensive than other process.
Door to Door Service China to 1 8
Shipping shirt by door to door is economical, it saves your time, money, efforts and inconveniences.

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Best Shirt Manufacturers in China



The company was officially established in September 2005. This is one of China`s excellent garment production companies dedicated not only to production, but also to design, foreign trade, and sales. Their factory was based in Anqing City, Anhui Province, China and they are known to supply incredible large-scale production services for every customer.

  • Guangzhou Sunshiny

Guangzhou Sunshiny is an expert manufacturer of all types of shirts, dresses, knitted tops, cardigans, sweater jeans, pants, and more. This team has accumulated 10 years` history in the field of women`s wear. Its factory is consists of 400 personnel and uses advanced equipment to customized shirts based on your specific request.

  • Shenzhen SANGUO Garment Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Sanguo Garment Co., Ltd professionally offers custom-made clothing products. With over 6 years of experience, they are offering custom POLO shirts, T-shirts, sports suits, school uniforms, and many more. The company is dedicated to design, material procurement, manufacturing, packaging, and selling.

  • Hunan Xiao Fan Clothing Co., Ltd

Hunan Xiao Fan Clothing Co., Ltd is a modern clothing manufacturer integrating production, design, and marketing. Their main products are men`s clothing, women`s pants, children`s clothing, etc. After many years of efforts in production, they have production capacity reaches from 80, 000 to 150, 000 pieces each month.

  • Mora Clothing Manufacturing Co, Ltd

Mora Clothing Manufacturing Co, Ltd was founded in the year 2006 and has been devoted to the manufacturing of high-quality clothes, including different types of shirts. They have the most advanced machines and clothing equipment, help us produce the highest-quality clothing products. MORA is professional in processing, manufacturing, and selling custom garments.

  • Goldleaf Sportswear

Goldleaf Sportswear is a reliable garment manufacturer and supplier based in China. They are specialized in customizing clothing for how many years. As a professional manufacturer, they are able to presents lower prices for excellent clothing products. Their main product covers polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, cycling, etc.

  • Cangnan County Qimeng Clothing Co., Ltd

The company is dedicated to the research, production, design, and selling of different clothing designs. Their product includes t-shirts, cultural t-shirt, advertising shirts, and so on. Most of their products are sold excellently across the countries and are deeply trusted by most of their customers. There are nearly 100 professional employees in the company ready to serve you.

  • Suzhou Maifeng sports gear Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Maifeng sports gear Co., Ltd professionally manufactures all kinds of clothing designs, for example, basketball uniforms, t-shirts, soccer uniforms, rugby uniforms, and many others. They will provide great designs of shirts with your preferred designs. There are 2 production lines in the factory that will help produce your orders timely.

  • Shenzhen Fly-high Industry Co., Limited

Officially started its business in 2009, Shenzhen Fly-high Industry Co., Limited exports and manufactures shirts products based on your preferences. The company only provides the highest quality products at competitive costs. These custom-made clothing products are well exported all around the world. And they are highly appreciated by every customer.


Located in Nanping, Fujian, China, NANPING NEW HUAAN GARMENT CO. Ltd has specialized in the manufacturing of knitted garments, such as t-shirts, pullovers, polo shirts, etc. With more than 30 years of effort, the company has comprehensive manufacturing lines that will help in producing the highest quality products. And export them to Europe and America.

  • Sancool Garment Limited

Sancool Garment Limited is a leading manufacturer of tshirt, women dress, sweatshirts goodie, tshirt, women blouse, men shirt, etc. This company offering one-stop clothing manufacturing solutions. They have more than 6 years of profound experience in making clothes. All products are well-appreciated by many customers in Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, etc.

  • Dongguan City Yatisen Clothing Co., Ltd.

A professional clothing manufacturer in China that you can trust since 2015. With many years of experience, Dongguan City Yatisen Clothing Co., Ltd. can make T-shirts just the way you want them. Their products include shirts, polo, hoodies, jacket, jeans, joggers, chino, tracksuits, and many more. They are distributing their products in the domestic and overseas markets.


Established in 2003, Shaoxing Yizhi Garment Co., Ltd. engaged in manufacturing and distributing t-shirt, men′s dress shirts, casual shirts, and work clothes, and other clothing products. They are supported by more than 150 employees with processing workshops with 20 people to a standardized factory. They strive to produce high-quality clothing to support your business.

  • Foshan Chancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing Factory

Founded in 2011, Foshan Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing Factory is a certified tshirt supplier with profound experience in the field. They also produce a wide range of polo shirts, sport wear, children clothing, hoodies, tank top, sweatshirt, and so on. Through the years they improved their capabilities in manufacturing garments, design, market making, production and printing.

  • Guangzhou Guiyun Clothing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017, Shandong Demian Group Co., Ltd has advanced workshops, supportive and excellent workers specialized in making any kinds of t-shirts sportswear, yoga wear, rash guard, women bra, leggings, etc. Also, they own excellent equipment to manage production. This company passes ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 14064, GMP, EICC management system.

  • Yiwu Wenxing Garments Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 certified company established in 1998. Located in Dachen Town, Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province, China with a 2000 square meters workshop and over 200 employees, equipped with an R & D department, production department, design department, and marketing department in making men shirts, casual shirts, children shirts, work shirts and many more.

  • Guangzhou Colorful Clothing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Colorful Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in China with 16 years of production experience in clothing. They are primarily engaged in manufacturing and developing different types of clothing products. This company offers world-class high-grade products that can help you boom your business. This company offers custom clothing production.

  • Lianshuo Co., Ltd.

Lianshuo Co., Ltd. is dedicated to shirt manufacturing and sales. They offer various products with certification and serve many clients throughout the world. This China-based company provides one-stop manufacturing services to satisfy the potential needs of their customers.


Shandong Aoshi Garments Co. Ltd. was founded in 1956 and now carries ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2016 management system certification. They operate in an area with 15,000 square meters of workshop production, and more than 1500 workers working in it. Equipped with 2 production lines for shirt, 6 big production line which 4 production lines are for a suit, advanced production lines, coat, etc.

  • Guangzhou Boshi Apparel Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Guangzhou Paton (group) Apparel Co., Ltd., is a large clothing enterprise specialized in manufacturing shirts, t-shirts, school uniforms, jackets, special and safety clothing, and so on. They obtain ISO9001:2015 management system certification occupying more than 12, 000 square meters of manufacturing facilities in China.


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