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Importing Skylights from China
Barrel Vaulted Skylights scaled
Importing Barrel Vaulted Skylights from China

This type of skylight provides a practical and economical means of bestowing daylight and spaciousness to an atrium, lobby, or the interior of a building. They are also used as entrance canopies, walkway canopies and as a cover between adjacent buildings. If you are looking for a trusted Barrel Vaulted Skylights supplier and manufacturer in China, Zhejiang has the most supplier who can give you all you need about the importing process.

Curb mounted Skylights
Importing Curb-mounted Skylights from China

These skylights have proven to be one of the most popular styles of skylights available in the market. They are relatively affordable and go really well in any type of room setting. Curbs are either built on-site or can be provided by the skylight manufacturer. Finding reliable skylight supplier and manufacturer will help you save money and effort. Shandong and Jiangsu provinces will meet your needs.

Custom Skylights
Importing Custom Skylights from China

Custom skylights open up to the sun, air and stars. These aren’t just boxes or tubes which allow natural air and light into a room but are the ones which are uniquely designed. Custom skylights are preferred when the roof condition does not allow the installation of the common type of skylight. If you are planning to import Custom Skylights, China recommended a supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to ensure your imported product safe to deliver.

Deck Skylights
Importing Deck- mounted Skylights from China

Deck-mounted skylights are more recent than their curb-mounted cousins. These have become increasingly more popular in recent years. Deck-mounted skylights can be a bit more difficult to install. Then it might be beneficial to call in some help for this project. Lots of supplier and manufacturer who can help you to be an expert in Chinese Skylights. One of the best supplier and manufacturer are in Guangdong province of China. Find a superior supplier for your skylights in China.

Dome Shaped Skylights
Importing Dome Shaped Skylights from China

Dome skylights are most in Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces f China. You can import different types of skylights like Dome Shaped Skylights. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. These may also be used to advantage in building entrances to enhance lobbies or spotlight attractive features like murals, sculptures, planters, paintings, reflecting pools and much more. These dome-shaped skylights are made up of robust and flexible plastics.

Fixed Skylights
Importing Fixed Skylights from China

One of the most popular types of skylight is Fixed skylights. Just like their name indicates, these are fixed and do not open for air ventilation, basically, they are totally sealed to the roof. This type of skylight is used at low lit areas like the attics and the stairwell. Whether you need to import Skylights for your home or your business, China skylight market can always meet your needs. China referring supplier and manufacturer to anyone who can provide all the information about importing and shipping process.

Pyramid Skylights
Importing Pyramid Skylights from China

Typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs, the pyramid skylights are available with several slopes or pitch options. These typically take a pyramid shape over a square opening and generally have four sides. You can find good suppliers in Shandong market for all Skylight types. If you import skylights for your own home, I suggest you collect your friends’ order together to get a better quote.

Ridge Skylights
Importing Ridge Skylights from China

This type of skylights is applicable to conditions where the skylight continues in the same plane as the roof pitch and the ridge of the skylight follows the line of the ridge of the roof. Finding supplier and manufacturer of skylights is hard work, it is too difficult to find trusted skylight factories. Most factories only manufacture one type of Skylight. Find a factory that manufactures all kinds of skylights.

Tubular Skylights
Importing Tubular Skylights from China

Tubular skylights are an effective product to provide natural light to both residential and commercial indoor spaces. You can find a good supplier of different types of skylights for your home or business. China has a lot of supplier and manufacturer of skylights in Zhejiang province, who always make sure of giving complete information for customers importing process.

Ventilated Skylights
Importing Ventilated Skylights from China

In the pool of different types of the skylight, this one serves multi-purposes. Ventilated skylight works as a source of ventilation of air and light. These are perfect for kitchen and bathrooms, as they also aid in removing excess moisture and keep a constant flow of fresh air in the living area. If you are looking for a reliable skylights supplier and manufacturer to support your business in China, Zhejiang is your best pick.

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Best 20 Skylights Manufacturers in China

1 REXI Industries

REXI Industries is an expert distributor, skylight solution supplier located in China. Was set up in 2005, developed company to provide satisfaction for customers through their products.  They produce advanced and high-quality skylight designs to meet global markets` requirements. Certified by SGCC, CE, UK BSI, Australia CSI, USA SGCC, etc for skylights products.

2 Shengze New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Was founded in 1993, Shengze New Material Technology Co., Ltd is one of the big and leading companies in China focused on developing skylight products for more than 2 decades. And yearly, they can produce 8, 000tons of skylights products, usually distributed across the country. They owned extensive production lines & test equipment for fast& successful skylight productions.

3 Rengui Window and Door Company

Has its main office located in Foshan City, Rengui Window and Door Company is an authorized skylights manufacturer with 8+ years of industry history. They can provide friendly continuing partnership and prioritized its services` quality to meets customers` satisfaction. And after years of commitment, they now gained a high reputation from overseas and home markets.


NEWLINE is the world`s most reputed factory and supplier based in China Mainland. They are widely known producers of high-quality skylights and other related products. There are wide selections for you to select from. All the products are internationally standardized. Their mindset is focused on quality. That`s the reason they double-checked every product before shipped to its destination.

5 Yong Li Jian Aluminium Co., Ltd

Yong Li Jian Aluminium Co., Ltd is the largest enterprise major in aluminum products such as skylights, aluminum doors, and windows. Concentrated in skylight productions, designing, after-sales services, delivery processing, and other services. Began in September 1986, covers about 200, 000 square meters area in Foshan City, China. The company is known for being the oldest and mature in the industry.

6 Beijing Northglass Technologies Co. Ltd

Beijing Northglass Technologies Co. Ltd is one of the finest skylight provider & producer based in China. It is fully engaged in the development & research of glass products such as skylights since the year 1987. The factory is employed with over 1, 000 workers, which 46% of them are professional technical staff. A recipient of US IGCC SGCC, Australian CSI certificates, Chinese national certificates, and European CE certificates.

7 Tianchang TG Turbine Ventilation Co. Ltd

You can locate Tianchang TG Turbine Ventilation Co. Ltd between Yangzhou and Nanjing, which has both with favorable transportation. The company is full of an extraordinary and skillful service team. All have strong sight of quality, steadily implemented the ‘service-based’ theory. One of the top manufacturers developed skylights efficiently.

8 BaoMaShi Lighting Audio Co., Ltd

BaoMaShi Lighting Audio Co., Ltd is very experienced and skilled enough in the industry of skylights making. Primarily devoted to selling and producing of skylights to offer in the international market. All the products they are selling are with sturdy quality, available in complete varieties, and attained superior reputation worldwide.

9 Shanghai Deracp Industrial Co., Ltd

Shanghai Deracp Industrial Co., Ltd for short, DERACP was founded in the year 2000, focused on manufacturing aluminum products to fit customers` needs. Headquartered in Wenzhou, China, all passage options are easing to the business unit.  Possessed a total of 6 production lines, and occupied an area of 15, 000 square meters.

10 Aoci Decoration Material Co., Ltd

Works with the help of complete advanced manufacturing equipment, Aoci Decoration Material Co., Ltd has the best-designed skylights to offer. The company already raised close relationship with lots of prominent resources suppliers around the globe. And being a powerful company in China, they strictly followed the ISO 9001 and CIS international standards.

11 Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co., Ltd is a high-tech company prioritized in producing high-quality polycarbonate sheet skylights. Highly established comprehensive modern technology and equipment, with yearly 18, 000 tons output of skylight products. A wide range of polycarbonate sheet skylights is provided for clients` selections.

12 Anhui Shenghang Plastic Co., Ltd

Factory-built in the year 2014 at Tianchang, Anhui Province, China. This factory is specialized in marketing and productions of skylights processing, development & research. They used high-end resources and first-class production lines to produce as many as possible. Yearly production capability reaches to 5000 tons. They support industries such as lighting, construction, security, etc.

13 Runfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd

Runfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd is a company dedicated to producing high-quality lighting glass solutions such as skylights. These products are widely used in the maintenance and construction systems, basically in roof lighting projects. Together with advanced production lines, they can produce and deliver your skylight orders right on time.


The KUNSHANG INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd is the most approved company, allowed to provide all building materials such as skylights roof sheet solutions. Its factory is based in Guangdong province, China, recognized as one of the biggest building material suppliers and manufacturers. Export their products commonly in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the other 100 more countries.

15 Jiangmen Bolipai Glass Products Co., Ltd

Known as a premier producer of highest quality skylight products since its year of the institution in 2004. Located in Jiangmen City, China with smooth transportation ingress. All the products they highly present complies with all international quality systems. It is also highly appreciated by customers and markets operating all over the world. Discuss with them if you`re interested in their products & services.

16 Apro Bicycles INC(Kunshan) Co., Ltd

Stationed in Southeast China, mainly in Jiangsu province in the middle of Suzhou and Shanghai. Apro team was established in 1982, consists of over 2300 professional, excellent, and active staff members. And as of today, the factory produces skylight products with high-quality designs. Backed up with advanced manufacturing machines including plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, flow drilling machine, CNC, etc.

17 Glorious Future Glass Co., Ltd

Glorious Future Glass Co., Ltd is the most reliable, expert glass manufacturers and supplier based in Northern China. Their glass products include skylight roof sheets, doors, and glass windows. And being a committed team, they are a known source of satisfying services and products. Big honor for them to be considered as the most reliable glass solution provider in China.

18 Dongfa Glass Products Co., Ltd

Dongfa Glass Products Co., Ltd is the most notable and certified company in China. They got approval from SGS and ISO9001: 2000 international quality standards. Was founded in 1999 and particularly focused on deep handling of glass products including high-quality skylights. Extremely oriented in the quality level of skylight products and offers friendly customer service.

19 Haocheng Industrial Co., Ltd

Haocheng Industrial Co., Ltd is discovered in Qingdao City. This is a popular Chinese market, delivers only top-quality skylight products. The company enjoys high praise from international partners and customers. An integrated company with scientific management and expert R&D team. In October 2003, they received ISO 9001: 2000 certificates for your added assurance.

20 Lida Group

An official Chinese manufacturing enterprise, with a professional technical group ready to manufacture skylight products based on your specifications. They were recipients of CE, ISO9001, and CE certifications. It will take 20 days to customize skylights, from designing to delivery. Used the latest and advanced production lines for fast skylight manufacturing processes. Already has 10 years of experience in the industry.

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