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Importing solenoid valves
direct acting solenoid valves
Importing Direct Acting Solesnoid Valves from China

Solenoid Valves are most in Shandong. If you are looking for a cost-effective supplier of Direct Acting Solenoid Valves, China has a lot of suppliers and manufacturers that help all information and process of customers need.

Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves
Importing Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves

Although piloted valves require less electrical energy to operate, they usually need to maintain full power in order to remain in an open state, and they perform at a slower rate than direct acting solenoids. If you are planning to Import Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves, even if you don’t know any manufacturers, Zhejiang has a lot of suppliers that will provide complete information for you to follow.

Two Way solenoid Valves
Importing Two-Way Solenoid Valves from China

Shandong province has the leading Solenoid Valves factories, that is popular in helping customers to Import from China. A Two-Way Solenoid Valves can be specified to be either “normally open” or “normally closed” in its operation.  Finding a good  Two-Way Solenoid Valves manufacturer will help you save too much money and time.

3 way solenoid valve
Importing Three-Way Solenoid Valves from China

Three-way valves come with three ports. These are commonly used when alternate and exhaustive pressure is required for operation, as with a coffee machine or dishwasher. If you’re looking for Solenoid Valves, Guangdong has a lot of supplier and manufacturer that is best in China.

4 way solenoid valve
Importing Four-Way Solenoid Valves from China

Four-way valves are commonly used with a dual-acting cylinder or actuator. You can Import any types of Solenoid Valves like Four-way Solenoid Valve. You can always find a reliable manufacturer in Jiangsu that most in China.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Solenoid Valves Shipping from China?

Picture Frames Sea Freight Shipping from China 2
If your Solenoid Valves are not urgent, Sea Freight is a better choice. If you have a huge products, Ship by Sea is good for your Solenoid Valves.
Picture Frames Air Freight Shipping from China 2
Air Freight is the fastest in all transportation. If your Solenoid Valves is urgent, you can ship by Air.
Picture Frames Rail Freight Shipping from China 2
Using rail as a means of transportation is both speedy and cost-effective in importing Solenoid Valves from China.
Door to Door Service China to 1 12
If unfamiliar with all the shipping process, Door to door shipping is good for your Solenoid Valves. You can save time and inconveniences.

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Best 20 Solenoid Valves Manufacturers in China

1 Kailing Pneumatic Co., Ltd

Kailing Pneumatic Co., Ltd is one of China`s leading enterprises particularizing in the production of pneumatic and solenoid valves. Awarded by AAA credit grade by the bank of China, Kailing Pneumatic can manufacture solenoid valves from first-class quality raw materials. Their products encountered hard tests during and at the final of product processing. The production operates strictly according to the ISO 9001/2000 standards.

2 XingyuRfs

The XingyuRfs is a solenoid valve and solenoids most reliable manufacturer in China. A privately-owned company started its long journey ever since 1991. For almost 26 years of hard-working, XingyuRfs now grew into the largest group company. Provides a wide range of products covering solenoid valves, solenoids, angle seat valves, pneumatic actuators, actuators, etc.

3 Wenzhou Credit Parts Co., Ltd

Being the best well-experienced and leading producer, Wenzhou Credit Parts Co., Ltd offers a wide variety of fuel pumps, solenoid valves, and fuel injectors. It has been involved in the business for more than ten years and has big customers in South America, North America, Australia, Europe, etc. Their professional team can guarantee long-lasting products, makes their brand achieved a big name in the markets.

4 FITO Pneumatic Factory

FITO Pneumatic Factory is a manufactory established in 2000 at Yueqing, China. For several years of providing high-quality pneumatic and solenoid valves in the field, they have built a good reputation. Due to the knowledge of every process and great application support, they can help customers in solving their challenging applications. Also offered OEM product with your own logo.

5 Sanlixin

Participate in the business since 1993, Sanlixin is well-known that professionally manufacture and designs all series of solenoids and fluid solenoid valve. They manufacture while considering the safety standards. Incorporated with numbers of patents that are helpful to produce over 50 series of solenoid valves products. One of the companies that passed NSF, 1509001: 2008 TUV, CE, Ex, and NSF approved.

6 VPC Pneumatic CO Ltd

VPC Pneumatic CO Ltd has more than 10 years of involvement in the China solenoid industry. One of the best professional high-tech enterprises, offer numbers of automobile air suspension kits, and complete pneumatic components. Currently using 3 production bases, with long years` history on the industrial automation industry. As a result of hard work, they now obtained a high reputation in the international and domestic markets.

7 Regis Solenoid Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd

The main manufacturing plant situated in the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, and is founded in 1999. After 15+ years` of buildout,  Regis today becomes a framed and modern pneumatic manufacturer & supplier in China. Popular for its reliable service and products, and has annual output catches up to 1, 000 items of solenoid valves products.


SMART PNEUMATIC Co Ltd was founded in the year 2009 and is considered a hi-tech enterprise specializing pneumatic components and solenoid valve production. Over the 10 years of development, the company now runs a total of 2 factories. Their product lines are including air cylinders, pneumatic vibrators, fittings, solenoid valves, and other related accessories.

9 Meishuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd

Meishuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd is many years engaged in the development and research, sales, and manufacture of all valve series. Based in Yueqing City, with the open road and favorable transportation access. Their products are widely adopted in electrical appliances, display equipment, electrical & mechanical devices, electricity grid, power source, meters, etc. And most of the products are certified ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 200, Chinese CQC, and so on.

10 Fuxin

Was established in 2001, from the start Fuxin was totally devoted to manufacturing energy-saving solenoid valves and other relative elements. These products are broadly used in the solar heater, foodstuff, sanitary appliance, garden irrigation, and washing equipment. This company complied with the ISO9001, and products approved RoHS, CE, ANSI61, and NSF.

11 Fenghua Shengbang Machinery Factory

Fenghua Shengbang Machinery Factory is located in the District of Zhejiang Ningbo Fenghua and is a professional producer of pulse valve diaphragm, pulse valves, and pulse control instrument. They have reached 15 years of experience and recently received good comments from customers in both domestic and foreign countries.

12 Bohai Valve

Bohai Valve was headquartered in Jinnan District, Tianjin, Mainland China, and continuously innovating and exploring as of now. Set up in 1980, and throughout the years, the company has promoted as a leading group company which is based in China. Plus, it is committed to supplying reliable and stable fluid control solutions & products such as solenoid valves.

13 Wenling Xinbo valve Co., Ltd

This is a company in combination with service, sales, and production in one for valves production. The professional team strictly implements the ISO9001 quality system during the product processing, and to organize production. Plus they actively introduce uninterrupted innovation and advanced technology. Its product lines are widely applied in electric power, water conservancy construction users, petrochemical, pipeline industry, and so on.

14 Kveina Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Kveina Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese factory that specializes production of solenoid coils, solenoid valves, solenoid connectors, x-proof solenoid coils, and any other solenoid value parts. Currently, Kveina`s products are broadly used in the food refrigerating industry, engineering machinery, environmental technology, controlling technology, and other industries. They sold products to countries like Mid-east, Southeast Asia, Northern & Southern America, etc.

15 JKlong Valves Manufacturing Inc.

They have many years of experience in making high-grade brass valves, solenoid valves, brass faucet, brass gate valve, etc. JKlong Valves Manufacturing Inc. proves its reliability through its good performance, good quality products, and services. The team solely welcomes clients from overseas to build a stable cooperative relationship. They manufactured products that are widely used in the drainage system, water supply, gas system, and other industries.

16 Longli Hydraulic Device Co., Ltd

Operating in China, and occupies an area that takes 8000 square meters. Jinan Longli Hydraulic Device Co., Ltd started in the business since 1984 with a total of 100 skilled employees.  And as of today, Jinan Longli gained rich experience in the industry of valve products. There are manifold blocks, solenoid valves, cartridge valve, and Rexroth valve, available in more than 1000 designs.

17 Burken Trading Company

Burken Trading Company has a long history of presenting the best valve products in the most effective process.  Their past experience in international hydraulics and trading made them professional in understanding the needs of every customer, and provide them custom-made solutions. It is a little bit unique among the other companies, the most reliable one-stop resource of hydraulics and solenoid valves products.

18 Chinadrip Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd

This is one of the leading servicers and expert irrigation system manufacturers located in China. Backed with long and rich experiences in quality control, makes the team capable to supply wide selections of irrigation products to 50+ foreign countries across the globe. Chinadrip`s product lines include solenoid valves, garden watering kit, micro-sprinkler system, tubing, and so on.

19 Shanghai sot Valve Co., Ltd

Factory-built was happed in 2004, Shanghai sot Valve Co., Ltd is a mixed operation enterprise devoted to the drainage system and water supply, production, processing, and marketing of quality valves. They pride to introduce technological and spirit innovation, which effective in improves large-scale strength of the company. Their valve products are available in different 1000 specifications, high quality, and very affordable.

20 YOYE Hydraulics Co., Ltd

YOYE Hydraulics Co., Ltd is an authorized, expert R&D and producer of various hydraulic accessory, power unit tanks, cartridge valves, and solenoid valves. YOYE has a well-experienced design group that applies their knowledge in the hydraulic field to create an effective design solution. Also consists of skilled quality control staff who take 100% valves inspection and pressure testing to confirm high quality.

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