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mid range speaker
Importing Mid-range Speaker from China

A mid-range speaker is a loudspeaker driver that reproduces sound in the frequency range from 250 to 2000 Hz. Shop for midrange speakers at the most reliable suppliers in China. Manufacturers are commonly based in Guangdong province. They provide mid-range speakers with excellent sound quality and impressive power. You can find all kinds at affordable prices.

ceiling speaker
Importing Ceilings Speaker from China

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive speakers for a multi-room audio system, or high-performance home theater speakers that don’t take up any real estate in your room, China factories supply ceiling speakers that provide the performance you require. They provide professional sound in all homes, especially ceiling speakers. Manufacturers are commonly based in Guangdong province. They also provide ceiling speakers that are easy to install and virtually invisible.

outdoor speaker
Importing Outdoor Speaker from China

Whether you’re looking for outdoor speakers that can disappear under your eaves or rock speakers that blend in with your landscaping, China manufacturers supply outdoor speaker that allows you to bring sound to any place in your yard without standing out or getting in the way. 80% of suppliers are commonly based in Guangdong province. They only provide high-quality outdoor speakers just for you.

portable speaker
Importing Portable Speaker from China

Looking for the best portable speaker? China portable manufacturers and suppliers provide favorite portable audio companions for the beach, camping or general on-the-go listening. Think portable speakers with unbeatable music quality. Discover the widest range of portable speakers to any room to stream high-quality sound at China factories. Manufacturers are commonly based in Guangdong province.

woofer speaker
Importing Woofer Speaker from China

A woofer is a technical term for loudspeaker driver designed to produce low frequency sounds, typically from 40 Hz up to 500 Hz. China manufacturers are supplying the best woofer speakers to all customers. There’s a lot of suppliers that are based in Guangdong province and followed by Zhejiang province. They supply high quality and high-cost effective woofer speakers.

subwoofer speaker
Importing Subwoofer Speaker from China

Subwoofers are used in most home theater systems, but it can also radically improve the sound of stereo systems. It can also provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. Manufacturers that supplying subwoofer speakers are based in Guangdong, China. China manufacturers offer all the power and low end you’d expect from a subwoofer. You can enjoy the groundbreaking selection of powered and wireless subwoofer speakers.

full range speaker
Importing Full-range Speaker from China

When looking for importing speakers, one term you will encounter frequently is full-range. This term is intended to let the buyer know the speaker is capable of reproducing all or most of the audio frequencies humans are capable of hearing, without the need for additional equipment. In China, you can find most full-range speaker in Guangdong province. Unique and one of the most advanced full range speakers in the world.

horn speaker
Importing Horn Speaker from China

Whether looking for a horn speaker for your business, or for personal uses such as public address system, megaphones, and sound systems for large venues like theaters, auditoriums, and sports stadiums. In China, you can find tons of horn speaker supplier and manufacturer in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can import horn speaker that is made of different materials and different shapes.

floor standing speaker
Importing Floor Standing Speaker from China

Floor standing speakers have been an incredible addition to the home audio system for quite a long time. The size of a floor standing speaker appears generally larger than most speakers. Even so, the tall yet slim size allows more room for other components. If you are looking for the professional suppliers of floor standing speaker in China, Guangdong province is your next option. You can import different floor standing speaker types, designs, sizes etc that suits any of your needs.

bookshelf speaker
Importing Bookshelf Speaker from China

China manufacturing factories of bookshelf speakers are most in Guangdong province. Manufacturers offer high-quality bookshelf that provides the crisp, clear stereo sound you’ll love to hear fill a room. Get the best sound in a small package with bookshelf speakers. Find the perfect bookshelf speakers to fit your space from your trusted Chinese suppliers. Take care of the certification of your manufacturer.

Importing Soundbars from China

Complete your entertainment system with high-quality soundbar manufacture by leading suppliers and manufacturers in China. You can find most of them in Guangdong province. Get the better sound quality with China sound bars.  Simple and inexpensive, and don’t have all the frustrating wires that come with a true surround-sound system. Whenever you need sound bars, Chinese supplier can satisfy your needs.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Railway shipping cost is in the the middle of sea and air freight. If your order time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping railway.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
Safe delivery for your speaker orders and on time with competitive freight cost is what door to door shipping provide.

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Best 20 Speaker Manufacturers in China

1 Guangzhou Hipower Audio Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hipower Audio Co., Ltd is located in Panyo, Province in Guangzhou that occupies around 2,000 square meters with 3 production lines. They are making Pro audio speakers, ranging from small size – 24 inches. Since founded in 2003, HiPower integrated into research, development, manufacturing, and processing electro-acoustic.

2 Foshan City Nanhai Kafu

Founded in 2006, Foshan City Nanhai Kafu is dedicated to providing high-end audio equipment. Through development, the company built a line of mature product technology, production systems, and after-sale service system. Their products category includes a full range of speakers, subwoofer, power amplifiers, and other accessories.

3 Anaccord

Annaccord is one of the leaders in the audio speakers market in China and Taiwan. They are offering a comprehensive range of audio speaker products. Including power audio amplifier, subwoofer speakers, PA speakers system, in-wall ceiling speaker, and more other audio products. The company audio speaker system solution stretched across the world.


Founded in 2013, Norson Industry Co., Ltd involved in producing and developing Bluetooth devices including BT speakers and BT earphones. They are a professional manufacturer with its own hardware and software engineer. The company accepts OEM and ODM orders. Norson product line meets the ROHS, CE, TELEC, FCC, and BQB approved. You can visit their company in Longgang Road, Shenzhen, 518115, China

5 Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd

Specializing in producing professional audio equipment, Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd develops its own brand “CVR” since 2005. The company integrates into Research and Development, Sales and Demonstration of range of sound gear. Occupying 5,000 square meter plant, the company is fully equipped with the advanced production system and knowledgeable staff.

6 Jaskey Limited

Jaskey Limited is specializing in trendy fashion audio electronics products for over 12 years. They are a design, development, and manufacturing company with a strong workforce to design new and unique products. The main products of the company include Bluetooth speakers, portable speakers, furniture speakers, and other electronic products.

7 Sunway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd

Located in Guangzhou, China, Sunway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd became one of the leading professional audio equipment suppliers and manufacturers. They focus on Research and Development, Sales, Technical Expertise, and Customer Support of Pro audio power amplifier. Since 2006, they are offering top quality products and services. Visit their site to learn more about their service.

8 Ningbo Honytek Electronics Technology Co., LTD

Located in Ningbo, Ningbo Honytek Electronics Technology Co., Ltd specializes in various kinds of audio equipment. The company is situated in one of the biggest seaports in the world, convenient transportation access as it near Shanghai. Honytek production line includes car speaker, audio speaker, car subwoofer enclosure, speaker box, and so on. For the overseas clients, they focus on OEM production.

9 Guangzhou Master Sound Equipment Co., Limited

Guangzhou Master Sound Equipment Co., Limited was established in PanYu, Guangzhou, China. They are one of the leading professional audio equipment manufacturers in the province. Along with their product categories are loudspeakers, power amplifiers, signal processors, phase checker, etc. The company has a capable Research and Development team to meet specific customer requirements.

10 CAF

CAF is located in the Guandong Province of China. They are a large and professional manufacturer and supplier of the pro audio system. They specialize in pro audio system products developing, manufacturer, and marketing. In 2006, they relocated to Foshan in order to meet the huge market demand for audio equipment. The company has a high reputation in 20 provinces and the international market.

11 Fidek Audio Manufacturing (Guangzhou) Limited

Established in 1981, Fidex Audio Manufacturing (Guangzhou) Limited built in Hong Kong. Their main products are speaker, docking speaker, Bluetooth speaker, DJ live sound speaker, and home theatre system, and more. They are focusing on research and development and production application of audio technology and digital DJ mixing equipment.

12 Ningbo Polinata Electronics Co., Ltd.

They are specializing in offering a perfect sound solution system for the past 20 years. Ningbo Polinata Electronics Co., Ltd. designed and engineered a full line of latest technology speakers for OEM and ODM customers in over 100 countries. The company has a range of amplifier designs, different materials, and various sizes.

13 Universal (Changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd

Universal (Changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1996 to focus on making speaker, Piezo element, an electromagnetic transducer, microphone, and inductor. Their line of products can be used I wide applications such as electric appliances, mobile phones, GPS, and other electronic utensils. They are endorsers of a famous brands like Sony, Intel, Samsung, ASUS, and more.

14 FST Speakers

Since 1993, FST Speakers produce all speakers of all specifications. They are the leading manufacturers of speakers for over 40 years in Taiwan. Presently, the company has 2 manufacturing plants in Ningbo and Dong-Guan in China. FST built a reputation to the international market, including Middle East, Europe, America, and so on.

15 VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005, VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd is professional in manufacturing a variety of mylar speakers, micro speakers, and earphones. This company is located in Taiwan with 4 branches and over 860 workers. VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd has a daily production capacity of 100,000+ audio types of equipment. The company follows the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system.


YIMI was established in 2009, fully integrated into the design, research, development, manufacture, and sales of Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and earphones. The company becomes one of the professional companies in the electronics industry. YIMI is supplying great performance products to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

17 Shenzhen Kingree Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kingree Electronic Co., Ltd is devoted to R&D, production, marketing, and sales of high-tech products. Their products include Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and other computer and mobile tablet USB accessories. Kingree has 200+ employees, advanced manufacturing lines, and technology.

18 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Since 1988, Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd involved in designing and manufacturing audio products. The company enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets. They have wide product categories including PA amplifiers and speakers, sound equipment, smart home music system, and more others. For more info, you may contact them or visit their head office in Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China.

19 Guangzhou Xinbaosheng Audio Equipment Co., Ltd

Established in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, Xinbaosheng Audio Equipment creates a brand name of Sinbosen and AOYUE. The company focus on PA speaker, DSP amplifier, digital amplifier, microphone, and new optimum level sound system. They have more than 50 employees, 5 assembly lines, and a wide production workshop.

20 HUIZHOU CODI Technology Co., Ltd

HUIZHOU CODI Technology Co., Ltd often called CODI Technology is one of the professional manufacturers of electronics products. Including Bluetooth speaker, stereo set, vinyl player, e-fireplace, etc. The company focus on high-quality electronics product and service. They are also offering a one-stop manufacturing solution to all customers.

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