Special Delivery Fee

Special Delivery Fee: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is Special Delivery Fee?

A special delivery fee is usually truck charges for making deliveries beyond their normal service area or service hours.

DHL special delivery

DHL Special delivery

When Should You Pay For Special Delivery Fee?

The usual working hours which is 8 am -8 pm, Monday to Friday. When you need your goods to be delivered past 8 pm, you will be requested to pay a special delivery fee since it’s past our working hours.

You will need to pay a special delivery fee when you request the goods be delivered to you during the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

We usually have our regular service parameters for deliveries; you will pay the special delivery fee if your goods are delivered past the parameters.

How Do You Place Order For Special Delivery?

When you need to place an order for special delivery, it’s easy. Just contact our customer care team via email or phone call.

The customer care will take it from there and give you a way forward for your special delivery.

How Do You Calculate Special Delivery Fee?

For special delivery fee calculations, you usually calculate the weight of the goods plus the kilometers for the delivery to get the fee for the goods.

If your goods are delicate, we also charge you an extra fee to deliver them since they need extra care.

Are Their Extra Charges After Paying For Special Delivery Fee?

After paying for your special delivery fee, we will not charge you anything extra for special deliveries. Everything is calculated and included in the special delivery fee that you have been requested to pay.

If you are requested to pay anything else by our delivery men, kindly contact our offices immediately.

What Is The Standard Time For Special Delivery?

We do not have a specific standard time for special deliveries. You might visit our website in case of any clarifications needed.

What Happened If My Special Delivery Delays?

Delays are typically rare cases in special deliveries, but they do happen. When we foresee a delay in making your deliveries on time, we will contact you and let you know about it early enough to reach an agreement.

If the delays are as significant as an accident, we compensate our recipient for all the damages cost due to the delays.

Will You Get A Refund For Special Delivery Fee If The Goods Are Damaged?

Yes, if the goods are damaged when delivered, we will calculate the damages and refund the special delivery fee as per the cost of the damage.

How Will I Know My Special Delivery Fee?

There is a special delivery fee chart from our website that will guide you on knowing your fee.

Keep in mind that you need to know the weight of your good since it’s the primary determinant of the special delivery fee.

Do I Sign For My Special Delivery?

Yes, when you receive your special delivery, the truck driver will give you a document that you will be required to sign.

This document will acknowledge that you have received the goods and they are in perfect condition. We will give you a copy and retain the original for our records.

Do You Issue An Invoice After Special Delivery Fee Payment?

Yes, we issue an invoice after your payment for special delivery to come along with your goods. The invoice will act as evidence in case of any damages of interests along the way.

What Is The Maximum Weight For Special Delivery?

As a special delivery company, we are ready and well equipped to serve you. We do not have a maximum weight for special delivery; no matter the weight, contact us. We got you covered.

When Do You Pay The Special Delivery Fee?

You will pay the special delivery fee before we do the delivery for you. This will enable us to pay for extra expenses along the way like staff allowance and fuel for the trucks used.

Which Products Do You Charge Special Delivery Fee?

Any product is charged a special delivery fee so long as it’s past working hours and it’s not within the radius of our normal delivery services.

Which Trucks Do You Use For Special Delivery?

It will all depend on the product being delivered we generally have all the trucks available for special delivery.

Is It Possible To Cancel A Special Delivery After Payment?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the special delivery after payment, so long as the products have not yet been realized for the special delivery.

If you need to cancel, we recommend you call the customer care team early enough, 24hours before the products are realized.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Receive Your Special Delivery?

If you do not receive your special delivery, we request you to talk to us directly for follow-ups and compensation to be done by the company.

Can You Change An Address For Special Delivery?

Yes, it is possible to change the address, but you need to change it in advance and communicate with us.

Which Method Of Payment Do You Accept For Special Delivery Fee?

Modes of payments

Modes of payment

For a special delivery fee, we do accept different methods of payment like

  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheques
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • T&T

What Is The Comparison Between Recorded Delivery And Special Delivery?

Recorded delivery is generally a way to get your goods posted with proof of them reaching the destination.

In contrast, special delivery is a way of transporting goods much faster but at a high cost.

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