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Importing Squishy from China
Animal Squishy
Importing Animal Squishy from China

Whether you need to import any types of squishy like Animal Squishy, Shandong has a lot of suppliers who can always meet your needs in China. A squishy that is the opposite of soft squishy. As the name suggests, they are denser than normal squishy and take more effort to squish. Perfect for those who want to relieve stress with firm squeezes.

Buns Squishy
Importing Buns Squishy from China

Squishies are manufactured into many different shapes and sizes and are often modeled after food or other inanimate objects. They are popular among children and adolescents and are used to relieve stress by squishing the toy, as the name implies. If you are looking for a supplier and manufacturer, Zhejiang province has a lot of trusted squishy factory in China.

Burger Squishy
Importing Burger Squishy from China

In case you’re still living in a fidget spinner world, squishy are brightly colored foam toys that come in a shocking variety of shapes and sizes, from a tiny panda face on a keychain to a giant peach the size of a toddler’s head. If you are planning to import, China is the best for your plan. Providing all your needs about importing Burger squishy process.

Cake Squishy
Importing Cake Squishy from China

Squishy is a stress Relief Toy. Cake squishy toys are amazingly soft and super good touching feeling, just like a jelly toy. It helps reduce anxiety and increase focus, perfect squeeze squishy to relieve stress and increase blood circulation of hands. Even if you’re not familiar in any factory, China can help you find a reliable factory that manufactures durable squishy for your growing business.

Character Squishy
Importing Character Squishy from China

Squishies are a great toy for kids and adults of all ages. It’s becoming a very popular toy in the teacher’s classroom, the playroom for kids with autism, and in a professional workplace for adults. Importing products in popular supplier and manufacturer can help you find good quality products for your business. It also helps you find a trusted supplier and manufacturer that will support you so that your business will grow bigger.

Cupcake Squishy
Importing Cupcake Squishy from China

Did you know that instead of going for the automatic response of acting out, feeling angry or staying in anxiety mode with a stressful situation, kids and adults can now choose to reach into their backpack and work drawer to take out their favorite squishy when they are in need of a dose of calmness during a stressful situation. Importing for the first time is not easy. Finding a trusted supplier and manufacturer of products you want is difficult to find. China can recommend a kind of supplier who can help you in the whole process.

Donut Squishy
Importing Donuts Squishy from China

All of us wants to save money in every situation. About importing donuts squishy, Jiangsu province has the most supplier and manufacturer in China. They supply all kinds of squishy in fast shipping process about importing products. Giving all the information so you can sure that your products will be delivered safely.

Fruit Squishy
Importing Fruit Squishy from China

In terms of planning to import, you can choose in China to find a sustainable squishy supplier and manufacturer. Squishy is a helpful and stress reliever to all especially to those who are in offices.  Many people use hand fidgets to relieve stress and anxiety, to help focus, or just for plain fun. Stress balls, putty, and anything squishy and squeezy is helpful because they’re soothing, calming, and enjoyable to fidget with.

Ice Cream Squishy 1
Importing Ice Cream Squishy from China

Are you looking for a cost-effective squishy supplier and manufacturer? Squishy factories are most in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China. Providing high quality squishy for all importers. Decreasing stress and tension can help to improve the quality of your life by promoting better sleep, warding off illness and enhancing a general feeling of well-being. Squeezing the ball activates the muscles of your hand and wrist.

Imojie Squishy
Importing Emoji Squishy from China

Giving an adorable emoji squishy gifts for your friend, family or even for your special someone is the right way to express your feeling for them. Aside from giving them happiness, you also help them to relieve their everyday stressful works. If you are planning to import emoji squishy, China can help you find a reliable factory in Guangdong province, that manufactures high-quality products of squishy for your family and friends or for your own business.

Jumbo Feet Squishy
Importing Jumbo Feet Squishy from China

Be one of the importers of popular squishy supplier and manufacturer in Shandong province of China. Knowing that Shandong has a lot of squishy supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to supply all types of durable jumbo feet squishy for your own or even for your business.

Mesh Squishy Balls
Importing Mesh Squishy Balls from China

The benefits of stress balls also include boosting blood circulation and helping with the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and they’re used as a tool for meditation. The balls can also be used as a physical therapy tool to help strengthen the muscles of the hand and wrist. If you are looking for a sustainable supplier and manufacturer, China can recommend the most popular squishy factory from Jiangsu province.

Mini Squishy
Importing Mini Squishy from China

Squishies are manufactured into many different shapes and sizes and are often modeled after food or other inanimate objects. They are popular among children and adolescents and are used to relieve stress by squishing the toy, as the name implies. Squishy is most in Zhejiang province. Supplying all kind of high-quality squishy in all places.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Squishy Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to 1
When costs are your primary concern and time is not a factor, sea freight services is the best choice for your squishy orders.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Air freight service is best for your urgent squishy shipments. Also offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 23
Moving squishy shipments by rail is increasingly the most cost-effective way of transporting freight. Offers many advantages you, including reliability, speed and can also help reduce congestion.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
Door to door shipping can deliver your squishy shipments safe, on time, with competitive freight cost.

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The Resource To Import Squishy From China:

Manufacturer of squishy and supplier of squishy

Best 20 Squishy Manufacturers in China


EPDLY has a factory based in Mainland China. A state of the art Chinese enterprise with best selling squishy products to offer. They also provide all in one service, from design to delivery.  One of their company`s goal is to understand the customer`s given layout and custom them precisely. EPDLY`s top priority is to manufacture the best squishy base on your ideas, a safe delivery, and excellent functional squishy products. Their team offers high-quality squishy with long service life to propose.

2 Zhejiang MaxQ Crafts Co., Ltd.

The Zhejiang MaxQ Crafts Co., Ltd offers a wide variety of squish designs that surely meet your exact needs. They adhere to achieve customer`s satisfaction at the same time, provide the quality of product and services you deserve.  MaxQis very willing to cooperate with other foreign merchandisers from across the country in order to perceive win to win conditions.

3 Taihua Hardware Plastic MFG., Co., Ltd.

Since the year of Taihua Hardware Plastic MFG., Co., Ltd foundation in 2009, they gain rich experience in the squish industry for about 15 years. They are well-recognized companies due to their product and service quality levels. It also adheres to “mutual development, quality first; respect consumers.” Willing to work with both domestic and foreign business sectors.


Well-known to supply and manufacture different series and designs of squishes at a top-quality and reasonable cost. Their team holds fast to the principle of “service first, non-stop development, quality first”. They manage the fast fabrication and fast delivery of your squish orders. With their cooperation, you can experience the unique and perfect service you truly deserve.

5 Fujian East Promotions Co., Ltd.

Fujian East Promotions Co., Ltd is the best all-inclusive large scale and state-possessed export and import institution, which started its business since 1986, the month of June. The company received great image and high praise in the overseas trade profession because of each service and product`s quality. One of the most faithful, reliable squish manufacturing companies in China you can ask for help anytime.

6 Dongguan Shiyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Shiyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd is locally situated in China`s famous manufacturing location- in Dongguan City. Their group is focally dedicated to quality squish production and won a great reputation internationally since 2005-year when the company was founded. High-quality products for affordable prices are sure you can avail of in Shiyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

7 Acme Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

The company of Acme Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd proudly offers various squish products which surely meets your assorted requirements. Since the establishment, their team always strive to do their very best to achieve customer satisfaction. Trendy and affordable squishes are found only in this company. Acme Technology in Zhejiang City, China will be your perfect partner to obtain great success ahead.

8 Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited

Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited was founded in 2009. After the years in the squish production field, they gained rich experience, more devoted to designing, developing, and manufacturing different premium squishes for gift ideas. The company offers customization services to make squishes according to your desire. It can be printed as well to promote your own brand, as one effective way to expand your business.

9 Kaixin Plastic Toys Manufactory

Kaixin Plastic Toys Manufactory has wide experience in exporting and producing toys such as squishes. Their series of squishes have obtained CE and ASTM certifications. As a result, their products are sold excellently in America, Europe, and to different across the country. And because of the trust given by their loyal customers, the company won a great reputation and high praise from abroad and home clients. They are looking forward to working with you.

10 Snowtree Group Co., Ltd

This is a well-integrated company, focally particularise in development, sales, production, and design all kinds of squishes. Their squishes can be used as a tool for the makeup, can be a toy, and anything you desire for this production. With a powerful technical team and efficient management system, the company got certifications from RoHS, CCC, CE, etc.

11 Adenaglobal Montessori

Professional manufacturer for more than 10 years of experience, Adenaglobal Montessori is specialized in producing EN71, ASTM F963 certificated products such as toys at a very affordable price. The factory is located in Zhejiang, an office in Shanghai, and they have a warehouse in America. Devoted to offering first-class Montessori material, packages to many countries worldwide.

12 Yiwu Bay Import and Export Co. Ltd

Established in 2016, located at Yiwu, with convenient transportation access, Yiwu Bay Import and Export Co., Ltd., ensure customer satisfaction by introducing and developing products with international standards. They can manufacture custom squishy toys, kid toys, party accessories, etc. OEM and ODM orders are also welcome.


Established in 2013, Yiwu Smt Toys Co., Ltd. is dedicated to produced unmatched quality squeeze toys, capsule toys, TPR toys, and slime series. With many years of history in manufacturing, they built good relationships with customers Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. As an ISO9001 certified, you can trust the process of their facility.

14 Qingzhiyuan Arts and Crafts

If you`re looking for stress balls and squishy toys you can count on Yiwu Qingzhiyuan Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. they are a trusted manufacturer and supplier established in 2017. Located in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, with many certifications to operate such as ISO9001:2015. All their products are well-known and appreciated in many countries like North America, Domestic.

15 Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Best Century Crafts Co., Ltd.

Specialize in producing squishy, anti-stress squeeze toys, Stress Balls, and other related products. For over 10+ years of rich experienced, they now have an annual output of 500, 000 pieces monthly. Located at Ningbo, Zhejiang, China they comply ISO9001, ISO9000, ISO14001 certifications. In short, bulk squishy and stress balls are their specialty.

16 Yuan Yuan

Founded in 2010, Dongguan Yuanyuan Sponge Products Co., Ltd can customize your PU foam product needs such as health care, home products, and travel products, etc. Own advanced equipment and production line to ensure precise designing and manufacturing. A committed and dedicated company who aim to provide high-class squishes w/ more than 80 skilled employees that cover an area of 2000 sqm factory.

17 Cixi Jeva Crafts Co., Ltd.

Cixi Jeva Crafts Co., Ltd. particularly pays attention to research, production, and development of PU commodity, squishy toys, plastic toys, decompression toys, etc. which can enhance popular life quality. Employs 100+ employees and workers with a skilled and professional management team and a workshop about 3000 sqm, expertly running several modern production lines of PU toys with an annual output capacity of 10 million.

18 VINNY Squishy

Established in 2010, with certificates from ISO9001, BSCI, FSC, MSDS, REACH, Vinny is recognized as one of the leading suppliers for licensed art & craft business located in Ningbo, China. All products are well-tested, with credibility in the foundation. Both customers from foreign and domestic can benefit from their strict system of controlling the quality of sourcing a good process.

19 Milucky Squishy

Zhenhai Dongming Craftwork Co., Ltd is an expert in manufacturing PU squishy toys like fruit squishy slow rising, squishy foam toys, soft squishy stress toys, etc.  Located in the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China, they have strict raw materials sourcing, all the materials guaranteed eco-friendly and nontoxic conformed to Japan, European, American safety standards.

20 Foshan Funny-Toys Co., Ltd.

The leading manufacturer you can rely on when you are sourcing all kinds of PU squishy toys with high quality. Offer plenty of finished and semi-products in stock with competitive price. Handled this operation for many years and have their sales network through Singapore, Australia, Italy, UK, Canada, Korea, etc. They provide the agency department to provide one-stop worldwide agency services 24/7 to facilitate their customer.

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