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Importing Stand up Zipper Pouch from China
Importing Stand-up Zipper Pouch from China

Chinese manufacturer of Stand-up zipper Pouch most in Guangdong provinces. You can import a large number of stand up zipper pouch products for its various uses including the packaging of powders, dry goods, and other trail mix products. Chinese manufacturer will offer you different zip designs and a great packaging experience for your orders.

Importing Kraft Stand Up Pouch from China
Importing Kraft Stand-Up Pouch from China

Kraft Stand-up Pouch is ideal for packing food products and other dry goods. This helps in food preservation as the inner part of it is laminated, hence, keeping products fresh. Kraft stand-up bags can be used in another way that is economical and environmentally friendly. Whether you are importing kraft stand-up pouch for your food packaging business or other purposes, you can always rely on Chinese stand-up Pouch manufacturers.

Importing Rice paper stand up pouches from China
Importing Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch from China

There are numerous brands of rice paper pouches available on the market today. Chinese Stand-up factory provides quality, healthy and safe rice paper stand up pouches, stylish designs at reasonable prices. For your food packaging business needs, you can rely on these manufacturers.

Importing Stand up Pouches with Window from China
Importing Stand-up Pouches with Window from China

Stand up Pouches with window has meant to attract customers. Chinese Stand-up pouches manufacturers provide a wide range of colors, designs, sizes as well as different shapes of the windows of the pouch. This allows your customer to easily identify the product inside the package easily. Stand up Pouches with window manufacturer in China has the best lightweight of these products that can help you increase your profits by reaching more capable buyers of your business.

Importing Foil Stand Up Pouch from China
Importing Foil Stand-Up Pouch from China

Foil stand-up pouch is one of the best on the market, as they are cost-effective compared to firm packaging applications. Foil stand up pouch manufacturer in China mostly in Guangdong, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. They offer a wide selection of durable, shelf-life, and flexible foil stand-up pouches in affordable prices.

Importing Shaped Stand up Pouch from China
Importing Shaped Stand-Up Pouch from China

If you are looking for the best replacement for your typical bag in a box packaging, Chinese stand-up pouches are your ideal choice. They provide customized shapes that make it lightweight and user-friendly. You can find shaped stand up pouch manufacturers in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces in China.

Importing Stand Up Pouch with Spout from China
Importing Stand-Up Pouch with Spout from China

If you are looking for the most ideal packaging for perishable foods and any other liquid products, Chinese stand-up pouch with sprout manufacturer exclusively made with a resealable cap to ensure you preserve your liquid product safely and for long. In China, you can find a large manufacturer of this type of stand-up pouch in Guangdong provinces.

Importing Stand Up Pouch with Valve from China
Importing Stand-Up Pouch with Valve from China

China Stand-up pouches with valves manufacturing factories mostly in Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces. Manufacturers offer a large quantity of these types of a stand-up pouch for storing a number of different products. Chinese certified manufacturers designed stand-up pouches with valves to release pressure on the package and keep the products inside fresh.

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Best 20 Stand up Pouch Manufacturers in China

1 Mingyue Packaging

Founded in 2013 in Zhejiang, MINGYUE got certifications such as ISO9001, FSSC22000, QS, BRC, and others. This rising manufacturer has been awarded as Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise and Zhejiang High-tech R&D center. The company has more than 100 employees focused on improving the production process and product innovation. They are working hard to present and recommend the latest styles, material structure to every client. Mingyue product covers are spout pouch, shaped bag, coffee bag, pet food pack bag, food packaging pouch, and so on.

2 LD Packaging Co., Ltd

LD Pack Co., Ltd was established in 1991 in Xiqiao Technology & Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province. They have 400+ employees and 5 sets of 8 – 12 colors printing and production lines. As a result, the company set an annual output of 12,000 tons. Occupying an area of over 30 thousand square meters, the company workshop has a clean, healthy, environmental-friendly environment. Their packaging solutions are ideal for food, meat, beverages, snack food, chemical goods, and other daily household cleaning products. Most of their products are sold in overseas countries.

3 Green Packaging

Specializing in the research, manufacturing, and selling flexible multi-layer coextruded functional packaging materials, GreenPak offers high-quality, well-built food packaging materials and original packaging solutions. The company is more concerned about user-health, therefore, they offer a complete range of sturdy films, especially for food products. Along their products are stand up pouches, vacuum pouch, and printed bags. GreenPak approved by FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, CFIA, and CS certificate.


Located in Qingdao City, Beaufy Group Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer for all kinds of plastic bags. The company has 300+ employees and registered capital of 30 million RMB. Their primary products are sandwich bags, slider bags, lamination bags, LDPE ziplock bags, Biohazard specimen bags, CPP films, etc. Beaufy Group Ltd is exporting packaging products to 20+ countries and regions around the world. This company has BV, BSCI, and ISO certifications.

5 Shenzhen Asuwant Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd

ASUWANT Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, focusing on all types of flexible packaging bags. The company main products are kraft paper bags, smell-proof zipper bags, child-resistant bags, food bags, and more. With 8 advanced production lines, the company reached its annual production capacity to 120 million bags.

6 YongLianTai Packaging Bag Co., Ltd

Specializing in all kinds of packaging bags, YongLianTai Packaging Bag Co., Ltd got a long-term partnership with their customers. Some of their famous brand partners are Coca-cola, Nestle, Disney, Nivea, P&G, and Old Navy. Their packaging bags offer includes stand up bags, kraft paper bags, coffee bags, spout pouch, fruit bags, mask bags, and so on. The company is equipped with high-tech producing machinery and modern plant to produce a comprehensive line of products.

7 TedPack

Located in Dongguan, near Hong Kong, TedPack is specializing in flexible packaging products manufacturing. They are exporting most of its products to the USA and Europe, but now they are serving more than 30 industries from 15 countries. The company offers professional consultations, quality assurance, and one-stop transportation services. TedPack has a daily production capacity of 500,000 pieces of bag.

8 Chaoan Chengtai Printing Co., Ltd.

Chaoan Chengtai Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 1990. After 30 years in the business, the company level up its production and service which makes them one of a respected and trusted plastic packaging company. Chaoan Chengtai Printing Co., Ltd plastic packaging includes shape pouch, zipper bag, stand up pouch, three-side bag, and spout pouch. They are equipped with sophisticated technology to bring quality packaging solutions.

9 MST Packaging Co., Ltd.

Located in Guangdong Province, MST is equipped with lamination lines and 10 colors rotogravure printing technology. The company reached an annual production capacity of over 5,000 tons. Most of the packaging materials are approved by US-FDA and EU standards. MST design different packaging for food and non—food industries. Since established in 1993 in Jiangmen, Guangdong, the company built a name in the industry.

10 HIBAGS Co., Ltd.

HIBAGS Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 in Qingdao Province. They are manufacturing and supplying stand up pouch, coffee bags, and zipper bags at the most affordable wholesale prices. This company got certification by BSI, ISO, and BRC. With 300+ workers and effective management, the company assures high-quality products and fine service.

11 Guangdong Danqing Plastic Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Danqing Plastic Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of printed packaging materials for different industries. They cover a wide range of packagings such as coffee bags, food packaging bags, printed packaging films, and more. Over 28 years experienced in the business, the company possessed modern production to produce a comprehensive line of products.


DXC Pack was founded in 2005 covering an area of 12,000 sq m factory. This company is an innovative flexible packaging enterprise for food and non-food industries. They are following strict quality procedures and FSC, ISO22000 and BRC certified. DXC Pack packaging solutions include coffee packaging bags, food powder bags, large foil bags, flat bottom bags, and so on. To date, they had a total annual production capability of 10,000 tons.

13 Xi’an JiFeng Medicine Packing Co., Ltd

Xi’an JiFeng Medicine Packing Co., Ltd. headquartered in Xi’an in 1999. They are a fast-growing flexible packaging company to develop and manufacture a comprehensive line of packaging for various applications. Xi’an Jifeng is providing products and services for medicine, personal care, food, and more. Also, they are able to deliver tailored packaging solutions.

14 Lanker Pack

Since 2005, Lanker Pack is specializing in flexible packaging pouches and films. Implementing strict quality control management, the company is able to offer innovative packaging solutions. Their production facility equipped with 10 rotogravure printing colors and dry lamination. Lanker Pack is capable of supplying the highest level of packaging pouches and films, as wells as providing customize new products.

15 BioPack Co., Limited

BioPack Co., Limited concentrates on providing compostable and biodegradable raw materials and products. That includes compostable bags, compostable films, compostable cups and tableware, and other green products. As a high-tech R&D enterprise, they are providing 100% compostable products. The company meets ISO22000 food certification, EU EN13432, and BRC certifications.

16 Logos Packaging Holdings Limited

Logos Packaging Holdings Limited has 2 factories located in Tianjin and Huizhou. This fast-developing flexible packaging manufacturer has a professional sales and manufacturing team. Logos established good relationships with all its stakeholders. They are providing packaging solutions to meet every packaging need for different applications.


MT Pack is a manufacturer of flexible packaging bags and all other kinds of packaging materials. It is based in Shanghai. Along with their product offers are stand up pouch, flat pouch, spout pouch, flat bottom pouch, and film rolls. MT Pack is cooperating with customers from different countries and regions. Their products are great for tea, coffee, baby food, organic food, snack food, and any other daily consumable products.

18 Guangdong Danqing Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Danqing Printing Co., Ltd. is specializing in producing flexible packaging bags for over 20 years. Their flexible packaging bags offers include stand up zip lock pouches, food packaging bags, pouches with spout, and other roll films. Possessing a color printing factory, computer designing center, plate making department, and film sales department, they become one of the strong biggest packaging printing factories. They had been awarded many times as top China suppliers.

19 Oemy Environmental Packaging Co., Ltd

Oemy Environmental Packaging Co., Ltd is located in Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Their main products are stand-up packaging bags, zipper bags, flat packaging bags, AL packaging bags, and more. Additionally, they are capable of attaching accessories based on customer requirements. Oemy Environmental Friendly Packaging Co., Limited could offer OEM and ODM service.

20 Xiamen Threestone Packing Material Co., Ltd.

Since 1997, Xiamen Threestone Packing Material Co., Ltd is specializing in flexible packaging. They are now ISO 9001, BSCI, and BRC certificated manufacturer. Their product line covers baby care storage, medicine packaging, food packaging, festival packaging to garment packaging. Possessing 120 advanced machinery and strict hygiene environment in the facility, the company put as a leading producer of packaging materials in China.

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