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Calculator Importing from China

Searching for trusted calculator manufacturers? Thousands of high quality stationery are found in China. Guangdong and Zhejiang are the places of excellent and high graded stationery that you’re looking for.

Colored pencils
Colored Pencils Importing from China

China carries a wide selection of colored pencils, you can find different variety of leading brands and styles perfect for all levels of artists. Choose better manufacturers that have a huge range of colored pencils that suit all your coloring needs.

Colored pens
Colored Pens Importing from China

Shops for assorted colored pens? Guangdong and Zhejiang have a fantastic range for you to choose from. The best place for colored pens on the market and they are creating top grader stationery.

Glues Tapes Fastener scaled
Glues, Tapes & Fastener Importing from China

If you need stationeries from top brands, China offers a wide variety of glues, tapes, and a fastener for conservation and bookbinding from best manufacturers.

Marker and highlighter
Marker & Highlighter Importing from China

Finding marker and highlighter manufacturers and suppliers? China is representing a vast variety of stationery that is available in various fluorescent colors, surely you can choose a better supplier or manufacturer that you can have what you need.

Pencils Importing from China

If you’re importing from China, choose those suppliers that focus on high caliber, lightweight products that can comfortable alternative to a woodcase pencil and creating best pencils from around the world for all graphite needs and handpicked pencil expert.

Pens Importing from China

In finding your perfect writing instruments is not that easy. If you’re importing pens from China, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have a fabulous selection of luxury pens that are available in the Chinese market. Release your creativity with an inspiring range of pens came from China.

Ruler and eraser
Ruler & Eraser Importing from China

Professional stationery including ruler and eraser are found in China. You can purchase directly high caliber goods directly from China. If you’re planning on importing from China, the Chinese market have all kinds of styles of stationery set suitable for world markets.

Scissors Importing from China

Looking for a verified stationery manufacturer in China? Chinese markets have thousands of assorted scissors and cutting supplies. You can find a full range of scissors that you need. All forged and hand shaped steel, the relatively short blades for scissors are simultaneously both delicate enough and tough.

Staplers and hole punches
Staplers & Hole Punches Importing from China

Shop staplers and hole punches from trusted suppliers. In Zhejiang and Guangdong have stationery designed for light, moderate and heavy duty use, as well as mini-sized. It also available in travel sizes, quality tool yet affordable.

Sticky notes
Sticky Notes Importing from China

Write down your dreams, thoughts, reminder and to-dos with cute and unique collection of sticky notes. China has a vast variety of shapes and styles of post it and sticky notes that you are looking for.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
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Best 20 Stationery Manufacturers in China

1 Tung Shing

Since 1970, Tung Shing is engaged in stationery production. It is a HongKong based group with providing a complete range of stationery products including diaries, journals and address books, notebooks, portfolios and expanding files, time planners and organizers, photo albums and frames, and so on. 95% of their outputs are exported in Europe, the USA, and Australia markets.


CHONGQING HUACHI STATIONERY CO., LTD was established in 2002. This company is one of the biggest stationery production in the West of China. Their main products are office and school stationery including cutter, scissors, punch, stapler, glue, calculators, etc. There are 500+ kinds of existing stationery products. Huachi Stationery is exporting products to more than 60 countries and regions.

3 Ningbo Hoobn Office Supplies Co., Ltd

Founded in 2011, Ningbo Hoob Office Supplies Co., Ltd ha capability to provide office supplies including staple remover, tape dispenser, stapler, pen holder, punch, and more. Ningbo Hoobn Office Supplies has an expert team and resources to make ODM and OEM service. This company is situated in Ninghai, Ningbo, China.

4  Johnshen Stationery

Ningbo Johnshen Stationery Co., Ltd was established in 1998. It is one of the biggest suppliers of stationery in China. This company has 250 workers – 70 designers and others are in their designated areas. Their main products are writing instruments, plastic notebooks, adhesives, and packages. They had 207 products exported in different countries such as Australia, Germany, and England.

5 Wenyang Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Wenyang Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 1993 in Foshan covering 25,000 sq m of area. Their primary products are flipchart easels, notice boards, whiteboards, whiteboard stands, and more. This company is recognized as the biggest whiteboard manufacturer in China. They got BSCI, SGS, BV, TUV, ISO 9001: 2008, and some more certifications.

6 Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd.

Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd has over 26 years in the industry. It was founded in the year 1994 known for providing the largest range of office and school items. This company is awarded by China Customs Offices as Class A Management Enterprise. This has a key brand “Foska”. Their products have been known in many countries.

7 Juxin Stationery Manufacturing Shenzhen Co., Ltd

Specializing in manufacturing cardholders, card cases, ID card holders, sign holders, pop clips, Juxin Stationery has grown into the biggest manufacturer in China. Since its establishment in 1996, has the company has abundant expertise in to range of stationery products. This company is based in Shenzhen covers 6,300 sq m area. Also, it has 3 subsidiaries and 2 famous brands.

8 Ningbo Bud Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Located in Ninghai, Ningbo, this company is specializing in producing and supplying stationeries. Ningbo Bud Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd main products are zinc and plastic pencil sharpener, wooden, plastic ruler, square paper cutter, protractor, and more. They are exporting 80% of their products to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America.

9 Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co., Ltd

Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. Specializing in the production and marketing of stationery products, this company has an annual production of 50+ million pieces of the item. Their primary business includes correction fluid, gel pen, whiteboard pen, fountain pen, oil pastel, correction tape, free ink system/ reservoir, and more.

10 Shenzhen Xinhualing Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Xinhualing Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has 13 years in the stationery business. Their product line includes loose-leaf fillers, stationery tables, and related products. You can find this company in Wanfeng, Shajing Sub-District, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. It has 501 total employees in different areas.

11 Jinbo      

Jinbo is located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang China. They are making office and school supplies as well as household items. Expanding files, folders are some of their offers. They started in this business in 2006. Jinbo has a daily output of 30,000+ pcs of stationeries. The company mainly export products to the United States and Europe.

12 M&G

M&G was founded in 1996 and create its name as a world-class Chinese brand. Their manufacturing facility occupies a total area of 300,000 m2 with 10,000 staff. They mainly produce writing instruments such as a ball pen, mechanical pencil, marker, refills, gel pen, and more. M&G is able to produce 4 billion pieces of writing instruments per year.

13 World Wide Stationery Holdings Co. Ltd

World Wide Stationery Holdings Co., Ltd has over 40 years in the business. Their headquarters is based in Hong Kong but extend its manufacturing facilities in China and India. World Wide Stationery products are ring mechanisms, clips, lever arch mechanisms, and other accessories. With rich expertise, this company is able to produce an annual output of 1 billion pieces.

14 Ningbo Goodtime Industry & Trading Co., Ltd

Ningbo Goodtime Industry & Trading Co., Ltd is specializing in office stationery products. The company was established in 1993 and built a strong name in the market. Their business is divided into 4 parts – office supplies, printed series, promotion gifts, and crafts. Each category has an extensive line of products. The quality certificate the company obtained are ISO9001, CE, and RoHS.

15 Ningbo TianHong Stationery

Ningbo TianHong Stationery started its business in 1989 in Changje Town, Ningbo City, China. Their plants cover an area of 120,000 square meters. They mainly produce electrical erasers, electrical pencil sharpeners, punches, binder clips, paper clips, trimmers, etc. Ningbo Tianhong Stationery has 2000 employees, and their total annual revenues are $50 million- $100 million.

16 Comix

Shenzhen Comix Group Co., Ltd is focusing on office supplies production since 1991. This company has 2,600 employees providing professional office supply solutions. Comix can be found in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They had over 10 billion RMB market value. The company has been listed as China’s 1st comprehensive office supply company.

17 Milan Pacific

Milan Pacific is giving total stationery solutions for over 20 years. Included in their products are desktop instruments, filing and storage, mailing and shipping supplies, drawing instruments, ink and toner, expandable file, office paper, writing instruments, paper and pad, and arts and crafts. Each category consists of a broad product line. Milan Pacific is connecting to the global designing team to produce innovative products.

18 Zhejiang Golden Monkey Stationery Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Golden Monkey Stationery Co., Ltd has over 20 years of experience in stationery manufacturing. It has more than 500 staff – designing team, R&D team, technical team, etc. They manufacture a range of stationery and office supplies. Their series of products include solid glue, drawing ruler, pencil, clay, eraser, paint, ink pad, knife, color painting, and more.

19 Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co., Ltd

Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. They are focusing on stationery products including glue tape, correction tape, crayons, color markers, writing instruments, and related products. This company is working with a famous brands based in America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

20 KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Kokuyo Commerce Co. Ltd – Shanghai was built in 2012. This company primary business is stationeries, office solutions, and educational products. That includes hot rock stationery, large notebooks, office paper products, educational toys, picture storybooks, and so on. Their offices are based in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

Stationery from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for stationery from China.

Well, there are many options – you can buy from online platforms like Alibaba, or contact stationery manufacturer in China directly.

This guide, will answer some basic and advanced questions about stationery from China.

So, before you start importing stationery from China, read this guide.

How do You Import Stationery from Alibaba?

Undoubtedly, Alibaba is a giant e-commerce company that provides a more comprehensive directory of suppliers and manufacturers while linking them to buyers globally.

Therefore, Alibaba presents you with the opportunity to buy products from the suppliers themselves at amazingly affordable prices directly.

Nevertheless, have a look at the guidelines below of how you can effectively source and import stationery from Alibaba directly from the comfort of your home.

Stationery on Alibaba

Stationery on Alibaba

Sign-up in Alibaba

First off, you have to create a valid and active account with the Alibaba company.

The process is even straight-up and easy; you only need to search for the Alibaba website online.

You then follow simple steps to create an account by inputting your details such as country of residence, email, passwords, company name, and phone contacts.

Besides, despite the company being China-based, their website is user-friendly and in English.

Above all, Alibaba accepts user signings from almost all countries.

Learn the System Guide

Next, you need to understand how the system works; this includes basic search terms for your stationery, user interface, sellers, companies, factories, etc.

In Alibaba, you will most likely engage two types of manufacturers.

  1. Factory – every factory would have their sales teams to contact you for assistance. The factory is the actual manufacturer of the product(stationery).
  2. Trading company – these are third-party companies that source stationery from manufacturers then sell them directly to buyers like you.

Both the factory and trading company are equally beneficial to choose to engage any depending on your preference, convenience, and quality.

Search for the Specific Stationery Item

You may choose to use a general term for the search engine or opt for a more specific search item for your stationery.

Remember that you should always choose the buyer safety payment options, Gold suppliers (top suppliers), and specify your Minimum order quantity(MOQ) while searching.

Select a Supplier.

When you insert the supplier menu, you should find several suppliers.

It’s then your time to evaluate your suppliers while grading them then finally picking one.

You would need to deliberate on the following issues:

Price, MOQ, supplier reviews, supplier certifications, when registered in Alibaba, date listed as a gold supplier.

Email the Supplier

With a supplier in mind who achieves all your selection criteria, send them a brief but concise note.

Inquire about the product details, costs, samples, shipping techniques, etc.

Sample Acquisition

Engage the supplier on the sample product, requests any possible customizations, quality, pricing, and standards.

Once you get your sample, you should then analyze the product quality and countercheck against your expectations.

If it fails to impress you, then you may explore other manufacturers and suppliers.

However, if that is precisely what you want, then proceed to place your order.

Place your Order

Reach back to your supply and discuss the terms of purchase of an even larger commodity.

It should incorporate price per unit, order quantity, delivery period, shipping technique, address.

Fill in the trade assurance order form to seal the deal.

Lastly, it would help if you waited for your order’s fulfillment; it should take a couple of days depending on order size, backlog, and factory.

Which China Stationery Items can you Import from China?

China is a booming stationery hub paradise where you can always virtually source any stationery item you can name.

Regardless, here is a list of the specific items:

  • Art supplies
  • Badge holder
  • Board
  • Board eraser
  • Books
  • Book cover
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Clipboard
  • Desk organizer
  • Drafting supplies
  • Easels
  • Filling products
  • Letter pad
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Notebook and writing pads
  • Office tapes and adhesives
  • Office binding supplies
  • Office cutting supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Office paper
  • Pencil bags and cases
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Printing supplies
  • Stamps
  • Stationery set
  • Stencils
  • Writing accessories
  • Yellow pages
  • Paper envelopes

Types of office stationery

Types of office stationery

What are the Benefits of Importing Stationery from China?

The following are some of the critical reasons why china import stands out:

Affordable Prices

The stationery items in China are very reasonable.

You can obtain them up to the most affordable prices.

Therefore, if you resell them, you achieve a wide profit margin.

Most importantly, you can even bargain the prices.

Wide variety of stationery items – no matter the stationery item you need, you shall definitely find it in China (a renowned hub for stationery).

Absolute Quality

The stationery items have to undergo a comprehensive quality check even before release into the market; thus, you are assured of the product authenticity and genuine.

No compromise on quality regardless of the low prices.

High-profit Levels

Since you get the products at low prices, which you in turn resell, you will get assured of amassing high profits.

What are the Limitations of Buying Stationery from China?

Likely Compromise on quality – due to the low prices, you might still fall into the traps of uncaring suppliers who compromise quality based on costs. So take care.

Low mechanization and labor-intensive; the stationery industry are usually export processing enterprises characterized with low-value products, and little technology innovation.

How can You Conduct a Quality Inspection and Audit for a Stationery Factory in China?

Quality inspection and audit for the factories is a significant measure that you must undertake, yet it is rigorous and requires an extreme expertise level.

To conduct a comprehensive inspection and audit, it is worth engaging a third-party quality inspection company.

The company would test the stationery based on the customer’s unique product and safety standards.

The following are two primary standards that are essential for almost all kinds of inspections:

  • ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO2859-1) sampling standard.
  • Acceptable quality Limits (AQL) Inspection standard.

Moreover, these are the mandatory tests for the stationery:

  • Function test
  • Capacity check
  • Adhesive test
  • Safety test
  • Durability test
  • Torsion test
  • Strain relief test
  • Capacity check
  • Rub test
  • Carton drop test
  • Barcode scan test

In tandem with the stationery items, the factory itself should satisfactorily pass the following audits:

  • Supplier assessment (SQA) to determine the legality of the supply and capability.
  • Supplier’s quality assurance investigation (EFA).
  • Corporate social responsibility audit (CSA) – SA 8000 for protection of the employees and company brand.
  • Environmental Audit (EA) for determination of the ecological impact of the supply chain.

Which is the Top China Stationery Wholesale Market?

The most renowned Chinese stationery wholesale markets include:

Stationery from China

Stattionery from China

  • Xingzhiguang stationery market in Guangzhou
  • Yi Yuan stationery market in Guangzhou
  • Zhao Yang Wholesale Mall in Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen Jiuzhou toys and stationery wholesale market
  • Yiwu stationery wholesale in Yiwu

Is There a Specific HS Code for Stationery from China?

Similar to other countries, HS codes are essential to facilitate your export trade to and from China.

The following are the particular HS codes for the different types of stationery from China:

HS CODEStationery
8305 1000 00Fittings for the loose leaf binders of files.
3926 1000 00Plastic office and school supplies
8304 0000 00Paper trays, filing cabinets, card index cabinets, paper rests, office stamp stands and like office/ desk equipment, pen trays
3919 1099 00Self adhesive plates, foil, tape, film, strip, sheets, and other flat shapes usually in rolls of width of maximum 20cm.
4820 1000 00Receipt books, registers, account books, order books, note books, letter pads, diaries, memorandum pads, and similar ones.
4202 9200 00Other containers with outer plastic surfaces or textile materials.
4820 9000 00Other articles of paperboard or paper stationery.
8305 9000 00Other letter corners, paper clips, letter clips, and alike office appliances plus parts.
4202  3200 00Wallets or purses which have plastic outer sheeting or textile fabric.


 How Much Duty will You Pay to Import Stationery from China?

When you import stationery from China, then the products will attract charges in the form of duty and taxes.

The two basic ones include import duty and sales tax.

Calculation of Import Duty, a typical estimate of the import duty, is expressed as a percentage of the import’s customs value.

However, the customs value differs by country; in some countries, it is on the FOB value, while for others, it is on the CIF value.

Thus in terms of the FOB value:

Duty = duty rate × product price.

While for the CIF value:

Duty = duty rate × (product price + shipping cost + insurance cost)

And also, the rate of duty depends on the classification of the product.

Sales tax (VAT, GST, etc.) calculationchina computes the sales tax as a percentage of the customs value together with the paid duty.

Sales tax = sales tax percentage × (CIF Value + duty) .

The Chinese sales tax percentage is 17%.

Finally, for precise values of taxes and customs, determine the duty rate for your country, then compute them into the above formula.

Do Stationery Manufacturers in China offer a Warranty?

Yes, most manufacturers offer a warranty for their products.

However, the form of warranty for the stationery is based on some detailed terms of usage and application.

Nevertheless, the warranty offered by the manufacturers, in essence, widely covers the compensation terms or replacement.

Such terms of the warranty would most likely involve the following regulations:

Refunds – the manufacturer in full or partial can refund the stationery.

You should, however, note that the former is scarce, especially for small to medium-sized manufacturers.

Remake – manufacturers would agree to remake the stationery items; however, some terms would guide that process.

Repairs – in cases of defects in the products.

Replacement parts/ spares – that is also possible but only exclusive to a few stationery items.

The bottom line; always be keen when analyzing the purchase agreement and sales terms.

Specifically, negotiate clear-cut terms of the warranty, which incorporate fair compensation policies before agreeing to purchase.

Do China Stationery Manufacturers Have a Product Return Policy?

Absolutely yes.

Different manufacturers have detailed guidelines on the product return policy that binds any sales agreement between them and the sellers.

Always evaluate the product return policies for every manufacturer before engaging them to find out if they all resonate with you well.

How do You Classify Stationery from China?

Stationery are countless, and that is why we classify them into the following several groups:

Stationery from China

Stationery from China

  1. Filing products– indexes and dividers, box file, button bag, cardholder, clipboard, display book, expanding file, report files, etc.
  2. Desktop stationery– automatic numbering machine, binder clips, colored clips, pins, book stand, file box, file cabinet, file tray, etc.
  3. Student stationery – eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, stapler set, etc.
  4. Paper product– notebook, easy stick, copy paper, notepaper, etc.
  5. Writing instrument– fountain pen, pencil, ball pen, highlighter, permanent marker, etc.
  6. Calculator – desktop calculator, office calculator, pocket calculator, student calculator, scientific calculator, etc.
  7. Office equipment– binding machine, laminator, equipment accessories, laminating film, shredder, time recorder, lubrication sachets, etc.
  8. Conference and presentation– laser pointer, projection screen, board accessories, whiteboard accessories, projector tables, etc.

Does Cheap Stationery from China Imply Low Quality?

Not necessarily true.

The Chinese stationery passes through a series of quality standardization techniques and procedures before releasing into the market.

Besides, the manufacturers themselves get vetted and approved by several local and international standardization bodies.

However, we are privy to the information that some items are incredibly cheap but have compromised quality.

That is, therefore, a reason why you have to vet your suppliers and manufacturers properly.

What are the Stationery Prices from China?

The Chinese stationery prices are generally relatively low compared to other manufacturing countries.

This is due to the strategic demographic, technological advancement, innovation, and population of China.

Most importantly, the specific stationery prices vary accordingly.

What is the MOQ of Stationery from China?

The minimum order quantity of stationery varies depending on the types of items.

For some items, the MOQ is low, even up to a single unit, while it is as high as 100000 pieces for others.

For example:

Large stationery items, including machines, specifically the office equipment (laminator, binding machine, etc.), have low MOQ up to 1 unit.

However, the small-sized stationery items, such as most desktop stationery, filing products, paper products, etc., have large MOQ.

How do You Ship Stationery from China?

Shipping stationery from China is relatively easy if you buy bulk instead of the small quantity buyers because it has fewer means.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the means are only limited to express for small quantities, which is extremely expensive.

Nonetheless, below are typical ways in which you can ship your stationery.

The best part Chinese suppliers offer flexible shipping options.

Depending on the quantity of stationery you’re buying from China, you can choose any of the following:

Other flexible options include drop shipping stationery from China or door to door shipping stationery from China.

How do you Find Stationery Manufacturers from China?

Search online; we suggest that you search for the manufacturers online if you deal in small-sized stationery items or instead if you deal in small quantities.

Even clients who buy large seldom travel to china due to huge travel expenditure.

Visit china’s online market places; alternatively, you can search and visit the various Chinese online market places to identify one that offers the exact products you require.

Use source agents; you can also engage a third party to gain real-time first-hand information. Most of them are reliable, but they charge for their services.

Use referrals; even more accurately, you can gain information from past customers or experienced buyers.

Visit china; well, if possible, visiting china will be an exciting experience to get first-hand information.

Visit some of the wholesale markets and explore.

Which Documents do you need to Import Stationery from China?

You will need some or most of the following documents to import the stationery swiftly:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Air waybill
  • Packing list
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Cites permit
  • Import/ export declaration etc.

Is there a Difference Between Stationery Manufacturer and Stationery Supplier in China?

Yes, a stationery manufacturer is an enterprise with an actual factory that directly engages in the

actual production.

Elsewhere, the stationery supplier is third-party players who purchase the items from factories to resell.

However, in some cases, the manufacturer could be a supplier as well.

How do you Package Stationery from China Before Shipping?

First, before the actual packaging, you need to ensure that the products have certificates of conformity.

The document should clearly outline the production date, product name, specifications, manufacturer, shelf life, and date of production.

After that, you should put the products into a box packed with precise quantities.

Again, do not mix the products, always put backing paper and pads to guarantee maximum product safety and stationery alignment.

At BanSar, we handle all your freight forwarding needs, from warehousing, loading, custom clearance and transportation.

Contact us today for all your freight forwarding needs from China.

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