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steel pipe from china
Steel Pipe with Powder Paint for Fire
Steel Pipe with Powder Paint for Fire Importing from China

It is used for line pipes in oil and petroleum industries, for water wells and for water, gas and sewage purposes. It is not used for potable water or for drain waste or vent lines. There are thousands of steel pipe product from different manufacturing factories and suppliers when you are importing from China. Importing steel pipe from China is the best place to support your business.

Steel Pipe for Mechanical Processing
Steel Pipe for Mechanical Processing Importing from China

This is widely used for mechanical processing, Automobile industry, and hydraulic equipments. It is suitable for mechanical making due to its high precision seamless steel pipe. Huge stock of steel pipe for mechanical processing are available in China steel pipe factories for your business. You can easily import steel pipe from China while assuring the best quality.

Welded Carbon Steel Pipe
Welded Carbon Steel Pipe Importing from China

If you are looking for an affordable and durable welded carbon steel pipe, Bansar will always help you find your products. Import steel pipe now in China area, mostly in  Zhejiang, Hangzou and Shaoxing. Chinese steel pipe manufacturer can provide competitive price and can assure you a good quality products.

Stainless Steel Welded Square
Stainless Steel Welded Square Importing from China

Stainless steel is a product which not easy rust, acid resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in light industry, heavy industry, daily necessities and the decoration industry. The leading steel pipe manufacturer and supplier have rich experience comply with their professional service and excellent quality.

Carbon Steel Pipe
Carbon Steel Pipe Importing from China

You can find a variety of steel pipe when you are importing from China, with the option to choose carbon steel pipe. China carbon steel pipe manufacturing factories and suppliers will offer you a high quality products in its best price.

Galvanized Steel Pipe
Galvanized Steel Pipe Importing from China

Galvanized steel pipe are widely used  for water pipes, scaffolding construction pipes, as well as greenhouse pipes. In addition, this type of steel pipe can also be used for fence post. There thousands of steel pipe products in China market to meet your business needs. When you are importing from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the best and excellent quality steel pipe.

Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel Pipe Importing from China

There are wide selection of steel pipe including in different sizes. If you are importing stainless steel pipe in China, you can rest assured you’re getting the best product you can have. Zhejiang is one of the biggest steel pipe manufacturer and supplier to provide your needs and offers you the very reasonable price.

Longitudinal Welded Steel Pipe
Longitudinal Welded Steel Pipe Importing from China

Are you looking for a high quality longitudinal welded steel pipe in a very reasonable price? Importing from China is the best choice for you. China’s leading steel pipe manufacturer and suppliers can supply 100% new product to meet your needs. The leading steel pipe manufacturer in China use High-grade component to deliver you long service life and high quality products.

Stainless Steel Oval Pipe
Stainless Steel Oval Pipe Importing from China

Are you a steel pipe dealer or a steel pipe retailer? As along as you are looking for a steel pipe, importing from China is the right place for you. Wide selection of stainless steel pipe in an oval shape are available in China market. If you are importing steel pipe from China, you can rest assured you’re getting the high quality products.

Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe
Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe Importing from China

The leading steel pipe manufacturer in China has wide selection of seamless stainless steel pipe to meet your needs for your business. You can import from Chinese manufacturer and suppliers while assuring the highest quality steel pipe in affordable price.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Steel Pipe Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 4
Sea freight is best for your huge masses of steel pipe orders. Less in-transit cost is also an advantage of sea freight.
Air Freight from China to 4
For your urgent steel pipe shipments, air freight is your best choice.It also provides high level of security for your orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 4
Choosing rail freight is perfect for your large volume steel pipe orders that traveled in long distances.
Door to Door Service China to 1 4
If you're unfamiliar with the required stages of importing, door-to-door shipping of your steel pipe shipments is extremely helpful for you.

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The Resource To Help You Importing Steel Pipe From China:

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Steel Pipes: An Introduction

Best 20 Steel Pipe Manufacturers in China

1 Cangzhou Bewin Hardware Products

Cangzhou Bewin Hardware Products Co., Ltd is a China-based enterprise that leads in exporting and manufacturing steel pipes and other related products. This company is proud to introduce a machining center, high-precision CNC machines, well-appointed casting equipment, etc. Has a comprehensive production line from the molding process to surface treatment. And in technical terms, the company has a strong R&D team to meet each customer`s needs.

2 Zhangjiagang Renaissance High-precision Steel Tube 

Started its operation since 2004, Zhangjiagang Renaissance High-precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the sales and production of any steel pipes. For over 15 years of field experiences and development, they are now having 120+ technical workers. Per year, the company`s output can reach up to 6000tons of steel pipes productions.

3 Chengdu Derbo Group 

Chengdu Derbo Group Co., Ltd is ranked as first conducting international business companion in China. Best manufacturer of steel pipes and pipelines working mainly in Mainland China. With its proficiency and years of development, Derbo has a deep understanding of its customers and their practical requirements. All of their steel pipes products are effective, flexible, and innovative.

4 WUFU STEEL (Hangzhou Heavy Steel Pipe Co., Ltd)

Hangzhou Heavy Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is an experienced designer and producer of welded steel pipes. With 20 industry experience, they became known trader and brand in the global market. They offer superb quality steel pipes products, makes them gain high business reputation and investment strength. Owning a laboratory and comprehensive testing equipment to ensure all product`s quality.

5 Hebei Changfeng Steel Tube Manufacturing 

Begin in the business since March 2005, Hebei Changfeng Steel Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd is operating focally in North China, Changzhou City. The company has a total of 628 technical staff and employees, with an annual output of 360000 Metric Tons of steel pipes products. They are capable of custom any types of steel pipes depending on each customer`s demands.

6 Tianjin Pengbo Tongda International Trade 

Tianjin Pengbo Tongda International Trade Co., Ltd cares about the quality of its products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. All the products they proudly offer including steel pipes are sold excellently in both overseas and domestic marketing. They really ensure to provide you with excellent efforts, faster delivery, and only high-quality products.

7 Tianjin Tianyingtai Steel Pipe 

Tianjin Tianyingtai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is one of the most respected and competent enterprises in charge of steel pipes development, production, and sales. This company is equipped with high-grade spaces to fully assure each of their products. While at the same time, all of their products are recipients of COTECNA, BV, and SGS international standards.

8 Tianjin Jinnuo Steel Pipe 

Tianjin Jinnuo Steel Pipe Co., Ltd was set up in 1982. It`s situated in Jinghai County, Tianjin, China- known as the biggest steel pipe manufactory. After 30 years of development and hard work, Jinnuo now turns into a group company from being a family factory. This team more focuses on welded steel pipes production and other steels. All of the steels they offer are DIN, ASTM, API, BS, and JIS-certified.


HMINOX supply and also manufactures steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, valves, pipe fittings, flanges, and many more. The company is a recipient of PED, ISO9000: 2008, DNV international certifications. The steel pipes are commonly applied in lots of industries such as water projects, natural gas, oil refining, nuclear industry, mechanical engineering, etc. The HMINOX receives compliments and praises from customers around the world because of its great services and finest products. Customers are coming from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Germany, UAE, USA, Australia, etc.

10 Foshan Hot Chance Metallic Material 

The Foshan Hot Chance Metallic Material Co., Ltd was located in the national famous steel pipe manufacturing base, at Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Developed into a popular domestic company of all stainless steel pipes products, integrated into the production, sale, and R&D. They have expert team and advanced production equipment for fast steel pipes customization. Can custom according to customer`s specifications.

11 Guangzhou Pearl River Petroleum Steel Pipe 

Founded in 1993 with rich experience in manufacturing welded steel pipes in China. PCK obtained sustainable and stable growth with 10 consecutive years. A large manufacturer with skilled and professional employees engages in researching, development, and marketing sales longitudinal solutions. At present, many customers choose PCK as their leading supplier.

12 Shandong Chenghebao Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Shandong Chenghebao Import and Export Co., Ltd. achieved ISO14001 certification, API international product quality certification, and OSHMS occupational safety and health management system certification. Established in 2006, with over 1500 dedicated staff employed. The company has 500,000Ton production capacity.

13 Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd.

Established in 2006, Jiangsu Sheye Metal is recognized as one of the comprehensive factories which engage in manufacturing steel materials. Situated in Changzhou World Trade Center, with 5 advanced processing factories headquartered in Taizhou Jiangsu, Lishui Zhejiang, Luoyang Wujin, Wuxi Jiangsu, and Wenzhou Zhejiang, covering a total area of 120,000 square meters. Your one-stop-solution for your steel products needs!

14 Linkun Metal Supermarkets

Established in 2000, Linkun Metal Supermarkets is a major manufacturer and supplier of high-quality special metal products. Linkun can provide all types of steel materials for your specific applications. Supplying high-end products for more than 20 years, Linkun developed a good reputation in foreign and domestic markets.

15 China Lucky Steel Co., Ltd.

Leading manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes solution, established in 2000, with four marketing centers and two modern factories. Specialized in producing different types of hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe, spiral pipe, angle steel, seamless steel pipe, and more. Possess 30 advanced production equipment and roll out 900,000 metric tons annually. All products comply with strict quality controls!

16 JCCO Pipeline International

Established in 2010, Tianjin JCCO Pipeline International Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturing enterprise mainly specialized in R&D, manufacture, logistics, and sales of steel pipes. The company accumulated much experience in this line, and all products have been well sold throughout the world. Carry out national and international standards with strong production capacity and professional service teams.

17 Jiangsu Steel Group

Jiangsu Steel Group is a professional manufacturer experienced in the steel industry. With over 20 years of effort and development, Jiangsu Steel Group owns 2 modern manufacturing plants and 2 processing factories in Jiangsu. Currently having 400 professional staff who is responsible for producing high-class, unmatched quality steel pipes at a competitive price.

18 Shinestar Holdings Group

A large steel products enterprise with high-end steel production based in China. The company has a high-quality after-sales service system and perfect logistics management. The first-class management team, product quality, the research team are all here. The company promises to serve clients with excellent quality, accurate quantity, cost-effective solutions, and service-orientated.

19 Xiongyi Metal

A premier manufacturer specialized in manufacturing steel pipes, seamless steel tube, weld steel tube, Pre-insulated steel tube, alloy steel tube, etc. As an ISO9001 and CE certificated, the company guarantee that customers purchase the best and high-quality steel products and relevant products and service. Based in China with a factory covering an area of 100,000 square meters, and at the present employs 370 committed employees. All products are reliable, durable, and affordable.

20 Wuxiao Group

Founded in 1993, Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd., is a large-scale comprehensive industrial group headquartered in Jiaozhou Bay of Qingdao. The company employs more than 2,000 skilled staff, covering an area of 600,000 square meters. Achieved many business certifications such as ISO14001: 2004 standard, GB/T 28001-2001 OHSAS: 2001 standard, GB/T 19001-2008 ISO9001: 2008 standard.


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