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Importing Stones from China
Alabaster Stone
Alabaster Stone Importing from China

There are many different types of stones or stone-like products available in today’s market place. One of them is the alabaster stone that is commonly used for light fittings due to its translucent nature, but it is expensive and rare.

Basalt Stone
Basalt Stone Importing from China

One of the beautiful stone used by architects and art creators. Quality Gypsum alabaster stone has been recognized around the world and well-known crystal which heals against tension, headache, lack of centration and problems related to painful joints. China is the biggest supplier and manufacturer of stones all over the globe.

Granite Stone
Granite Stone Importing from China

Granite colours, toughness and low porosity make it a popular choice for kitchen worktops, as it is attractive and resists heat and spillages of food and drink. Import from verified top China granite stone manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and factory, that offering serials of products such as granite and experts in the stone business.

Limestone Importing from China

China is the world’s largest producers of limestone accounting for over 60% of the estimated total global production. China’s limestone manufacturing industry produced 185, 000 tonnes of limestone, 10 times of production of the USA. Leader of the world in other major limestone consuming industries such as agriculture, road construction, and steel making.

Man made Stone
Man made Stone Importing from China

Fuijan province is the largest in producing stones in China, with more than 80% of all Chinese stone products being processed there. If you’re planning on importing stone from China, most of their stone factory customers in China are located in Shuitou and Quanzhou in the Fujian province.

Marble Stone
Marble Stone Importing from China

Marble is a sedimentary stone used as a building material for centuries and suitable for many applications.  China is one of the major stone producers and suppliers of the world. If you’re importing marble stones from China Guangdong and Shandong provinces is the best choice for better stone manufacturers.

Onyx Stone
Onyx Stone Importing from China

Fuijan province is one of the most professional onyx stone manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you’re looking for high quality onyx stone, China has been manufacturing and supplying premium quality natural stoneproducts in China.

Quartzite Stone
Quartzite Stone Importing from China

Looking for quartzite stone that used for walling, floor tiles, and stairs? China is the largest manufacturers and supplier of different types of stones including quartzite stones. China has stones variety that covers 80% from the world.

Sedimentary Stone
Sedimentary Stone Importing from China

China has actually become the world’s largest stone market, not only in production but also in consumption. Fuijan province is the largest with more than 80% of all Chinese stone products being processed there. If you’re looking for stone factory, most of the stone factory customers in China are located in Shuitou and Quanzhou in the Fujian province.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Railroads are the most efficient form of land transportation. Fast and cost effective deliveries over long distance.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 3
Door to door shipping services offers quick and customs-cleared delivery.

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Manufacturers and supplier of stones in China

Best 20 Stone Manufacturers in China

1 Kao Shi Stone 

One of the leading stone manufacturers located in Xiamen, Fujian China that specializes in producing all types of stones such as limestone, basalt, granite, marble, etc. For many years of development, the company integrates comprehensive management and solid quality control system to ensure high-quality natural stone production. Guarantee the competitive prices with top quality products and good services

2 Huahui Stone Industry 

Founded in 2000, Fujian Huahui Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is an impressive stone manufacturer expert in granite, artificial stone, marble production, processing, promoting, and sales. Located in Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province occupies an area of about 150,000 square meters. Equipped with advanced production line and equipment which guarantee the 100% satisfaction.

3 Yuanda Stone 

Xiamen Yuanda stone co., ltd is a premier stone manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Possess three large facilities covering an area of 200,000 square meters in Shuitou, China. Specialized in engineering stone and natural marble such as stone and natural marble, half quartz with wide color range selection, artificial onyx, and more. Employees are well trained and knowledgeable that can help you with the exact tools and details required to boom your business.

4 Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry

Headquarters in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary directly under Jingye Group specialize enterprise integrating mining, processing, R&D, sales, and logistics. All equipment utilized by the company is all produced by major brand manufacturers to guarantee the product’s reliability and elegancy.

5 Wellest Industry Inc.

Shenzhen Wellest Industry Inc. is one of the best manufacturers of stone in China. With their wide variety of products, they can meet customers’ requirements. They have well-equipped factories, advanced technology, expert professionals to provide customers the best solution. They have been constantly exporting to South America, the USA, Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc.

6 Sonmaci Stone

HEBEI SONMACI STONE CO., LTD. provides you efficient communication, best quality products with a cost-effective price. They can manufacture all kinds of stone perfect for your needs. Employs skilled technicians and craftsmen that familiar with the artistic style of both West and East. All their high-end machines used in fabrications are made from world-class quality materials that ensured fast and precise production.

7 TSP Stone 

Xiamen TSP Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is a major stone company involved in manufacturing and producing Granite, Marble, Quartz stone products such as tiles, countertops, slabs, etc. Throughout the years of efforts and development in the stone industry, they know and understand supplying high-quality products is important to skyrocket every business.

8 Sunlight Stone 

For more than 10 years in stone manufacturing, Sunlight Stone Co., Ltd become well-known and enjoyed a good reputation for customers. Over the years, Sunlight Stone established great cooperation with clients worldwide, providing them the best quality products at affordable prices. They have a team with a strong sense of responsibility, modern factories, and production lines.

9 Bloom Stone

Bloom Stone is established in 2008. A comprehensive stone manufacturer with 12 years of vast experience located in Jiangsu, China. All products are produced according to ISO 9001, GMP standard certifications. They have more than 50 employees in the 10,000 square meters factory area. With their high-tech and several production equipments, they ensure excellent market performance.


One of the outstanding manufacturers with 10+ years of profound experience in Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs production and exporting. The company is based in Guangdong, China, covering an area of 50, 000 square meter with 200+ employees devoted to production, R&D, marketing, and after-sales service of quartz stone.

11 Xiamen Xinjinlei Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Located in Fujian China, Xinjinlei Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a reliable and leading manufacturer of natural stone products such as basalt, slate, granite, marble, etc. Your one-stop-shop solution with professional service and timely delivery. All products are widely used in industries that offer high-quality features at a reasonable price.

12 Shandong Chaoou Import and Export Co., Ltd.

With more than 10 years of experience in producing and exporting artificial quartz stone slab, Shandong Chaoou Import and Export Co., Ltd. guarantees the best product and services presented to customers around the world. They also focus on the production of high-quality products that are technology-based and innovative widely sold in South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

13 Yubohao Stone 

Yubohao Stone is a dedicated and reputable stone manufacturer with more than 10 years of expertise and history. Located in Xiamen, China, and owns a comprehensive facility integrating mining, stone processing, and trading. All types of stone products are manufactured with ISO 9001, BSCI certifications, top quality and low-price for indoor and outdoor applications.

13 Chiva Stones 

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer engaged in fabricating high-class quality of marble sandstone, granite, etc. They were also dealing in both stone tiles and craftworks such as mosaic & pattern, countertops, fireplaces, baluster & pillar, and sculptures. Currently, their products have much appreciation from customers and have an excellent sale in the domestic and overseas markets.

14 Ally Stone

Started in 1994, Ally Stone is engaged in manufacturing and supplying natural stone products for particular projects including cladding, wall coverings, flooring, and more. With over 20 years of history and growing, Ally Stone is now recognized as one of the biggest manufacturers and supplier of natural stone tile in China with a wide range of natural stone products.

15 China (Fujian) Stones

China (Fujian) Stones is a professional natural stone manufacturer for a wide variety of projects throughout the world headquarters in Fujian Province, China. the company ensures wide range selection, high production capacity, high-quality products at realistic prices. For your queries, they provide highly effective communication with great reliability & reputation that you can trust.

16 One Luxury Stone

Specialized in manufacturing natural stone products that can meet your requirements and demands. They have a professional team and technicians to present the turnkey services from stone design to stone manufacture, installation, and maintenance. Based in Shanghai, China, and own 3 well-known stone galleries in China, respectively in Yixing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

17 Xiamen Fit Import & Export

Xiamen Fit Import & Export Co., Ltd is a reputable company committed to providing exquisite building stones such as limestone, granite, marble, and more for wide applications. They have the capacity of supplying advanced designs and also of manufacturing based on customers’ specifications. Employ the most efficient and innovative machinery to process the stones because quality and customer service are their foremost concerns.


Located in Guangdong, China, and currently has 500,000 square quartz slabs annually production. Implemented the strict quality control system to produce high-quality quartz stone slabs that can exceed the requirements of different customers around the world. Macostone has the capability to cater to your needs, so as to attain reliable, efficient, and stable production and quality.

19 Zongyi stone

Founded in 1990, Zongyi stone is a large-scale professional stone manufacturer with a wide range of products perfect for high-end decoration applications used in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Through many years of effort and development, they are now serving clients worldwide with top-quality solutions and the best service with a favorable price.

20 Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd

Established in 2002, Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd is a major manufacturer and exporter of high-class natural stones headquarters in Fujian Province, China. Processes and markets all types of stone such as granite materials and marble finishing. The products are highly praised by clients manufactured according to the SGS standard.

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