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Stop Off Fee: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is A Stop Off Fee (SOF)?

A stop-off fee (SOF) is usually an additional charge for trucks if your shipment is split into two or more stop-overs during the deliveries from its original destination.

The stop-off charges typically appear on your invoice as the designation charges.

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Who Pays For Stop Off Fee?

Stop off fee is supposed to be paid by the owner of the shipments before being delivered to their destination.

The receiver should pay the fee at the right time to enable their goods or products to get to them at the right time.

When Should You Pay For The Stop Of Fee?

Well, you should pay your stop-off fee before the goods are realized for the deliveries. After payment, we will immediately communicate to you when to expect your goods and at what time you will receive them.

Is Stop Off Fee Mandatory For My Shipment To Be Delivered?

Yes, the stop-off fee is usually mandatory for all clients. These will enable us to cover stall allowance, fuels, and in case of damages.

At times you may not notice the stop-off fee since it is included in the pick-up fee or delivery charges. It might be a hidden cost under the above two.

What Type Of Products Requires Payment Of Stop Off Fee?

We do not have specific products that we charge for the stop-off fee. All products will be charged so long as they have various destinations. The only thing we do is have different categories of products that will need other cars and trucks to make deliveries.

Call our customer care to guide you in case of any doubts on your side.

Can You Get A Receipt For Stop Off Fee Payments?

Yes, we issue receipts for every transaction. We will give you a permit only after payment is made for the stop-off fee, which will act as proof when receiving your goods.

The receipt will also act as evidence in case of any damages that you need to claim from us.

How Will I Know My Stop Off Fee?

The stop-off fee is calculated according to kilometers and the number of stopovers to be made during the deliveries.

You will give us the location of the deliveries, calculate how many kilometers to the location, and then give us the charges for your stop-off fee.

What Happens To My Stop Off Fee If I Change The Address?

Well, we do not have problems when you decide to change the address. You will inform us about it, and we will update on our systems,

If the address change is far from the previous one you gave us, we request you to top up your stop of fee as per the calculations.

On the other hand, if the address changed is closer, and it comes out that you have paid the extra cost, we will calculate the kilometers and refund the balance to your account.

Will There Be Extra Charges After Stop Off Fee Payment?

No, we do not have any extra charges that you will be requested to pay. The cost that we give you for the stop-off fee is the only on-time payment that needs to be done.

Unless you decide to change the location of the deliveries on the way, you will need to communicate to our team and send you an approval receipt for the change of location.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Shipment After Payment Of Stop Off Fee?

After clearing your payment for the stop-off fee, it will take 1-5 days, depending on your location.

But we will communicate to you the exact date and time your deliveries are supposed to be received.

Will You Refund My Stop Off Fee If I Don’t Receive My Shipment?

Yes, we will do a 100% refund if you do not receive your shipment.

But it’s a rare case since we truck all deliveries done by our company till the final destination.

Just contact us immediately you have noticed your delivery time is over and no products have been delivered to follow up with the team.

Are There Any Penalties For Late Payment Of Stop Of Fee?

Yes, of course, there is a penalty for late payments of the stop-off fee. This is because of the storage space.

By delaying paying the fee, you inconvenience other clients who will need to use the space.

This is why we will charge you a penalty of 10% of your stop-off fee.

Is It Possible To Truck My Shipment When I Have Cleared My Stop Off Fees?

Yes, it is possible to track your shipment after clearing your stop-off fee. On the receipt at the right, we do provide a tracking number.

You will be required to log in to your account if you have one.

If not, sign in afresh. You will be requested for your tuck number and details as per where the shipment is and how the truck moves until it gets to your location.

Truckload shipping

Truckload shipping

Which Mode Of Payments Can You Use To Pay For The Stop Off Fee?

Okay, we use the following as our mode of payments for sop of fee,

  • Debit cards
  • Cheque
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • T&T
  • Wire transfer

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