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metal halide street lights
Importing Metal Halide Street Lights from China

China metal halide street lights manufacturing factories are most in Guangdong province. They offer a variety of Metal Halide street lights at competitive prices to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for metal halide street lights for general lighting purposes both indoors and outdoors or other purposes, you can find a reliable Chinese supplier that fulfill your requirements.

HPS street lights
Importing HPS Street Lights from China

When looking for a large amount of HPS Street Light supplier for your needs, China is your choicer. There are lots of HPS Street Light supplier in China and most of them are based in Guangdong province. You can import HPS Street Lights according to your requirements. Find manufacturers that have rich experience in manufacturing durable quality HPS Street Lights.

LED street lights
Importing LED Street Lights from China

There are lots of LED Street Lights supplier and factory in China, you can find most of them in Guangdong province. Find a supplier that has been tested by a lot of customers domestically and locally. Take care of suppliers certification and passed products of international quality standards.

Modular LED street lights
Importing Modular LED Street Lights from China

Modular LED Street Lights suppliers and manufacturers in China have provided a wide variety of modular LED Street Lights fit for your needs. Guangdong province has the most suppliers of modular LED Street Lights. Find certified manufacturers that best work with you.

COB LED street lights
Importing COB LED Street Lights from China

Find certified and trusted COB LED street light supplier and manufacturer in China where most of the suppliers are located in Guangdong. But there are also some manufacturers in other provinces like Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. Find reliable suppliers that provide a wide variety of high-quality COB LED Street Lights that can fulfill your needs.

Integrated Solar street lights
Importing Integrated Solar Street Lights from China

In China, you can find tons of suppliers and manufacturers of integrated solar street lights. Guangdong has the most suppliers where you can find the best integrated solar street lights you need. Choose a manufacturer that has been in the manufacturing industry for many years so you could guarantee its top quality integrated solar street lights products.

Solar garden street lights
Importing Solar Garden Street Lights from China

When looking for a reliable solar garden street lights manufacturer in China, Guangdong province is your ideal to be to. There are lots of suppliers you can find there. Take care of the certifications of your supplier. Check samples and detail of the product – must meet international quality standards. Find a trusted factory that works with you.

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If you are not urgent with your order, shipping by sea is your next option. You can also save a lot of money shipping your street light by sea.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Fastest shipping method. Can deliver your can ends immediately. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage of goods.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Ship by rail is more economical and much quicker form of transporting street lights, especially when your distant away from China.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
If you dont have importing permit, you can find a good freight forwarder like Bansar to ship your street lights to your home or warehouse.

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Best 20 Street Light Manufacturers from China

Was founded in the year 1995, LIWEI LIGHTING only focuses on quality control, R & D, sales, and marketing for street light products. They are exporter and manufacturer of LED housing, solar street lights, LED street light, solar home lighting system, etc. They efficiently sold their products to foreign markets such as the UK, Mexico, the USA, Greece, and other countries.

2. Beammax Lighting Technology Co, Ltd
Beammax Lighting Technology Co, Ltd is a hi-tech company exclusive in the production, development, and sales of the spotlight, LED street light, etc. It is situated in Ningbo China, BEAMMAX has advanced production space, a complete set of devices, and testing equipment. BEAMMAX also has a professional team and great R&D capability, offering customers good quality, unique design, on-time delivery, competitive price service.

3. Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd
Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd is mainly located in Gaoyou City, China. It covered a building area of 38, 000m2 and a plant area of 85, 146m2. The company obtained lots of certifications. ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, CCC, and CQC are some of the certificates they receive. Professionally produces street lights, high-pole lights, single-arm lights, stainless steel landscape lights, assembled lights, etc.

4. Intelligence Solar Group Co., Ltd
As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer & exporter, Intelligence Solar Group Co., Ltd provides all-in-one solar streetlights, LED street lights, solar traffic lights, and many others. They can accept OEM orders, which means they can produce any of your ideal designs. Also provides one free sample that can meet your business promotional. As a group, they aim to have a long-term business partnership with clients around the world.

5. Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd
OEM orders are well accepted in Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd based in China. This is ISO9001 approved exporter and manufacturer for solar street lights, LED streetlights, solar traffic lights, and so on. Their factory offers a complete variety of street lights that can meet customers` particular demands. They are also willing to collaborate with companies worldwide to perceive win-win advantages.

6. Eastar Electric Group
Eastar Electric Group particularizes in the production, R&D, and marketing of solar power, outdoor lighting, and street lights. They began their business journey in the nearly the year 2006, with main products of solar garden lights, LED streetlights, solar street lights, aluminum or steel lighting pole, etc. After several years of hard work and efforts, now they become a large group company, employs more than 300 workers.

7. Peony Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
They built their factory in 2009 in Shenzhen China. Peony Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a professional LED hi-tech company combined product development & research, marketing, and technical production services. The company is consists of a well-experienced R&D engineering team, electronic, optical, and structural engineers. For many years in this industry, they now owned first-class & technically advanced production devices, that help develop all kinds of streetlights timely.

8. XINTONG Traffic Equipment Group Co., Ltd
XINTONG is one of China`s earliest professional companies devoted to producing complete types of streetlights. It is officially founded in the year 1999, with 340 overall employees, focus on security projects and installing streetlights. Since from start, XINTONG has paid more attention to the production and exporting of streetlights products.

9. Forestar Lighting Technology Company
Started its sincerity in the business since established in 2002. Built its main factory in Guoji town, Yangzhou city, Mainland China. They are a dedicated group to sell and manufacture all various type of street lights, and other lighting fixtures. They also have the ability to provide the finest customization in order to fulfill each customer and market requirements. Their main products include solar street lights, led housing, led street lights, solar panel, solar batteries, etc.

10. Yongfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Yongfeng focuses only on the production and distribution of solar power systems and LED street lights. Founded in Jiangsu, Gaoyou- Chinese Street Lights Main Manufacturing Base. Yongfeng is an expert street lights manufacturer since 2004. Their company has improved into one of the largest street lights suppliers in China, export over 10, 000 kits solar street lights every year.

11. Smile Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
SMILE is one of China`s premier solar street lights provider and supplier, combined R&D, production, sales, and marketing. Incorporated in 2005, SMILE has the main office in Gaoyou district, Yangzhou, China Mainland, and occupied 40, 000 square meters of area. Operate with a total of 2 modern plants, staffed with 500+ staff members.

12. Tianxiang Road Lamp Equipment Co., Ltd
Tianxiang Road Lamp Equipment Co., Ltd is established at Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, Mainland China. Company founded in 1996 and began exporting in the year 2008. They offer products like solar LED street light, light pole, and led street light. In order to process your products on-time, they have comprehensive equipment such as polishing equipment, welding equipment, roll equipment, powder coating moving house, etc.

13. Borui photoelectric Group Co. Ltd
The group welcomes customers` from a different nation to visit their factory in Yangzhou city, China. They start in 2006, and after years of development, they now become experts in designing, manufacturing, selling, and exporting streetlight products whether solar or LED. As a comprehensive corporation, they make efforts in order to satisfy every customer`s needs. As of today, they have 3 subsidiary enterprises.

Esavior Green Energy operated ever since the year 2008. They became manufacturing leaders of all in one LED solar street light in the international market. Within the years of continually improving and innovating, now they have been highly praised by 120+ clients from more than 90 foreign regions. They combine the spirit of craftsman and wealth of experience to their authentic LED solar street light solutions.

15. Bluesmart Solar PV Co., Ltd
Bluesmart Solar PV Co., Ltd is one of R&D supported companies based in China. They efficiently offer area lighting and solar-powered street solutions for the best of their customers. Bluesmart supplies public lighting, an exceptional electrification level, with a great impact on social and economic daily life. Through their offered products, they can help clients finalized their lighting projects.

16. Ukisolar Technology Co., Ltd
Ukisolar Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most fast-developing enterprises, engaged mainly in producing all in one street lights and other lighting products. Most of their lighting solutions are exported successfully to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. As of right now, they enjoy high popularity among their customers. Served competitive prices, prompt delivery, and reliable quality services.

17. Emperyland New Energy
Headquartered in Shanghai, Mainland China, concentrating on the development and research of the latest technologies for solar street lighting systems. Garden lights, LED solar street lights, tunnel lights, and lawn lights, are some of their main products. These products can be installed in various outdoor lighting locations, certified by FCC, SGS, CE, and RoHS certifications.

18. Caibo Solar Tech Co., Ltd
This is one of the professional Chinese trader and manufacturer, with years of experience in developing solar street lights, solar home systems, solar lanterns, and solar panels. Their factory is based in Shenzhen, China, starting in 2013. All of their products comply with international quality standards and are appreciated in a variety of foreign markets.

19. ZGSM
For more than 15 years in the industry of street lights production, ZGSM dedicated to providing the eco-friendly, best quality, and efficient lighting solution for customers` satisfaction. Solar LED lighting systems, LED lighting, and LED traffic signals are some of their products widely sold to different countries. Established in 2005, a private and high-tech type of company.

20. HXXY Tech. Co., Ltd
HXXY Tech. Co., Ltd was started in the business in 2009. It is considered as a hi-tech enterprise, concentrated in R&D, manufacture, and selling of solar street lights products. Aside from solar street lights, they also offer solar power systems, solar modules, LED street lights, solar garden lights, and so on. Their factory occupied an area of 3000 square meters, consists of around 200 full-time employees. Hoping to work with you!

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