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Tail Gate Exam: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is Tail Gate Exam?

This is a type of custom exam in which a Customs officer will break the seal of the container at the ocean terminal, open the doors, and look inside the container.

Figure 1 Inspecting shipping container

Inspecting shipping container

Is There Tail Gate Exam Fee?

If your cargo is pulled for custom investigation, you will be charged the tailgate exam fee which is paid by the importer.

When Should You Consider Tail Gate Exam?

When you want to do an inspection at the tail part of the container without handling.

When you want to get clearance on customs random inspection on the imported goods.

To confirm that there are no contraband goods within the cargo.

How Much Is Tail Gate Exam Fee?

The fees: $150 to $350 per container Depending on the port and the size of the container.

How Does Tail Gate Exam Fee Occur?

Customs authorities impose charges if there is malpractice or contraband goods found within the imported goods.

Customs arrange a separate fund for all import holds and absorb such inspection expenses of private agencies who handle import exam holds.

Figure 2 Handling shipping container

Handling shipping container

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tail Gate Exam?

The imported goods are likely to be snagged during the tailgate exam which may take long, hence interrupting the chain of custody.

Customs and boarder protection establish long term credibility after multiple tailgate exams.

How Long Does A Tail Gate Exam Take?

A tailgate exam may take up to 6days depending on the congestion at the port and the availability of imported and exported cargo to be investigated.

What Is Tail Gate Exam In Custom Clearance?

This is the inspection of imported and exported goods at the back side of the container without handling physically.

What Is Custom Tail Gate Exam Hold?

This means a shipment is held at customs due to incomplete paper work or unpaid fees or taxes for thorough investigations.

How Is Tail Gate Exam Different From Other Custom Exams?

Tail Gate exam involves the customs workers breaking the seal on the shipping container to physically examine the cargo.

What Triggers Customs To Flag Certain Shipments For Tail Gate Exam?

If the shipper is shipping through the custom for the first time.

If there is history of mislabeling of previous shipment.

Shipments from other parts of the world are considered more suspicious.

What Is The Difference Between VACIS Exam In Custom Clearance And Tail Gate Exam?

In VACIS exam the container is X-rayed without opening while in Tailgate the seal at back of the container is broken to observe the content.

How Can Tail Gate Exam Be Avoided?

Accurately Value your goods to ensure that the supplier provides accurate information on the value of the cargo being shipped.

Don’t work with suspicious partners in order to eliminate nasty history that may likely to put your shipment at hold.

Use the correct Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) to help identify your shipment.

Get continuous customs bond since they will get used to your shipment.

How Is A Tail Gate Exam Carried Out?

The shipper is notified that their shipment has been selected for an examination.

Besides, the shipment is transported to the Centralized Examination Station (CES).

The Custom officers breaks the seal at the tail of the container as they inspect inside without entirely touching any goods.

If the shipment qualifies the exam, it is cleared to pass through the Customs Authority with no further action required.

If the shipment fails the inspection, it is sent back to the country of origin.

If the cargo is found to be illegal, it is crushed or incinerated at CES location.

Which Factors Should I Put In Consideration When Preparing For A Tail Gate Exam?

  • Prepare for the cargo to be inspected before it leaves the country of origin.
  • Invest in some cargo insurance that covers transit- and inspection-related damages.
  • Get a customs broker who can help you reduce the risk of your shipment getting selected for examination.
  • Be able to communicate with your broker to update you on the progress of the examination.

How Long Can A Tail Gate Exam Hold Take?

This can take up to a month when trying to investigate on the proper records of your shipment.

Which Types Of Cargo Holds Can Be Encountered In The Event Of A Tail Gate Exam Hold?

Manifest Hold: If your shipping documents, such as the manifest or bill of lading, are missing, incorrect, illegible, or need to be verified.

Commercial Enforcement Hold: This is any hold placed by Customs on your cargo if additional verification is required for copyright, trademark, safety standards, or licensing.

Statistical Validation Hold: If there are discrepancies between your shipping documents and the actual cargo, such as different weights, values, or commodity declarations.

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