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Tanker Trailer
Aluminum Fuel
Importing Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer from China

When seeking for profitable products, China has it all. A cheap tanker trailer price is offered. The prices can be bargained from the prices they offered. When you import tanker trailer is very beneficial for you in reducing importation cost. In China, you can deal with Guangdong province suppliers and manufacturers of tanker trailer and build your perfect relationship with them, even in Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan provinces.

Carbon Steel Tanker Trailer
Importing Carbon Steel Tanker Trailer from China

Many qualities of tanker trailers are available in China. Whether you need different types of tanker trailers, a lot of suppliers can provide all the needs of your expanding business. A lot of people in business, fastly grow there because of the help of professional manufacturers from China. Also dealing with Bansar has a big help because you don’t need to worry about the safest shipping process.

Cement Tanker Trailer
Importing Cement Tanker Trailer from China

A successful business by importing from China is proven by many people from different places. In the industry of manufacturing, labor cost is provided by leading manufacturers in China. When you wanted to expand your business, importing in China can be great for your success. Shandong province also Shanghai province can offer a lot of benefits for you.

Diesel Fuel Tanker Trailer
Importing Diesel Fuel Tanker Trailer from China

For your diesel fuel tanker trailer orders, you may find your excellent manufacturer to make it safe and get profitable tanker trailers. As you can see, China is known as a country with big production in the industry. Being trusted by many people is the reason they much develop and supplying more quality products at a very friendly cost. They give all the information details for all the importing process so customers can surely trust their service.

Food Grade Tanker Trailer
Importing Food Grade Tanker Trailer from China

A wide selection of tanker trailers is available in many manufacturers based in China that commonly from Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Deal with Bansar, and leave the rest of your worries to them. They have experience in handling all the difficulties in terms of importing tanker trailers and many other products. Import tanker trailers in China and save your cash.

Gallon Tanker Trailer
Importing Gallon Tanker Trailer from China

In a large number of orders like your tanker trailers, you don’t have to worry about any process. It can be guided by many of the professional suppliers and factory staff from China. Also, Bansar has an excellent connection with popular tanker trailer manufacturer in China so it can be great for you to deal with. Building a better relationship with reliable manufacturers can help you shop comfortably at any time you want.

Gas Tanker Trailer
Importing Gas Tanker Trailer from China

Your long time to be partner from China can supply tanker trailer enough for your needs. Offering your desired rates in importing different kinds of products also for your tanker trailer orders. Make your plan do come true with the help of the most talented manufacturers in Shandong and Guangdong provinces. They have their capability to guarantee your desired orders most especially for your tanker trailer orders.

Oil Tanker Trailer
Importing Oil Tanker Trailer from China

China is a great place for you to find a high-quality yet affordable tanker trailers. Even if it is for your business or even for your own, you can surely find all the features you needed. A cost-effective supplier and manufacturer of tanker trailers in China can be found commonly in Guangdong province with a lot of skilled staff to make sure your whole process will be managed perfectly on time.

Petroleum Tanker Trailer
Importing Petroleum Tanker Trailer from China

The large record of manufacturing quality, durable yet at very reasonable prices. A verified manufacturer and Chines markets are supplying the best tanker trailers worldwide. In many years in the industry, they provide the best solutions in shipping customers’ orders and many other processes about importing.

Pneumatic Tanker Trailer
Importing Pneumatic Tanker Trailer from China

If you look for a skilled supplier and factories for your tanker trailer orders, make sure you find are a reliable one. In China, most of the suppliers ensure the ordered products of customers will be protected. Importing in safe and well-trusted manufacturers can help you be fortunate in business.

Stainless Steel Tanker Trailers
Importing Stainless Steel Tanker Trailers from China

If you’re still struggling with choosing your partner for a long term partnership, don’t hesitate to rely on Bansar. Bansar knows everything about dealing with certified suppliers and manufacturers in China. All the difficulties that Bansar been experienced are the reason why most of the people always choose them to trust with.

Sulfuric Acid Tanker Trailer
Importing Sulfuric Acid Tanker Trailer from China

Make your importing process easy and smooth. If you depend on Bansar, you can get a hassle-free and most especially saving a lot of cash. If your priority is importing tanker trailers just to provide the requirements of your business, China can offer to you a reasonable or suitable cost. Find your desired Chinese markets and put up good connections with them.

Water Trailer
Importing Water Tanker Trailer from China

For the first time in business and want to import for something and badly needed to save much money, let Bansar help you. Bansar will recommend a perfect match for you and help you with the whole shipping process. If you are not familiar in any steps on how to import tanker trailers, sustainable manufacturers in China can provide all your business needs.

Milk Tanker Trailer
Importing Milk Tanker Trailer from China

Eco-friendly materials for your tanker trailers are always manufactured by manufacturers in China. When you needed it badly, and want to import urgently, you can choose a manufacturer that only focused on manufacturing what products you need such as tanker trailers. Find a province with tons of verified Chinese tanker trailer manufacturers.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Tanker Trailer Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
Shipping by sea freight can provide you a stable space for your tanker trailer orders from China. Also, offer a rate in very competitive with a reasonable local fee. Ship your tanker trailer by sea and get free warehousing to have the safety of your order.
Air Freight from China to
Airfreight has a lot of experience in receiving goods even in large size goods perfectly for your tanker trailer orders from China. Airfreight can guarantee a space in very best shipping rates based on BSA. You can choose an airport based on your partner.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
When you are using rail freight for your tanker trailer, you probably get benefits to gain of. Environmental and batter safety is supported. It can improve air quality and cot-effectiveness. Make it true by using rail freight shipping.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
It is better to choose a door to door shipping services than wasting your time commuting miles away from your home. By door, it can be worry-free on picking up your orders on your own. You can relax at your place waiting for your orders to arrive on time.

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Tanker Trailer Manufacturer in China

If you need a trusted partner in running a started business and want to import from the certified manufacturer in China,

Let Bansar guide you and get the best financial gain.

This can be lead your way to success and can help you familiarized all the Chinese markets such as tanker trailer manufacturers in China.

Best Tanker Trailer Manufacturers in China


Established in 2005, CHENGDA TRUCK TRAILER CO., LTD is one of the China`s qualified tanker trailer manufacturer. The company is integrated in the scientific development & research, professional sales team, and production. These advantages help the company provide complete service for trailers, tractor head, tanker trailer, trailer parts, and semi-trailers.


QUEST VEHICLE is a fast-growing company focuses in HOWO truck, trailer parts, and trailer equipment. Started in the trailer business since 1999, QUEST VEHICLE is aiming on becoming an international partner in the field of transportation. The company is devoted to manufacturing industry-leading truck equipment and tanker trailer to customers all over the world.

  • JINDA trailer

Officially established in 2008, JINDA TRAILER is an approved China′s Ministry of Industry manufacturing-oriented company. This company principally dedicated in trailer industry related to all types of trailers sales business and production, ODM and OEM services, which involves environmental light weighted semi trailers and traditional cargo semi trailers. There are total of 400 employees in the company.

  • Chengli Special Automobile Co. Ltd

Chengli Special Automobile Co. Ltd was established in 2004, a well-known professional exporter and manufacturer that is mainly concerned with the development, design, and manufacture of special trailers for environmental protection, petrol, and cleanness. It is located in Suizhou City, Hubei province, with main products including water truck, fuel tank truck, garbage truck, and so on.


The company has more than 63, 000 staff across Asia, China, Australia, North America, and Europe. CIMC Vehicles was established in 1980, known the largest truck and truck parts manufacturer in China. This is very popular company worldwide, with full capabilities to manufacture trucks or trailers according to customers` different needs. With over decades years in the industry, they provide the most competitive truck services and prices in the world.

  • Juyuan International Trading Co., Ltd

As a trade and industry enterprise with a factory, Juyuan International Trading Co., Ltd covers a total area about 220, 000 square meters. The factory is located in Liangshan, China with professional 460 workers, including 118 highly-trained workers and 16 people with senior title. Started enjoying the business since 2001, they are one of the enterprises to gained the CCC and ISO9001 certificate.

  • Chengda Machinery

Chengda Machinery is a production enterprise that supplies different types of tanker trailers and semi-trailers. In China, they have rich experience in the international markets since 2014. The company is professional in making and designing trailers with special concerns for flexibility, road safety, and economy. Chengda Machinery successfully export complete product range to more than 25 oversea countries.


HOKA VEHICLE has been devoted in the tanker trailers and heavy duty truck industry for over the 15 years. With the first-class design, professional team, market capacity, and manufacture experience, HOKA VEHICLE has delivered and exported over 5, 000 units to countries across the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

  • Justsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Located in Xiamen City of China, Justsun Intelligent is an engineering truck and construction machinery industry and trade company comprising R&D, import/export trade, and production in one. The company has a first-class development and research team, professional service team, marketing team, and advanced production equipment. They are also committed to supply foreign customers with guaranteed quality engineering trailers and trucks.

  • Weiyu Special Vehicles Co., Ltd

Born in September 2004, Weiyu Special Vehicles is a significant branch of CLW group which mainly located at Suizhou city, hubei province, central China. The Weiyu Special Vehicles is one of the biggest authorized manufacturers that supplies more than 800 series of special purpose trailers and trailer spare parts. Main products are garbage truck, sewage suction truck, fuel trailers, LPG tank trailer, and so on.

  • Luen Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Luen Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd is identified professional semi-trailer and tanker trailer manufacturer based in China. This company covered products such as warehouse-type semi-trailers, liquid transport tank semi-trailers, fence semi-trailers, special vehicles and powder material transport semi-trailers, etc. The company`s factory covers an area about 120 acres with complete testing equipment and advanced production equipment.

  • Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a company with more than 10 years of tradition in the engineering industry and has accumulated a rich experience in this field. The company is focused on the production of tankers, trailers, dump trucks, and other vehicles. They currently employed 1100 personnel and enjoying strong yet fast growth in the business. Its annual production capacity reaches to 20, 000 units.

  • ZhenJiang SWT

With more than 10 years` industry experience, ZhenJiang SWT is professional in building and designing trailers for international markets. Currently, they supply metal trailers that surely meet the design specifications and needs of their customers. All the trailers there have guaranteed the highest build standards. They offer such as cage trailers, box trailers, camper trailers, bike trailers, etc.

  • Supper Max International Limited

Supper Max International Limited is one large scale and leading exporter in China specialized at trade and production of tanker trailers. The company`s design engineers able to produce a range of super quality semi trailers, tractor truck, cement mixer, dump truck, and trailer parts. The company occupies an area for about 500, 000 square meters and 30, 000 square meters workshop.

  • Haiqi Vehicle sales Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Haiqi Vehicle sales Co., Ltd is a semi-trailer production factory that does export of domestical semi-trailers, research, development, and sales. Factory located in Liangshan industry zone, their factory gets very convenient transport. They are very glad to welcome customers from around the world to visit and select the best units of trailers for your business purposes.

  • CLW group

C LW group is mainly located in Suizhou city, Hubei province, central China. This company focused in vehicle selling and manufacturing, investment, education, real estate, and more. They are large manufacturer producing all kinds of transportation solution with many branches in China. Established in 2004, CLW Group is one of the top 500 private companies with advanced equipment, flawless inspection, and reliable quality products.

  • Jushixin Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd

Was set up in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, Jushixin Transportation Equipment is specialized in the mass production, R&D, and sales of semi trailers, tanker trailers and other transportation equipment in China. Depends on resource of central China and rich transportation benefits, Jushixin is dedicated to supply cost-effective and high-quality transportation solutions for clients globally.

  • Dong Runze Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd

Dong Runze Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd provides fast and dependable special trailers, trucks, and important spare parts from China. Business product range includes mobile generators, trailers, trucks, vehicle-mounted tank, automobile export and import business. Most of the transportation units are widely used in sanitation and environment, oil mining, architecture, and virescence fields.

  • China Truck International Ltd

China Truck International Ltd is an export and import enterprise integrating sales, R&D, and production of various special-purpose transportation equipments. This is one of the biggest domestic manufacturers which established earliest. The company employed 600 people including over 60 experts and owned 360 sets of various advanced equipment.

  • Xiagong Chusheng Special-purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd

In China, this is the biggest and popular manufacturer with several professional years of experience in special vehicles industry for over 15 years. The company owns a total of 400 technicians, 3000 workers and a factory that cover a scale 690, 000m2. Most of the tankers/trucks/trailers they have are successfully delivered to more than sixty overseas countries including Kuwait, Iran, Korea, etc.


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