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Importing Tea from China
Importing Green Tea from China
Importing Green Tea from China

Green tea has been arguably the healthiest variety of the tea industry. It comes with many health benefits ranging from life-affirming to life-saving. In China, you can find qualified green tea manufacturers in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shangdong. You can select the best green tea products at the best prices.

Importing Black Tea from China
Importing Black Tea from China

Black tea is undoubtedly the most commonly drunk type of tea worldwide. It is known for its full of healthy substances that are beneficial for hearts health. Guangdong has the most black tea manufacturer in China. These suppliers provide a large selection of black tea products with competitive prices.

Importing Dark Tea from China
Importing Dark Tea from China

Dark tea is one of the six major Chinese tea. Chinese offers a large variety of dark tea. These kinds of tea have no expiration date if stored correctly and will accompany you over time. It has the most complicated processing but gives your costumers the benefits of trying it.

Importing White Tea from China
Importing White Tea from China

White tea is the most delicate tea because of its minimally processed. These type of tea help reduce heart diseases, combat skin ageing and even weight loss. In China, Guangdong province has the most white tea sellers. Sourcing from these manufacturers can help you save time for your upcoming tea business.

Importing Yellow Tea from China
Importing Yellow Tea from China

Enjoying the taste of yellow tea and want to run a tea business? Find certified Chinese yellow tea manufacturers. The top yellow tea suppliers in China are based in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong and Jiangsu. Such suppliers provide high-quality yellow tea products at the best prices.

Importing Puer Tea from China
Importing Puer Tea from China

China has been the main producer of puer tea, located in Yunnan province. Puer tea is beneficial to blood cleansing and digestions. Choosing from verified puer tea manufacturers in China that offer various kinds of puer tea can helped your business grow. These type of tea is best for coffee drinkers, health conscious and for your tea shop business and retailers.

Importing Oolong Tea from China
Importing Oolong Tea from China

Finding a tea that has several benefits for the body and brain? Oolong Tea is your best choice. This kind of tea gives several impressive health benefits. And China has the worlds best value of Oolong tea. Chinese Oolong tea trusted manufacturers are based in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai. These manufacturers offers a wide variety of Oolong tea that’s best for your tea needs.  

Importing Jasmine Tea from China
Importing Jasmine Tea from China

Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, sipping jasmine tea is just as great for your body as it is pleasing to your taste buds. This delicious flavoured tea has brought a lot of health benefits including a lesser risk of heart attack. You can find verified jasmine tea manufacturers from Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai and more.

Import Chrysanthemum Tea from China
Importing Chrysanthemum Tea from China

Chrysanthemum tea has a host of medical benefits. This has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine. Sourcing inexperienced chrysanthemum tea manufacturers in China is a good thing to do with your tea shop business, restaurants, hotels, and also to the tea wholesalers. Select various high-quality chrysanthemum tea products and build better relationships with them.

Tea Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you have a large quantity orders of tea, sea freight shipping is your best choice. Most specially if your far away from China.
Tea Air Freight Shipping from China
Urgent tea shipments and high level of securing your cargo is what air freight shipping provides.
Tea Rail Freight Shipping from China
Using rail as a means of transportation for your tea shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Tea Door to Door Shipping from China
If shipping internationally and unfamiliar with the importing process, using door to door shipping can help you save time, efforts and inconveniences for your tea shipments.

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Best 20 Tea Manufacturers in China

1 Everlong Tea

Everlong Tea is a family-owned business based in China, and established that specialized production and exporting herbal wellness tea. This tea can protect from the impacts of negative energy outside or inside and quickly makes you better. They are engaged to help you live a life of wellness, balance, and harmony. It is available at lower prices.

2 Standard Industry Co., Ltd

The company focusing on all series of teas export and production. Standard Industry Co., Ltd specialized in organic tea, Green tea, and EU standard tea. There`s also a professional tea engineers team with 40 years of experience in the tea business. This is a processing and exporting company for any tea products. Yearly, they can capably produce tea products reaches up to 10, 000MT.

3 Hunan Lvhang Tea Co., Ltd

Hunan Lvhang Tea Co., Ltd is a certified tea producer, operating mainly in China. Its main product includes black tea, green tea, flavored tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. All these teas are reliable in quality and rich in variety.  They can also export products to Russia, Britain, the US, Australia, and other regions. Before exported, they ensure competitive price and stable quality.

4 Merlin Bird Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd

This is a technological and innovative exporting company focused on tea production, research, development, and marketing. Incorporated in nearly 2012, and was based in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China. And due to reliable services, Merlin Bird Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd has obtained ISO9001, HACCP, and ISO22000 certifications.

5 Tongling Medical Biological Engineering Co., Ltd

You can find the company in Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone, China. Tongling Medical Biological Engineering Co., Ltd makes all kinds of tea products, ensuring the quality of customers` satisfaction. Their goal is to meet customers` assorted requirements. Since the foundation until today, the company always do their best to satisfy every customer.


PROMAX SAFETY produces and supplies all kinds of herbal tea products not only in China but in the whole world. Situated in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, and well equipped with advanced technology. The company is devoted to this industry for almost a decade, and now already obtained a reputation from customers nationwide. They also have a strong capacity to deliver orders quickly.

7 China Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc.

Started in the business ever since the 1994 year, China Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc sells and manufactured herbal extracts, traditional Chinese herbs, health food, etc.  It is also equipped with state-of-art equipment for quality control and fast processing. Due to extreme quality, affordable prices, and great services, they now won loyalty and trust among the customers.

8 Lang Mei Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Lang Mei Biotechnology Co., Ltd mainly produced dietary supplements and tea products. The company, together with the professional R&D department provides OEM services for additional customer satisfaction. In the factory, there are more than 600 employees and staff, who can create products that passed ISO14001, ISO9001, HACCP, OHASAS18001, and GMP quality certifications.

9 Shining Industrial Enterprise (China) Co., Ltd

Has been for over 20 years` experience in the tea industry, Shining Industrial Enterprise (China) Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer, operated in China. Throughout the 2 decades in the field, they now developed a good reputation and strong brand which successfully enter international markets.

10 Vhappy Lecom

Since founded, Vhappy Lecom continuously manufactures based on market and customer demands. They are devoted to producing tea products and exported to over 170 regions and countries. Consist of 198 hardworking employees, leveraging experience to help your business rise up.  They also make efforts in order to help industries to enhance efficiency.

11 Xishui Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd

Xishui Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd was expanded in June 2007, and well-equipped with a workshop, staff accommodation, office building, and many more. Supported with production workshop that has the strong capacity, letting 15 manufacturing lines to operate at one time. With more than 15 years` dedication, Xishui Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd now gets popularity and the best experience to provide clients with a wide range of tea products.

12 Nanning Viet Drink Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

The company can provide a private label services for tea products. Based in China, Nanning Viet Drink Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd has 50 existing office staff involving accounting, sales department, administration department, production, logistics, etc. Per year, the R&D department can create the newest products, popular once enter in the market.

13 Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd

Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd is a high-efficiency company, continuously develops tea products for several years. It integrates the sale and production of tea products. Moreover, they have set up tight friendship and cooperation with other customers all over the world. They are also experts in providing ODM and OEM services. With market based in South Asia, South& North America,  Middle East, Australia, etc.

14 Green Herb Bio-Technology Limited

This company researches and develops tea products for weight loss. Founded in 2008, takes an area of 5 hectares for the GMP workshop. In the factory, they are capable to supply more than thousands of health care products. More than 20 countries are being covered. Supplying the newest and best formula of sexy, weight loss, and health care products.

15 YUHUI Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Located in the Chinese herb base, particularly in Xi′an, Mainland China. YUHUI BIOTECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd specializes in separating, distilling, and extracting ingredients from natural plants. Owning a total of 2 facility lines, one for essential oils and another for plant extracts powder. They manufacture strictly under the GMP guidelines.


JIAOZUO HAILIAN FOOD Co., Ltd is concentrated on all series of tea products production, exporting, and distribution. The team exports their products to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other 30 countries. The company serves customers with a mission of supplying high-quality products that can meet your high-end demands.

17 Yihutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd

With a long history, Yihutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd takes “true care, true health” as its ultimate goal. This is a dedicated company, professional as well to handle customer orders regarding tea production. Was incorporated in August 2018, with a total of 10 strategic partners in the industry. The team has a sufficient and stable supply capacity to meet each health needs of the customer.

18 Nature Choice Co., Ltd

Based on good service and excellent quality, the products from Nature Choice Co., Ltd have been delivered in many regions, including Korea, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, etc. The team can strictly control the whole processing and always ensure products have good quality. Their products are widely applied in different industries, especially in health care.

19 Yifang

Yifang is backed up by the strength and guidance theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It obtained 20 national provincial awards and 100+ patents due to high-quality and great services offers. They are able to inspect rigorously the products before the delivery process. Exported to overseas countries like England, Australia, Canada, Singapore, etc.

20 Henrikang Biotech Co., Ltd

Henrikang Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in May 2010. It works as a professional manufacturer and distributor of vitamins and tea products. They owned a factory situated in Xi′an, province of Shaanxi, which takes an area of 131 acres and is with 3 workshops.  What`s more, the company is well-equipped with quality and researching the inspection department which has strong development. It`s their job to provide thoughtful services to customers worldwide.


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