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Knitted Cooling Mattress Importing from China
Knitted Cooling Mattress Textile Importing from China

Cooling fabric is comfortable and soft next to the skin and can even be worn by those who are sensitive to synthetic materials. If you need to buy this product for your home, Chinese textile supplier is a good choice, the biggest one is Hangzhou Hengyi Textile market.

Satin Importing from China
Satin Style Fashion Importing from China

Chinese market can supply all kinds of textile including fabric satin in a wide selection of colors and design. Perfect for making dresses and gown. Bansar can help you find a verified satin manufacturer in China at reasonable price. This manufacturer can be found in Yiwu textile market. It can surely help your textile business.

Upholstery Fabric Importing from China
Textile Upholstery Fabric Importing from China

Chinese textile market has a professional equipment to manufacture superior product. Find a professional textile upholstery supplier that can guarantee the quality and quantity of textile upholstery fabric. We will help you find your textile needs.

Fine Wool Importing from China
Fine Wool Importing from China

It can be used for coats, jackets, vests, and blankets. Spruce up your winter wardrobe with this fabulous wool fabric! The professional manufacturer of textile is located in Jiangsu China, and their major product is Fine Wool.

Spunbond Non Woven Textile Importing from China
Spunbond Non Woven Textile Importing from China

China spunbond non woven manufacturing factories are most in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou. Whether you need to import spunbond non woven textile for your home or your business, Chinese market is the best choice. You can import spunbond non woven in Chinese market in a small or large amount at a reasobnable price.

Linen Type Textile Importing from China
Linen Type Sofa Textile Importing from China

Whether you need to buy Linen type sofa textile for your home or your business, Chinese textile market is a good choice. In China, there are over 50,000 textile manufacturers and suppliers. We will help you find the best Linen Type Sofa textile manufacturers and have experienced many years in textiles manufacturing.

Decorative Leather Textile Importing from China
Decorative Leather Textile Importing from China

If you are looking for an affordable and stylish decorative leather textile, Bansar will always help you find your products. Import decorative leather textile now in China area, mostly in  Zhejiang, Hangzou and Shaoxing. Chinese textile market can provide competitive price and can assure you a good quality at a reasonable price.

Emboss Fabrics Importing from China
Emboss Fabrics Importing from China

If you are looking for different kind of embossed fabrics, China manufacturers supplies  Embossed Cotton Fabric ,Embossed Polyester Fabric ,Embossed Polyester Mechanical Fabric ,Embossed Chiffon Fabric,Embossed Mesh Fabric ,Embossed Velvet Fabric ,Embossed Suede Fabric,Embossed Knitting Fabric and more embossed fabrics with high-quality and the best price.

Embroidery Fabric Importing from China
Embroidery Fabric Importing from China

China textile manufacturers offers you different type of  embroidery fabrics like, Ribbon Embroidery Fabric ,Cotton Embroidery Fabric,Eyelet Embroidery  Fabric,Sequin Embroidery Fabric,Sequin Fabric and more. These factories also accept custom-made embroidery fabric designs for you.

Jacquard Fabric Importing from China
Jacquard Fabric Importing from China

There are different kinds of jacquard fabric including cotton jacquard fabric, polyester jacquard fabric, jacquard weave fabric, stretch jacquard fabric, metallic jacquard fabric, chenille jacquard fabric, knit jacquard fabric, and jacquard satin fabric. China fabric textile factories supplies all types of jacquard fabrics. They also offers different prints & patterns on jacquard base, like floral jacquard fabric, jacquard stripe fabric, geometric jacquard fabric, & jacquard print fabric produced with high-quality at the best price.

Printed Fabric Importing from China
Printed Fabric Importing from China

If you want to buy printed fabric for your business or personal use, China fabric textiles manufacturers can offer a lot for you. They provide Digital Print Fabric ,Transfer Printing Fabric,Screen Print Fabric and more. These factories used 20 sets of printing machine to satisfy your high-quality standard requirements.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Textile Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 3
For less in-transit cost of your textile orders, choosing sea as mean of transportation is best for you.
Air Freight from China to 3
For more efficient and quick deliveries of your textile shipments, air freight shipping is right for you.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 4
If your distance away from China and you have a huge textile orders, then rail freight shipping is your best choice.
Door to Door Service China to 1 3
If new to shipping process and want more convenient way of transporting, then door to door freight shipping fits for you.

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Best 20 Textile Manufacturers in China

 1 Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd 

Established in 1993, Shandong Jining RUYI is a professional worsted fabric and wool textile manufacturer situated in Jining, China. Currently employs skilled and experienced 5,000 employees that ensure fast and satisfying production. In the year 2013, they have company-owned revenue of $96 million but in the year 2017, it raised to more than $150 million.

2 Shandong Demian Incorporated Company 

Founded in 1997, Shandong Demian is a reputable textile manufacturer with vast experience in the field. The company is headquartered in Dezhou, China with a wide factory area. Your one-stop solution for all types of textiles needs such as carded knitting yarn, natural color cotton, combed knitting yarn, etc.

3 Huafang Textile Co Ltd

Huafang Textile Co Ltd is established in 1997, with profound knowledge and effort in manufacturing, selling and exporting textile products, textile raw materials, and garments. The company also specialized in manufacturing knitted cloths, imitation fabrics, cotton yarns, and more. All products are exported worldwide and produced according to international standards to meet your expectations.

4 Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd 

Started in 1994, Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd is one of the largest professional manufacturers specialized in the textile industry for many years. They have a turnover of $400 million annually and well-appreciated by many suppliers. Distributors, traders throughout the world. Obtain a high-class, elegant, and cost-effective solution for your satisfaction.

5 Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd  

Since 2000, Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile focuses on designing, producing, promoting, trading, and sales of high-standard textiles around the world. Capable of producing a wide range of cotton textile and warp is woven garments according to your preferences. Headquarters in Shijiazhuang, China, with a large and modern factory area.

6 Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd

If you are looking for a manufacturer who is capable of producing and distributes textile products, Weiqiao Textile Company Limited is the ideal one! They manufacture elegant, durable, and superior quality textile products, grey fabrics, cotton yarns, denim items, and more. With more than 54,000 skilled employees, the company has annually turn reached more than $1.2 billion.

7 Jiangsu Hengli Group

One of the largest manufacturers in China, who is devoted to providing magnificent textile and clothing to customers. Situated in Changzhou, China and had total revenue of $22.05 billion. The company is an expert in yarn dyeing, weaving, washing, and finishing. They used advanced technical skills to become more efficient and reliable.

8 Shangtex Holding Co Ltd

A company that is dedicated and committed to manufacture and supply textile and fashion products to international markets. Started to operate in 1878, and now currently employs more than 18,000 technicians and staff with 190 affiliated companies and 40 shareholders. Second-to-none company that you can trust with a vast range of products and use of high technology.

9 Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd

Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd is a Sichuan Dist, ZIBO based manufacturing company that specialized in producing high-class dyed fabrics and dyed yarn along with combed cotton, chemical fiber, silk, and more. Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd also owns popular brands in the market like Arrow, Bessshirt, Cavad, Alain Delon, etc. They are famous and well-appreciated by more than 30 countries.

10 Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Co Ltd

Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Co Ltd is an expert in the textile industry that works honestly with a business mission of “Care for People. Color the World”. Established in 1993, and now has more than 24,000 professional and hardworking employees who stabilize great products. Possess five modern production basis in China using high technology and the latest equipment in textile fabrication.

11 Shandong Lawrance Textiles Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Shandong Lawrance Textiles Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer of textile products, engaged in research, developing, manufacturing, selling, and after-sales of textile solutions worldwide. Headquarters in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China, with a 174,000, meters land and 4700 total workforces. Throughout its decade and a half history is the management of technically strong professionals, they guarantee the best, efficient, fast production of your request.

12 Hangzhou Hengyi Textile Co., Ltd

Founded in 1990, the company is located at the convergence of the Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River, which is only 20 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport. We have an advantageous location, convenient transport facilities, and developed communications. The company pays great attention to pursuing innovation and perfection, so we have a creative team that has the ability to provide stable high products to our customers.

13 Hubei Jiezhixin Textiles Import And Export Co., Ltd.

For over 20 years, Jiezhixin Textiles Import And Export dedicated itself to develop and fabricate quality products that surely exceed your expectations. They mainly engaged in producing cotton fabric, woven workwear uniform fabric, cotton/spandex fabric, T/C, CVC, and more types of textiles located in Hubei Province, China. All textiles are sold worldwide with good quality at a reasonable price.

14 Jiangyin Dulan Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Located in Jiangsu China, Dulan Import and Export is a premier manufacturer of textiles with a professional technical team to develop and improve new products. By keeping up with fashion trends, they become well-known and well-appreciated by many countries like Vietnam, India, the United States, France. etc. With superior quality, high efficiency, and excellent customer-service they become the supplier of many homes and abroad companies.

15 Shanghai Blue Penguin Textiles Co., Ltd.

Blue Penguin Textiles is a professional home textiles manufacturer that mainly engage in product design, product processing, promoting and selling in a wide variety of textile solution. Located in Shanghai, China, and currently own 4 production base in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. Integrates continued creativity, acute insight, high efficiency, and international vision to provide all your needs with uniqueness.

16 Eternal Linen Hangzhou Co., Ltd.

Eternal Linen Hangzhou is a trusted one-stop provider of textile products located in Hangzhou, China. Offer a variety of products and best services to meet the potential needs of customers. The company’s well-equipped factory and excellent management guarantee total customer satisfaction. They are also willing to cooperate with worldwide clients in order to realize a win-win situation.

17 KOHO Nonwoven Co., Ltd. Quanzhou

Since 2014, KOHO Nonwoven focuses on great research, development, manufacturing, and innovation of textile products delivered to customers with ISO, SGS, BV Certifications. Backed up by more than 600 professional technicians and staff, 13 machines for nonwoven fabric production. They earned a good reputation both in the domestic and foreign industries.

18 Jiangsu Zhongma Yarn-Dyed Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017, Zhongma Yarn-Dyed Technology is an ISO 9001 certified company that specialized in manufacturing all types of textiles. Currently employs more than 100 workers and possess comprehensive 50 sets of Italian imported high-speed rapier loom equipment. Their products are mainly sold to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe, etc.

19 Chibi Xiangyuan Special Fabrics Co., Ltd

Established in 2016, Xiangyuan Special Fabrics is an ISO 9001 professional manufacturer with a vast experience in the field located in Xianning, Hubei, China. Formerly known as Chibi Special Cloth Factory founded in 1987, they are mainly engaged in producing flame-retardant cloth, waterproof protective safety fabric, twill woven functional canvas flame retardant fabric, and more.

20 Shanghai Sinyo Textile Co., Ltd

For many years in manufacturing polyester & nylon fabric, you can ensure the competitive price, stable quality, and best customer services from Sinyo Textile Company. All products are manufacture with strict quality control and inspection in all stages. Own a weaving and coating facilities headquarters in Zhejiang and Jiangsu area that responsible for fast and excellent production.

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