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Tiny House Bumper Pull Trailer
Importing Tiny House Bumper Pull Trailer from China

Bumper pull trailers for tiny houses are designed to attach via a tongue to a ball mounted on a tow hitch, which is connected directly to the truck’s frame.  Save time and money by importing a tiny house pull trailer from leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Most of them are based in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Manufacturers tiny house bumper pull trailers are the best trailer to build a tiny house on.

Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer 1
Importing Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer from China

Gooseneck tiny house trailers offer a very stable foundation for towing and higher weight carrying capacities. If you are looking for the better tiny house gooseneck trailer in China, Shandong province is your choicer to visit. You can customize the perfect trailer and select the height you want the deck to be. Chinese gooseneck tiny house trailer manufacturers have been building high-quality custom trailers for decades.

Tiny House Deckover Trailer
Importing Tiny House Deckover Trailer from China

With deck over trailers, the deck is raised above the fenders allowing the top surface to be completely flat. For your tiny house deckover trailer needs, China is your next place to be. You can find the most tiny house deckover trailer manufacturer and supplier in Shandong province. Get a suitable tiny house deckover trailer for your business and other purposes from one of the leading Chinese suppliers.


Tiny House Gooseneck wth Platform Trailer china
Importing Tiny House Gooseneck w/ Platform Trailer from China

If you are looking for professional tiny house gooseneck with platform trailer for your needs in China, then you must visit Shandong province. Manufacturers provide a wide variety of tiny house trailer needs suits your business. Choose from these verified and experienced manufacturers for many years. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save much time and effort.

Tiny House Fifth wheel Trailer
Importing Tiny House Fifth-wheel Trailer from China

Fifth wheel tiny house trailers are designed for heavier loads than regular utility trailers. China manufacturing factories of fifth wheel tiny house trailers are most in Shandong province, a wide selection of manufacturers and suppliers is your choicer. With the huge range of tiny house fifth-wheel Chinese manufacturers provide, you can surely find the perfect one suits your needs.

Modern Tiny House Trailer
Importing Modern Tiny House Trailer from China

Choose a perfect modern tiny house trailer for your needs in one of the professional Chinese manufacturers. Most of the suppliers and factories are based in Shandong province. But there are also some in other areas like Jiangsu, Hebei and Fujian provinces. Whether you need modern tiny house for your business or personal needs, you can surely find a Chinese manufacturer that satisfy your needs.

Tiny Container Home Trailer
Importing Tiny Container Home Trailer from China

Tiny container home trailer manufacturers and supplier in China are commonly based in Shandong province. They provide the specific tiny container home trailer of your needs. Manufacturers will offer you good after-sale service and fast delivery. You can surely have the best tiny container home trailer by importing tiny container home trailer from China.

Cargo Trailer Tiny House
Importing Cargo Trailer Tiny House from China

Find the best cargo trailer tiny house manufactured by Chinese suppliers. You can find most of them in Shandong province. Manufacturers are providing high-quality cargo trailer tiny house that suits according to your applications. Finding a professional Chinese supplier will help you save money, time and effort. Just take care of your chosen suppliers, find the one that had meet quality standards and international certifications.

Ton Tandem Trailer
Importing Ton Tandem Trailer from China

In China, most ton tandem trailer manufacturer and supplier are based in Shandong province. They offer high-standard ton tandem trailer fit for your needs. Professional manufacturers are known for delivering solutions that meet customers exact requirements. Get the top quality ton tandem trailer from these certified suppliers.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Tiny House Trailer Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
Shipping tiny house trailer by sea helps you save money. Perfect for greater quantity of materials due to its large storage capacity.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Urgent tiny house trailer shipments and high level of securing your cargo is what air freight shipping provides.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Using rail as a means of transportation for your tiny house trailer shipments is much affordable and organized.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
Safe delivery for your tiny house trailer orders and on time with competitive freight cost is what door to door shipping provide.

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Best 20 Tiny House Trailer Manufacturers in China


QINGDAO SATA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD is a professional in the export and sale of various trucks. They established an overseas department and exported its products to more than 30 countries since 2005. Their main products include tractor truck, medium and heavy-duty truck, semi-trailer, special truck, and many more.

2. Qingzhou Reachfly Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingzhou Reachfly Environment Technology Co., Ltd is a leading advanced sci-tech entity. They are combined with new energy-saving building materials producing, production line equipment manufacturing, technology developing and researching, construction installation, and scientific research promoting.

3. Qingzhou Readroad New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Qingzhou Readroad New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd is one of the largest trailer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Shandong Province. They have Manufacturing and supplying all kinds of trailers for more than 11 years.

4. Changzhou Yamar Equipment Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Yamar Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading trailer accessories and trailer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in China. This factory was established in 2006, covering a facility area of 5,000 sq meters. Their main products include boat trailers, tandem trailers, box trailers, camper trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, off-road trailers, and so much more trailers.

5. Ningbo Deepblue Smarthouse Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Deepblue Smarthouse Co., Ltd was established in 2009. They are engaged in developing and designing prefab homes in China. The prefab home includes modular homes, luxury villas, and affordable houses. They have been exporting their products to more than 60 countries.

6. Qingdao Director Integrated House Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Director of Integrated House Co., Ltd is a container home and steel structure company in China. They specialize in providing container homes, light gauge steel framing houses, portable toilets, office, mobile security kiosks, etc.

7. Tianjin Quick Smart House Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Quick Smart House Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. This factory has the stability of product production and raw material base, has an abundant economic basis, a group of high-level experts and professors, high-quality technical and professional personnel, and stable product quality that provides a reliable guarantee.


LAIZHOU DINGRONG STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD is located in Laizhou City, Shandong Province. They are specializing in installing and manufacturing prefab house, container house, steel structure warehouse workshop, modular house, mobile homes, etc.

9. Guangdong Wanbang Modular House Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Wanbang Modular House Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing company in China with great contribution heart, commitment, responsibility, and passion. This company has 3 production bases in Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, and covers an area of 35,000 sq meters.

10. Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd is focused on energy-saving products, environment improving, corresponding all-around services, and fine finishing steel products.

11. Qinhuangdao Edao New Material Co., Ltd.

Qinhuangdao Edao New Material Co., Ltd is a professional and a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass product company. Their main products are FRP skylight panel, SMC molding products, RFP pultrusion products, and many more.


RICH PLUS(XIAMEN) IMP. &EXP. CO., LTD is an enterprise company based on green buildings. They specialize in supplying design, consulting, and production of high-quality steel structure and prefabricated steel building products.

13. Weifang Zontop Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Weifang Zontop Steel Structure Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of prefab house, steel structure, container house, and sandwich panel. They have been exporting and manufacturing their products for more than 10 years.

14. Shandong Vesteon Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

Shandong Vesteon Automotive Parts Co., Ltd is consists of 3 manufacturing mills. This factory covers a total area of 100,000 sq meters and more than 1,000 staff.

15. Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, a professional exporter and manufacturer that is connected with the development, design, and production of container house. This company is located in Suzhou with convenient transportation access.

16. Shouguang Sunrise Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shouguang Sunrise Construction Engineering Co., Ltd has more than 30 years in integrating steel structure manufacture, installation, and design. This company has different types of prefabricated housing system for options.

17. Sky Trend Group Co., Limited

Sky Trend Group Co., Limited is a leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing, engineering design, and sales of steel structure, materials, and prefabricated houses.

18. Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech. Co., Ltd.

Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech. Co., Ltd. Provides integrated housing solutions for the design institute, construction builders, construction material traders, and developers.

19. Xuzhou Powerson Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Powerson Metal Technology Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise that focuses on integrated housing production, design, installation, sales, and service. Their main products are steel sheet, steel coil, wall panel, light steel villa, and container house.

20. Hangzhou RUNPAQ Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou RUNPAQ Technology Co., Ltd is an advanced enterprise serving in fields of new energy management systems and equipment. This company is highly experts in manufacturing electromagnetic heat meter, electromagnetic flowmeter, thermostat, VAV terminal, and many more.

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