Toestemming TOT Wegvoering

Toestemming TOT Wegvoering: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is TTW?

Toestemming Tot Wegvoering (TTW) is a Dutch term that refers to permission to release a document for imported cargo from customs supervision.

Customs authorities are responsible for granting this permission.

The European Union required you to have this document for your cargo to be considered released from customs supervision.

TTW Is Permission To Release A Document

TTW Is Permission To Release A Document

What Is A Toestemming TOT Wegvoering Document?

A toestemming TOT Wegvoering document is mostly used during the importation of goods. Its main purpose is to permit the release of goods from customs supervision.

Who Issues Toestemming TOT Wegvoering?

Customs officials are obligated to issue toestemming TOT Wegvoering.

Is Toestemming TOT Wegvoering Applicable To All Countries?

Toestemming tot Wegvoering is a Dutch term used specifically used when importing goods to the European Union.

However, all countries exporting to the European Union have to undergo through toestemming TOT Wegvoering.

Are There Customs Checks Between EU Countries Requiring TTW?

Yes, there are.

However, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to go through checks or customs procedures when moving goods via EU states.

Since it’s a single trade area, you can freely move your goods through Borders.

When shipping from other countries out of the European Union, your shipment will be treated the same as any other international shipment.

Therefore, you need to present all the proper documentation to import your goods.

Nevertheless, importing or exporting from the European Union has been made much simpler with a free trade agreement.

The free trade areas among the European Union states allow for a common customs procedure on shipments.

How Does Customs Supervision Work Before Receiving Toestemming TOT Wegvoering?

To understand this better, let’s first describe what customs supervision entails.

Once you import goods, customs officials take measures to ensure adherence to set legislations.

This is what is referred to as customs supervision.

That said, before receiving toestemming tot Wegvoering, goods are kept in temporary storage as they undergo custom supervision.

The facilities where goods are stored are authorized and controlled by customs authorities.

Customs officials can also direct the goods to be stored at other facilities approved by them.

During this time, the stored goods can only be taken care of to ensure they are well preserved before their release date.

This can be achieved through practices such as regulating temperatures to preserve the goods.

The importer is allowed to examine the shipment or take samples only after seeking permission from the customs officials.

The maximum amount of time for goods to be placed under customs process is 90 days following their presentation to customs.

As soon as customs authorities are done with customs supervision, they will issue toestemming tot Wegvoering document.

This document is issued to confirm that your goods have been released from customs supervision.

Custom supervision normally applies to goods that must pass through checks such as safety checks, health checks, and environmental checks.

These checks are always done before the goods are released into free circulation.

An importer is also required to have a license before goods are placed under customs supervision.

What Happens If Goods Are Not Released After Issuance Of Toestemming TOT Wegvoering?

If the goods are not released after issuance of toestemming tot Wegvoering, necessary measures are taken.

Customs officials can either decide to confiscate or sell the goods to regularise the situation.

All this is done at the expense of the declarant.

On the other hand, the goods might be neglected by the declarant after seeking permission from customs officials.

In EU Toestemming Tot Wegvoring Is Necessary To Consider Goods released

In EU Toestemming Tot Wegvoring Is Necessary To Consider Goods released

Can Goods Be Considered Released Without Toestemming TOT Wegvoering?

No. Toestemming tot Wegvoering is needed for your goods to be marked as released from customs supervision in the European Union.

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