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Importing Toys from China
Importing Educational Toy from China
Importing Educational Toy from China

Educational toys are always been helpful to children to teach them about a   particular subject or help it help them developed a particular skill. Educational toys manufacturer can be found in  Zhejiang Province and  Abd Guangdong Province in China. Where they manufactured high-quality educational toys. But for the safety of the costumers, keeping an eye of the certifications is a must.

Importing Action Toys from China
Importing Action Figures Toy from China

An action figure toys that are toys that are mostly marketed toward boys and adult collectors whose fan with the characters from the film movies, comic books, video games, or television program, fictional or historical. China is known for importing action figure toys. Certified Chinese manufacturers are based in a different area in China. Also due to materials where it made of ensuring of the safety certifications is a good thing to consider.

Importing Electronic Toys from China
Importing Electronic Toys from China

High-tech and electronic toys have become more popular in recent years. Some of these types of toys, like that feature Bluetooth speakers, tablets that connect to WiFi, radios, and walkie-talkies must receive certification from the FCC. Experienced and verified electronic toy manufacturers in China are mostly in Shantou and Shenzhen. Where they produce the best of electronic toys.

Importing Inflatable Toys from China
Importing Inflatable Toys from China

Inflatable Toys are always best in a pool party with friends. China manufacturers provide high-quality inflatable toys in their various style, also offers a competitive price. Golden Chinese suppliers can be found in any area in China, so no worries in finding much. Inflatable toys that can be shipped worldwide. Get yours according to your want size and style.

Importing Ride on Toys from China
Importing Ride-on-Toys from China

Ride-on toys are very popular with children, who enjoy both the sense of movement that they get from wheeled toys and the pretend element that wheeled toys give them as they imitate the important adults in their lives.  Experiences ride-on toy manufacturers are in any area in China. Chinese suppliers offer a reasonable price ride-toys with high-quality standards.

Importing Toy Musical Instrument from China
Importing Toy Musical Instrument from China

Playing with musical toys brings long term benefits for cognitive and emotional. There are lots of awesome musical toys for kids these days. China suppliers manufactured this kind of toys at great low prices. Yuewei can be your best musical instrument supplier in the world where high-quality products and excellent services are being offered.

Importing Stuffed Toy Animal from China
Importing Stuffed Toy Animal from China

Stuffed toy animals are made from cloth and filled with a soft material. This soft and cuddly stuffed animal will provide hours of fun. At 8 inches it is ideal for hugging and makes a good nighttime companion. High-quality stuffed toy supplied by verified and experienced Chinese manufacturers is in any area in China. They also offer a wide range of wholesale stuffed animals.

Importing Arts and Crafts Toy from China
Importing Arts and Crafts Toy from China

Both children and adults enjoy arts and craft toys. Children in schools may learn skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things with all sorts of material. It gives children a chance to express themselves and embrace their artistic side. Experts Chinese arts and crafts toy manufacturer can be found in any area in the country. Where they offered high-quality arts and crafts toy at its reasonable price.

Importing Battling Toys from China
Importing Battling Toys from China

Children who engage in play fighting are simply pretending to be aggressive as they develop a fighting theme that commonly involves symbolic weapons or war toys. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Shantou has the most verified and experienced battling toys supplier in China. Assuring of quality products at the best price.

Untitled 2
Importing Building and Construction Toys from China

Building toys have significant cognitive and academic benefits for children of all ages. It helps kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities, so kids could be prepared for schools, food, and lives. Importing some building/construction toys from China is the best choice. Most Chinese building and construction toys suppliers are from any area in China.

Importing Games Puzzles from China
Importing Games & Puzzles Toys from China

Game and puzzle test a person’s ingenuity or knowledge. It is a fun toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing them early in life some very important life skills.  Chinese professional suppliers can be found in Wenzhou, Xiair, Guangzhou, Caoxian, Yiwu and many more. These experts offers competitive prices for games and puzzle toys and high-quality products.

Importing Infant Toys from China
Importing Infant Toys from China

Infant toys help babies learn to develop their senses. A lot of baby toys excite babies and encourage them to babble and speak their first words, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Babies and infant toys help babies eager to learn about the world around them, and they have much more to learn. Infant toys suppliers in China are in Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan and many more. These manufacturers are verified and experienced in infant toy manufacturing for many years.

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Importing Toys from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing toys from China, this guide is right for you.

Having the best insight for your business can help you become an expert in your chosen field.

Reading this guide is good for your start-up import Toy business.

It will help you get started and watch your business grow.

So read on.

Chapter 1: Why Import Toys from China?

We all know that toys help make playtime for kids fun and engaging.

But aside from this, they also make big business.

Now, world statistics show that China is the leading exporter of toys in the world.

The country is said to manufacturer 70% of the world’s toy supply.

In 2016 alone, China is said to have exported over USD 33 billion worth of toys to other parts of the world.

China toy industry

China Toy Industry – Photo courtesy: STATISTICA

But why China?

Well, it is probably because China produces some of the best and unique toys in the world.

Take for example dolls, stuffed toy animals, electric toy cars and puzzles.

These are all original Chinese toys that are popularly and widely used across the globe.

Besides, I’ve mentioned that most toys today are made in China.

If you look at the toys around you right now, you’ll see that a large number of them are embossed “made in China.”

Toys in China

Toys in China

Even those that you think may come from Europe or America, a majority of them are manufactured in China.

So generally, importation of toys from China is big business.

You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of engaging in big business now, would you?

Chapter 2: Quality Standard Requirements for Importing Toys from China

We’ve established that China makes some of the best toys in the world, no doubt.

But then, importing toys from China is not as easy as you have to follow many rules and regulations.

You have to learn about the current international toy trade laws if you’re thinking of importing toys from China.

Also, you will have to know the regulations you have to follow to import toys from China-including what your own country allows for imported toys.

Here are some of the requirements for toy imports from China;

· Compliance and safety regulations

When importing toys from China, you MUST ensure certificate and safety.

There are no two ways about this because these are products that are mostly used by children.

Thus, regulators tend to have stringent rules and high requirements about them.

Note that different countries have different regulatory requirements for toy safety and compliance.

Here are some of the certifications that you may need to import toys to different parts of the world.

Electronic toy car

Electronic toy car

i. USA

To import toys to the US, you must ensure certified compliance with ASTM F963-11 rules.

This shows that the toy imports have undergone mechanical/physical, flammability and chemical testing.

CPSIA is also a mandatory safety certification for toys import to the US.

This regulation caters to lead, and phthalates testing’s as well as labeling testing.

ii. European Union (EU)

If you’re importing toys to EU, you must ensure that they pass the EU’s toy safety directive EN71-1, 2, and 3.

Note that most Chinese suppliers tend to leave out the part 3 test of the EN71 toy safety regulation.

So make sure to check that your certificate includes part 3 as it is the most important one.

It shows that the usage of lead and phthalates is within acceptable limits.

Apart from the EN71 certificate, your toys imports to the EU must also have a CE mark.

And if they are electronic toys, EN62115 certification is mandatory.

iii. Canada

For imports to Canada, CCPSA certification is required.

This regulation addresses the health issues and hazards identified with toys.

iv. Australia and New Zealand

The AS/NZS ISO8124 is the official safety standard for toy imports to Australia and New Zealand.

It caters for physical and mechanical, flammability and heavy metal requirements testing for toy imports to Australia.

When importing to Australia or New Zealand, always ensure certification for AS/NZ ISO8124-part 1, 2, and 3.

v.  Japan

The toy safety standard for Japan is ST2012.

vi. Argentina and Brazil

Argentina and Brazil’s toy safety standard is NM 300.

It comprises of parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 that all toy imports to these two countries must meet.

vii. Gulf countries

Gulf countries operate under the conformity assessment regulation N.BD07070502.

They also observe BD-131704-01 standard on technical regulation on children’s toys.

viii. India

For India, you’ll have to have IS-9873certification for parts 1, 2,3,4,7 and 9.

You’ll also need IS-15644 certification if you’re importing electronic toys from China to India.

ix. South Africa

SANS 8124-1:2014/ISO 8124-1:2014 and SANS 50071-10:2015/EN 71-10:2005 apply for toy imports to South Africa.

These are country specific toy safety standards.

International standards include;

  • ISO/TC 18
  • ISO 8124-1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7
  • ISO/TR 8124-8
  • IEC 62115 for electric toys safety

· Testing Regulations

For most countries, 3rd party testing is required for toy imports from China.

Quality testing sample

Quality test sample

This includes testing for;

  • Accessible edges,
  • Accessible points,
  • Cleanliness of pastes, liquids, gels, putties, and powders,
  • Heavy elements, including paint and similar surface coating materials,
  • Heavy elements in substrate materials,
  • and, small objects.

As a requirement, the testing should occur at approved laboratories.

Having passed the required tests, products get a certificate of approval and can thus be safely imported from China.

Labeling Test Regulations

Labeling tests regulations also apply as a quality requirement for toy importation from China.

Universally, it is required that all toy imports have a certified tracking label on the product or its packaging.

Toys box labeling

Toys box labeling

The label must show;

  • the name of the manufacturer
  • the location and date of manufacturer
  • details about the toy manufacturing process-including batch number among other things
  • any other relevant information about the specific source of the product

Where necessary, toy product labels are also supposed to show instructions for using the toy.

The labels also should indicate any usage warnings and ways to reduce safety hazards when using the toy.

And of course, labeling must conform to the usual labeling rules like showing country of origin, etc.

These are the basic quality and safety requirements for toy importation from China.

So if you’re importing toys from China, make sure you adhere to all the quality and safety requirements.

Of course, both for international toy importation as well as to those that apply to your country.

For the latter, you will need to confirm with your country’s bureau of standards to be sure of what is required.

Once you know this, communicate the same to your supplier so that they can supply you with compliant products.

Chapter 3: Importing Different Kinds of Toys from China

Well, being the world’s toy manufacturing hub, there certainly are different types of toys in China.

And for you that’s intending to import toys from China, there are lots of options to explore.

However, as any business requires, you need first to identify the best toys to import.

These should be toys that you think will move fast, bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run.

Having said that, here are some of the most popular toy products that you can import from China.

1) Import educational toys from China

Educational toys are always seen as objects of play designed to help stimulate learning in children.

These toys are meant to meet an educational purpose such as helping children develop a particular skill.

Or, help them learn about a particular subject.

Educational toys

Educational toys

Educational toys generally help to simplify, miniaturize and sometimes model activities and objects used by adults.

They include Lego bricks, toy computers, construction sets, manipulative, etc.

If you’re interested in importing educational toys from China, you can visit suppliers in Zhejiang and Abd Guangdong province.

These produce a variety of high quality and certified educational toy products.

2) Import action figures toys from China

Action figures are dolls made in semblance to characters in a film, comic book, video game or TV program.

Action figure toys

Action figure toys

The dolls are often made out of plastic and could represent a fictional or historical figure.

Common action figure toys include Superman, Cinderella, G.I Joe, ninja turtle, etc.

There are several wholesale markets that you can import action figure toys from China.

You just need to identify suppliers that can meet your certification requirements and that are affordable.

3) Import electronic toys from China

Electronic toys have become pretty common today.

I guess their popularity is because they are fitted with digital technology.

They incorporate virtual elements in which children can learn and access unique entertainment.

Electronic toys

 Electronic toys

This makes them highly interactive keeping children on their toes.

Electronic toys include entertainment robots, digital dolls, remote cars etc.

Shantou and Shenzhen cities in China host a majority of certified electronic toy manufacturers.

When importing electronic toys from China, you must ensure that they are safe for use as an electronic product.

Also, ensure that your supplier has FCC certification.

4) Import inflatable toys from China

Inflatable toys are most commonly used in kid’s parties.

They include pool floats, beach balls, ride ons, etc.

Inflatable toys

Inflatable toys

These toys help to make children parties fun and engaging.

When importing inflatable toys from China, safety is paramount as they are most associated with toy risk and injury.

As such, you must ensure that your supplier understands the requirements for inflatable toy manufacturing.

5) Import ride on toys from China

Like the electronic ones, ride on toys provides that interactive element that kids love so much in toys.

They give them a certain sense of fulfillment being able to ride on things just as they see adults doing.

Ride on toys

 Ride on toys

There are very many experienced ride-on toy manufacturers and suppliers in all areas in China.

You can enjoy a great experience importing ride on toys from China at reasonable prices from China- as long as you pay attention to quality and safety requirements as well as documentation.

6) Import toy musical instrument from China

Toy musical instruments like pianos, whistles, and pop tabs provide long term cognitive and emotional benefits in kids.

Musical instrument toy

Musical instrumental toys

These toys are available in great variety,andChina is just the perfect place to source them.

Yuewei can be an excellent place to start from if you wish to import toy musical instrument from China.

The supplier adheres to the required standards of toy quality and safety.

They also offer reasonable prices for their toy supplies.

7) Import stuffed toy animal from China

Stuffed toy animals don’t just provide fun during playtime for kids.

Since they are made out of soft material and are big enough, these toys also provide comfort.

This is mainly at night when it’s cold and during those moments when the kids feel lonely.

Stuffed animal toy

 Stuffed toy animal

Besides, they enhance kid’s knowledge of different types of animals.

You can import stuffed toy animals from China at very reasonable prices and verified and experienced suppliers.

8) Import arts and crafts toys from China

While providing fun and excitement, arts and crafts toys also help develop creativity in children.

These toys can be used both at home and in school.

They include Crayola’s, Colorfoams, Cleversticks, Stickers, Spirographs, Rainbow looms, etc.

Importing arts and crafts toys from China, it is a great opportunity and a fast way to increase your profits.

You just need to identify a verified and experienced supplier to supply you with quality creative toys at reasonable prices.

9) Import battling toys from China

Contrary to popular opinion, play fighting helps to develop and shape kids for the future.

It helps them learn skills for survival in society.

Battling toys

Battling toys

Besides, you may not believe it, but battling toys also help in kid’s physical, social as well as intellectual development.

So despite the constant debate on whether it is okay or not for kids to use battling toys, they still have a market out there.

You can develop a booming business importing battling toys from China.

Just ensure that you identify the ones that sell fast enough like gun toys and find a reliable supplier for them.

10) Import building and construction toys from China

Building and construction toys usually come as standalone pieces that kids can join together to form distinct models.

From these toys, kids can build cars, houses, etc.

They are generally great for kid’s who like to be challenged as they are interactive and spark a wide range of imagination.

Building and constrution toys

Building and construction toys

As a matter of fact, it’s not just kids that use building and construction toys.

Some adults also enjoy these using these toys.

So evidently, importing building and constriction toys from China can be good business.

The best part is that there are so many manufacturers and supplier of these toys in China.

You walk into any city in China, and you’ll find hundreds of them, both verified and experienced.

11) Import games and puzzles toys from China

Puzzle toys and games help trigger creativity and boost critical thinking.

Parents love these for their children, and even schools avail them for creative learning.

Game and puzzle toys

 Game and puzzle toys

Importing games and puzzles toys from China can help take your business to another level.

In China, you’ll find simple and complex games and puzzles toys to suit various ages.

Manufacturers and suppliers for these toys are mostly concentrated in Wenzhou, Xiair, Guangzhou, Caoxian, and Yiwu.

12) Import infant toys from China

You can find the best, safest, high quality and most suitable import infant toys from China.

Manufacturers in Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, and Dongguan are the best for infant toy importation from China.

Infant toys

Infant toys

This is because a majority of them are verified and experienced in producing quality and safety compliant infant toys.

Besides, their product prices are known to be the best across the region.

If you’re wondering which toy product to import from China, the outline above should give you an idea.

Note however that the opportunities don’t stop there.

You can study your local market and identify the most profitable products to import from China.

Remember that each market is different and trends change.

So what works in one market and may not work for another market.

Also, what works this season may not work next season.

The good news is that regardless of what the market needs, China has it all.

The country produces recent trend toys and games in great volume and at competitive prices.

Chapter 4: How to Get the Best Price Toy Manufacturers in China

You know the different kinds of toys that you can import from China as well as the requirements for their importation.

Now, it’s time to identify a potential supplier.

Unfortunately, with the thousands of toy manufacturers and suppliers in China, finding the right supplier for you may be a little hard.

Luckily, this chapter covers a few places and means of finding the best price and quality toy suppliers in China.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Alibaba toy Suppliers

You can use online trading companies like Alibaba to source for toy manufacturers and suppliers.

Alibaba presents thousands of toy manufacturers and suppliers.

Alibaba toys

Alibaba Toys

The site connects importers like you to potential manufacturers and suppliers at zero fees.

All one needs is an Alibaba account and the know-how to navigate through the site.

On using Alibaba, these may be of help;

The challenge with Alibaba toy supplier is the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

A majority of the suppliers on this site tend to have very high MOQ demands.

It can be difficult for you to meet their MOQ requirements if you’re a startup business.

2. Get best toys on AliExpress

If you find that the MOQ demands of Alibaba suppliers are too high for you, you can try AliExpress.

Like Alibaba, you can also get the best toy on AliExpress only that here, you’re able to purchase in smaller quantities.

Toys on AliExpress

 Toys on AliExpress

Aliexpress although a separate site, it is a subsidiary of Alibaba.

The two also work pretty much the same.

Their only difference is the people that it caters to.

Alibaba caters to wholesalers and generally large volume importers.

Aliexpress on the other is designed for the small and medium volume importer.

It is more of a retail site as its prices are also higher than those offered by Alibaba suppliers.

3. Contact China toy Manufacturers Directly

While it is more convenient to find toy suppliers online, it doesn’t always seem to work for everyone.

Thus if that option is not for you, you can try contacting China toy manufacturers directly.

For this, you can either search online (via search engines), filter out the supplier you get and contact them.

Toy suppliers in China

Toys suppliers in China

Or, if you can make it to China, plan a visit and go to the toy markets there to find the manufacturers yourself.

If you consider any of these options, I advise that you seek and speak to the manufacturers yourself.

This way, you’re fully responsible for the entire process including the outcome.

Another thing, contacting manufacturers directly is often accompanied with some challenges.

These include;

  • Language barriers as most of the Chinese suppliers are not fluent in English
  • High MOQs. Just like with Alibaba, directly contacting manufacturers may slap with high MOQ demands that you may not be able to meet
  • Problems about verifying supplier credibility. You see, it is very easy to get scammed if you don’t know the ropes of all this. Thus, you have to very careful and do due diligence when seeking out Chinese toy manufacturers directly

4. Visit toys fairs in China

Another option that you can explore when finding toy suppliers in China is to visit toy fairs in China.

The Canton fair is the largest trade fair in China.

The fair has been around for close to a century.

By visiting the canton fair, you get access to a number of toy suppliers and a variety of toy products including baby toys and action figure toys.

The fair is often held in spring and late fall every year.

Toys Expo

 Toys Expo

Apart from the canton fair, there is the Chenghai toy fair that usually holds in late spring.

It is equally popular and often features top toy manufacturers and suppliers in China.

The Mega show in HongKong is also one fair that you can’t afford to miss.

This show also features premium toys from a wide range of manufacturers.

If you’re wondering why you should consider visiting a toy fair in China, here is why;

  • You get to meet and speak directly to manufacturers, no middlemen
  • You get to see and feel the products first hand. No pictures or imaginations of how the toys will look like
  • The manufacturers attending these fairs are usually verified. Thus no need for additional due diligence
  • Since you’re speaking to manufacturers directly, it is easier to negotiate product prices and MOQs

5. Sourcing agent

Now, if you’re unable to use any of the above options, you may want to use a sourcing agent.

A sourcing agent will reach out to a variety of manufacturers and/or suppliers.

He/she will then find the toys you need, buy them on your behalf at a small fee.

For this option to work well for you, you’ll have to use a reputable sourcing company.

A company that you’re sure can facilitate the successful importing of toys from China to your destination.

Still, if you’re not up to using a sourcing agent or any of the options as mentioned above, there is one more to explore.

Recommendation from the freight forwarder

Well, you can always ask your freight forwarder to recommend good toy manufacturers to you.

As a matter of fact, your forwarder is better placed to identify the real and best toy price manufacturers.

Freight forwarder

 Freight forwarder

This is because these are people they work with daily.

And the freight forwarder possibly has a long-standing business relationship with them (manufacturers/suppliers).

If there is, it is even better for you since they can negotiate for better deals on your behalf.

Well, these are some of the options you can consider when looking for a toy manufacturer/supplier in China.

Remember that regardless of the toys you buy and how you buy them, the suppliers’ MOQ matters a lot.

If you can’t match up, the MOQ demands it will become difficult for you to buy from them.

So go for a manufacturer/supplier whose demands are neither too high nor too low for you.

Once you’re set on the toys to import and a supplier for them, you will need to find ways to ship the toys to your destination.

Let’s find out the various ways to ship from China in the next chapter.

Chapter 5: How to Ship Toys from China

There is a variety of freight options for shipping toys from China.

Due to this, importers often get confused about the different freight options available when importing toys from China.

In this section, I outline some useful information concerning freight options from China,-including a few reasons why one might be more suitable or effective than another.

5.1. Toys sea freight shipping from China

Usually, toys from China are shipped by sea.

This is because toys are light products but take up a lot of volumes when shipping.

Now, sea freight from China breaks down into two categories; Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less than Container Loads (LCL).

FCL shipping allows you to rent an entire container space for shipping.

As in here, an entire container accommodates only your goods.

COSCO Shipping lane

 COSCO Shipping Lane

You can choose to rent a 20 ft.that can carry about 28 cubic meters of toys.

This is approximately 28 pallet loads.

Or, you can rent a 40 ft. container if your shipment is more than 28 cubic meters but below 58 cubic meters.

If your toy shipment is more than 58 cubic meters, you can request for a 40 ft. Hi-cube container.

This carries approximately 58 pallet loads but can accommodate up to 66 cubic meters of the load.

So if you’re shipping in pallets, opting for the 40 ft. Hi-cube container instead of the 40 ft. standard one may not be beneficial.

For LCL shipping, this is where you consolidate your cargo with other shipper’s.

Note that you have to share container space with shipments heading your destination.

Compared to FCL shipping, LCL tends to be more expensive.

However, if you’re considering the cost of shipping LCL and air freight, the latter is less expensive.

Note also that LCL shipping is often accompanied by many risks, especially those of damage or loss of goods.

Thus, it is crucial that when shipping LCL you ensure the container will arrive intact in your destination.

It shouldn’t be opened or broken out in some transit port.

Actually, the less handling an LCL shipment undergoes throughout its journey, the less likely it will be damaged or lost.

Transit times for sea shipping varies with the shipping distance and destination.

Generally, however, it ranges from a few days up to 2 months.

5.2. Toys air freight shipping from China

Air freight is preferred mostly for shipping less bulky cargo.

So if your toy imports are anything less than 500 kg, you can consider shipping by air.

Otherwise, the costs that you’ll incur to ship toys from China by air will be huge.

Like sea freight, air shipping from China has two options; standard shipping and the express shipping option.

China airlines

China airline

Express shipping is often recommended for package’s that are less 150 kg.

Also, you can use this option to ship packages that are very urgent such as toy product samples and shipping documents.

Unlike sea freight, air freight is faster.

Deliveries take approximately 3-7days depending on the destination.

Express shipping can happen in 1-3 days also depending on destination.

In some situation shipping via express means can be done overnight.

5.3. Toys rail freight shipping from China

We know that while being cheap, sea freight is very slow.

And air freight although fast, it is costly.

So if you want something that balances in between air and sea freight, you can opt to ship your toys from China via rail freight.

YiWu London Train

YiWu London Train

It is relatively faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight.

Unfortunately toys rail freight from China is only viable to West Asia and Eastern Europe destinations.

These are the only regions that the Eurasia railway line connects from China.

Also, with rail freight, you have the option of shipping FCL or LCL depending on how big your shipment is.

5.4. Toys Door to door shipping from China

For those of you unable to take part in the shipping process, door to door might be a good solution.

Here, you only hire a freight forwarder and direct them where to pick up the shipment and where to deliver it.

Nothing else.

Door to door shipping

Door to door shipping

The forwarder will work on the entire shipping process including shipping, documentation, insurance as well as customs clearance.

Note that although at an extra cost, door to door shipping from China allows you more time to concentrate on your business.

As I conclude this chapter, I want you to remember that the best shipping method for you will depend on several factors.

So choose a freight method that’s is suitable for the amount of toys you’re shipping.

Also, consider your shipping destination as well as the urgency of shipping.

Another thing to consider when shopping a shipping option from China is the shipping rate.

Shipping rates vary tremendously depending on the service you’re hiring and the seller.

As such, it is essential to shop around and compare prices before deciding on a final choice.

At this point, I can only hope that this chapter has helped clarify what your choices for shipping toys from China are.

Now, we can focus on the paperwork needed for importing toys from China.

Chapter 6: Documents needed to Import Toys from China

When it comes to documentation for importing toys from China, each country has its requirements.

There are some documents that country A may require, but country B does not and so on.

Note nonetheless that there are many important documents that you will need to have when importing toys from China.

Here is a list of the main ones;

Commercial invoice

 Commercial invoice

I. Import declaration form

An import declaration form basically is a document indicating your declaration on the goods you’re importing.

The documents include the following information;

  • The quantity of goods. This should be in great detail and accuracy and should show the quantity and each toy products you’re importing from China.
  • Shipment value. In this document, you’re expected to declare the total value of your toy shipment. It is necessary for the determination of duty and taxes. So make sure that you list the correct value to avoid any disputes with customs.
  • Cargo classification. You need to identify the classification of each of the toy products you’re importing. Different products tend to have different classifications that each determine their taxation. As such, you have to be sure about the classification of your cargo. If you don’t know where or how to find this, consult with a licensed customs broker.
  • Quality. In your import declaration form, you have indicated whether your imports meet the expected standards. List all the certifications that it complies with.

II. Certificate of conformity

With toy products, it is important to have a certificate of conformity during importation.

The paper shows that you’re importing toy products that are compliant with the set quality and safety requirements.

Without this, it can be pretty hard for customs to approve the entry of your imports.

III. Packing list

A packing list is necessary when importing toys from China.

The list should show all the toys that you’re importing from China.

It should also include your product package description, number, and weight in metric tons.

It should also show the length, width, and height in meters, and the cubic measurements of all the toy packages.

IV. Commercial invoice

Along with the packing list, you should also have a detailed commercial invoice.

The commercial invoice should conform precisely to the details in the packing list.

The input in this document must detail the consignment, its value, insurance amounts, as well as freight charges all, broke down.

As I’ve said, the commercial invoice must comfort the packing list.

If need be, copy and paste the information from the packing list to avoid any inconsistencies.

V. Bill of lading/airway bill

You need a bill of lading documents for sea shipments and an airway bill for air freight cargo.

These documents simply act as proof of carriage between you and the shipping company.

It is vital as it is what you’ll use to claim your shipment once it arrives at the destination port.

Thus, the document must clearly indicate your name or that of the consignee, the consignor names, destination among other details.

Generally, these are the main documents that you need to import toys from China.

Others that may be needed depending on the country include import license, inspection certificate and certificate of origin.

So make sure that you know what documentation is needed to import toys from China to your destination successfully.

Once you do, try to dispatch the documents on time, at least a few days before the arrival of the cargo at the destination port.

A licensed customs broker can help you prepare paperwork for the importation of toys from China.

Make sure you consult/hire one if you need documentation services.

Chapter 7: Challenges when Importing Toys from China

Importing toy products from China is definitely a great way to locate new business opportunities and increase profit growth.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy especially if you’re a newbie with little knowledge about the ropes of importing from China.

Some of the challenges you may experience include;

Importing and exporting process

Import and exporting process – Photo courtesy: Garments Merchandising

A. Finding the right supplier

As I said before, there are very many manufacturers/suppliers of toys in China.

This variety makes it hard for newbies like you to identify the real sellers from the fake ones.

Even from the real ones, it can be pretty difficult finding the one that’s most suitable for your needs.

One of the ways that fake supplier use to trap unsuspecting importers is to set a phony company that offers to fulfill your every request.

To avoid this, I advise that you ensure a company you intend to work with exists in physical space.

You can ensure this by getting a street address and doing a little bit of background research on the company online.

You can also call up the company and check whether someone answers the phone.

A genuine company will have live humans staffing the phone during their business hours.

Generally, do adequate due diligence when finding toy suppliers in China.

B. Compliance and Safety regulations

Unfortunately, toys and mostly kids products.

This means safety on the toys they use is paramount.

And because of this, the industry has stringent requirements for toy manufacturing and importation.

These, I must admit can be very overwhelming to a newbie in the import toys from China business.

To make it easier and to avoid problems with customs authorities, it is best that you first familiarize yourself with toy compliance and safety regulations.

This way, you know what is expected and can communicate the same to your supplier.

C. Product inspections in China

Again these are toy products; you’ll have to do a commodity inspection before you ship the toys from China.

The cost of these inspections I have to admit is not cheap.

If you hadn’t planned for it, it could mess up your importation plans.

Unfortunately, you have to do them as they are mandatory customs requirements.

Otherwise, your shipment may not be allowed to leave the port.

D. Design infringement

It is very common for Chinese customs to seize product imports due to issues of design infringements.

If you’re importing customs products with borrowed design ideas, it is crucial that you seek authorization from the copyright owners.

Also, sometimes you may buy goods with logos, or borrowed design that you’re not aware of infringed.

This can be a problem on your part.

As such, it is best to clarify with your supplier on whether they are authorized to use any designs that are not theirs.

If they are, let them supply written confirmation of this to you.

E. Shipping delays

Delays in shipping is a common problem experienced by both new and experienced importers.

And it is often due to a myriad of reasons.

Sometimes it could be due to reasons beyond your control — for instance, political tension, port congestion, bad weather, etc.

Other times, it could just be due to product preparation delays, inadequate documentation, or a lack of compliance.

When you want to succeed as a toy importer importing from China, try your level not to delay products when needed.

This means that for issues that you can avoid like documentation and compliance, just get them right.

F. Choosing incoterms

It is hard to know and decide on an incoterm to use when shipping from China if you don’t know anything about them.

Incoterms, note, dictate the terms of importation/shipping the products from China.

As such, you have to know each one of them and their obligations before you sign any contract deals.

Incoterms 2010

 Incoterms 2010

Note that despite the above challenges, toy importation is not as complicated as you may want to think.

All you need is a little help from a determined and trustworthy Chinese freight forwarder.

A little research can help you navigate through the entire process of importation, but still, you’ll need the guidance of an experienced freight forwarder.

Because as a new to China importer, it can be hard to get past some of these challenges.

But with a reliable freight forwarder, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

The forwarder will guide and help you throughout the entire process of importing toys from China.

Don’t worry; I’ll recommend to you a very reliable and professional freight forwarder in China much later in this guide.

For now, let’s find out how to get the best price toy manufacturers in China

Chapter 8: BanSar China-leading freight forwarder for toys shipping from China

When you import toys from China, the process from sourcing, shipping to customs clearance can be challenging.

A professional and reliable freight forwarder can help ensure you import the best quality toys from China.

They will also ensure that you ship and clear the toy imports efficiently and with very minimal hassles.


 BanSar China

BanSar is a leading freight forwarder for toys importing from China.

We know most of the toy factories in China and can help direct you to some of the best manufacturers and suppliers.

Note that our toy supplier recommendation is to factories with experienced and necessary verification for safety and quality compliance.

Besides, we have a great relationship with most of the toy manufacturers in China.

This means that with us, you’re able to secure quality toy products at friendly prices-better than market rates.

At BanSar, we’re very familiar with the Chinese toy market.

We know all the requirements for toy importation from China.

We are also conversant with the logistics of shipping toys from China to various destinations across the globe.

So no matter if you’re shipping toys from China to Europe, America or Africa, we can handle it.

We have the necessary experience and tools to handle shipping to all destinations in the world.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe you’ll be excited to know that we offer a variety of toy shipping services.

From sea freight, air freight, rail freight to door to door shipping as well as warehousing and distribution services.

Apart from offering a variety of services, we offer competitive shipping rates for your toy imports.

As BanSar, we are also conversant with customs clearance processes.

Our licensed customs broker will help ensure smooth customs clearance of your toy imports-ensuring that your toy imports are all compliant to customs laws.

BanSar brokers can also help you file import licenses as well as other import entry related information with China’s and your country’s customs.

Other than these, our brokers will monitor your imports throughout the clearance process.

This is to help ensure their safety and correctness in determining customs duty and taxes.

On good insurance? We have a strong connection with top insurance brokers in the industry.

We can help you secure reasonable covers for your toy imports from China.

And if you have any concern or questions about our services, BanSar’s professional customer service team is available 24/7.

We are ready to tend to your needs any day of the week and at any time.

You can contact us for anything that you need.

Whether it is a quote, inquiry or compliment, don’t hesitate.


As you can see from this guide, importing toys from China besides being a lucrative business, is also relatively easy.

You need to exercise diligence, patience and abide by the requirements for toy importation from China.

When you do these and also provide the necessary documentation, it all becomes a breeze.

That being said, I believe I have tried to explain all you need to know and do to be successful in this business.

So if after going through this guide, you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact us directly.

We’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, I hope you have a fantastic experience importing toys from China

Best 20 Toys Manufacturers in China

1 Hongma Toys Company

Specializing in producing and exporting plastic toys for over 15 years, Hongma Toys Company earned popularity in the industry. The company is able to produce 300,000 types of toys open for wholesale. They are exporting and selling their products in American, European countries, and other areas around the world. Their products are certificated by CE and ASTM standards.

2 Kidseason Industrial Company Limited

Kidseason Industrial Co., Ltd is based in Chenghai City. They are supplying, exporting, manufacturing, and wholesaling new and best products around the world. Their main products are baby toys, educational toys, outdoor play toys, sports toys, dolls & set, pretend to play toys, etc. This company is supplying toys to brand toys, supermarkets, and wholesalers including Walmart, Marvel, Chicco, Caillou, Amazon, Coca-cola, Huggies, and more.

3 Big Tree Toys Co.

Big Tree Toys Co., Ltd is located in Chenghai, Shantou, covering a total area of 23,000 sq m and 30,000 sq m building area. They are one of a leader in modern toys worldwide. And line as the first Chinese toy company listed in the U.S NASDAQ stock market. This company is exporting products to over 100 countries and regions including America, Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


Yangzhou Better Toys Co., Ltd was established in the year 2008. It is a professional company designing, manufacturing, and exporting plush toys. They are providing comprehensive quality products that can be highly customized.  The company is providing products tested to CPSIA, CCPSA, ASTM, and EN71 safety certifications.

5 Happy Toys Co., Ltd

Happy Toys Co., Ltd is located in Chenghai, Shantou, China, and established in the year 2005. After 15 years, the company become a leading manufacturer and trader in the toy industry. Happy Toys is supplying more than 150,000 different varieties of toys around the world. They are offering products with many competitive prices.

6 First Asia

More than 25 years in the business, First Asia Industrial is engaged in manufacturing plush toys. They have 2 factories located in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. This company is also offering custom-made toys to meet specific client requests. Most of their customers are in need of products for promoting brands. They are exporting plush toys in North America and European countries.

7 Siyu Company

Founded in 2005, Zhejiang Taizhou Siyu Toys and Crafts Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of educational toys, lead wooden toys, and metal crafts. This factory covers an area of 12,000 sq. m, which has 185 workers and 23 technology equipment. Their main products are pre-school and educational sets, building blocks, puzzles, promotional gifts, and more. The company is exporting products to domestic and overseas markets such as America, Japan, Canada, etc.

8 Apex Group

Apex Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1976. It is the leading OEM and ODM of toys and consumer products. Their manufacturing facility is based in Dongguan, China. Their main products are detailed figurines, electronic toys, and more. With 5,000 skilled workers and 75 assembly line, they are able to make high-quality toys products. This company ship product fully certificated with ROHS, ISO9001, GSV, ICTI, and CPAT.

9 Moller Wooden Toys

Specializing in manufacturing and exporting wooden toys, Moller introduces high-quality and high-standards products. All their toys are made of wood materials like beech, pine, and more. Their main products are educational toys, puzzles, blocks, rail transit, and more. Moller has more than 20 years of experience in the business.

10 Megaze Industry Co., Limited

Megaze Industry Co., Limited was established in 2013. The company has been a major supplier of kid crafts and DIY toys. They are serving a famous brands and clients such as Alex Brand, Wooky, and Fashion Angels. Megaze main markets are the Middle East, Asia, the USA, and European countries. Retailers are most of their customers.

11 BLJ Candy Toys

BLJ International Limited was founded in 1975. It is a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of candy toys in China. With 40+ years of experience in production, they offer a wide range of confectionery candy and novelty candy toys in overseas markets. Their customers are food retailers, importers and wholesalers, supermarkets, and specialty stores. BLJ Candy Toys conforms to FDA, EU, and other regulations.

12 Zhejiang Yunhe Kid Times Toys and Games Factory

Established in 1995, Zhejiang Yunhe Kid Times covers an area of 5,000+ sq m with 100 employees. This factory is specialized in wooden toys and wooden kid furniture such as wooden chairs, wooden tables, wooden desks, and more. They primarily export their products in Japan, Southeast Asia, and more other areas. The company has an annual output of USD 3 million.

13 Kaida

Kaida is a leading plush toy and animal toy manufacturer and supplier in China. They are designing, manufacturing, and distributing products to customers around the world. For more than 10 years in the business, the company established a competitive name in the market. Kaida manufacturing facility is located in Yinzhou Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of over 30,000 square meters.

14 FINEWELL UNIVERSAL LIMITED                    

Finewell Universal Limited was established in 1982. They are manufacturing and exporting toys for 30+ years. Their main toy products are funny toys, girl toys, capsule toys, puzzle toys, stationeries, animal kingdoms, figurines, and more. Finewell is shipping its products to countries including Europe, Japan, the USA, etc. This factory passes EN71 and ASTM standard levels.


This company is a leading plastic toy manufacturer in China. It has 3 sub-factories in different areas in the country. They are producing, developing, and supplying toys all over the world. CPS Toys Co., Ltd main products are dolls, kitchen sets, battery-operated series, children cars, radio control series, and more. With more than 500 skilled staff, the company can produce advanced equipment. This company has been cooperating with the famous brand including BEN10, Power Rangers, KFC, and Discover and Channel.

16 Saintoy Co., Ltd

Since 2007, Saintoy Co., Ltd is designing and manufacturing plush toys, plush dolls, and stuffed animals. This company has an annual turnover of US$10 million. Their main markets are North America and Europe. Saintoy Co., Ltd offers OEM and ODM service. They can provide a one-stop solution for their customers.

17 Hexin Toys

Founded in 1973, Hexin Toys is specializing in manufacturing and exporting wooden toys and wooden items. Their manufacturing facility is based in Yunhe, Zhejiang Province, which covers a 260,000 square meter. Hexin Toys product range are wooden intelligent games, pre-school and educational sets, building blocks, promotional gifts, puzzle, toolset, etc. Their main products are Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, America, and Southeast Asia.

18 Cuddly Plush Toy Co., Ltd

Specializing in designing and manufacturing plush toys, Cuddly Plush Toys Co., Ltd became a leading company in China. They are engaged in designing and manufacturing custom and private label plush toys. This company is located in Yangzhou City, China they cover an area of 5,000 sq m, with more than 150 workers. Some of their main toy products include pet toys, plush toys, teddy bears, etc.

19 Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 1996, Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd focused on bringing pets all over the world. Their factories and showroom are located in Hangzhou covering an area of 80,000 sq m with over 860 staff. They have an annual output of more than 10,000 pcs. Their main products are pet toys, pet cushions and houses, pet beds, toys, and more. The main markets of the company are the USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Asia, Europe, and Canada.

20 Eagle Creation Toys

Established in 2006, Eagle Creation Toys is engaged in manufacturing wooden toys for 14 years. Since established, this company is providing all kinds of wooden toys such as wooden figures, dollhouses, wooden magnetic blocks, wooden musical toys, wooden building blocks, and more. All their toys meet and exceed REACH, ASTM, EN-71, and CPSIA safety standards.

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