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Trade Remedy: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is Trade Remedy?

Trade remedies are tactics that the government (through organizations such as CBP, DOC, and USTR) can utilize to make it difficult for companies to import.

These remedies often respond to unfair trade practices by imposing additional duties or quotas on imports while also prohibiting these products.

Figure 1 COSCO Shipping Lane

COSCO Shipping Lane

Why Are Trade Remedies Important?

Trade remedies are crucial in the modern business world as it helps protect domestic industries from unfair trade practices.

These strategically occur when countries give their own companies an advantage.

What Measures Govern Trade Remedy?

Various measures govern trade remedies, and three of the most common types are:

Dumping Measures

It refers to selling a product at a price that is too low as compared to the price that the same product would command in the home market.

You can learn more about Anti-dumping duties.

Figure 2 Anti dumping duty

Anti-dumping duty

Countervailing Measures

Contrary to what the term implies, Countervailing Measures refer to selling a product at a low price on an export market.

The government provides the manufacturer with subsidies and other incentives.

Safeguard Measures

Safeguard is the mechanism used to prevent injury or threat in an importing country’s market. The government can implement a temporary ban on goods from being imported if it would cause economic harm.

How Do Trade Remedies Work In Practice?

Trade remedies are used frequently when unfair trade practices occur.

Whether it is dumping goods too cheaply into the market or selling goods at a lower price because of subsidies.

Moreover, importing too much would harm the economy, so the main idea is to make trade remedies easily accessible to companies who need them.

Who Benefits From Trade Remedies?

Many companies find that trade remedies are beneficial to their businesses because they receive compensation for unfair market practices.

Who Should Pay For Trade Remedies?

When trade remedies take effect, the importing country typically compensates for it with increased tariffs or quotas.

Is It In A Company’s Best Interest To Abide By The Trade Remedy Policy?

Companies should abide by trade remedy policies because it helps protect the domestic market.

Furthermore, higher tariffs and quotas typically increase the prices of imported goods.

What Are Some Potential Effects Of Trade Remedy Tariffs On American Businesses, Consumers, And Foreign Countries?

The overall effect is a reduction in imports, increased domestic production, and higher consumer prices.

Foreign countries are also affected because it prohibits them from importing their products to the importing country.

How Does Trade Remedy Affect Businesses?

Trade remedies affect businesses in two ways:

The price of imported goods increases tariffs and quotas, which raise the prices of imported goods.

This can lead to a decrease in demand and fewer imported goods.

By imposing anti-dumping measures, making it difficult for companies to import the necessary goods.

How Can I Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Trade Remedies?

For companies to take advantage of trade remedies, companies should be quick to identify unfair trade practices.

If they quickly file a petition, then it is likely that the country will impose trade remedies.

What Are The Differences Between Trade Remedies, And When Can They Be Used?

Trade remedies have a variety of differences, but the most important is that they operate in two different ways:

Temporary Measures

Temporary measures are the ones that usually apply when unfair trade practices occur.

These are often enacted through imposing tariffs or quotas.

Permanent Measures

Permanent measures usually apply to subsidized goods. It occurs when a company receives benefits from the government to sell its products.

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