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folding treadmill
Folding Treadmill Importing from China

Folding treadmills have an option of folding running belt/deck toward console or vice versa, console can be folded toward running deck. China treadmill manufacturer makes more competitive price and faster delivery. Import folding treadmill from

manual treadmill
Manual Treadmill Importing from China

Manual treadmills are easily stored away, they don’t require mains power for operation, their construction is simpler since they don’t have main electric motor and transmission to move the belt and they are generally more durable. There are lot of treadmill manufacturer in China who provide a high quality manual treadmill in a competitive price. If you are planning to import manual treadmill from China, that’s a great idea.

power treadmill
Powered Treadmill Importing from China

Powered treadmills require mains power to operate, but they are good for both walking and running and trainee don’t have to hold the hands on the handles during workout. There are thousands of powered treadmill in Chinese market in a wide selection of designs and styles. Find a verified and experienced treadmill manufacturers in China.

Running Treadmill Importing from China

Verified Chinese running treadmmill suppliers are mostly in Zhejiang, Wenzhou and Hangzhou. Thus, manufacturing factories offers high-quality products at a reasonable price and provides the best customer services.

treadmilll incline
Treadmill Incline Importing from China

Treadmill Incline helps burns calories and helps increase stamina due to increased stress on the body – incline running and walking simulates running and walking uphill. When you choose treadmill supplier, you can check their sample, and check every detail of the treadmill, like material, color difference etc. You can find a good supplier easier.

treadmill desk 1djfw
Treadmill desks Importing from China

Treadmill desks are combinations of walking/running treadmills and office desks. Basic idea is to use treadmill for walking and do office jobs while walking. The largest selection of treadmill desks are available in China. Offered high quality at best price from the certified Chinese  treadmill manufacturers and ensure high directory accuracy. If you’re importing from China you are assured of receiving the highest quality products at a reasonable price in short lead-time.

walking treadmill
Walking Treadmill Importing from China

Being designed for slower speeds, treadmill can be stronger, more sturdier and can have larger maximum user weight. In China, Zhejiang is the largest walking treadmill factories and have been 10 years in manufacturing. If you are importing walking treadmill in China, you are assured of having the highest quality products at the best price.

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Sea Freight from China to 2 28
Ship by Sea can save a lot of money. But if you need your Treadmill urgently, Air transportation will deliver your products in good ways.
Air Freight from China to 28
Air Freight has a fastest shipping method, Find a better transportation that make a better packaging.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 28
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume Treadmill orders over long distances.
Door to Door Service China to 1 26
It may look expensive because of additional charges, But additional charges you pay for Door to Door service isn't costly as compared to the combined expenses you'll spend commuting.

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Best 20 Treadmill Manufacturers in China

1 China GANAS

The China GANAS was set up in 2004, the first and leading gym equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Their best-seller product is the treadmill. All of the products China GANAS has been offered become the source of over 180 regions all over the world. Highly supported by the R & D group. Yearly, their team can develop the latest treadmill designs in the global market.

2 Realleader Fitness 

Realleader Fitness Co., Ltd began in this fitness industry since 1996. A company integrated into the design, development, sale & production.  As a well-known manufacturer not only in China but also in the global market, Realleader has many branches located in Europe, North America, India, and so on. And because the treadmill is one of their products, they are also focused on developing a trendy and functional design to gain high praise.

3 Guangzhou BFT Fitness 

Created in 2007, Guangzhou BFT Fitness Co., Ltd are an executive exporter, supplier, and manufacturer of functional treadmill equipment. Their team is concerned with the development and production of any fitness equipment, such as a treadmill. Its factory is situated in Guangzhou City, supplies any design of treadmill that observe with international quality levels. 70%-80% of its products are exported to different countries.

4 Shandong LiZhiXing Fitness Technology 

Shandong LiZhiXing Fitness Technology Co., Ltd is an expert factory regarding in producing commercial grade treadmills. You can find their main office or factory in Ningjin, China. All the fitness equipment including treadmills from Lzxfitness are manufactured both abroad and domestic market. Within years of stable development, the company received great feedback from local and foreign customers, makes them more inspired in the field.

5 Zhejiang Rongshun Technology 

Zhejiang Rongshun Technology Co., Ltd has 100, 000 square meters of construction area in Zhejiang City, China. Their main products are motorized treadmills, and they offer all types. Also, their R & D team is composed of 20 skilled people. The company is one of the recipients of ISO9001: 2000 quality management systems.  Of course, Rongshun only presents high-quality treadmills that got approval from EN957, CE, RoHS, IEC, and CB Certifications.

6 Ningbo Healthmate Science and Technology Development 

Situated in the Ningbo City, part of the scenic seaside in China. This institution is the finest when it comes to manufacturing high-quality treadmills and other fitness machines.  A dedicated group in creating a variety of energy-saving treadmills. Since formed, the team raises a long-term relationship with both foreign and domestic markets. One of the popular factories because of their strict quality management, good consumer service, and advanced technology machines.

7 Tianzhan Fitness Equipment

The factory of Tianzhan Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd was erected last 2008 in the province of Shandong, Dezhou City, China. Tianzhan is a modern and executive manufacturer specialized bodybuilding machines, like treadmills production. They are incorporated in after-sale service and production. Sincerely provide treadmill solutions for each customer worldwide. All the treadmill products from Tianzhan have the best quality and available for lower prices.

8 WNQ (Shanghai) Body-building Equipment 

Engaged itself in the fitness industry, particularizing in the R&D and manufacturing any body-building machines, such as treadmills since 1989. Up to this point, the company steadily improved yearly. Due to innovation and speediness, the company achieves great recognition as a premier enterprise in the fitness industry. As one of the famous global manufacturers, the company received ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, and ISO10015: 1999 Certificates.

9 Guangzhou Yuandong Smart Sports Technology 

Entirely owned by Shiyuan Group, Guangzhou Yuandong Smart Sports Technology Co put a lot of attention in the sales and development of smart fitness machines. Yuandong is fully engaged in supplying industry-premier smart fitness machines around the world. Through its high-quality fitness products, like treadmills, the company becomes more professional and popular as China`s scientific fitness machine brand.

10 Xiamen Golden Hunan Imp&Exp. 

Founded in 2001, with the main headquarters in the Xiamen, well-known as a beautiful coastal city in China. This is a self-owned manufacturing company that coupled with production, R&D, and market, and has complete overseas trade eligibility. It is composed of 200 trained employees, creates absolute treadmill designs, professional product testing, and an experienced management team. They also offer ODM&OEM services for affordable rates.

11 Impulse Group

An advanced gym equipment manufacturer and supplier founded in 1991, located at Qingdao, Shandong Province. The company integrated the unmatched fitness model of gym equipment like Commercial Treadmill, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Machine, and more with scientific fitness services. They exported a huge amount of OEM/ODM gym equipment to Spain, the UK, the US, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Russia.

12 Shua Sports

Established in 1996, Shua Sports Co. Ltd is specialized in advanced research, development, and production of modern fitness equipment and sports goods manufacturing. All products are approved with ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Certification and IS09001:2000 International Quality System you can trust on! With 1,000+ skilled team and a 538,000 square meters modern facility, Shua’s products are exported to many countries like in America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

13 Good Family

Specialized in fabricating different indoor and outdoor fitness equipment such as treadmills, strength equipment, garden exercise equipment, exercise bikes, and other gym equipment products. Known as Good Family Group, Shenzhen Family Enterprise Co. Ltd is established in 1994, with a good reputation and best services offer to customers. An ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certificated factory with remarkable units.

14 Johnson Health Tech.

Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and multinational company which engaged in supplying high-quality fitness and gym equipment around the world. Located at Taiwan with manufacturing plants and R&D factories in Shanghai, China, and North America, the company’s products are exported and marketed in 60+ various countries.

15 Orient Fitness

One of the top and reputable suppliers and manufacturers of high-grade fitness equipment in China, Shanxi Orient Fitness & Health Industrial Co., Ltd becomes the fitness equipment supplier for China National Fitness Programs, General Administration of Sport of China, and Tiangong 1 Chinese space laboratory. A factory with reliable and durable modern models at affordable price you can count on!

16 Huixiang Fitness

Established in 1996, Shandong Huixiang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in developing and manufacturing motorized treadmill in China. Popular all over the country for their ODM/OEM businesses, and a huge network of domestic sales in China. They widely exported their gym equipment products to Europe, Southeast Asia, and America.

17 Ironman Sporting

Specialized in marketing and producing sporting products and fitness equipment, Nantong Ironman Sporting Industrial Co.,Ltd. is widely recognized in China and throughout the world for being reliable in making commercial treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, weight benches, rowing machines, to any applications in the home, gym, and so on. The factory’s shop covers over 60,000 sqm. with many professional employees responsible for production.

18 YANRE Fitness Equipment

A knowledgeable fitness equipment manufacturer and supplier in China with rich experience in this domain, Eastern YANRE Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Wuhu and Beijing with a workshop area of 37,000 sqm. They invested more than 8,000,000 USD for technology research and development and constructed a modern R&D center. Nowadays, many countries choose this company! Be one of them.

19 Kangliyuan GYM Equipment 

Your one-stop-shop solution for your sports gears and fitness equipment needs, Kangliyuan GYM Equipment Co. Ltd, established in 1973, is a professional manufacturer with many years of expertise different clients worldwide trusted on! The company continues to developed new and modern products of 100+ kinds and fabricated over 1 million sets of fitness equipment annually.

20 Brightway Fitness

Established in 2015, Shandong Brightway Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd is an expert when it comes to your fitness and gym equipment fabrications such as treadmill, weight plate, running belt&roller, exercise bike for fitness companies, government, clubs, gyms, hotels, school, etc. Employs an efficient management team, with an advanced production line system that can serve complete sets of fitness solutions you need.

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