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Carbon Steel Tumbling Media
Wholesale Carbon Steel Tumbling Media from China

China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. To be successful, you need to identify the best products that will bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run. If you wholesale Carbon Steel Tumbling Media for your growing business, better to find the best wholesale suppliers in Shandong province of China.

Ceramic Tumbling Media
Wholesale Ceramic Tumbling Media from China

Wholesaling is not an easy task, especially for the newbies. The process can be extremely complex, confusing and costly. Expected gains can often be erased by long transit time, rising or fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays. Better to lean on Bansar. Bansar has a good connection with every popular wholesale supplier in China who supply quality Carbon Steel Tumbling Media.

Corn Cub Tumbling Media
Wholesale Corn Cub Tumbling Media from China

China offers a competitive cost for your wholesale corn cub tumbling media. You should look for the best supplier and manufacturer who can ensure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse. To find reliable wholesale suppliers, Guangdong province has the best one. It will be great for your running business.

Granule Tumbling Media
Wholesale Granule Tumbling Media from China

Granule Tumbling Media wholesale supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province of China. Providing fast and efficient wholesale shipping process for your urgent and huge orders. Giving a complete information process about wholesale products so you can order safely. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

High Density Tumbling Media
Wholesale High Density Tumbling Media from China

You can always find the most reliable wholesale High-Density Tumbling Media supplier and manufacturer in China who can support your business. Finding reliable wholesale High-Density Tumbling Media supplier and manufacturer in China can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products.

Nipple Shape Abrasive Media
Wholesale Nipple Shape Abrasive Media from China

You can wholesale nipple shape abrasive media with your ideal wholesale suppliers. Find your ideal wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China. Whether you want small or large orders for your growing business, you can trust the quality and service of Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces best manufacturer and supplier in China.

Plastic Tumbling Media
Wholesale Plastic Tumbling Media from China

Get wholesale plastic tumbling media from verified suppliers in China. Most wholesale suppliers are located in Guangdong province. A wide variety of tumbling media are provided by their leading wholesale suppliers. These experienced manufacturers have been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality plastic tumbling media products and build better relationships with them.

Porcelain Tumbling Media
Wholesale Porcelain Tumbling Media from China

You should look for the best wholesale supplier and manufacturer who can ensure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse. Ensure your porcelain tumbling media safety by choosing certified suppliers and factories that have passed a lot of international certification. Most of the best suppliers are can be found in Shandong province in China.

Walnut Shell Tumbling Media
Wholesale Walnut Shell Tumbling Media from China

China is amongst the top manufacturers and exporters of tumbling media worldwide. They offer a very competitive cost for your wholesale walnut shell tumbling media. Whether you need small or large wholesale walnut shell tumbling media, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces have the capability to meet your business needs.

Zirconia Ball
Wholesale Zirconium Ball from China

People in business can find a lot of options to explore in China. China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of zirconium ball according to the necessities present on a certain market. Zhejiang province suppliers can supply all types of wholesale tumbling media to support your business.

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Sea Freight from China
Ocean freight is a less expensive method of shipping goods and the size and weight is not an issue. Suitable for wide range of products with long lead times.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Critical mode of transport but preferred mode of transport which needs to reach the destination quickly and air freight greatly reduce the distance between two points.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
If your wholesale tumbling media are shipped to farther area from China, and order is a little urgent, you can consider shipping your wholesale orders by railway
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
When new to wholesale, you can contact Bansar to help your order. We will ship your orders to your warehouse or home. Its more expensive, but very convenient and fast way of transporting.

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Resource To Help You Wholesale Tumbling Media From China:

Tumbling Media

Wholesale Tumbling Media

Best Wholesale Tumbling Media Manufacturer in China



Founded in 2004, HUZHOU INOVATEC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a professional wholesale tumbling media manufacturer based in China which cover an area of 156,000 square meters. They produce a various types of tumbling media used in wide range of applications including automotive, jewelry, medical, electronics applications. All products are exported to many countries in  Australia, German, Switzerland, America, Japan, Korea, etc.

  • Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. specialized in design, development, manufacturing and sales of wholesale tumbling media. Their products scope covers Super-hard Materials, Synthetic Diamond Powder, Quality Abrasive Materials, Cubic Boron, etc. They have passed many management certifications including ISO 14001, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, ISO 9000, etc. This company enjoying good reputation among clients worldwide

  • Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Since 2009, Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. strive to provide high-quality products and reliable services to customer around the world. They supply various powder coating equipment that is used in a wide range of applications. Teir team focused in research and development, production, and sales of products. They offer customizatio based on your special requirements.

  • Huzhou Xingxing Abrasive Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Huzhou Xingxing Abrasive Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wholesale tumbling media, mass finishing media, surface finishing machine, polishing media, and so on. They are supported by more than 100 skilled workers in a 16,000 square meters production area. This company complies with the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007 management standard.

  •  Zhejiang HUMO Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, Zhejiang HUMO Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co., Ltd is one of the leading formulators of surface finishing in China. This company owns a production site with 200,000 square meters and employs more than 400 workers. They obtained ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007 management certification standard.

  • Huzhou Zhenxi Hengda Grinding Material Factory

Huzhou Zhenxi Hengda Grinding Material Factory is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14000 authenticated manufacturer and supplier located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. They manufacture various products including polishing machines, finishing media, finishing machine, vibration tumbling, and so on. They strive to bring greater benefits to buyers at a competitive rate.

  • Zhejiang Ocean Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Ocean Industry Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China. They are supplying a full range of tumbling media, chains, shaft, gearbox, worm gear speed reducer, helical gear speed reducer, cycle-drive gearboxes, etc. They obtained the trust of customers worldwide for their credibility, stable quality, and compliance with the international advanced standard criteria.

  • DongYuan Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd,

DongYuan Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd. was headquartered in Dongguan city of Guangdong province. They manufacture various grinding machines and grinding consumables. With decades of experience and history in this field, DongYuan Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd. become of the best suppliers in China with unique technical development ability, strong workforce an advanced manufacturing lines.

  • Kingda Ceramic MaterialsCo., Ltd

Kingda Ceramic MaterialsCo., Ltd is a trusted wholesale tumbling media provider started in 2006. With more than 11 years of experience, this company recognized and now enjoying a good relationships among customers. Their products are widely sold worldwide including advanced ceramic structural elements, ceramic beads, ball mill grinding jars, etc. All products have a SGS certificate for the transport of goods.

  • YMY Technologies Co., Ltd

Since 2018, YMY technologies Co., Ltd focused on R&D, production, and marketing sales of stainless steel tumbling media products, target kits, target stands. silica gel desiccant canister, equipment accessories, etc. It is headquartered in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China. All products are manufactured with international quality standards that ensure reliability, durability at a reasonable price. At the present, this company employs more than 120 skilled employees and possess 23 units of CNC milling machines, 4 units of injection machines, 26 units of CNC lathe machines, 2 unit of desiccant production machines, etc.

  • Top Abrasive Co

This company, Top Abrasive Co is specializing in tumbling media production, sales, marketing, and services. They are focused on this industry for several years, giving customers a finishing solution to get your satisfaction. They are aiming to increase your profitability, improve your product quality, and enhance your productivity. More than 100 units of tumbling media are distributed yearly.

  • Shanxi Yangquan Aofa Synthetic Material Co., Ltd

Officially operated in 1997, Shanxi Yangquan Aofa Synthetic Material Co., Ltd mainly produces, develops, and researches different types of high-quality tumbling media. 80% of the company`s products are exported to Korea, India, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Japan. Their products operate superior performance and have stable product quality.

  • Qilong Barrel Finishing Machine Co., Ltd

As one of the leading professional manufacturers in China, Qilong Barrel Finishing Machine is specializing in manufacturing and designing various tumbling media and other efficient horizontal vibratory finishing machines. They offered products that can be used mainly for magnesium alloy materials, polishing on zinc, etc. This company was founded in the year 2006.

  • Jofull Vibratory Finishings Co., Ltd

Established in 1975, Jofull Vibratory Finishings Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and is a pioneer in this industry. The company specialized in developing and researching tumbling media. And as of now, the company keeping on to develop its effort to create more excellent, environmentally friendly, and better products.

  • Changxing Hongqiao Abrasive Refractory Factory

This factory has developed into a comprehensive company with complete technical capabilities and necessary equipment. It has been in the business since 1983, major in producing all categories of refractory products and mass finishing products including tumbling media. The company follows the ideal quality assurance system and consists of special technical engineers to work on this.

  • Kaite Industry Co., Ltd

The Kaite Industry Corporation supply different high quality tumbling media at competitive yet reasonable prices from China. They have enough employees to be assigned in the entire production to create product designs based on customers` specifications. One of their goals is to satisfy customers by providing good services for them.

  • Zibo Huao New Materials Ltd

Zibo Huao New Materials Ltd is a well-known modern high-tech enterprise for providing, sales, and design. It is situated in the city of Zibo, fully engaged in the process, sales, and distribution of tumbling media products. Their products are high hardness, lightweight, high-temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, and low wear loss. Broadly used in mining, chemical industry, paper-making, cement, and military industries.

  • Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd

The company is devoted to providing the best accessories products, tools, and cutting machines. Bestlink now becomes the leading manufacturing company that is based in China. Since established in 1985, the company supplied and produced high-quality tumbling media to customers around the world. They are willing to support you in your business development.


PEGE TECHNO MACHINE Co., Ltd is a customer-oriented and leading quality supplier & manufacturer of tumbling media and other related products. Meanwhile, PEGE TECHNO MACHINE Corporation holds more than 10 years of experience in supplying the best quality products and machines. Its products also well accepted by the clients internationally and domestically.

  • Hengshui Zhongbao Wire Mesh Co., Ltd

This China-based company known as Zhongbao Wire Mesh Corporation is specialized in customized manufacture of unique tumbling media and filtration equipment. The company also consists of intelligent managerial and technical personnel who are well-trained to produce unique products. They can manufacture based on your special requirement and deliver them to you safely and on-time.

How to Import Tumbling Media from China – The Ultimate Guide

No countries in the world can supply the best tumbling media as China.

Yes, China manufactures world first-class tumbling media.

They are spreading their trading to the whole world since having quality items.

However, we have seen numerous buyers get stuck during they want to import tumbling media from China.


Essentially, this is so important to know how to import tumbling media from China so that the buyers might follow the purchasing procedures from China.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways of importing tumbling media from China along with some essential info that might arise during importing.

Let’s dive into the main topic.

Inovatec is one of the leading manufacturer that supplies world first class tumbling media.

Know the types of tumbling media manufacture in China before importing

As we said China manufacture the best quality tumbling media, the manufactures are committed to supplying several type media with retaining its excellence.

They produce:

  • Steel media: This type usually use for heavy polishing, burnishing metal, ceramic or plastic, deburring, or shinning. Generally, plastic-type contains high abrasion. As a result, get the matte finish later deburring. It requires a polishing step.


  • Ceramic or graded stone media: When first deburring is required or cast-off for a heavy and light deburring. Furthermore, suitable for heavy and hard metal like stainless or steel along with eliminating corrosion on parts. You can use for general polishing. Even it is being used for polishing the stainless, plastic, steel, and aluminum parts.


  • Plastic media: Plastic media mostly use for ordinary metal deburring, precision deburring burnishing, and polishing. Also, consume soft metal like brass or aluminum even threaded parts.


  • Organic media: It uses for cleaning dirty parts and dry wet. It comes from walnut shell and coconut shell for light to medium deburring. Essentially, the walnut shells utilize for light polishing and finishing.


But you can apply Corn cob to finish particular metal parts as it can absorb surface oil.

In total, organic media is natural that ensures environmental safety, durable, reusable, and biodegradable.

  • Wet tumbling compounds: It used by mixing solid media for proper deburring, polishing, and burnishing parts. It enriches deburring results with ensuring rust and corrosion protection.

Find out suppliers or seller from whom you will buy

In the second thought, you have to find out your suppliers or seller.

There are huge manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers in China.

Truly, their tumbling media could be different in type.

In fact, if you got a seller with the same kind but possibly the qualities of the media could be unlike.

That’s why you want to emphasis on quality first.

Let’s know where to and how to find suppliers.


Alibaba is one of the greatest and most popular Chinese online platform.

Most of the manufactures of China involved in this platform.

So you can enlist this source for your tumbling media buying.

Alibaba website for product sourcing

Every day thousands of business deal occurs by this online business directory platform.

As you know there are a ton of suppler or sellers, you have to choose someone after comparing with your requirement and their commitment.

You can minimize your searching result by filtering in You will find an option like –

  • Trade assurance
  • Gold supplier and
  • Assessed suppliers

Trade assurance: Suppliers from the trade assurance category transact a payment method via a third party. In detail, you and your supplier need to choose a third party to release the payment. You are safe because until you got your required item the third party won’t release the payment to the seller.

Gold supplier: If you are an exclusive member of Alibaba then you would get a gold membership.

Alibaba Gold supplier

You should remember all suppliers of gold membership has a reputation and has honest business dealing records.

Just focus on the supplier dealing experience in the platform.

Assessed suppliers: Assessed suppliers are committed to working for you genuinely. They take liabilities of the inspection of your supplier products before buying. Even they attend the trade show to ensure the product’s quality. They rarely practice bad business deals.

Trade show

When you are not satisfied to make a business deal online, the trade show is a worthy choice where you can meet the huge supplier.

Guangzhou Canton Fair

In Canton fair held in Guangzhou where attend 60,000 booths from 200 states with their products.

If you want to import after going physically then you are welcome to the Canton Fair.

Otherwise, you can find suppliers.

  • Bauma fair: Bauma fair is a well-known world’s largest construction trade fair.

China Canton Fair

You would find here industries machinery, equipment, and building material, tumbling tiles, and many more. This fair held after two years of gapping in November.

  • Shanghai import and export commodity fair: Over 35,000 importers come here to make their business deal.

East China Fair

This fail includes textiles, clothes and many consume goods.

Every year a significant number of goods are including here. Tumbling media also available here.

Finding tumbling media by the souring agents

Nowadays, the sourcing agent can help greatly to find your desired products.

They also help you giving info about tumbling media as they know where and how to find.

Even he does everything from searching manufactures to complete shipment.

china sourcing agent

You just need to contact them.

They are committed to doing the best deal with suppliers for you.

They will do mainly:

  • Searching tumbling media suppliers
  • Inspect the qualities of the media
  • Check requirements that a buyer asked

Your dealing is 100% safe by a sourcing agent because they work till you getting the product at your regional port or even to wear a house.

If any suppliers break any commitment, the agent holds the payment until you inform them that you received whatever you required.

You might search online to find out your agent.


Made in China is another online directory business platform from where you can buy tumbling media for your region.

The seller of this platform offers a ton of media according to the demand.

It is safe since your dealing procedure occurs in some specific ways.


You can pick the best tumbling media and inspect quality very well before placing order.

Even the buyers of made-in-China able to talk to the supplier to know about their products correctly.

How to choose Chines tumbling media manufactures?

After knowing types of tumbling media and how to find suppliers, now you need to choose a specific one from the several manufactures.

You will get numerous suppliers, do you think all are able to make god deal with you? Perhaps, “No”.

That’s why you should know some factors or considerations before finalizing manufacture. So consider the following-

1. Cost of tumbling media

Thinking on cost is the first factor you should prioritize.

Each supplier offers a diverse price.

But you have a budget of your own.

When your budget and quality of the media stay at the finest position then you can decide for buying.

We suggest you not to buy non-standard media though it is affordable.

In fact, you should not compromise with quality at all.

2. MOQ or Minimum order quantity

MOQ set by a manufacturing company.

Talk to them about whether they can supply the quantity you required.

Big amount of order takes additional time and a low amount takes less time.

Initially confirm whether the supplier able to supply what quality you ordered.

3. Project support

Not sure you may face troubles during your ordered company produce or delivering your media.

If happens so what would you do?

Actually, be sure about the company provide instant support.

Those provide support with any issues related to your order, go to them.

Assuredly, such these company committed to offering you the best media.

4. Quality control

Check the company has proper quality control.

Check their previous ordered record provided to their website or online sources.

There will find a vast of importers feedback and ratings so that you can realize their qualities.

5. Check which supplier provide actual size and design

As tumbling media comes in different designs and sizes, focus on specific manufacture who can offer the exact size and design you want.

Someone could be exceptional to manufacture some specific model and someone produces another model.

Those have a good record of producing the desired item, choose them.

6. Times of order delivery

Surely you have a certain period of getting your order delivery.

Of course, they should have a schedule of delivery. Contact them to deliver your order at your precise time.

If someone can maintain your schedule, you might choose the supplier.

7. Check the following to be ensured more about a supplier

  • How long they are working in exporting tumbling media?
  • What are their activities if they fail to keep their commitment?
  • Does the supplier have a good reputation?
  • Who worked before with the company or supplier?
  • What materials they usually use to manufacture your media?
  • Did the company achieved any award or have a certificate?
  • Do they maintain a refund policy?

After being sure about the mentioned topics, you may finalize a supplier or seller.

But confirm got all positive things from them.

Arrange your cargo transport

For shipping, you have to pay for container fees, terminal handling, and packaging and broker fees.

You safe and secure shipment, you can choose a shipping partner who will arrange all the documents to submit to the custom m house.

Cargo Transport

Remember, the shipment often delays late manufacturing by the producer.

Moreover, don’t expect that your product will be ready instantly when reached port.

Some procedures need to complete at the port.

These tasks delay the shipping period.

All procedures take 1-2 days to be completed.

Track your cargo

Generally, shipping globally from china takes more time.

It might take 14 days to arrive on the west coast of the United States and for East coast require up to 30 days.

In this time, you could check the packing list, commercial invoice, bill of landing, and other freight documents so that you can fix problems if you found.

Receive your shipment

After reaching the shipment, contact the customs broker to clear your shipment.

You need to submit the necessary documents to clarify.

When all go well, time to take to products to your house.

Problems could arise while import tumbling media from China

You are not sure whether you may face problems during importing time.

In this section, we will discuss them.

Quality problem

Most of the importers think fir the qualities of their ordered item.

Sometime you might seem low–standard media.

Sometimes it occurs by accident.

If you gather such experience, ask the seller to replace the goods.

Payment Problem

The payment problem is a significant issue for Chinese goods importing.

You can adopt:

TT Transfer pay China supplier

  • L/C or letter of credit method: It allows an importer when his order over $30000. This process of L/C conduct by a bank that takes all liabilities of payment.
  • Telegraphic transfer: It allows an importer to pay a supplier’s account. Be sure for making payment to the supplier company account, not anyone’s personal account. This is less secure.
  • Alibaba escrow: For small orders in Alibaba this is the best option of payment. It offers a buyer full payment security still than getting his order.
  • PayPal: PayPal is the largest online payment way. Importer likes to adopt this method though many suppliers dislike way. But for a small quantity of order, it could be a canny option.
  • Cash on delivery: When you select a sourcing agent, he can help you making cash on delivery payment. It is secured too.

Additional information during shipping

  • Export clearance

To send cargo from China port need to be empty.

Sometimes, importing evidence needs make and show on the Chines port.

Its cost falls upon a FOB price.

Ask the supplier to manage the cost by themselves.

  • Document Delivery

Try to get rid of some extra paying like packing List, commercial list, the bill of lading, and other papers over any DHL or FedEx.

Tell your supplier to bear the expenses while you ordered a big amount.

  • Freight cost

Freight cost means when the shipping item be loaded at the port to its final destination or importer region.

It is considered depending on cargos full container loads (FCL) and less than container load (LCL)

  • Insurance

For your shipment security, you should adopt insurance by the insurance company to recover your lost products.

Damaging media could happen for low packaging quality or any natural disaster.

  • Customs Clearance / Bond

If your order is over $25,000, you have to fill the custom bond.

But it is only applicable for US importer.

It is urgent as you can’t clearance of imported product until fill-up the bond.

  • Charge of getting the shipment to warehouse

Finally, you need to transport the imported item to your wirehouse.

Its total costs fall upon you.

If you have a contract with the supplier to bear this cost by him, so he will take responsibility for the transporting costs.

Wrapping it up

Remember, importing the best tumbling media from China is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of good research and finding out the best supplier.

We hope this article filled all of your thirst on how to import tumbling media from China.

Yet, if you have more queries on this topic, let us know, we will love to hear your sounds

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