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TV Antenna from China
Attic Mount Antennas
Importing Attic Mount Antennas from China

In order to further boost performance, Attic mount antenna comes with signal-enhancing reflectors that increase signal strength and reduce signal dropouts. It also provides broadspectrum reception and it receives uncompressed 1080P signals for better definition. If you have planning to import antennas for your business, then leading supplier and factory in China can meet the needs of your business.

Channel Master Antennas
Importing Channel Master Antennas from China

If you need to import any types of tv antennas like channel master antennas, Bansar can recommend a supplier and factory who can help you with all the process. Your TV requires an antenna in order to pick up stations broadcast by television stations. TV antennas are most in Jiangsu province.

Digital Outdoor Antennas
Importing Digital Outdoor Antennas from China

In China, you can find tons of disposable wristbands manufacturer and supplier in Guangdong province. China suppliers provide a highly sophisticated suite of disposable wristbands to meet your business and brand objectives. They offer high-quality standards and supplies various brands of wristbands. They provide all designs, features, and customizations to make your ideal wristbands. Find the best selection of wristbands according to your needs and business demands.

Digital Superior Antennas
Importing Digital Superior Antennas from China

You may have thought TV antennas were yesterday’s news, but they are still on the market and they offer benefits to users that cable and satellite television can’t match. Importing in China is the right choice. China has a lot of TV antenna supplier and manufacturer from Shandong province to support your business.

Direct Clear Stream Antennas
Importing Direct Clear Stream Antennas from China

You can select your ideal direct clear stream TV antennas for your business. For users who have a good supply of broadcast stations in their locality, antennas can save money and improve signal quality. You don’t have to get rid of your cable or satellite service to install an antenna. Zhejiang province has the most TV antennas supplier and factory that provide all the information and fast shipping process.

Directional Antennas
Importing Directional Antennas from China

Antennas are money savers because their job is to receive free TV. If you use cable or satellite service and pay a monthly local service fee to receive local channels, you can save on that fee each month by canceling local service and using an antenna. Directional TV antennas are most in Jiangsu province. Their supplier and factory had passed a lot of international certification so you can assure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse.

Flat Digital Indoor Antennas
Importing Flat Digital Indoor Antennas from China

Satellite subscribers know that their satellite signal can disappear during bad weather, which is a concern in areas that experience tornado warnings or wintry weather. When keeping a signal is critically important, an antenna is a way to go. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and factory to support your growing business, Bansar can help you find the best one. Most of the trusted suppliers are found in Guangdong province.

HDTV Indoor Antennas
Importing HDTV Indoor Antennas from China

China carries a wide selection of HDTV indoor antennas, you can find different variety of TV antennas from certified supplier and factory from Shandong province. Choose better manufacturers that have a huge range of HDTV indoor antennas that suit all your business needs.

Indoor Digital Antennas
Importing Indoor Digital Antennas from China

If you are looking for able to be trusted TV antennas supplier and manufacturer, you can find a lot in China. In China, Guangdong province has the most verified suppliers. Most of their suppliers can guarantee high-quality products for your business. But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Outdoor Amplified Antennas
Importing Outdoor Amplified Antennas from China

Find that supplier and factory who been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select outdoor amplified antennas from verified suppliers in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong province. You can trust suppliers from Zhejiang province. Import TV antennas and build better relationships with them.

Portable Antennas
Importing Portable Antennas from China

You can find an excellent range of TV antennas exclusively marketed in China by leading supplier and factory from Guangdong province. You can ensure your antenna products safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Satillite Dish Antennas
Importing Satellite Dish Antennas from China

You can always find the most reliable supplier and manufacturer of satellite dish antennas in China who can support your business. A satellite dish is a dish-shaped type of parabolic antennas. When the signal reaches the viewer’s house, it is captured by the satellite dish. A satellite dish is just a special kind of antenna designed to focus on a specific broadcast source.

UFO Amplified Antennas
Importing UFO Amplified Antennas from China

You can select your ideal TV antennas in so many types like UFO amplified antennas from Jiangsu and Shandong provinces of China. UFO amplified antennas are very attractive to all customers. Finding a reliable TV antennas supplier and manufacturer can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products.

Universal Indoor Antennas
Importing Universal Indoor Antennas from China

Importing for the first time is not easy. You have to be an expert in all Chinese factories so you can ensure the safety of your order. Bansar always has a good connection in all leading supplier and manufacturer in China. Bansar can help you find a supplier who can help your importing problem.

Need Bansar to Handle Your TV Antennas Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Shipping TV Antennas by sea is one the most hassle-free and one of the most efficient and timely freight shipping services.
Air Freight Shipping from China
If you want a high value shipping and urgent deliveries, you can consider shipping your orders by air.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume TV Antenna orders over long distances.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
Shipping TV Antennas by door to door more expensive but very convenient and delivery is fast. Saves time and effort.

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Best 20 TV Antennas Manufacturers in China

1 BES Antenna Technology Co., Ltd

The company foundation was happened way back 2010 year and is located in Shenzhen City. Bes company is a professional development and research producer of wireless series and communications of antennas. It has comprehensive production lines, provides top service and high-quality products. It also owned a great reputation in the international market.

2 Newlotus Technology (HK) Limited

Newlotus Technology Limited started in the business since the 2019 year. It belongs to the Sunhans group company, developed as a hi-tech company after years of struggling. Newlotus offered antennas that facilitate communication with different individuals and businesses. The team is capable of solving troubles in mobile signal coverage and wireless networks.

3 Antenna Technology

As one of the high-tech enterprises, Antenna Technology was located in the province of Guangdong, Mainland China. This professionally devoted to manufacturing, designing, and marketing mobile communication and car antenna products. They always focus on customers` demands and market trends. Plus they set up a complete product system, capable to make new car antenna designs.


Since the foundation in 1985, HUAXIN ANTENNA professionally creates all kinds of antennas, including Carbon Fiber Antennas, Customized Antennas, and Satellite Earth Station Antennas. They always provide customized services, capable of meeting the urgent needs of customers and makes them satisfied. Throughout the development years, they now obtained ISO9001: 2008 certifications.

5 GaoKe Ant Co., Ltd

GaoKe Ant Co., Ltd engaged itself and works as a provider of different wireless telecommunication solutions. They have a professional testing location and antenna experts, along with a group of spectrum tester, network analyzer, and noise detectors. Their main product is the WiFi antenna, and hundreds of antenna, products are distributed in both overseas and domestic sectors.

6 Dream-China Technology Co., Ltd

Dream-China Technology Co., Ltd is a specialist enterprise for marketing and production of security and household products. Member of KAICH International Group, popular as well in companies that based in the province of Anhui. The company offers a favorable way to buy antenna products with competitive prices and high quality. Usually export products to the Middle East, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

7 Junuo Electronic Company

Junuo Electronic Company is a large-scale corporation combined production, R&D, and marketing together for the antenna, android TV box, and set-top box. They have enjoyed a great reputation for many years at home and overseas.  Because of thorough and careful research, market-directed production, and the finest production process, they now trusted by many clients across the countries.


This company is a Sino-foreign cooperative company combined design, development, and selling of microwave devices, RF Test equipment, and mobile communication antenna. They manufacture in reliance on ISO9001: 2000 quality system. Their products include portable antenna, wireless public telephone antenna, jump cables, special cables, etc.

9 Phaeton Electronic 

Phaeton Electronic Co., Ltd specializing in all series of the antenna, HDMI cable, electronic connectors, power cables, CATV products, etc. Its products were delivered to different countries like the Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, and many more. The team ensures the best prices and steady quality products & services, already built up a reputation from customers all over the world.

10 Jinchang Electronic Co., Ltd

Jinchang Electronic Co., Ltd is years committed to the production, design, and sales of GSM and GPS antenna.  One of the new and high technology enterprises also leads in manufacturing high-frequency antenna in entire China. Aside from the GSM/GPS antenna, they can also offer WiFi antenna and all series of cable & connector assemblies.

11 SD Communication Equipment

SD Communication Equipment is one of the professional manufacturers that develop and produce communication antennas. They specializing in R&D, production, and sales of the said products. The company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification that guarantee the efficiency, reliability, and durability of products. Various types of the antenna can be developed according to user requirements.

12 China Starwin

China Starwin is a dependable tv antenna manufacturer continuously devoted itself to innovative engineering solutions, R&D, production, and sales of these products. With advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining, this company gained a high reputation among clients.


Since the establishment in 1988, JinBo specialized in manufacturing quality antenna products for tv, mobile communication, car radio antennas, auto antennas, etc.  This company has become one of the top producers of quality antenna products, that can meet international standards. JINBO ELECTRON value quality to meet your requirements.

14 Jiasida Communication

With over 30 years of expertise, Jiasida Communication become one of the leading antennas and passive devices manufacturers mainly engaged in R&D, production, and great operation. They also provide personal services based on clients’ particular demands and requirements. Trusted by many customers globally!

15 Longyou County Xujun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Longyou County Xujun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading tv antenna manufacturer headquarters in Chengbei Industrial Park, Longyou County, Zhejiang Province. The company has 20 injection molding machines, 10 production and assembly lines, and supported by more than 300 employees. They can export more than 300 containers of antennas each year. Purchase and experience great products and services here in Xujun Electronics.

16 Probecom Microwave Technology

Probecom Microwave Technology was started in the year 2002, mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of all types of satellite communication. All products are manufactured from the highest quality standards. You can get high-guaranteed services, high-qualified products, at a cost-effective price here in Probecom Microwave Technology.

17 Changzhou Eagle International Trade Corp.

With years of expertise, Changzhou Eagle International Trade Corp. guarantees reliable production with high-quality services. Engaged in manufacturing various quality products including tv antennas and other related products. They exported all products to Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, North America, South America, etc.

18 Zhongchuan Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhongchuan Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive tv antenna manufacturer with vast experience and history in the field. The company is devoted to this industry and now already obtained the best reputation from customers worldwide. They also have a strong capacity to manufacture needs according to the multifarious demands of customers.

19 C&T RF Antennas Inc

Founded in 2011, C&T RF Antennas Inc is a leading provider of high performing tv antenna. This company is a national high-tech manufacturer specializing in communication antennas, development, design, production, and sales. Thanks to their excellent workmanship and advanced equipment they are capable to produce a hundred products exported to many countries.

20 Antesky

Built-in 1985, Antesky committed to providing high-class and high-performance antennas. The company owns two modern factories in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, China, and Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China. Till now more and more clients begin to appreciate Antesky products.  Obtained high-qualified products and high-guaranteed service only in Antesky.

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