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Unit Load Device: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all your questions about unit loading device.

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What Is Unit Load Device?

A unit load device is cargo container that is used to transport baggage and also mail on wide-body aircraft and narrow-body aircraft.

 Unit load device

Unit load device

What Is The Purpose Of Unit Load Device?

A unit load device is used as containers for cargo while they are being protected to prevent movement within the hold in the flight freight.

Which Advantages do Unit Load Device Have?

Unit load device have varieties of advantages such as’

They maximize the use of the aircraft’s space when the cargo is packed.

They are key in transporting air cargo safely and quickly improving cost effectiveness.

Unit load device also allow the easy transfer of goods between the planes.

They are always tightly packed to prevent the goods from being damaged during an air freight.

Unit load device reduce time wasting since it is quick in loading and unloading process.

How Many Types Of Unit Load Device Are There?

We have two types of unit load device;

Container Aircraft.

They are normally used to give good protection against all kinds of weather.

Aircraft container prevents unauthorized access to the goods.

It also makes loading and unloading goods easier.

container Aircraft

container aircraft

Container aircraft can provide a good protection against damage to the goods.

They eventually provide better protection against damage to the aircraft by the goods.

Pallet Aircraft.

Pallet aircraft is cheaper and affordable to everyone compared to container aircraft.

Oversized goods that cannot fit in container aircraft are loaded and accepted by pallet aircraft.

Pallet Aircraft

Pallet Aircraft

Pallet aircraft are stackable hence they are easy to store empty and return by plane.

Where Is Unit Load Device Used?

Unit load device is used in air freight thus they are designed for fuselage of each aircraft type hence they make loading and unloading easier.

What Is Aircraft Unit Load Device?

Aircraft unit load device is a container or a device that is used to transport goods by air hence they are designed to be restrained by the aircraft cargo.

In the late 1950s the aircraft unit load unit has been providing safety and efficient of the air transport.

Aircraft unit load device is designed to maximize the use of aircraft contours.

Aircraft unit load device such as temperature -controlled container, horse stall, cattle stall, fire resistant container facilitates the transport of special goods by air.

How Does A Unit Load Device Work?

It is either an aircraft pallet or an aircraft container that is structurally able to restrain the cargo and provide adequate protection to the aircraft system during a flight

What Does Unit Load Device Leasing Mean?

This is the process of renting the container for full container loading to enable easier documentation and easier block and bracing in the aircraft.

Which Specifications Do Unit Load Device Have?

Unit load container comes in two forms which is Containers and pallets while the exact weight limitations and dimensions will vary from the manufacturer.

Specifications include:

  • LD-1
  • LD-2
  • LD-3
  • LD-3 Reefer
  • LD-4
  • LD-6
  • LD-7
  • LD-7 With Angled Wings
  • LD-7 With Folding Wings
  • LD-8
  • LD-9
  • LD-9 Reefer
  • LD-11
  • LD-26
  • LD-29
  • LD-29 Reefer
  • LD-39
  • M-1
  • M-1H
  • M-2
  • M-6
  • M-6 (118”H)
  • M-6 Twin Car Rack
  • MDP
  • PLA Half Pallet
  • PMC/P6P Pallet
  • PNA Half Pallet
  • Demi

What is Certified and Non-Certified Unit Load Device Compare?

A Certified Unit Load Device;

Is designed and tested in accordance with the requirements where the results are scrutinized and accepted.

This is  by the appropriate aviation authority to give an approval letter to the manufacturer.

certified unit load device

certified unit load device

A Non-Certified Unit Load Device;

This has not been through the process of approval.

And has not received any kind of assessment of its performance standards by an appropriate aviation authority.

Figure 5 non certified unit load device

non certified unit load device

What Does A Unit Load Device Identifier Consist Of?

  • Containers and pallets are identified by unique combination of letters and numbers.
  • 3 leading letters define the type of unit load device.
  • The 4th or the 5th numerals are unique number allocated by the operator.
  • The 2 trailing letters show a 2 letter ICAO code which indicate the owner or the airline or the leasing company.
  • It may also carry a bar code which will usually replicate the visible IATA-standard code.

What Does Unit Load Device Stand For In Relation To Manual Handling?

Containers are typically made of lightweight structures comprising of aluminum. Extrusions, a relatively thick aluminum sheet, composite side and roof panels and metal door.

They are made as light as possible although they may get exposed to severe handling conditions.

The unit load device is specifically designed to be handled by a forklift.

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