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  • Bansar has a very good relationship with most wall light manufacturers in China
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  • Bansar help most wall light factories ship their container from China
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half moon wall sconce
Flush-Mounted Wall Washers Importing from China

This type of sconce is great at creating a unique design element for wall. You can import high quality flush-mounted wall from the leading suppliers in China mostly at Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. Importing from China is the best place for your lighting business while assuring high quality and in good condition wall light product.

Wallchieres Importing from China

Wallchieres are more of a decorative option, as their decorative detail sets them apart from other wall sconces. Import the popular wallchieres in China wall light market. They offer you the best wallchieres you can have at it’s affordable price.

lantern wall sconce
Lantern Wall Sconce Importing from China

Designed to add a touch of traditional ambiance in every home, a lantern wall sconce is one of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting. Import now the lantern wall sconce from the leading manufacturer and supplier in China while assuring the highest quality at the best price.

candle wall sconce
Candle Sconces Importing from China

This type of sconce is a throwback to old days gone by. Dating back for centuries, candle wall sconces have always been a go-to staple for home lighting. The leading wall light manufacturer in China offers you the best candle scones comes in a wide variety of finishes, designs and styles. Importing from China suppliers is the best place for your business.

swing arm wall sconce
Swing Arm Wall Light Importing from China

A swing arm sconce actually gives the capability of moving the unit around and redirecting the light into a specific direction that needed. You can buy good quality swing arm wall for affordable prices in China, mostly at Guangdong, but there are also some suppliers in other provinces like Shandong and Jiangsu.

picture light
Picture Light Importing from China

A picture light is well-known for its long, slender look. Its purpose, as its name suggests, is to illuminate a picture or piece of art. Picture lights are available in all sorts of designs and styles from the leading manufacturer and supplier of wall light in China. If you are importing from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the best picture light you can have.

sign light
Sign Light Importing from China

The leading wall light supplier and manufacturer in China produces the best sign light for your wall. There are thousands of wall light suppliers in China, one of the biggest suppliers of wall light are based in Guangdong province. You can find a reliable supplier that deals what you need.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wall Light Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
You can save a lot of money shipping your wall light by sea, but take care of the transit time, if you need your wall light urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Shipping wall light by air is very high cost, if you are not urgent, I recommend you ship by sea. Find a good supplier and make better packaging of your wall light.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 23
If your wall light are shipped to Russia or Europe, and time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping your wall light by railway. The cost is between shipping by sea and air.
Door to Door Service China to 1 22
If you are not familiar with the importing process, or you do not have importing permit, you can find a good freight forwarder and ship your wall light to your home or warehouse

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Next Wall Light Shipping

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Importing Wall Light from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing wall light from China and want to find a better supplier,

If you are starting your business and need to import wall light from China,

If you want to know more info about the Chinese wall light market,

Then you’re in the right place.

This guide will teach you to be an expert in Chinese wall light market, and help you find a reliable Chinese wall light manufacturer.

Best 30 Wall Light Manufacturers in China

1 Zhongshan Aosiman Lighting Factory

At the first floor of #16 of Henglan town Zhonghsan in China, Zhongshan Aosiman Lighting Factory was located and occupied 960 sqm plant areas since they established in 2010. They have rich experience manufacturing wall lights and export in Asia, Oceana, America, Europe, Middle East, and many other countries and regions.

2 Esavior (Guangzhou) Green Energy Co., Ltd.

Esavior (Guangzhou) Greem Energy Co., Ltd produces wall lights in more than 90 countries around the world. They offer the best solutions and provide advantage services and many more. This company supported popular universities. Your success in business is based on how you handle it. Trust them as your long term partner.

3 Sunlush Lighting (Dongguan) Limited

Sunlush Lighting (Dongguan) Limited is located in Baofeng Road of Shejie Town of Dongguan. They have 6 R&D staff and 10 production lines. They export start 1995 they established and located near Shenzhen port and support LC and T/T terms of payment. Since they have their own export license, you can always assure safety.

4 ZhongShan Camino Lighting Co., Ltd

ZhingShan Camino Lighting Co., Ltd has 14 employees since they founded in 2012. They are a trusted producer in China which able to produce a lot of stock overseas for wall lighting. They were able to supply hotels, hospitals, and many other large facilities and companies. They safely export via an agency in North America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

5 Creative Galaxy Electric(SZ) Co., Ltd.

Creative Galaxy Electric(SZ) Co., Ltd is an export licensed and manufacturer of wall lights in China. They are able to provide amazing offers for all customers like you. They have 10 skilled and QC engineers. This company is fully dedicated to manufacturers that ensure quality first and customer first in the production.

6 Zhongshan Ikerdecor Technology Ltd

Zhongshan Ikerdecor Technology Ltd has main markets in North America, Eastern Europe, South America, and many more. They are ISO 9001 quality test companies that produce quality tested products of wall lights and many other types of lights. You can ensure secure and on-time delivery.

7 Maxer Lighting Electrical Co., Limited

Find wall light manufacturers able to handle the rest. Find a manufacturer and licensed exporter that can make your wall light safe and keep its quality without any damage. They can focus on your orders since they only manufacture light products.

8 Zhongshan Dimai Lighting Company Limited

In 2008 Zhongshan Dimai Lighting Company Limited was founded with 200 staff, professional designers, engineers, and so on. They have factories that occupied about 10,000 square meters. They have high-quality wall light that you could choose from. You can base your wall light orders according to your place needs and customer’s demands.


Grace Lighting Factory Limited is a professional designer and maker of wall lights in China. This company export wall lights offering the best rates which helps a lot of people in business grow more. This company is located in Building A, No.171 in Guangdong province of Zhongshan City at Changan North Road.

10 Zhongshan Tpstarlite Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Tpstarlite Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional wall light producer and factory in China which able to produce bulk orders. They offer easier payment through LC, T/T, PayPal, and so on. They have a 2000 square meter area of factory and certified with ISO9001 and ISO 20000. They supply based on their customer’s demands.


Since 2017, ONETENTH LIGHT CO., LTD. is a manufacturing enterprise and most professional manufacturer of custom lighting in China. Through their manufacturing capacity and strong design, they won a reputation from their customers. Aside from that, their products meet the relevant standards in which they supply qualified products in various markets.

12 Dongguan Weifeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Weifeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality industrial products in China. It is 100% tested with the stringent quality testing of all their lights. They offer customized service and 5 years warranty. For your inquiry, kindly contact them.

13 Lifong Industrial Co., Ltd

In 2011, Lifong Industrial Co., Ltd was founded. It is a less LED light manufacturer in China. They accept ODM, OEM, and CKD, SKD orders. This company supplies full metal components and makes their finished lights price competitive. Kindly visit their company for your orders.

14 Zhongshan Victory Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Since 2002, Zhongshan Victory Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of modern LED Wall lamp and so on. They have a strong R&D sales and service team and modern standard workshops. Due to their superior quality, competitive price, and outstanding customer service, they are greatly appreciated in various markets worldwide.

15 Shenzhen Sunnysam Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Sunnysam Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a solar wall light, solar LED light, and so on. They provide high-quality and favorable price products to all customers. This company provides stable quality, continuously improving pre-sale services, etc. They are your best manufacturer and supplier of solar wall light in China.

16 Yujia Lighting Co., Ltd.

Yujia Lighting Co., Ltd. has over 15 years of experience in lighting products including LED wall light, LED solar light, and many more. They served customers to 20 countries all-round the world. This company adhered to good quality products and excellent after-sales service. Contact them and expect a quick response from them.

17 Zhongshan Bonfire Lighting Company Limited

After 12 years of development, Zhongshan Bonfire Lighting Company Limited turned to be a professional manufacturer of high-quality Aluminum Outdoor Lighting. Its main products are outdoor wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and so on. They have their own standardized workshops, have an individual office building, owns lots of patented products, etc.

18 Shenzhen Jiffa Electrical Co., Ltd.

Since 1994, Shenzhen Jiffa Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of the prime factories in manufacturing different indoor and outdoor lighting, wall lamps, etc. For over 25 years, they are also one of the leading Chinese manufacturers. They assure to make a customer satisfied with their products.

19 Deshawn Lighting Electrical (Jiahu) Co., Ltd

Deshawn Lighting Electrical (Jiahu) Co., Ltd is located in Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province which the transportation is very convenient. It is a manufacturer of LED wall light and other LED lightings. To assure excellent quality products, they have testing equipment and a modern production line, a complete set of precision LED production equipment, etc.

20 Dongguan BaiYi Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

In 1981, Dongguan BaiYi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It manufactures LED street light, LED indoor light, and so on. Their products are adapted in different fields. They will provide high-quality, competitive products, and honest services to all their customers. If you are interested in their product, kindly message them.


ZHUHAI BOMIN SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solar products including solar street lights, solar indoor lights, and so on. They produce good quality solar products for customers worldwide. They obtain ISO9001 certificates. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.


Since 1994, CIXI ZHONGFA LAMPS CO., LTD. is a manufacturer focused on the production of indoor and outdoor lightings including LED Wall lamps, LED work lamps, and so on. There are 10000000 sets of lamps in their annual production ability. Their products obtained EMC, EMF, and more certificates.

23 Harmony Lighting Co., Limited

If you are looking for a professional LED lighting manufacturer, Harmony Lighting Co., Limited is your best choice which they produce LED lighting products with energy-saving, high efficiency, long life, and so on. Their product quality complies with IPQC, IQC, and more qualifications. Message them now.

24 Shenzhen ZJ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ZJ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has 11 years of experience in manufacturing LED light products in China. Their main products are solar wall lights, etc. They have two factories, 13 production lines, and 150 workers. About 3, 600, 000 pieces are their last year’s output.

25 Zhongshan Dika Lighting Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer of wall lamps in China, well Zhongshan Dika Lighting Co., Ltd. is your best manufacturer since they focused on the production of wall lamps for over 17 years. They developed modern metal lamps and crystal lamps to keep up with the latest trends and meet consumers’ demand.

26 Wholestar Lighting Manufacturer Limited

Wholestar Lighting Manufacture Limited is a professional manufacturer of different kinds of decorative lighting products including wall lamp, pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, and so on. They will provide top quality and services to their consumers. They obtained lots of certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 9000, and so on.

27 Huizhou Homelighting Technology Co., Ltd

If you are searching for a leading lamp manufacturer in China, well Huizhou Homelighting Technology Co., Ltd is your best manufacturer which has 20 years’ experience in wall lamp manufacturing. They have more than 100 employees including designers, workers, drivers, etc.

28 Shenzhen hxxy Technology Co., Ltd.

Since 2009, Shenzhen HXXY Tech. Co., Ltd is a high-tech company that focused on producing solar products. Its main products are solar LED wall light, solar street light, and so on. They have over 200 workers including professional engineers and technical account for over 20% of total workers. Message them now.


In 2010, Zhongshan More Good Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded. It is the main producer of indoor decoration LED wall lamp, ceiling lamp, and so on. They also a professional export in the lighting city of China. If you have your samples, just send it to them and they will assure you to meet your specifications. Visit their website for your inquiry.

30 Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional wall lamp manufacturer in China. Their more than 2000 types of lighting had meet CE, ROH, and more certifications. It also exported and sold to more than 60 countries all-round the world. Local and abroad customers are very welcome. Contact them now.

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