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Anti bacterial Washing Powder
Antibacterial Washing Powder Importing from China

Antibacterial Washing Powder is mainly produced with a useful purpose and that is to kill many bacterias in your clothing garments. Based on an experimental study, the most dangerous bacterias can be easily attached to the clothes you wear especially in a place where there is pollution that has also bad impact on your health. When you want it on your personal needs at your home or to be added to a business, then you should contact those manufacturers that can assist you with your why and how questions. However, you can freely ask Bansar to assist you in the shipping process.

Baby Washing Powder
Baby Washing Powder Importing from China

Baby Washing Powder is a smooth and can be used to all baby skins in any part of the world. It is best to be used in washing bed sheets, toys, and even the baby`s clothes. In using these in washing, it can also give you some advantages suchlike having smooth hands. There are much-trusted brands of baby washing powder that can be bought and purchase in the Chinese manufacturing departments.

Cleaning Washing Powder
Cleaning Washing Powder Importing from China

There are many different classes and brands of cleaning washing powders that Chinese can be easily availed. Most manufacturers that are covered in China are the province of Guangdong and be followed by the Shandong province. They have assigned agents that manufacturing your desirable production items. The cleaning washing powder can definitely do have the ability in cleaning your clothes or anything that needed to be washed of.

Corn Meal Hand Wash Powder
CornMeal Hand Wash Powder Importing from China

CornMeal Hand Wash Powder can be an important powder in washing the plates in your homes. It is so bubbly and can surely have a superior and clean effect on your washed clothes. If you wish on having these on your production items that have a big impact on your outgrowing business, then this is the chance given to you. Grab it before it won`t appear anymore. Most professional manufacturers can be only encountered in China.

Detergent Washing Powder
Detergent Washing Powder Importing from China

Detergent Washing Powder is better for any clothes, beddings, and etc. A mommy should be familiarized on what the best washing powder suitable for her family clothes. In the import process, patience is very important. Bansar are giving its very excellent works for you to achieve contentedness. Powerful and united meetings between Bansar and the Chinese manufacturers cannot be compared at all.

Dishwashing Powder
Dishwashing Powder Importing from China

In order to wash your dish that concludes plates, spork and etc, you need that soap or even powder that can be used to have clean-finished washing of it. Most industrious manufacturers are located in China. China is divided into many separated provinces yet still has unity in manufacturing high-quality products. They are having one aim and dedicated themselves to serve you without any doubts. You can expect that there will be a peaceful and successful way of shipping transactions.

Grease washing Powder
Kitchen Grease washing Powder Importing from China

For your home personal needs, you might need a washing soap or even a powder to wash your kitchen things such as pots and a ladle especially when it is so dirty and having stains. If you have a market business, you can add it as you wish. Chinese dedicated manufacturers offer their wide variety of kitchen grease washing powder. They have a lot of merchandise different washing powders that you can be avail for a competitive price.

Hand wash powder
Hand wash powder Importing from China

Wanting to use a washing powder that isn`t too expensive? And also having big advantage to your hands? Then from now on, do not ever worry and get stressful feelings for the Chinese offer the best and right suggested import price for your gratification. The combination of the two great Chinese importer and manufacturers can be the best idea for your business faster growth.

Hypoallergenic Washing Powder
Hypoallergenic Washing Powder Importing from China

Some washing powders can cause damage to the skin, headaches or even airless sounds from chemicals from it. There are many types of hypoallergenic washing powders that can be purchased only with Chinese hardworking manufacturers. There are many hidden truths about the hypoallergenic washing powders that can be reveal with the help of the Chinese given authorities.

Kadier White Hand Wash Powder
Kadier White Hand Wash Powder Importing from China

A unique form of wash powder the same as Kadier White Hand Wash Powder is also a helpful product for your private needs or even in your running business. When importing, you can ensure that the shipments is well-packed and much secured. When it comes to pricing, you can expect that they offered it at a less price. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong are the top 4 having plenty of manufacturers operating until this time.

Laundry Washing Powder
Laundry Washing Powder Importing from China

Most mommies are using laundry washing powder, especially when having plenty of unwashed clothes and many more garments. For you to be prepared, know the right pricing of importing the shipment products. You must also familiarize those manufacturing factories that based in China that have been known for their past successful activities for you to more confident in trusting them.

Lemon Washing Powder
Lemon Washing Powder Importing from China

All stains can be easily removed with the help of lemon washing powder. You must have this in your homes because this is an important product for washing the clothes you wear every single time. In providing an exact location on your residential homes or even in your warehouse exact locations, it will be very helpful for the assigned delivery assistant to faster delivery of it door to door.

Liquid and Powdered Washing
Liquid Washing Powder Importing from China

Liquid Washing Powder is safer and secured to use in washing garments activities. For it might not destruct the softness of your hands and at the same time, it can make easier way of washing the hard to remove stains attached to our clothes and many more clothing garments. It disintegrates into the water quickly. It can be used to preticketed the stain from your clothes. For the import information, you can ask assistance from the trusted shipping company,  the Bansar.

Machine Washing Powder
Machine Washing Powder Importing from China

A washing machine cannot be operated without a washing powder that finely accurate to this. By also using this, it does not gather woolen threads. But it is not effectively be used in removing the oily stains but still helpful. When you thought it can produce products for your business progression stages, then it is great at acting in a hurry ways on purchasing something from the Chinese manufacturers.

Sweet Scent Washing Powder
Sweet Scent Washing Powder Importing from China

Sweet Scent Washing Powder is good to be applied to any office clothes, school uniforms or even clothes for professional meetings and events. Purchasing from the best and trusted manufacturers can give you the highest impact for the improvement of your business. Provinces and regions from Chinese suchlike Guangdong and Shandong can provide you what you exactly needed.

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Best 20 Washing Powder Manufacturers from China

  • Transfar Commodity Co., Ltd
    Discover Transfar Commodity Co., Ltd mainly at Xiao Shan economic and technological development zone of Hang Zhou, China. They started ever since in 1993, focusing on the production and whole processing of household cleaning products, including washing powders. The factory occupies more than 200 square meters of area. With annual capacity reaches 80, 000 tons of liquid washing powder and 70, 000 tons of detergent powder.

  • Mingyin Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd
    Enjoying a high reputation since 2004 in the business. Mingyin Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd is one considered as the largest fabricator and supplier of washing powders in China. Aside from washing powders, they also distribute detergent powder, soap, etc to different countries all over the world. They please to collaborate with partners from local and abroad to promote friendship, pursue new markets, and serve the public.

    One of the outstanding washing powder products suppliers and manufacturers. Chenxing Daily Chemical Company Limited is based in Quanzhou City of Mainland China and started its operations since 2000. They owned production devices such as concentrated equipment and spray dry tower for speedy product processing. Each year, their production capacity can meet 60000 MT of washing powder products.

  • Gruite Daily Chemical Co., Ltd
    Gruite Daily Chemical Co., Ltd has been in this industry ever since 2000. With headquarters in Shijiazhuang China, has very convenient transportation access for exporting business. After all the years of history, today they become the most popular washing powder, detergent powder, and soap manufacturer in the global market. Gained 20 years` experience, with a total of 15 senior engineers and 180 employees.

  • Marbohome Industrial Ltd
    Marbohome Industrial Ltd has become well-experienced washing powder, soap, and other home cleaning products, manufacturers. They have over 25 years of past history, continually providing the best quality washing powder you need for business. In order to offer the best quality and first-class products, they have a comprehensive plant that surely saves costs.

  • Huiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd
    Not only washing powder, Huiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd also offers hand washing liquid, but detergents, shampoo, glass also cleared agents, household cleaning fluid, shower gel, oil cleaning agent, disinfectants, and so on. As of today, they owned fully automated production equipment, chemical & physical testing devices, and bacteriological testing machines. The team is more focused on all products` quality levels.

  • Jervay Chemical Company
    Jervay Chemical Company is an integrated company with production, R&D, and sales of washing powders, detergents, disinfectants, and many others. Their facility is mainly located in China, particularly in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Currently, their product range is broad and can help you skyrocket your business. The company now ranked as the first leading manufacturer worldwide.

    Their main office is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, Mainland China. Started in the year 1968, now considered as China`s leading company in the cleaning industry. Yearly, the company is capable to produce 1 million tons of washing powder, 280, 000 tons of soap, 5 hundred million tubes of toothpaste, 20, 000 tons of industrial glycerin, and 300, 000 tons of liquid detergent.

  • KingKar
    KingKar is China`s main source of high-grade washing powder products. They can manufacture and export globally as well. They have enough number of professional R&D staff that develops high-quality products for the best of your business. Since then, the team was customer-oriented and well-trained to assist every customer’s needs from around the globe.

  • Yibell Technology Co., Ltd
    Yibell Technology Co., Ltd is the modern manufacturing company which more focused on the research, design, development, production, and marketing of any household cleaning items. They steadily develop the latest products and currently owning a development and research center. All the products they offer were ISO9001-2008 approved. One of their ultimate goals is to serve the best quality services and to satisfy clients.

  • Shandong Jinghua Washing Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Jinghua Washing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Since the establishment in 1978, they strive to supply different types of washing detergents manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 Management System Certification. Currently employs more than 280 highly trained people.

  • ZhejiangHansha Detergents Co.,Ltd.
    ZhejiangHansha Detergents Co., Ltd., is a leading laundry detergent manufacturer headquarters in Hangzhou Bay Fine Chemical Zone. They have strong workmanship and a modern factory covering an area of 113,220 square meters. The company has passed the authentication of the ISO14001environmental management systems, ISO9001 quality management systems, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management systems.

  • Shandong 3plus1 Daily-use Industry Co., Ltd
    One of the premier manufacturers of washing powder situated just 100 kilometers from the Qingdao International container port. They have more than 10 years of rich experience in research, development, and production of cleaning products appreciated by many suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers throughout the world. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, they have an annual production capacity of over 200,000 tons of washing powder, liquid detergent, as well as other health and wellness products.

  • Asia Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd,
    Since the establishment in 1985, Asia Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. was devoted to develop and produce advanced technology and engineering design in accordance with customer’s particular demands. Based in Hangzhou, China, the company served 200 customers all over the world and continuously provide excellent products and services.

  • Shandong Xueyuanchangsheng Detergent Co., Ltd.
    Established in 1996, Shandong Xueyuanchangsheng Detergent Co., Ltd. is a professional synthetic detergent specialized manufacturer located in Yishui, Linyi Shandong Province China. The factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has about more than 200 employees. Currently focusing on OEM/ODM service that meets the requirements of every customer.

  • Topseller Chemicals Co., Ltd
    A subsidiary company of Shandong Tralon Group, Topseller Chemicals Co., Ltd is the biggest synthetic detergent specialized manufacturer established in 1990, headquarters in Longkou, Yantai City, Shandong Province. Employs about 600 employees in a factory area covering 100,000 square meters and more than 20,000 square meters of warehouse area.

  • Xiamen Makom Imp & Exp Co Ltd
    Specializes in providing a variety of liquid and powder washing detergents, Xiamen Makom Imp & Exp Co Ltd is a professionally managed company you can rely on. Established in 2000, Located in Mainland China (Fujian), they have successfully exported to many countries in Asia, West Africa, Europe, and South America.

  • Quanzhou Chenxing Daily Chemical Co. Ltd
    For almost 18 years in profound experience in manufacturing washing powder and other related products, Quanzhou Chenxing Daily Chemical Co. Ltd guarantees safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Offer OEM & ODM service to improve your brands. Since the establishment, Chenxing Daily Chemical has been working hard to provide high-quality products creating a better life.

  • Enrich Enterprises (Xiamen) Ltd
    Founded in 2007, Enrich Enterprises Xiamen Limited is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of detergent powder, Bath & Body Care Products, bath gift sets, etc. Focuses on excellent packaging, integrating development, professional design solution and production of high-grade products exceed the demands of every customer. With 17 years of experience, you can trust the process and every step they take in manufacturing.

  • Onix Bodycare Products Factory
    Onix Bodycare Products Factory is a professional toiletry and laundry product market founded over 30 years ago. Headquarters in Mainland China (Guangdong) and now become famous for supplying high-quality and effective products offer at a very affordable price. They continually come up and develop new designs to meet the changing preferences of customers around the world and the market trend.

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