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Water Filter Manufacturer in China
Activated Alumina Water Filter
Importing Activated Alumina Water Filter from China

Having a hard time in searching for water filter supplier? Not anymore, Bansar will help you in finding professional water filter factories in China. They are usually located in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can guarantee that they are producing affordable but high quality of water filters that you may need to supply your business demand.

Activated Charcoal Water Filter
Importing Activated Charcoal Water Filter from China

A lot of water filter found in different places in China, but not all are from reliable sources. If you want to ensure that you’ve picked the right quality of a water filter, you may go to Jiangsu province in China, all trusted manufacturers are only found in that province. If you’re having trouble in deciding where to import goods, much better ask help in Bansar, they will recommend a reliable supplier of all types of water filter you may need.

Alkaline Water Filter
Importing Alkaline Water Filter from China

Alkaline water filter removes chemical and physical impurities, thus giving you pure water with right level. Not only you can get softer water as a result, but the water that’s low in acidity and may good for your skin as well. Many businessmen who own a water refilling station import this kind of water filter to achieve this kind of water. If you’re into a water station business, you need to get this one. And if importing is your plan, you can import all types of alkaline water filter, particularly in Guangdong province.

Ceramic Water Filter
Importing Ceramic Water Filter from China

Ceramic filters are normally a cartridge, style filter. Ceramics are comprised of fossil substances, made up of tiny silicon shells. Contaminants are trapped in the pores of the ceramic. If you are seeking a trusted manufacturer of different types of water filter all that you are looking for are found in one place and that is China. Manufacturers in China producing various high class water filter that may good for your business.

Fluoride Water Filter
Importing Fluoride Water Filter from China

For a healthier life and a healthy home, a high-quality water filter is needed which is capable to filter the contaminated water. Looking for the best water filter? You can find all types of water filter in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China that really work for your home and for your business also. You can ensure that they are manufacturing high class water filters and a fake one.

Ioniser Water Filter
Importing Ionizer Water Filter from China

Looking for an ionizer water filter? Well, check in Guangdong China. All reliable manufacturers of water filter are located in that place. If you are planning on importing water filter you’ve come in the right place, all kinds kind of water filter that you’ve been looking for for your business are found only in place.

Refrigerator Water Filter
Importing Refrigerator Water Filter from China

All homeowners have a refrigerator at home or even in the business establishments. If you want your refrigerator has a water filter, you can import all types of water filter for refrigerator only. If you don’t know where, well, I suggest China is the best place to import such kind of water filter. Manufacturers in China using high quality of materials in making their water filter to guarantee the safetyness of their customers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Importing Reverse Osmosis Water Filter from China

Water filter is loved by many because it improves taste, removes impurities, saves money, and only needs simple maintenance. If you are looking for the best manufacturer of water filter to support and supply the demand for your business, China is the right place for you. Manufacturers are giving their best to provide a classic water filter that you love.

Showerhead Filter
Importing Shower Head Filter from China

Filters for shower head are advised for areas where the water contains a rich amount of chlorine and fluoride, which are known to cause dryness and irritations to individuals with sensitive skin. Many users reported they feel reduced hair loss and smoother skin after the filter is installed in their bathroom. Bansar can recommend a verified supplier of water filter that you need.

Tap Water Filter
Importing Tap Water Filter from China

China is the place where you can find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers for your water filter business. You can definitely guarantee that all the goods that you’re importing from China are not fake and they only used materials with high quality.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Water Filter
Importing Ultraviolet Disinfection Water Filter from China

Nowadays, some water filter is not sustainable and easy to broke, but in China, you can find hundreds of water filter that are high quality and has a long lasting life. If you’re thinking about importing amazing water filter for your awesome business? China has different and best manufacturers located in Guangdong.

Under Sink Water Filter
Importing Under Sink Water Filter from China

An under-sink water filter is typically a water filtration system installed under the sink in your kitchen. It removes bacteria and pollutants, making the water safer to use. And usually large, expensive, and are not very portable. They can process a larger amount of water at a much faster rate compared to faucet or countertop devices. If this type of water filter that you need you can find it in Guangdong China.

Water Filter Pitcher
Importing Water Filter Pitcher from China

Every day, you are exposed to specific chemicals in your environment, and it can affect the hormones in your body. But if you are using water filter you can limit the specific chemicals that may enter in your body. If you are needing a supplier for your business, China is the right place since all manufacturers is China are only producing top class products.

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20 Best Water Filter Manufacturer in China

1.       YUNDA Filter

Since its establishment in 2001, YUNDA Filter is an expert in the field of water filtration. They have their own production base that enables them to manufacture different high-quality water filters. YUNDA Filter is the only manufacturer who are certified with IAPMO, WQA, and NSF.

2.       Jiangsu Province Yixing Nonmetallic Chemical Machinery Factory Co., Ltd

They have research institute, new material laboratories, research center, and over 500 hardworking employees. Their company focuses on developing technological and scientific innovation to create the highest quality water filters. They are also professional in the design, project management, development, assembly line production, and quality control.

3.       KOKO Electric

They are one of the leading manufacturers of water filters in China. Aside from water filters, they are also an expert manufacturer of water purifiers, cartridges, and spare parts. Yuyao Coprite Water Treatment Factory is certified by CB, CE, and GS. They achieved the highest sales shares in worldwide market.

4.       SHENZHEN YEEACKER Industrial Co., Ltd

Focusing on water filter research and development, YEEACKER becomes a high-tech company. They are committed to offering the best quality water purification products. They are also expert in providing water treatment solutions, renovations, and technologies. Their company has the best water purification development and research team.

5.       NINGBO ORIGINBLUE Drink Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

ORIGINBLUE specializes in manufacturing products such as water filter. Among their high-quality products are water dispenser, filter housing, RO system, filter cartridge, and water purifier. They also offer industrial products for water treatment including mineral water plant, pure water plant, and integrate osmosis system.

6.       Culligan Water

Culligan is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of water treatment systems. They have skillful service technicians and dedicated personnel to cater your needs efficiently. Culligan also provide commercial and industrial end-to-end water treatment solutions that enable them to serve you with revolutionary technology and unparalleled services.

7.       Industrie De Nora S.p.A / De Nora Water Technologies

They provide a full range of trusted quality water filtration technologies. De Nora Water Technologies has more than 50 years of experience in providing high-quality water treatment for municipal, marine, and energy market. They also have expert R&D capabilities to expand and broaden their technology. Their office is located at Suzhou City, China.

8.       Xinxiang Uni-Sun Purification Equipment Co., Ltd

Uni-Sun focuses on research, development, and production of water filters and other related products. They have expert technicians, sales team, and production department. Uni-Sun strives to give you the best quality products and services.

9.       Global Water Filtration Manufacturing Corp.

GWFC is a premier manufacturer of drinking water filtration systems. They are located at Dong Guan and is focused on providing economically, innovative, and affordable products. They also offer unmatched services and rich manufacturing experience.

10.   Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology

They are a professional manufacturer of medical water treatment equipment. Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology is an expert in water filter development, production, sales, and services. They are also certified with system certifications like CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 to ensure the quality of the products.

11.   Pure Aqua Inc.

Pure Aqua Inc. is an expert manufacturer that focuses on building the most excellent system on the market. In manufacturing, their skillful technicians only use state-of-the-art components to ensure the quality of the products. With their advanced technologies and innovative products, Pure Aqua Inc. Can handle your water filter needs!

12.   Ningbo Ispuring Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

For over 15 years, Ningbo Ispuring Intelligent Technoloy Co., Ltd is an expert in manufacturing water filter and water purifiers. In their factory, they have lots of well-trained employees and workers. They are also certified with SASO, RoHS, CB, and CE plus, they have their own exporting license. Ningbo Ispuring Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is surely a trusted manufacturer!

13.   Cixi Kochin Water Filtration Inc.

Kochin Water Filtration is an expert manufacturer of various commercial and residential water filtration system. They also manufacture water filtration system accessories. Among their products are residential water filters, filter cartridges, reverse osmosis equipment, and filter housing. They off wide range of water filters to suit your needs!

14.   Ningbo YinYue Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

YinYue Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is committed to produce environmental protection filter. They also specialize in manufacturing various water filters with high filtering accuracy. All their products are produced in line with various international standards. They have excellent corporate management team and advanced manufacturing equipment.

15.   Ningbo Homaster Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

They are one of the leading and largest water filter manufacturers in China. They have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing water filters. All their products are approved by international standards such as ISO9001, CE, and SGS. With their expert production capability, strong technical ability, and the latest production facility, they can supply you with the best quality and design products.

16.   Ningbo Hidrotek Co., Ltd

Hidrotek is a manufacturer focusing on water treatment and purification industry. They are the most experienced water filter manufacturer in China. As an expert, they used advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production lines. They also have high-tech equipment and excellent R&D team. Hidrotek offers the best quality water filters with competitive price.

17.   Shenzhen Blueberry Health Industrial Co., Ltd

Blueberry Health produces all kinds of water filters. They have a large-scale factory that is equipped with high-quality corporate management teams and the latest manufacturing equipment. Blueberry Health Industrial Co., Ltd products are manufactured with GS, CE, and ISO 9001:2000 certifications to ensure its quality. They offer products and services with reasonable price.

18.   Ningbo Blue Pluser Appliance Co., Ltd

They are an expert water treatment appliance manufacturer. Mainly, they focus on manufacturing water filtrations. With their excellent quality products and unmatched services, they become one of the largest manufacturers of water filtrations in China. They offer quality assurance system with on-time delivery, excellent services, and reasonable price.

19.   NanJing Tsung Water Technology

Since its establishment on 2005, Tsung Water Technology is providing the best quality products to their customers. All their products have met ISO9001, CMA, WQA, and more international quality standards. They focused on providing high-quality products at the most reasonable cost.

20.   Ningbo Eastpure Environmental Technology C., Ltd

Eastpure is manufacturing the best quality water filters in China since their foundation on 2008. Among their products include quick fittings, filter cartridges, filter housing, home water filters, and more. Throughout many years, they never stop providing OEM/ODM service, effective management, short lead time, competitive price, and quality-guaranteed products.



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