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Welding Machines from China
Aluminum Welding Machines
Importing Aluminum Welding Machines from China

Welding machines supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province of China. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge orders and giving a complete information process about importing products so you can import safely. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

Automatic Portable
Importing Automatic Portable from China

You can always find the most reliable supplier and manufacturer in China who can support your business. Automatic portable welding machines are easy to carry for all welding machine users. Finding a reliable welding machine supplier and manufacturer can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products.

EB Welding Machines
Importing EB Welding Machines from China

You can import welding machines in so many types. Find your ideal EB welding machines supplier and manufacturer in China. Whether you want small or large orders for your growing business, you can trust the quality and service of best and leading manufacturer and supplier from Guangdong province in China.

Elettrolaser Welding Machines
Importing Elettrolaser Welding Machines from China

For your large needs of elettrolaser welding machines for your business, you can find a lot of professional suppliers in Zhejiang province.  You can import a wide variety of elettrolaser welding machine options that are available to you. Ensure your welding machines safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Gas Welding Machines
Importing Gas Welding Machines from China

Select gas welding machines from verified suppliers in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. A wide variety of welding machines are provided by these suppliers and been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality gas welding machines and build better relationships with them.

Laser Welding Machines
Importing Laser Welding Machines from China

If you are looking for the best laser welding machines supplier and factory, Guangdong province has the most verified suppliers. Also, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces provide durable and affordable welding machines to support you. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

MIG Welding Machines
Importing MIG Welding Machines from China

Looking for cheap MIG welding machines yet high quality? China manufacturers are supplying the best one. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. Bansar can help you find a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Plasma Welding Machines
Importing Plasma Welding Machines from China

Select your plasma welding machines from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types of durable welding machines at a very competitive price and manufactured a high standard plasma welding machines to meet the needs of your special requirements. Manufacturers and factories are commonly based in Shandong province of China.

Portable Inverter
Importing Portable Inverter from China

In China, you can find a lot of portable inverter welding machine manufacturer and supplier. China has a lot of suppliers who provide high-quality products to meet your business and brand objectives. They provide all designs, features, and customizations to make your ideal welding machines. Find the best selection according to your needs and business demands.

Shielded Metal Arc
Importing Shielded Metal Arc from China

If you’re not familiar in any supplier and manufacturer of welding machines, you can find the most reliable welding machine factory in Zhejiang province. Bansar will recommend a trusted welding machine manufacturer who can help you to be an expert in all Chinese welding machine markets.

Single Phase Portable
Importing Single Phase Portable from China

Why you should choose your ideal supplier and factory? It is for your business safety. Importing welding machines are not easy. You need to find a kind of supplier who will ensure your welding machines packed safely to avoid breaking or damaging so you can save money and also effort. In China, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces supplier and factory can meet your needs.

TIG Welding Machines
Importing TIG Welding Machines from China

China Guarantee and ensures safety when you’re importing welding machines in their suppliers. They have all kinds of welding machines. Check out China’s high-quality welding machines selection for a very competitive price that mostly based on Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces.

Trans Pocket
Importing Trans Pocket from China

China has the largest selection of welding machines you desired. They offer a durable and affordable trans pocket welding machines to support your growing business. You can find hundreds of trans pocket welding machines from certified suppliers in Shandong province. Look for a supplier and factory that focus on manufacturing welding machines.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Welding Machines Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Shipping Welding Machines by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects such as Welding Machines.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Shipping by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained. Can resolve all your emergencies, reduce inventory.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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  • Free warehouse storage in China

Resource To Help You Import Welding Machines From China:

Import Data Of Welding Machines

Supplier and manufacturer of Welding Machines

Best 20 Welding Machines Manufacturers in China

1 Qingdao Aitel Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Aitel Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd is one of the companies that are focused on manufacturing and supplying welding equipment. With a factory based in China and founded in 2003. Throughout the previous years in the field, the company and its engineers keep launching and developing the newest welding machines to help their customers boom in the market. Approved by ISO9001 international quality standards.

2 Hangzhou DESE Technology Co. Ltd

This company is one of the manufacturing leaders and specialists in making welding machines. Started since 1993, a national-level high-tech company that is focused on marketing, manufacturing, R&D of cutting, and welding equipment. The company gained reputation due to its excellent welding machines products and perfect services. Built its factory in Hangzhou City and currently won the best supplier and manufacturer of the year.

3 Zhejiang Poney Electric Co., Ltd

The company named Zhejiang Poney Electric Co., Ltd is a professional export company that receives praises and popularity as a reliable manufacturer of welding machines. All the products are realized by GS, ISO9001:2008, CE, RoHS, and EMC international standards. Over the years in the industry, the company continuously works professionally as one of the premier suppliers and manufacturers in the welding field.

4 Shenzhen Donrun Welding Equipment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Donrun Welding Equipment Co., Ltd, or Donrun for short is a hi-tech corporation, which particularizes in the manufacture, R&D, service, and sales of inverter welding machines. Established in 2009, the team of Shenzhen Donrun Welding Equipment Co., Ltd was the first, the earliest manufacturing and designer of welding machines in China.

5 Chengdu Keygree Technology Co., Ltd

Chengdu Keygree Technology Co., Ltd is a quality system approved enterprise and also popular for its top-quality welding machine products. All the products they offer comply with all international standards for additional quality assurance. Through the years since the establishment, Keygree has enlarged its business into over 40 countries. Totally dedicated and attaches to customer satisfaction and quality guarantee.

6 Skymen Cleaning Equipment Shenzhen Co., Ltd

Mature and has wide expertise in producing high-quality welding machines since the establishment in 2007. Monthly, their production capacity can reach up to 500000PCS of welding machines. And as of today, Skymen becomes a world`s popular brand, certified by REACH, ISO9001, SCCP, RoHS, CE, PSE, etc.

7 Anhui HaiDa Electromechanical Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd

Was incorporated in the year 2018, a trusted and high-tech company specialized in manufacturing, researching-developing, and selling of welding machines to the international market. Since the foundation, Anhui HaiDa Electromechanical Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd keeps improving, received great industry praises, leads technical advantages, and produces top quality products.


The company was focusing on producing and developing high-quality welding machines to reach customer`s assorted demands. They can tailor foreign client`s product demands with competitive prices, innovation, and precise performance. In the factory, different kinds of inverter welding machines are offered. All are with reasonable price and reliable quality.

9 KaiYe Wire Mesh Machinery Co., Ltd

KaiYe Wire Mesh Machinery Co., Ltd was incorporated in 1998, a professional manufacturer of all kinds of welding machines in China. The company has SGS and ISO9001: 2008 certifications. Their customers usually come from Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, United States, Iran, and so on. Through the support and efforts of all designers, this company has now expanded into manufacturing, development, sales, and design for all welding equipment. Also offers comprehensive after-sale services.

10 Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd

Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd for short NAEC was founded in 2001, with a mission to provide one-stop welding machine solutions to customers all around the globe. With its uninterrupted integration of processes and advanced innovation capacity, NAEC`s products ensure its users’ satisfaction. They also make themselves become global client`s most favored business partners. They deliver your orders right on time and with good quality.

11 Hanshen Electric

Wuxi Hanshen Electric Joint-Stock Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, production, and sales of all types of welding, cutting equipment, and other welding accessories. They have a registered capital of RMB46.5 million, and the building space located in China covering an area of 41, 988 square meters in total.


The dedicated manufacturer which specialized in producing welding machines, and other related products, Wuhan Chuyu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has passed many certifications like ISO9001, CE certificate, and FDA authentication. As an industry-leading enterprise, the company strives to deliver a top-class solution with remarkable customer service appreciated by clients.

13 Time Group

Beijing Time Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 which engaged in the manufacturing of inverter welder, welding machine, and other welding types of equipment. In 1995, the company complies with ISO9001 quality certification while in 2008, they passed ISO14001:2004, OHSMS18001:2001, and many more certifications. To sum up, TIME Group is an expert supplier.


Since 2011, Maisilang Technology Company focuses on the high-grade production of welding machines and spare parts. For more than 8 years of effort, they now become one of the leading suppliers and producers of quality welding machines products. Employs 2 product engineers and more than 40 hard-working workers that ensure exact and precise welding machines production.

15 Sanqiao Industrial Inc.

Sanqiao Industrial Inc. was located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China, covering an area of 12,000 square meters. Specialized in welding and cutting fabrication with 20 years experience, Sanqiao had started its business by the early 1990s, and now become one of the professional provider of welding and cutting equipment with excellent quality control and perfect services.

16 Anlu Cleaning Machinery

Established in 1997, Zhejiang Anlu Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd.,  is recognized and popular for being professional manufacturers and exporters of Air Compressor, High-Pressure Cleaners, and Generator and etc. Offer OEM and ODM services to meet our customer’s needs. Located in Zhejiang, China occupies an area of 100,000 square meters with over 1,200 employees, and advanced 18 assembling lines.

17 Shanghai Hugong

Popular and recognized as a world-leading cutting and welding machine manufacturer in China, established over 60 years ago. Holds the greatest market share in its field, Shanghai Hugong expanded into 108 Countries, and now the number one exporter since 2013. Whether you`re a supplier, designer, wholesaler, etc. you can count on Hugong!

18 Riland Industry

Shenzhen Riland Industry Co., Ltd. is an expert in welding machines and other related products production. Established in 2003, Riland is well-known for being the earliest professional manufacturer in the Chinese welding industry. Products are reliable with national and international authentications. A high-tech enterprise, choose by many customers around the world.

19 JASIC Technology

Founded in 2005, Shenzhen JASIC Technology Co., Ltd is a welding company, trusted by many clients in China, and even in more than 80 countries abroad. An enterprising and R&D dedicated to sustaining long-term development and partnership to customers. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company focuses on manufacturing with efficiency, integrity, and honesty.

20 Feihong Machinery & Electrical

Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 with abundant experience in fabricating electric-heating-element equipment, etc. Own the exact machines with high standards specially designed for your requirements. The company gained a good reputation for foreign and domestic markets for building new advanced production lines with excellent products.

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