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Wheat Cleaning Machines from China
Carbon Steel Cleaning Machine
Importing Carbon Steel Cleaning Machine from China

If you’re a wholesaler, distributor or retailer of cleaning machine in your place, then importing from China is a good choice. China has the world’s largest wheat cleaning machine exporter from other provinces like Shandong and Guangdong provinces. Most of their factories import premium quality products mainly include carbon steel wheat cleaning machines. But you should pay attention to and take advantage of the factories quality standards and certifications.

Fully Automatic Cleaning Machine
Importing Fully Automatic Cleaning Machine from China

China’s demand for wheat Cleaning Machine has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. Fully Automatic Cleaning Machine suppliers in China, mostly based in Shandong, Guangdong, and Zhejiang provinces. Importing Fully Automatic Cleaning Machine in China is an absolutely worthy business you dive in.

Gravity Separator Cleaning Machine
Importing Gravity Separator Cleaning Machine from China

If you are looking for a reliable supplier and factory who can help you to be an expert in all factory, China leading manufacturer can always meet your needs. They provide all the information process so you can avoid the hassle time when importing gravity separator wheat cleaning machines. Jiangsu province has a lot of suppliers, supplies all types of durable and high-quality wheat cleaning machines.

Multi Purpose Cleaning Machines
Importing Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machines from China

All customers really need a high-quality supplier for their business. Even you have to wish to find the most reliable one so you can save money and effort in terms of importing products you desire. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machines are most in Zhejiang province. Don’t worry about finding a reliable supplier. Bansar always recommends a kind of supplier that suit to your needs.

Semi Automatic Cleaning Machines
Importing Semi Automatic Cleaning Machines from China

If you are looking for high-quality Semi Automatic Cleaning Machines for your wheat business, you can find a lot of them in Shandong province of China. They always provide a fast shipping process and they make sure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse. You should be careful about selecting a supplier and factory for your growing business. It can help you find the best products to support your business.

Stone Remover Cleaning Machine
Importing Stone Remover Cleaning Machine from China

This type of wheat cleaning machine can remove any kind of stones. It can make easier for you to clean your wheat business. If you are planning to import in China, Then Jiangsu province has the most wheat cleaning machine factories who can provide all your needs. Bansar can help you with the whole process in terms of shipping your products to your warehouse.

Triple Deck Cleaning Machines
Importing Triple Deck Cleaning Machines from China

In China, you can a lot of sustainable supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to provide all types of durable and affordable triple deck wheat cleaning machines so you can save a lot of money and also fewer efforts. Guangdong province can meet the needs of your business demands.

Wheat Scourer Cleaning Machines
Importing Wheat Scourer Cleaning Machines from China

Whether you need to import any types of wheat cleaning machines like wheat scourer cleaning machines, you can always depend on Bansar. Bansar can help you find a reliable supplier and factory who always provide good quality products for their customers need. Wheat cleaning machines are most in China. Shandong province supplies all durable machines at a very competitive price.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wheat Cleaning Machines Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
If you have a large quantity orders of wheat cleaning machines, sea freight shipping is your best choice. Most specially if your far away from China.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Urgent wheat cleaning machine shipments and high level of securing your cargo is what air freight shipping provides.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Using rail as a means of transportation for your wheat cleaning machine shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
If shipping internationally and unfamiliar with the importing process, using door to door shipping can help you save time, efforts and inconveniences for your shipments.

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  • Professional on paperwork and customs clearance to different countries

Best 20 Wheat Cleaning Machine Manufacturers in China

1. Shijiazhuang Green Torch Seed Machinery Co., Ltd.

Green Torch Seed is the state-owned enterprise invested by the Ministry of Agriculture China. They are engaged in the development, research, and production operation of processing machinery and seeds cleaning. They are experts in exporting seeds cleaning machines, gravity seed cleaner, seeds coating machines, and many more.

2. Hebei Maoheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Specialized in development and research, sales and service, and manufacturing of grain grading equipment and seed processing equipment. This company has equipped modern production equipment, advanced factories, high-efficiency, and high-quality business operations team.


They are known as Kaifeng 2nd grain oil machinery. Kaifeng Maosheng machinery is engaged in equipment and engineering manufacturing for flour milling, grain handling, storage, and seed processing.

4. Hebei Ruixue Grain Selecting Machinery Company Limited

They are a high-tech company that specializes in the manufacture and development of the agricultural products, seed, feedstuff processing machinery, and agricultural byproduct. They can provide you professional international trading service and professional machinery making.

5. Hengshui Weiye Grain Storage Machinery and Equipment …

They are experts in manufacturing grain and mine storage transmission equipment. They have been introduced their advanced technology abroad and home. They also developed a series of products. Hengshui Weiye Grain Storage Machinery has complete equipment, experienced manufacturing, professional, advanced testing instruments, high-technical, and complete management system factory.

6. Zhengzhou Rain Jade Import/Export Co., Ltd.

They are experts in manufacturing and exporting food machinery such as dough press machine, dumpling making machine, flour mixer, noodle making machine, baking oven, meat processing machines, vegetable processing machine, and many more.

7. Wuhan Acme Agro Tech Co., Ltd.

In China, they are a global agricultural integrated system supplier. Wuhan Acme is an expert manufacturer when it comes to agriculture products, food machinery, agricultural machinery, food engineering, etc.

8. Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Runxiang is a professional manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing, R&D, and trading. They are committed to straw briquette machine line, coal process machine line, farming, food machine line, agricultural equipment for over 10 years.

9. Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., …

This company is relying on machinery research and design of Henan University and Henan province of technology. They are also relying on technical resources and abundant talent advantages long-term commitment to flour machinery, corn processing equipment, grains machinery, oat processing equipment, flour processing equipment, and more.


Tongfu Machinery is based in Liyang City, Jiangsu China. This company is a leader of the feed pellet machine and biomass pellet machine. Tongfu Machinery is a certified company complying with SGS certification, European CE certification, and more.

11. Hubei Pinyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Pinyang is a leading manufacturing factory in China specializes in the development, research, and production of grain machine, rice mill machinery from the de-stoner, cleaner, husker, mist polisher, whitener, packing machinery, grader to the color sorter. All of their products have complied with international quality standards.


Kaifeng was established in 1998, a modern and integrated company. In fact, they are the first ones in China to concentrate on manufacturing, design, installation, marketing, and after-sale training of grain processing complete equipment.

13. Zhengzhou Leabon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Leabon is a leading manufacturer and supplier for pellet machine, separating machinery, briquette machine, wood crusher, pellet stove, sawdust dryer, wood crusher, and pellet making line. They have been constantly improving and developing product technology, process automation, quality, and after-sale service.

14. Hunan Sunfield Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sunfield is a high-tech company that integrates with oil and grain machinery development, sales, production, design, engineering, construction, and installation. This company is an ISO9001 international quality management system certifications.

15. Wuhan Qing Hao Yun Fei Technology Co., Ltd.

You can trust their wheat cleaner machine because they have rich experience in manufacturing different types of machines. In fact, they are experts in exporting their products to more than 500 companies around the world.

16. Maxrun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010. For more than 10 years in the industry, they have been experts in manufacturing all kinds of equipment and accessories for pigs, cows, and agriculture. They can provide you a complete solution for the dairy and pig farm from design planning to the training and equipment installation.

17. Hebei HELIDA Grain Selecting Machinery Technology Co., …

Helida is a professional manufacturer in China committed to advanced research and development. They have been producing grain cleaning machines, seeds processing machines, and agricultural byproducts processing machines.

18. Shanghai Genyond Technology Co., Ltd.

Genyond is a leading manufacturer for fruit & vegetable processing and extracting unit lines with strong technical force and well-equipment testing facilities.

19. Zhengzhou Sunshine Machinery Co., Ltd.

This company has 368 staff including 42 expert technical personnel. They have a company organization such as marketing department services, engineering technology department, financial management department, integrated management department, and development and research center.

20. Changzhou Farthest Machinery Co., Ltd.

They are a leading manufacturer of bio-energy machinery, feed machinery, organic fertilizer machinery, and spare parts for more than 20 years. Farthest has been exporting its products to Iraq, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, etc.

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