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wheel spacer from china
Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer
Supreme Suspensions Wheel Spacer importing from China

In China, the Supreme Suspensions is a heavy-duty wheel spacer made from a high-grade T6 aluminum material that will not corrode any extremely durable despite being aluminum. If you are importing wheel spacer, Zhejiang is one of the biggest supplier of wheel spacer that meet your needs.

ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapters
ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapters Importing from China

The ECCPP is another wheel spacer that fits vehicles from GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. Indeed, this model is mostly made for North American vehicles and is available in different colors as well as different sizes. Import now the ECCPP wheel spacer from the verified wheel spacer manufacturer and spacer in China. They will be your best partner on your business.

Aluminum Universal Wheel Spacer
Aluminum Universal Wheel Spacer Importing from China

This is is definitely the best wheel spacer when it comes to price. Indeed, this is an extremely simple and yet highly effective wheel spacer that will offset the wheel and give it is a sporty and aggressive look. In China, there are lot of aluminum universal wheel spacer product, 100% new and quality guaranteed.

Wheel Spacer Kit
Wheel Spacer Kit Importing from China

It is a wheel spacer that has been made for vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, amongst others. It features a T6 aluminum build construction that makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. The best supplier and manufacturer of wheel spacer products are in China, mostly in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shandong. They give you the best quality wheel spacer in a competitive price.

European Wheel Spacer
European Wheel Spacer Importing from China

This wheel spacer fit the Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler, and the Commander truck. However, it is a little bit more affordable with almost the same build construction of T6 aluminum. For the best choice of wheel spacer, China has the leading manufacturers that supplies high quality and tested product in an advance testing equipment. You can select the best Europian wheel spacer in an affordable price.

Anodized Wheel Spacer
Rugged Ridge Anodized Wheel Spacer Importing from China

One of the main advantages of the Rugged Ridge is that it is built to be a universal wheel spacer. Therefore, it will have no problem fitting almost any type of vehicle with a 5 inches wheel hub.  If you want to import wheel spacer products for your business, China’s leading manufacturer has enough supplies to cater your needs while ensuring the quality of the product.

KSP Performance Wheel Spacer
KSP Performance Wheel Spacer Importing from China

KSP is known for their high-quality wheel spacers. This particular model is made specifically for a wide range of Toyota as well as Lexus vehicles. It should provide a tight fit and result in an immediate boost in performance coming from wheels. China has more than 2000 manufacturers and suppliers that provide all kinds of wheel spacer in a reasonable price. They have majored in the wheel spacer products processing for many years.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wheel Spacer Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 35
Shipping by sea helps you save money. Perfect for greater quantity of materials due to its large storage capacity.
Air Freight from China to 36
Shipping by air is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. Bansar can provide air freight services for your shipments delivery from China.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 36
Shipping your wheel spacer by rails is efficient for longer journeys. It tend to be less expensive than other process.
Door to Door Service China to 1 35
Shipping wheel spacer by door to door is economical, it saves your time, money, efforts and inconveniences.

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Importing Wheel Spacer from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing wheel spacer from China, you must read this guide.

You will get benefits from reading this guide and become familiar with Chinese wheel spacer market.

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Best 30 Wheel Spacer Manufacturers in China

1 Telawei 4×4 Off-Road Accessories Factory

Telawei 4×4 Off-Road Accessories Factory is a wheel spacer manufacturer and factory in China which one of the well-trusted and largest producers overseas. They founded in 1994 based in Foshan, Lishui Town at Nanhai district in China located in Guangdong province. They have enough staff in the production lines, R&D, and foreign trading.

2 Ningbo Everwinner Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

This company is started manufacturing and export wheel spacer and different accessories and tools in 1996. The high performance provided which able to support business in America, Africa, Southeast, and many more. They have strong relationships with their plenty of customers. This company is located near Ningbo and Shanghai port and exports 90% rates with its own export license.

3 Qingdao TP Range Int’L Co., Ltd.

Qingdao TP Range Int’L Co., Ltd. has offered 15 workdays every peak season and off-season lead time. They established in 1996 offering a wide range of wheel spacers. They export wheel spacers with their own export license and export wheel spacer about 90% per year. They ensure payment terms through Small-amount of payment, T/T, and LC terms of payment.

4 Yangzhou Haina Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Haina Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. auto parts like wheel spacer. This company is located in China at Gaoqiao Town of Jiangsu province of Yangzhou City. They manufactured wheel spacer and export in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Oceana, and many more. They have long term partners in many countries and regions that they provide the best satisfaction.

5 Ningbo Wuyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Ningbo Wuyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded in 1991 which one of the leading and highly trusted producers of wheel spacers from China. This company offers the best and effective suggestions for every customer’s business. This company carefully handles safety and secured processes in deliveries, packaging, and production.

6 Ningbo Yinzhou Jinuo Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yinzhou Jinuo Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures auto accessories like wheel spacer nuts, bolts, adapter, hub, ring, and many more kinds of accessories for automobiles. This company recommended qualified wheel spacers suitable for your special requirements.

7 Xiangsheng Auto Parts Company

Xiangsheng Auto Parts Company is a professional and ISO 9001 certified that passed the audits. Their workers have great cooperation with the reason for their perfect production. In making wheel spacers, Xiangsheng Auto Parts Company has complete machines and skilled workers.

8 Ningbo Wheel Friends Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Ningbo Wheel Friends Auto Parts Co., Ltd has founded and occupied about 1200 square meter plant area since 2017 of August 07. They have a great variety of wheel spacers perfect for your business. This ensures to meet customer’s special demands and willingly cooperates in all the processes.

9 Ningbo Yinqiu Auto Accessories Co., Ltd

Ningbo Yinqiu Auto Accessories Co,. Ltd is started in 1990 and start making and export wheel spacers and different accessories and parts. They are one of the largest wheel spacer producers overseas in Europe, America, Oceana, Southeast Asia, and many regions and countries. They are located in Jiangshan Town of Zhejiang Province in China.

10 Ningbo Qiyao Aoto Parts

Ningbo Qiyao Aoto Parts is specializing in producing wheel spacers and different kinds of auto parts. They are located in room 2309 of Hao Ru Building in China at the Zhejiang province of Ningbo City. This company assures their quality services since they have passed the entire audits and received certifications many times.

11 Ningbo Bosson Industry Co., Ltd

Ningbo Bosson Industry Co., Ltd is located in Crown World Plaza at East Baizang Road, Zhejiang Province in China, Ningbo City. This company is focused on its customer’s expectations and satisfaction. They provide the highest wheel spacer quality and manufactured it negotiable and durable that able to generates the best profits.

12 Guangzhou Yuexiu Chuangshi Auto Parts Firm

This company has 8 years of experience making wheel spacers and produces it in many countries bulk. This company product is tested and quality tested since they passed the test for ISO3800, ISO989-1, and ISO0898-6. They also passed J429 through their great cooperation. You can locate them at Yungfu Road.

13 Ningbo King Vehicle Co., Ltd

Ningbo King Vehicle Co., Ltd provides a convenient way of making products they mainly manufactured like wheel spacers, hub ring, nuts, bolts, ATV, Dirt bike, and many more outdoor products and accessories. This company ensures the company and factory development which provide and occupied 10,000 square meters of plant area and supported of 100 staff.

14 Zhejiang Zhongda Group Co.

Zhenjiang Zhongda Group Co. has a lot of development the reason this company is known for one of the biggest production in China. For your wheel spacer problems, you can orders or demand your ideal number of wheel spacers. Your business needs will be provided since they ensure the customer’s first principles.

15 Ningbo Yinzhou Jianda Auto Parts

Ningbo Yinzhou Jianda Auto Parts is able to provide customer’s urgent needs for their wheel spacer orders. They are able to provide fast yet flexible and secure packaging. You can demand your time need. This company strictly check all the processes.

16 Ningbo Yinzhou Jianda Autoparts CO., LTD.

At Jisigang town of Zhejiang province, Ningbo Yinzhou Jianda Autoparts CO., Ltd builds a convenient factory. They’re in no.199 Cross RD of Yinzhou Zone in Ningbo City. This company truly builds an amazing connection for easier processes. You can benefit from the best price offer.

17 Ningbo Sanlishin Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Sanlishin Auto Parts Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 producing and making wheel spacers in different sizes and offered competitive rates. If you search for a long-term partnership, Ningbo Sanlishin Auto Parts Co., Ltd is the best to choose. You can get an affordable cost. They can offer an amazing service.

18 Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts, Co, Ltd

In 2007, Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts Co., Limited is started making wheel spacer and wheel adapter. They build a convenient plant area with complete facilities and equipment like machines. They designed wheel spacers well since they have done lots of research. They proudly passed the entire audits to let them produce overseas.

19 Ningbo Bosson Auto Parts Factory

As an ISO 9001 certified wheel spacer manufacturer and factory in China, Ningbo Bosson Auto Parts Factory is capable to handle and provide the best for its customers. They provide the best price for wheel spacers and different products they manufacture, affordable and quality deliveries, secured and prevent return packaging, amazing customer service, and so on.

20 Ningbo Yinzhou Elite Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Ningbo Yinzhou Elite Auto Parts Co., Ltd mainly makes wheel spacers, nuts, bolts, adapters, valves, hub rings, and many more auto accessories and parts. This company is founded in 1985 engaging exporting and producing all these products especially wheel spacers.

21 Shanghai Yaoqing Industry Co., Ltd

In 2000 at Pudong, Shanghai Yaoqing Industry Co., Ltd was founded which mainly manufactures wheel spacers, plastic spacers, plastic pads, rebar accessories, and many more. This company develops quality services and export wheel spacers every year about 80% rates. They have amazing designers which follow principles.

22 Ningbo Yinzhou Yunlong Litian Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for wheel spacers in durable and cost-effective offers, Ningbo Yinzhou Yunlong Litian Auto parts Co., Ltd is a great long-term partner for your business. They manufactured using qualified and quality tested raw materials. This company is ensuring what they always provide and strictly check all the processes well.

23 Ningbo Sonal Auto Parts Co., Limited

At Changle Gaoqiao town in Ningbo city was Ningbo Sonal Auto Parts Co., Limited is located, Yinzhou District, Zhejiang province in China. In making wheel spacers, Sonal Auto Parts Co., Limited provides a convenient process by providing modern and high-tech machines and well-trained workers.

24 Jiaxing Sanxing Metal Products Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Sanxing Metal Products Co., Ltd is a professional wheel spacer manufacturer and exporter overseas which able to produce large orders in different countries like America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceana, and etc. Your business demands will surely fulfill.

25 Winsoon Group (Shanghai) Ltd

In 1995, Winsoon Group (Shanghai) Ltd was built with 5 amazing factories and branches. They have rich of year’s expertise making a lot of wheel spacers providing great quality that passed the test. This company makes wheel spacers and received certifications internationally. Get a very low price they offered.

26 J & L Racing Co., Ltd

J&L Racing Co., Ltd is a professional auto parts and auto accessories manufacturer in China. They belong to the top manufacturers and factories in china which received plenty of international certifications. They have senior engineers, designers, and friendly customer service. Wheel spacers can be purchase with your ideal quantity.

27 Guangzhou Kinggo Auto Refitting Parts Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Kinggo Auto Refitting Parts Co., Ltd is founded in 2013 surrounded and supported by over 50 staff. This company ensures quick response by offering 24/7 working online. They manufactured wheel spacer with modern machines like CNC machines, Cutting machines, polishing machines, coating, and so on.

28 Ningbo Shenzhen Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shenzhen Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a trusted and popular auto parts factory and producer in China. A lot of their long term and big-time customers have repeated their orders. They have a 3000 sqm plant area manufacturing wheel spacers, wheel nuts, lugs, locks, and different wheel accessories. They are able to export wheel spacers overseas.

29 Heng Tian Technological Development Co., Ltd

In 2000, Heng Tian Technological Development Co., Ltd is started on making wheel spacers, accessories, and etc. They established in 2000 with 50 people certified with ISO 9001. They offer 94% quick response so you can receive quick information.

30 Ningbo Allright Machinery Co., Ltd

Ningbo Allright Machinery Co., Ltd has 10 years of manufacturing wheel spacer experience. They have great technical force, excellent testing methods, and processes. They proudly present their high technology machines and different types of equipment. They have 10 production lines offering and welcome OEM and ODM customers.

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