White Glove Service

White Glove Service: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are wondering what white glove service is.

Or, maybe if white glove service is suitable when importing from China.

In this guide, you will find every information you’re looking for about white glove service.

So, if you want to learn more or use white glove service, read this guide first.

What does White Glove Service mean?

White glove service

White glove service

This refers to a premium delivery service characterized by unique attention to finer details for products, which need handling with care during shipping.

In other words, they are services in shipping management, which surpass the standard expectations for delivery.

The parties involved in shipping ensure they handle the consignment with care when moving products to the customers.

Primarily, it a shipping facilitation describing additional services provided by logistics company and go over-and-above their routine curbside pick-up and delivery options.

What is the relevance of White Glove Service in International Shipping?

In international shipping, white glove delivery service translates to taking all the necessary precautionary measures when shipping products to customers.

It also considers sparing no expense to deliver precisely what the customers need without raising the proverbial finger or feeling irritated.

It is a value-added service within logistics management, allowing shippers to provide information and be accountable to customers’ demands.

The professionals handling these services wear white gloves literally when inspecting the delivery process of the consignments.

The essence of wearing white gloves during the process is to denote meticulousness in handling the products during shipping.

Moreover, it symbolizes the high level of protection your shipment is guaranteed in the entire shipping process.

The professionals handle your goods with utmost care and minimizing the risks of the shipment damaging.

Therefore, you are confident of receiving the items in pristine condition.

Thus, white glove delivery sets the perfectionist mindset in the way logistics company does business with the customers in international shipping.

Who can use White Glove Delivery Services?

Typically, any company offering logistics services, whether domestic or international, can use white glove delivery services.

Online retailers can as well use this particular type of delivery service.

Most of them can use it when it comes to installation or assembling of products.

This service is, of course, suitable for individual consumers or businesses whose consignments are of high value, fragility, and perishability.

B2B and B2C companies can also use white glove delivery services.

Depending on the business, such companies can utilize this service to deliver their products safely and timely.

Moreover, both online and retail big-ticket, furniture, and white-good companies may also use this type of delivery service.

It saves the customers from hassles surrounding transportation from the store to their places.

Again, it relieves the purchasers from the stress of assembling the good.

In a nutshell, any business offering products can use a white glove delivery service to fulfill their orders.

What entails a White Glove Service Package?

This service is comprehensive, and the exact package offered often vary from one company to another.

Even so, it most commonly entails the following aspects;

Inspections – Some companies incorporate pre and post site inspections before assembling the goods. This comes in handy where special configuration is required during set up.

Secure packaging – The core policy of white glove delivery service is to adhere to high standards protecting your package against damage.

An ideal way of attaining this is by using premium packaging materials depending on nature of the product.

Measures are also put in place to ensure your shipment stays safe from movement and moisture during shipping.

Delicate handling – This service also incorporates treating customer’s shipments with top-level care throughout the entire process.

Packagers, drivers, and other experts in the process are well-trained to handle products uniquely.

Product assembly and disassembly – Some companies also provide product assembling, dismantling, and installation services.

This would also include syncing of smart devices to make your shipment ready for usage right away.

Product disposal – This includes taking away all your old or unwanted products rather than leaving you with an unnecessary mess.

Attentive service – Ordinarily, this service also entails answering different questions you have regarding your shipment. You also get feedback regarding a variety of services and inquiries afterward.

When should you Consider White Glove Services?

White glove delivery services come in handy in many circumstances.

Some of the common situations that call for these services include the following;

When purchasing relatively delicate goods, be it from online or retail stores, it’d be advisable to consider white glove service.

In such instances, utmost care is necessary to prevent fragile products from any damage during shipping process.

You may also choose to consider this service when you buy high-value goods.

At times, it would be cost-effective to have peace of mind knowing too well your expensive commodity is in the right hands.

If you purchase a product, which seems to be complicated as far as assembling or installation is concerned, you should consider these services.

The experts ensure they install or assemble the product professionally hence providing the added value service.

When you are working within a strict deadline, you may want to use a white glove delivery service.

They always deliver on an agreed time and are always in touch with the customers to determine the most convenient delivery time.

You also need to consider it if you’re seeking a custom delivery service.

It can help you to stand out among your competitors.

Furthermore, this service may play an essential role in your business by creating a stronger brand in the market.

Are White Glove Services Worthwhile when Shipping from China?

Absolutely yes!

China is arguably the leading manufacturing hub in the world.

Ideally, many individuals and businesses are importing a wide variety of products from this country.

Standard delivery services may, in most instances, fail to provide the necessary convenience and safety when shipping fragile or high-value goods.

To get premium and value-added services for such goods and the entire process, it would be worthwhile to consider white glove services.

Do Ecommerce Websites like Alibaba offer White Glove Service?


Most of the ecommerce platforms, such as Alibaba, are nowadays defined by the unique and exclusive experience of buying products.

Furthermore, most of the ecommerce website customers also yearn for these premium delivery services when making their orders.

Many of these websites facilitate the process by using white glove delivery services to provide convenience, speed, and emotional fulfillment.

Moreover, ecommerce websites like Alibaba also adopt white glove services in product deliveries to satisfy their customers.

What is the Average Cost of White Glove Services?

There are a host of variables, which determine the average cost of white glove delivery services, including transportation companies.

Some of these elements include the following;

Type of product – The nature of the commodity you’re shipping influences the average cost you ought to pay.

For instance, perishability, fragility, and weight of the product tend to factor into the overall cost of the service.

Distance – The delivery destination is another significant determinant of the average cost of white glove delivery service.

This often includes the total mileage covered, cross-border charges, and customs clearance fee.

Drop-off location – Straightforward drop-off locations seem to be more affordable compared to difficult-to-reach areas.

For instance, rural drop-off locations can be a bit expensive than urban drop-off points.

Shipment speed – White glove services provide different shipping needs, each with unique costs.

For example, overnight and same-day shipping are often more costly than typical expedited shipping.

Special handling and considerations – In case your shipment requires specific handling or considerations, it is likely to accrue extra costs.

Special handling may include temperature control or the use of specialized equipment.

Add-on services – Optional additional services such as product installation, dismantling, and tracking, may factor into the final costs.

As you can see, there is no fixed amount for white glove delivery services.

Which Items can you Ship using White Glove Services?

Perishable goods are among the top products you can ship using white glove delivery services.

However, there a myriad of other commodities you can import using this method, which includes the following;

Electronic devices – These include items such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, computer parts and accessories, cameras, and video recorders.

Medical and laboratory requirements – Some of these items include MRI equipment, X-Ray machines, Ultrasound devices, CT scan machines, and surgery tools, among others.

Automotive and aviation parts and accessories

Home appliances–Products in this category include ovens, refrigerators, TV sets, washing machines, and sound systems, among others.

Furniture – Common items include seats, dining sets, beds, office furniture, and outdoor furniture products, among others.

How do you Choose the Right White Glove Service Company?

You must do thorough homework and find a credible, experienced company offering great white glove delivery service.

Some of the elements you must look into when seeking the right company for this service include the following;

White glove service

White glove service

· Premium Customer Care

You must understand that white glove service is an investment, which you make since your consignments are valuable.

Thus, the company you choose for this business must exhibit reliability and easy-to-reach customer service.

It also must have professional representatives always ready to answer any queries you may have.

· Capacity

When researching a white glove service company, ensure it can handle the task effortlessly with zero inconveniences and excuses.

Determine whether they have sufficient professionals and facilitation in different parts of the world.

· Experience

This is also a necessary aspect to consider when choosing the idea white glove service company.

An experienced entity will always handle all the elements of this delivery effectively.

· Cost

You must also consider the money your preferred company charges for white glove delivery service.

It should be cost-effective and worth the service you obtain.

· Socially Responsible

An ideal white glove service should be able to give back to the community.

They should also value their employees since they are the backbone of the organization.

· Additional Services

You may still consider if the preferred company offers extra services that your business could benefit from.

For instance, you may think of helpful services such as returns management, inventory, and automated shipping if necessary.

What should you Expect from a White Glove Delivery Service?

When you choose white glove delivery, you should expect excellent services all-round. Some of these include the following;

  • Professional customer service
  • Extremely low chances of shipment damage
  • Exceptionally reliable services
  • Peace of mind
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Time precision
  • Real-time freight tracking
  • Special packaging
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Opportunity for feedback

Who takes Liability for Risks and Damages when using White Glove Services?

The company offering white glove delivery is fully responsible for any liability and damages incurred during a normal shipment delivery.

It is the reason such companies always strive to reduce such liabilities from occurring or reducing them to a bare minimum.

Even so, there are companies, which require the customer to share liabilities hence the need for finding out what is expected of you.

What is White Glove Service Attitude?

It refers to the characteristics exhibited in the manner every package is handled delicately throughout the transit and delivery precision.

The experts handling white glove service are trusted, experienced, and professional in the handling of all types of movable commodities.

Some of the remarkable elements which define the white glove service attitude include the following;

  • Attention to detail
  • Premium customer experience
  • Time precision
  • Special packaging
  • Personalized experience

What is the Difference Between Standard and White Glove Delivery Services?

Ideally, standard delivery services are offered by the common logistic service providers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL among others.

Such service providers’ ship consignments from its origin then deliver it outside your home, business, or preferred dropping point.

In many instances, standard delivery is often relatively inexpensive.

However, a typical courier usually takes between 5 to 10 business days.

On the other hand, white glove delivery service offers superior service, and freight is shipped with ultra-care.

Contrary to standard delivery, in white glove delivery, shipment is always unloaded, moved inside, unpacked, and installed/assembled by the team.

The moves will also dispose of any unwanted material.

The customer hardly does anything in white glove delivery service, which is optimal for large freight that’s easily damaged.

However, it is comparatively expensive than standard delivery, but the service is worth every penny you pay for it.

Can you use a 3rd Party Agent when Shipping via White Glove Service?


There are several third-party agents you can always use when shipping products via white glove delivery service.

Most third-party agents offering white glove service also come in handy in providing additional services in white glove delivery.

Some of these extra services may include inventory management and transportation among others.

What are the Risks and Challenges of using White Glove Services from China?

They are quite a number, but the major challenges include the following;

· Risk of Late or Missed Deliveries

White glove delivery is dependent on the capabilities of the carrier, delivery specifications, and customer’s ability to meet the shipper’s expectations.

Confusion often occurs whenever the shipment requires a wet signature for delivery confirmation.

It means the delivery can’t happen if the client isn’t at home to receive the consignment.

These can often lead to immeasurable inconveniences and denting of the company’s image.

· Balancing the Service Levels from Market to Market

Of course, even the largest carriers at times fail to perform optimally in certain markets as they do in others.

Over-reliance on one carrier for white glove delivery to multiple markets often lead to imbalanced service levels.

Therefore, it is advisable to utilize different white glove delivery service providers.

· Determining the suitable White Glove Service Company

It can be tricky to identify the best company which offers this service, especially that they are several in the market.

And this challenge can even be more intense since the numerous online reviews are not entirely reliable.

Moreover, finding an all-inclusive white glove service provider providing different options is also relatively difficult.

They have different specialties as far as delivery is concerned.

It is the reason it would be ideal to have multiple service providers at your disposal to allow you to get various delivery service options.

· Deadhead

This is often a terrible element in white glove service.

It leads to space wastage, and the delivery service converts the space into a deadhead.

It can be costly since the charges are always based on mileage.

· Collaborating with Local White Glove Service Providers

The major challenge in this type of delivery service revolves around poor collaboration with local firms offering logistics services.

Even the major players need to outsource such services from local companies to enhance efficiency.

It is always a challenge since private businesses often operate most local providers with no goodwill of partnership.

Making Sure your Customers obtain Quality Experience

Always measure customer’s experience and allow them to know you take each aspect of the service with the seriousness it deserves.

You need to figure out customer satisfaction levels irrespective of the level of service offered.

How long does a White Glove Delivery take?

Technically, delivery speeds in white glove delivery often depend on a wide range of factors.

One of these elements distance of the shipment.

The shorter the distance, the faster the delivery, and vice versa.

The other factor is whether or not the delivery involves crossing borders.

Ordinarily, international deliveries often delay a bit since there are a number of elements that must be considered.

Also, if the shipment requires customs clearance, it may be possible that the delivery may take longer than one, which doesn’t require the same.

Moreover, you also need to select a preferable particular shipping speed when ordering your shipment.

The selected shipping speed, of course, determines the duration delivery will take.

And most importantly, your specific delivery destination also determines the duration white glove service takes.

Delivery in rural areas may take longer compared to those in relatively urbanized centers.

How do you Prepare for a White Glove Delivery when Shipping from China?

White glove service delivery

White glove service delivery service

Preparation for white glove delivery often depends on your specific expectations.

However, some of the guidelines you need to look into include the following;

Clearing the path – Confirm the path leading from the front door to the destination room is clear. Remove any cables, cords, rugs, or anything that may cause tripping.

If the shipment is excessively large, perhaps you may also need to remove the door from the hinges.

Cleaning the area – Make the area you want to place the consignment clean. You can choose to vacuum, sweep, or mop the floor surface.

This makes your delivery to stay spotless when it arrives.

Covering the floor – Cover your delivery in case the service provider hardly use drop cloths or other safety elements to protect your floor.

Be present–Ensure you stay around until the movers leave your house.

Remember, someone must always let it the delivery crew inside whenever they arrive with the shipment.

It also comes in handy, especially in case the wet-signature is needed for the delivery.

If you can be present in person, ensure there is an adult above 18 years old

What is the Difference Between and White Glove and Inside Pick-up and Delivery?

Typically, the core difference between these two services revolves around the extras offered.

And this is often particular upon the arrival of the shipment to your house or business.

White glove delivery provides a wide range of additional and custom services, which suit the specific needs of a customer.

The delivery crew goes far-and-beyond to ensure the customer’s shipment is delivered safely.

With inside-pick-up and delivery, the concern is always to ensure the client receives the shipment ordered.

Extra tailored services are not guaranteed as long as the customer receives the order.

Can you get Expedited Shipping when using White Gloving?

Of course, yes.

When choosing the ideal white gloving speed, there is always the option to select expedited shipping.

This shipping service thus allows you to receive your consignment within the shortest time possible upon the place the order.

In most instances, white gloving expedited shipping often provides different options.

These include one-day, two-day, three-day, and day-definite delivery options.

As you can see, white glove services offers a range of benefits.

However, it may not be suitable for everyone.

In case you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact BanSar China team.

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