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Whiteboard Supplier in China
Glass Whiteboard
Importing Glass Whiteboard from China

Can’t decide what type of board will be the best for your school when there are so many different types of a whiteboard? You can always find a trusted supplier of a whiteboard in China. If you want to import from China but yet you don’t know where to go, Guangdong China has the most reliable supplier and you can find all types of glass whiteboard that you want.

Magnetic Whiteboard
Importing Magnetic Whiteboard from China

Currently, the best whiteboard that is easy to install and has removable legs for wall mounting and wall hang vertically or horizontally with four corner screws. Seeking for a whiteboard for school? China has a wide variety of whiteboard including dapper display magnetic mobile that has a super smooth surface for writing on. If you want this incredibly whiteboard that easy to install can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, you can import in China.

Mini Whiteboard
Importing Mini Whiteboard from China

Many think that mini whiteboard are used only in kindergarten or primary school, but didn’t they know that it is also useful in business to put reminders, notes, and many more. If importing whiteboard in your plan better you choose Guangdong and Zhejiang in China. That place has a quite large number of a different manufacturer that you need to supply the demand of your business.

Printed Whiteboard
Importing Printed Whiteboard from China

Need to put your own design onto a printed whiteboard? In China, you can add colour, graphics, gridlines, logos, and maps. Many suppliers, especially in Fujian and Jiangsu province, manufacture these types of whiteboard according to customers requests.

Mobile Whiteboard
Importing Mobile Whiteboard from China

Mobile whiteboard gives you all the perks of whiteboard plus the ease of taking it with you. If you are looking for a whiteboard that constructed from quality materials, and the surface erases easily so that ghosting and stains minimize and remove without too much difficulty? You can find it in China, they have a lot of manufacturers that are expert in making the fine quality of whiteboards.

A4 Whiteboard
Importing A4 Whiteboard from China

Hard to find looking for whiteboard factories to supply and support your growing business? China is the best place where you can find tons of reliable supplier of a whiteboard. Guangdong China has the biggest manufacturers of whiteboards. You can select from a wide range of whiteboards that you need for your personal or in business.

Handheld Whiteboard
Importing Handheld Whiteboard from China

Hard to find a reliable supplier for a handheld whiteboard? Bansar can recommend a professional manufacturer of different whiteboards intended for your business. If you need a large amount of whiteboard you can import now in China.

Wedge Whiteboard
Importing Wedge Whiteboard from China

Most of the customers choose wedge whiteboard because it has a dual surface both magnetic and dry-wipe and uses in school and at work are obvious and can be great at home too. If you want to import versatile range and easy to use magnetic dry wipe boards, I know a place where you can get this one, it is in Guangdong China, the largest manufacturers are found that place.

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Best 20 Whiteboard Manufacturers in China

1 Ningbo BRT Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

For over 20 years, Ningbo Brt Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd is a specialist in manufacturing all kinds of school stationary products, mainly the whiteboards. They are committed to giving high-quality whiteboards at very affordable prices. Ningbo Brt Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd is based in Jiangbei Dis. Ningbo, China.

2 Wuzhi Sky Voyage Stationery Ltd

Established in 2011, Wuzhi Sky Voyage Stationary Ltd is a professional manufacturer and distributor of whiteboards and all stationery products. Company facility is based in Henan Province with convenient transportation for exporting their products all around the world like Southeast Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.   

3 Foshan Hengbo Stationery Co., Ltd

Located in Nanhai District, Foshan city, Foshan Hengbo Stationary Co., Ltd specializes in supplying whiteboard products across the globe. They also manufacture all other kinds of boards such as glass whiteboard, high-grade writing board, blackboard, and green board. Foshan Hengbo Stationary passed the ISO certification and obtained CE certification.

4 Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd

Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2007. Since then, Intech has been engaging in manufacturing and developing the latest innovations for whiteboards and school stationery products. They have successfully developed 5 series of products on the market equipped with high quality and excellent performance.

5 SINOEVIEW Technology Co., Ltd

Sinoeview Technology Co., Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of whiteboards and educational equipment in China. They are engaged in this industry for many years and have gained enough experience in making outstanding quality whiteboard products. Sinoeview is dedicated to supplying products that help to teach more scientific, easy, and active.

6 Huizhou U-Touch Technology Co., Ltd

Most of the premium quality whiteboards in China are made by Huizhou U-Touch Technology Co., Ltd. They manufacture and develop top quality with remarkable designed whiteboards and offer excellent services. U-Touch also accepts customizations for these products depending on the needs of its customers. They have been the most reliable and trusted manufacturer in this industry.

7 Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a certified company that obtains ISO9001, FCC, CE, and RoHS certificates. Located in Panyu District, Yichuang Electronic has covered 60% market selling quantity in whiteboards and became the top 1 brand selling on line. They also accept ODM and OEM orders and delivers in no time.

8 Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd

Since 2006, Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd manufactures all educational equipment and has been dedicated in the educational industry. They have already distributed products for over 60, 000 schools in China’s domestic market. Returnstar Interactive Tech has also provided the latest teaching solutions for over 1, 000, 000 classrooms worldwide.

9 Peacemounts Electronics Co., Ltd

Located in Yangtze river delta economic zone, Peacemounts Electronics Co., Ltd. is a specialist enterprise of manufacture, sale, and audio-visual equipment designs. They manufacture high-quality whiteboards but their main product is mounted for electronic equipment. Their products offer logistic advantages, advantages, and multiple quality industry resources.

10 Oway Group Limited

Established in 2009, Oway Group Limited is a company dedicated to providing the latest presentation products to improve collaboration and communication in the education area. Not only in technology, but Oway also focus on R&D and provide low-cost products. They make sure that their products give profit to their customers through interactive solutions.

11 Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd

Founded in 1998, Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd is recognized as one of the world’s biggest flexible magnetic materials manufacturers. It has a professional R&D team to lead in the industry. There are more than 800 employees and 100 workers on Research and Development positions. Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd products meet ASTM, RoHS, and EN71 standards.

12 Shenzhen HDFocus Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen HDFocus Technology Co., Ltd is a leading solution provider for commercial display products. The company focuses on this production for more than 10 years. Their products include interactive board, video wall display, wall mount kiosk, floor standing digital signage kiosk, and other hardware solutions. HDFocus is equipped with a talented team to create high-value products.

13 Ningbo MoreBoard Office Supplies Co., Ltd

MoreBoard Office Supplies Co., Ltd started in the business in 1997. They are focusing on providing office supplies and services. Their main products are whiteboard, A-frame board, Dry-erase board, Photo memo boards, and more. They are working with offices, families, and schools. MoreBoard Office Supplies Co., Ltd developed and produces its products by its own Research and Development team.

14 ValueTek

Since 2010, ValueTek is a supplier of interactive solutions and digital signage systems. All their products are designed by their technical team that utilizes advanced technology. ValueTek adopts “7S-on-site management” in order to guarantee high quality. Their product lines are interactive whiteboards, smart e-blackboards, interactive displays, IR touch frames, digital signage, and more. They are selling and exporting products to South America, Eastern Europe, Central America, and more others.

15 Changsha Byintek Electronics Co., Ltd

Changsha Byintek Electronics Co., Ltd is a company specializing in consumer electronics, projectors, home theatres, screens, and more. Their products are widely appreciated in education, consumer, business, and related industries. A wide selection of good quality products at reasonable prices is what the company is up to. They are supplying products to the domestic and overseas markets.

16 Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd’s main products are smart whiteboard, touch screen inquiry machine, conference machine, self-service printer, and more human-computer interaction equipment. They are specializing in that field for many years. According to the latest report, they are supplying products 10,000+ applications in the industry. This company is based in Guangzhou, China occupying a production workshop of 5,000 m2.


ITA Touch is an interactive multi-touch screen display manufacturer based in Guangming District, Shenzhen. They are providing products for use in education, conference, classroom eCommerce display, and more. Along with their products are interactive flat panel, touch table, tablet monitor, etc. This company develops products completely passed with FCC, RoHS, and CE certifications.

18 Shenzhen DS Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen DS Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most reliable suppliers of whiteboards in China. They are an ISO9001 certified company located in Shenzhen. DS technology is a very strict quality control process to ensure that they provide high-quality standard products, especially on whiteboards. Experienced engineers and workers make their company firm and trustworthy.

19 QINGDAO SEEKMIND Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, Qingdao SEEKMIND Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on manufacturing and developing education equipment and business displays like whiteboards. They are pioneers in providing steady outstanding quality products to their customers. SEEKMIND Electronics can supply customers from the domestic market up to international customers.

20 Foshan Joyoung Electronics Co., Ltd

Foshan Joyoung Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and supplying whiteboards and all other education equipment for so many years. They have been the most customer-oriented and quality-oriented to meet all the needs of their customers.  Joyoung Electronics is an expert in researching, production, designing, and marketing whiteboards.

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