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Bib Aprons
Wholesale Bib Aprons from China

China is the number of the producer of any types of products worldwide. Such as aprons, you can find plenty of different designs from many provinces in China. There are many advantages when wearing aprons. It can prevent dirty when washing plates in the kitchen and during cooking. Find your desired designs based in China and get your very negotiable Bib aprons to help your business expand.

Bistro Aprons
Wholesale Bistro Aprons from China

Are you having a problem in finding an outstanding provider to help you boost your business? China has a large number of apron suppliers who can supply quality bistro aprons for your requirements. Some of the restaurants choose to wear this type of aprons while serving food to their customers. Some are using this while performing a creative task in big-time hotels. Shandong is one of the provinces in China with an amazing team to guide you.

Cobbler Aprons
Wholesale Cobbler Aprons from China

If you’re struggling in choosing a supplier who can be trusted and reliable on supplying different aprons like cobbler aprons for your business, Guangdong province of China has the largest producer of many types of aprons to help you expand your business. Wearing cobbler aprons can protect clothes from dirt and any wet in every kitchen operations. The best quality of cobbler will be founded in many China regions who belong to the most awarded producers in China.

Dishwasher Aprons
Wholesale Dishwasher Aprons from China

Plenty of awarded producers can be found in China. They are qualified because of their excellent services especially in manufacturing the best aprons for dishwashing operations. Wearing dishwashing aprons can prevent wet, oil and from any dirt. In China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have a lot of certified apron suppliers. Any designs and eco-friendly materials are provided with safe packaging to prevent damage.

Fashion Aprons
Wholesale Fashion Aprons from China

If you still have trouble finding a supplier and manufacturer for your wholesale fashion aprons, you already need help from Bansar. Bansar has a good connection in China so they can refer the best apron provider to grow your business. Any materials are eco-friendly the best quality that can help you gain the best profits in running a business. Choose your ideal apron provider based in China and deal with Bansar for fastest process.

Knee length Aprons
Wholesale Knee-length Aprons from China

Apron market owners sell many designs and customizations of knee-length aprons. Whether you need a plain or colored aprons, they can supply what’s their client’s desire. Knee-length aprons can also protect your pants from wet and dirt. If you wholesale knee-length aprons in China, the best choice you’ve made can help your dream for your business do come true. That is proven by many business people about the success that they have now.

Ladies Aprons
Wholesale Ladies Aprons from China

Commonly, ladies loved to be in the kitchen serving their family a clean kitchen and delicious food. While doing that, they need to wear aprons they can still look pretty and clean after all. Aprons can be very negotiable when you wholesale from China. Most of the clients find them in Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces, including Henan and Fujian. They are capable of handling any of the difficulties.

Plain Colored Aprons
Wholesale Plain Colored Aprons from China

Plain colored aprons are very simple. But it can be very good if you can choose its quality so it can be very eye-catching to all people who love the kitchen doing. But if you don’t know how to find them, you can depend on Bansar for the easy process. They can guide you if you want to select a factory for your plain colored aprons. Don’t hesitate to contact Bansar and have your immediate process.

Printed Aprons
Wholesale Printed Aprons from China

Aprons, worn to cover clothing to secure cleanliness from wet and dirt in any operations. There are many designs you can select from printed aprons. The best wholesale printed aprons supplier you find commonly founded in Guangdong province of China. They have so many qualified apron suppliers and factories based in there who can help you solve your entire wholesaling process.

PVC Aprons
Wholesale PVC Aprons from China

Wearing PVC aprons can keep kitchen lover’s clothes dry. While Having a kitchen battle, PVC aprons can be very beneficial to all employees who work in kitchen hotels and restaurants, and other many others. If you rely on Bansar, they can make your process easy and fast. Save your cash while your business expands by their help.

Server Aprons
Wholesale Server Aprons from China

The most popular and versatile aprons are available in China’s leading wholesale apron suppliers. The most common uniforms in many restaurants and food courts. A smooth and fast procedure handled by reliable wholesale suppliers and manufacturers from China is right for your urgent wholesale orders for your server aprons. You can have it all if you choose to deal with Bansar.

Tuxedo Aprons
Wholesale Tuxedo Aprons from China

Wishing success in handling a business especially in wholesaling for something? If you’re a newbie, wholesaling any products must be very hard. You need to be watchful in every step you take so you can find a reliable and qualified partner. But even experts need a guide from much more expert. Many of them depend on Bansar in every process they take for the safety.

Waterproof Aprons
Wholesale Waterproof Aprons from China

Unique aprons or custom waterproof aprons are most available in different provinces in China. They are the most important partners for all people in business for a long time in the industry. Dealing from one of the qualified Chinese apron markets is the right choice you’ve ever made to make your handled business success. Identify the best quality products from China and let Bansar expand your business more than you’ve expected.

Woodworking Aprons
Wholesale Woodworking Aprons from China

The best quality aprons and many other products from China is not only the reason why people choose to buy from them but also a friendly price they offer. A great producer of aprons such as woodworking aprons been discovered in China. If you badly needed this quality woodworking urgently, try to look for an apron provider who only focuses on providing aprons. They are capable only of handling your wholesale orders.

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Best 30 Apron Manufacturers in China

1 Guangzhou Changrong Bags Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Since 2010, Guangzhou Changrong Bags Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of different aprons in China. It includes leather aprons, denim aprons, waxed canvas aprons, and so on. 90% of their waxed canvas aprons are sold on Amazon. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. They will provide you better quality and service.

2 Wuxi Eternal Eagle Textile Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Eternal Eagle Textile Co., Ltd. has plenty of years of experience in production. Their main products are apron, chef hat, and so on. Their company won P4P star enterprise honorary titles issued by Alibaba official. This company provides full photo-documentary services and a lifetime after-sale service.

3 Ningbo Heyuan Textile Products Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Heyuan Textile Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aprons, flags, etc. They applied the QC system which is in strict conformity with international standards to maintained excellent quality levels. This company offers superior quality, attractive designs, and competitive cost. Send your inquiry now.

4 Yiwu Baywon Commodity Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a large-scale apron manufacturer, Yiwu Baywon Commodity Co., Ltd. is your best choice for that which they are a professional large-scale manufacturer of the apron and other kitchen textiles in China. They have plenty of years in the kitchen industry and also they are located to very convenient water, air, and land transportation near Shanghai and Ningbo.

5 Ningbo Heyuan Textile Product Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for a professional exporter and manufacturer of the apron in China, Ningbo Heyuan Textile Product Co., Ltd. is your best choice since they can manufacture and export apron and other kitchen textiles. They always ensure the superior quality of their products. Their products are monitored and tested in their production process.


In 2008, WUZHOU ALLY PROTECT CO., LTD. was founded. It specialized in welding protection such as leather welding aprons, etc. Their more than 200 outstanding producers and managers have over 13 years of experience in welding protect manufacture. They always focus on providing customers satisfaction with their high-quality material and perfect workshop.

7 Taixing Suxing Co., Ltd.

Taixing Suxing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of the lead apron, X-ray film processor, and more products. Their high-quality products comply with CE and ISO certificates. They obtain great attention due to their product quality and after-sales service. If you are interested in their product, kindly visit their website.

8 Zhangjiagang Qiangsheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Qiangsheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of different kinds of non-woven products such as PE disposable apron, and many more. Their products are certified by CE and their company is certified by ISO9001 quality system. More than 90% of their products are exported to lots of countries.

9 Dongguan Paleo Garment Co., Ltd.

Since 2003, Dongguan Paleo Garment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the apron in China. 95% of their products are exported to North American, Europe, and more. They offer ODM and OEM services to all customers. All products are tested and approved by a certified lab. For your inquiry, kindly message them.

10 Hebei Linchuan Safety Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2019, Hebei Linchuan Safety Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a manufacturer of metal mesh apron, metal mesh gloves, and more products. Their plant area covers 700 square meters and has 28 employees. They assure you to provide the best quality and services. For any orders, please do message them.

11 Wuhan Carestar Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Carestar Protective Products Co., Ltd. offers different products that will meet your requirement. Their main products are apron, gown, and more products in China. Their company complies with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certificates. For any questions, kindly visit their company.

12 Hubei Aojia Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Hubei Aojia Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a prime manufacturer of disposable PE apron and other nonwoven and plastic products for over 10 years. In this competitive market, they can provide good quality and reasonable prices. In that case, they exported their products worldwide. They are willing to establish a good business relationship with you.


In 2000, WEIFANG WEYEA PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was founded. They are an experienced responsible manufacturer of polyethylene apron, plastic bag, and many more. Due to their good quality products with amazing competitive costs, they exported all of their products all-round the world. They also assure you to meet your requirements. Contact them for your inquiry.

14 Jiang Su Sunflower Packaging Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Zhonglian medical technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focused on manufacturing lead apron and many more. They have an advanced testing instrument and first-class production equipment. This company assures to maintain advancing industry technology process and development. For your orders, please do contact them.

15 Qingdao Century View Industry Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Qingdao Century View Industry Co., Ltd. was established. It is a professional manufacturer of CPE apron and other protective clothing. They will provide the best quality products and the most cost-effective services for old and new customers. Aside from that, they have a large quantity supply capacity and the most industrious service team.

16 Yishui Shenglong Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Since 2009, Yishui Shenglong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is mainly producing PE aprons and other protective clothing. There are 5000 square meters of their area and 2000 square meters of their building area. Due to their full competitive costs and excellent quality, they exported all of their products to foreign markets.

17 Zhangjiagang Wenhao Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 2004, Zhangjiagang Wenhao Industrial Co., Ltd was founded. It is one of the few companies that have 10 years in the plastic industry such as apron, gloves, etc. They are located in a modern port city close to Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China, which enables quick and convenient exportation of goods. Welcome to visit their company.

18 Wuhan Woohoo Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional apron manufacturer in China, well Wuhan Woohoo Co., Ltd. is your best choice which focused on different kinds of disposable and nonwoven products. They follow the national standards including GB2828-87, GB2829-87, and more. Most of its products are exported worldwide. Enquire now and expect competitive quality and prices from them.


In 2001, HEYUAN RUIJIAN PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was founded. They manufacture aprons, PE gloves, and so on. This company accepts a small quantity order and ship in a container. You don’t need to go elsewhere to factories to buy lots of items. They will provide you a stable and high-quality, reasonable price, and good reputation.


Since 2007, Juxian Changling Polycon Plastic Product Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of PE apron and other PE disposable products. They will keep providing consistent quality, best price, and best service. Their products have been exported to lots of countries. They are your best choice manufacturer and supplier.


Weifang Tailin Domestic Products Co., Ltd has more than 260 staff members with an area of 19, 980 square meters. They focused on manufacturing PE apron and other plastic bags products. They offer the most high-quality and competitive plastic bags in China. For more info, feel free to visit their factory.

22 Dongguan City Chengli Plastic Products Limited

Dongguan City Chengli Plastic Products Limited has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing all types of polyethylene disposable products in China. Their main products are HDPE and LDPE aprons, CPE gowns, and more. In the Japanese market, they supply OEM private brand accounts. For your inquiry, please do message them.

23 Ningbo Jian & Zhou Commodity Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Ningbo Jian & Zhou Commodity Co., Ltd. was founded. They manufacture the kitchen wears products such as kitchen apron and so on. They have a strong technical force and well-equipped testing facilities. Also, they are located in convenient to transportation access in Anhui province. They offer OEM and ODM services. Expect good quality, competitive cost, and stylish designs from them.

24 Yangjiang Sunshine Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Yangjiang Sunshine Enterprises Co., Ltd. has 18 years of experience in focusing on the manufacturing of various kinds of kitchen products including cloth apron, nylon apron, and many more. Their products have the highest standards in material, fabrication, design, and competitive cost. Also, rapid delivery and after-sale service is their priority.

25 Nanchang Sunyue Garments Co., Ltd.

Nanchang sen Yue garment co., LTD. is the professional producer of the apron in China since 2014. Through their product quality, strength, and integrity, they gained industry acceptance. For any inquiries or questions, kindly visit their company.

26 Pretty Arts Products Co., Ltd.

Pretty Arts Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the apron, garment bag, and more products. There 3000 square meters of their manufacturing area with its printing and embroidery factory. They offer you the best styles at the best prices. For your customized items, please send your samples to them.

27 Huazhi Artex Products Company Ltd. Hebei Province

In 1985, Huazhi Artex Products Company Ltd. Hebei Province was founded. It is a professional manufacturer of household textile in China for over 24 years. Their products are apron, curtain, and so on. They have 17,000 square meters of total area with 400 employees and over 200 imported machines.

28 Nantong Allwin Wood Co., Ltd.

Nantong Allwin Wood Co., Ltd. focused on manufacturing wood bamboo kitchenware in China. Over 6 years of experience in exporting products. Through their professional handicraftsman, advanced production equipment, and quality management system, they are widely popular in the market. Expect high-quality, competitive cost, perfect service, prompt delivery, and excellent after-sales service.

29 Hebei Hanyue Textile Manufacturing Limited

Hebei Hanyue Textiles Manufacturing Limited is a manufacturer of the apron, curtain, and more products. They provide integrity, innovation, quality, and considerable services to worldwide customers. They assure you to become you as their friends while working with them. Send them a message now.

30 Shaoxing Yayuan Garment Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Yayuan Garment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional developments of women’s clothing manufacturers such as apron, uniforms, and many more. This company has advanced equipment, large-scale uniform production, a large-scale production plant, and so on. Their company complies with ISO9001 international quality management system. Wholesalers are welcome.

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