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ATV Bike
Wholesale ATV Bike from China

China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. Especially in wholesale terms. China suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place. There are plenty of profitable products to wholesale from China and as time goes by new opportunities appear. If you wholesale ATV bike for your fun business, Guangdong province will be your good partner. Guangdong province has the most wholesale ATV suppliers in China.

Kids ATV
Wholesale Kids ATV from China

Do you have any problem with finding wholesale kids ATV supplier? Let Bansar help you find the best one. Bansar has a good connection in every popular wholesale supplier in China. China is a great producer of all kinds of ATV such as kids ATV and many others. So you can ensure you can find durable and affordable ATV for your business.

Military ATV
Wholesale Military ATV from China

Looking for verified wholesale military ATV supplier? You can find a lot of them in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. ATVs are very useful for military operations. For your large quantity of ATVs, you can trust the help of reliable supplier from Jiangsu province. They have the capability to handle the whole process. They can provide a fast and efficient process to ship your wholesale military ATV in a safe way.

Off Road ATV
Wholesale Off Road ATV from China

Are you wholesale off-road ATV in urgent? Better to find a wholesale manufacturer who focuses on manufacturing ATVs to support your business. Ensure your off-road ATV safety by selecting certified wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China. Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces have a lot of suppliers who can meet your needs.

Side by Side ATV
Wholesale Side by Side ATV from China

Find a wholesale supplier and manufacturer who can sure your side by side ATV safety. Side by side ATV has the ability to carry passengers and cargo. You can find a lot of high-quality ATV in different provinces of China who has the most certified wholesale supplier and manufacturer. Find the best wholesale supplier and factory and build a better relationship with them.

Sports ATV
Wholesale Sports ATV from China

You must be very vigilant by choosing a wholesale market for your sports ATV. If you do, you can run your growing business smoothly. But first, you have to be familiar with all reliable wholesale suppliers so you can trust your wholesale ATV will be delivered safely to your warehouse. Finding sports ATV trusted suppliers can help you save money and time.

Utility ATV
Wholesale Utility ATV from China

Are you looking for quality utility ATV? Utility ATVs are the most popular types of ATV. This types of ATV are designed for working or even hunting. Find out some qualified wholesale manufacturer and look for qualified distributors of ATVs in China. Most of them are commonly found in Guangdong province.

Need Bansar to Handle Your ATV Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China to
When your ATV are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight. Lower cost and can offer the highest carrying capacity.
Air Freight from China
If you need your wholesale ATV a little urgent, you can use air freight with high cost. Its the fastest freight solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Railway shipping cost is in the the middle of sea and air freight. If your order time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping railway.
Door to Door Shipping from China
Safe delivery for your wholesale ATV and on time with competitive freight cost is what door to door shipping provide.

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Wholesale ATV from China

If you are a beginner in wholesale ATV from China,

If you want to know the reliable wholesale ATV manufacturer in China,

Then this guide fits for you. You will get benefits from reading this guide. It will help you to make your business grow bigger.

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Best 30 ATV Manufacturers in China

1 China Peteresa Industrial Limited

China Peteresa Industrial Limited has rich experienced providing ATV great types and features that passed all the audits. They are the registered manufacturer that able to export everywhere in the world. They handle cost-effective and profitable production. You can locate them at Shanghai Province in China.

2 Zhejiang Renli Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Renli Vehicle Co., Ltd manufactured and produced a lot of ATV types and features. As a leading ATV producer and export overseas, this company ensures smooth processes supporting customer’s demand and business needs. They also build long term relationships and guarantee the best.

3 Shanghai Thunder Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Thunder Electric Technology Co., Ltd is located in room 1210 of Caoxi road in China at Shanghai province. The factory is an R&D specialize in 10 years of manufacturing experience. You can find ATV for your business and choose an ideal ATV’s for your satisfaction.

4 Yongkang Linqian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Having 15,000 square meters of the plant area is not difficult to provide complete facilities and high tech machines in manufacturing ATV’s. Yongkang Linqian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd was established producing over 5,000 units every year. They passed the test of ISO 9001, QSM, WMI, and more. they can export and handle smooth delivery to your location.

5 Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group

Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group manufactures and produces your need like ATV, scooters, and Engines. They manufacture ATV and produce based on the customer’s demands. This company will ensure the best ATV quality for your business support. It is negotiable and eye-catching ATV designs and features.

6 Chongqing Bashan Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

If you look for a durable and cost-effective ATV, Chongqing Bashan Motorcycle Co., Ltd is one of the trusted manufacturers in China. They offer a warranty and many advantages. They supply in over 10 years which you can trust their ATV quality. They are located in no.83 Shixin road in Chongqing in China.

7 Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

This company is founded 1956 known in manufacturing ATV and UTV and different mini machines. Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd has 1500 employees and plenty of engineers and technicians. Their ATV’s are CE, CARB, EPA, and EEC certified that passed international standards.

8 Wuyi Ace Omow Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Wuyi Ace Omow Vehicle Co., Ltd number one priority always is their customers as they value principles. They value quality first especially in manufacturing ATV’s and service provided. If a factory visit is your plan, This Company will assure to welcome you very well. You can visit in China at Zhejiang province, Dongguan at Wuyi Country.

9 China Foma(Group) Co., Ltd Taizhou Branch

China Foma Group main products are ATV, machinery for agricultural, mini tractor, and many more. This company has 1600 well-trained employees based on their experience and capabilities. They have above 400 technicians and offer great services since 1956 that they established. They offered a lot of ATV designs, sizes, and types.

10 China Clover Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

In 2005, China Clover Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd was established mainly manufactured ATV, bikes, scooters, carts, chopper, snowmobiles, and so on. They have a strong capacity in developing ATV production which exports in many countries. They can produce in Germany, Australia, Indian, French, and many countries and regions.

11 Yongkang Hahao Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd developed a variety of kinds of four-stroke and two-stroke gasoline engines. Its products are ATVs and UTVs, etc. This company has over 50 years in the production of power machinery and small engines. They have an experienced professional team and technical personnel at a high level.

12 Yongkang Dingchang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Yongkang Dingchang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. focused on manufacturing ATV and more special vehicles in China. Through their professional and efficient R&D team, they are aspiring to develop more ATVs that have a more large power. Their products comply with EEC, CE, and ISO9001: 2000 system. Contact them for your inquiry.

13 Yongkang Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for an ATV manufacturer, Yongkang Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd. is your best manufacturer in which they are dedicated to ATV and other sports equipment manufacturers in China. They have modern plants, the latest production equipment, high-quality staff, and perfect testing method. This company set up a stable business relationship with the wholesalers and importers from lots of countries.

14 Farspeed Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

Farspeed Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has about six years of focusing on manufacturing ATV and more products. Through their premium quality products and excellent services, their customers performed aggressively in the market. If you want to have a reliable and long-term relation supplier in China, they are your best choice.

15 Sinomach Extreme Moto (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Sinomach Extreme Moto(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional ATV manufacturer in China. Their products obtain CE, CARB, EEC, and EPA certifications. They have 8 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting. They offer OEM and ODM services. Expect premium quality products, competitive cost, and rapid delivery from them.

16 Zhejiang Bode Industrial Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Bode Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer focused on producing ATVs/quad, etc. They assure them to have high-quality and high-efficiency products due to their full set of latest testing equipment which they pursue using international advance manufacture technology. This company adhered to satisfy all its customers.

17 Ningbo Yinzhou Hishen Hardware Co., Ltd.

Since 2006, Ningbo Yinzhou Hishen Hardware Co., Ltd. focused on all types of ATV parts, stamping parts, sheet metal fabrication, and so on. Their location provides an essential for convenient transportation, in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, nearby Beilun port. Their company meets the ISO9001 Quality Control System. Send them your inquiry now.

18 Qingdao Hualifeng Industry Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Hualifeng Industry Co., Ltd is a prime company focused on manufacturing ATV, agriculture machines, and so on. They have a complete range of testing lines and pipelining professional technology and 4 professional production lines. Aside from that, they offer perfect pre-sale and after-sale services. Expect high-quality products and a perfect service system from them.

19 Witem Industry Company Limited

In 2004, Witem Industry Company Limited was founded. They focused on different types of leisure and sports vehicle manufacturers such as ATVs, UTVs, and so on. Through their advanced equipment, skillful workers, and machinery, they guarantee quality. If you are interested in their products, please do contact them.

20 Zhejiang Lianmei Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 1986, Zhejiang Lianmei Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded. Their factory covers 40000 square meters of area with a staff of 300 workers. They produced ATV, dirt bikes, and so on. All their ATV products are certified by CE. They have a selection of payment methods such as LC, DP, and more.

21 Shanghai Lannmaker Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Shanghai Lannmarker Industrial Co., Ltd. is a prime manufacturer focused on ATV, electric bikes, and so on. They have a professional business team and experienced R&D team. They set up their own brand ZIMO with prime service, premium quality, and competitive price products. They are your trusted manufacturer and supplier in China.

22 Wenling Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Wenling Import and Export Co., Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in exporting and importing products such as ATV, electric scooters, motorcycles, and so on. They have senior staff members with over 20 years of experience. If you have an inquiry, kindly message them and expect a quick response from them.

23 Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was founded. Its manufacture of four-wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV), etc. They have research and development and also a strict quality control to provide quality products that will make customers satisfied. They welcome OEM and ODM orders. For your orders, kindly message them.

24 Yongkang Guihou Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for a professional manufacturer of ATV in China, well Yongkang Guihou Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is your best choice since they specialized in manufacturing eco-friendly and high-tech vehicular products. They sell over 30000 scooters and more products every year since 2002. OEM projects are accepted.

25 Yongkang Strong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Yongkang Strong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. were founded. It is a professional manufacturer of ATV, dirt bike, and many more. They have first-class production equipment, professional staff, and a perfect management system. They are not only recorded as excellent performance but responsible for customer service, and have a newer and stronger goods market.

26 Yongkang Raymon Industry&Trade Co., Ltd.

After 10 years’ development, Yongkang Raymon Industry&Trade Co., Ltd is one of the large-scale manufacturers in China. They manufacture electric and gas ATV, UTV, and so on. In 2013, their production ability has reached 1 million units. This company has a big enough sales and development of market top sales.

27 Yongkang Upbeat Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional and best manufacturer of ATV in China, Yongkang Upbeat Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the best professional ATV manufacturers. For more than 16 years, they produce and export the most high-quality products. They have a professional technician and develop team, sales team, etc.


JINHUA BODE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional focused on manufacturing ATV, dirt bike, and many more. Their daily output is 1500 pieces of ATV, etc. Through their most advanced testing equipment and advanced manufacture technology, they provide high-quality and high-efficiency products. Their products are insured by the People′s insurance of China.

29 Daer Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for an experienced ATV manufacturer, well Daer Technology Co., Ltd is your best-experienced manufacturer in which they supply ATV, go-kart, and more products. It is certified by CE. Since they are ISO members, they guarantee to supply high-quality products, competitive cost, and professional after-sales service.

30 Shanghai Hengsheng Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Heng Zhao Trading Co., Ltd. focused on the production of metal processing equipment, small construction machinery, and so on. Their main products are ATV, go-kart, and more. Their products are favored and supported by most of the users. This company provides you superior product quality, reasonable sales price, and excellent after-sales service.

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