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  • Bansar is an expert shipping solution for importing any kinds of  goods from China
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types of backpack
Anti Theft Backpack
Wholesale Anti-Theft Backpack from China

Be the leading backpack business in your area by including this anti-theft backpack in your business. You can import high-quality wholesale anti-theft backpack from Chinese backpack wholesale suppliers. They mostly came from Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang.

Basic Daypack
Wholesale Basic Daypack from China

We encourages you to import wholesale basic daypack from Chinese backpack wholesale manufacturers. These manufacturers will surely help you with your backpack business. You don’t have to worry with the wholesale basic daypack shipping because Bansar is always glad to be at help.

Biking Gear Backpacks
Wholesale Biking Gear Backpacks from China

Biking gear is best for every travel. Mostly, people love to travel and hike that is why it is best to add it to your backpack business. It will surely be love by your customers. High-quality wholesale biking gear are manufactured by expert Chinese wholesale backpack suppliers. These suppliers are guaranteed to have quality services.

Drawstring Backpacks
Wholesale Drawstring Backpacks from China

Drawstring backpack features shoulder straps perfect for going to gym. Wholesale drawstring backpack is always available from Chinese wholesale backpack suppliers. They are ready to ship it for you. Import now from China. With Bansar, you can save time and money fro the shipping.

Duffel Backpacks
Wholesale Duffel Backpacks from China

Duffel Backpacks is super comfortable to carry with. If you want this backpack to include in your backpack business, don’t hesitate to import from Chinese wholesale backpack suppliers. They are aiming to help every backpack business to success. Be their partners now.

Fashionable Mini Backpacks
Wholesale Fashionable Mini Backpacks from China

Fashionable mini backpacks are used mostly in school and popular especially used by girls for fashion. Import now from Chinese fashionable backpack suppliers. These suppliers will not hesitate to help your backpack business. They are waiting to be your business partner.

Hydration Backpacks
Wholesale Hydration Backpacks from China

Hydration backpacks are light weight and can store capacity of 3-10 liters. Chinese wholesale hydration backpacks suppliers manufactures the best quality hydration backpack. Buy and import wholesale hydration backpacks from them. Bansar could help you with the shipping of your order.

Laptop Backpack
Wholesale Laptop Backpack from China

Wholesale laptop backpack is the best for your backpack business. Don’t hesitate to buy and import wholesale laptop backpacks from Chinese suppliers. They will help you to become the leading backpack business in your place.

Wholesale Rucksack from China

In China, there are over 70,000 wholesale rucksack suppliers. They provide rucksack bag made from high quality materials to satisfy your requirements. They also customize wholesale rucksack bags for you. Import your wholesale rucksack from Chinese manufacturers.

Tote Backpacks
Wholesale Tote Backpacks from China

Include tote backpacks for your growing backpack business. Look for reliable wholesale tote backpacks suppliers in China. We will help find the right one. Also, shipping of your wholesale tote backpacks will be taken care by Bansar.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Backpack Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
Sea freight shipping is your best choice to deliver your wholesale backpack orders if you want to spent less money.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
If you have urgent orders of wholesale backpacks, then you can choose air freight to ship your goods. It provides high security for your wholesale backpack orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight is provides faster than any other land transportation to deliver your wholesale backpack orders. Your goods are safe and high secured.
Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door shipping of your wholesale backpack orders is more convenient plus you can save time, money and effort so you can focus on your business.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Next Wholesale Backpack Shipping

  • Offers competitive shipping freight by sea, air and land from China China to other countries
  • Professional to do the customs clearance and paper works in China quickly and smoothly
  • Expert in handling large and heavy size goods
  • Free warehouse storage in China

Resource to Help you Import Wholesale Backpack from China:

Types Of Backpacks: The Ultimate Guide

Best 20 Wholesale Backpacks Manufacturers in China

1 Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd.

Located in Fujian province, Quanzhou Tianqin Bags Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of bags in the world. They are producing high-quality bags to their customers form the domestic and international markets. Tianqin manufactures bags like travel bags with multifunction,  water-resistant bags, lightweight and versatile.

2 Shenzhen Xinghao Leather Co., Ltd.

For more than 10 years, Shenzhen Xinghao Leather Co., Ltd. is an enterprise expert in manufacturing genuine leather bags. Every month they can produce leather bags like handbags, purses, PU bags, and wallets for up to 10, 000 to 20, 000 pieces. They have already exported their products internationally.

3 Xiamen Daysun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, Xiamen Daysun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the backpack, mammy bag, laptop bag, promotion bag, sports bag, and car organizer. Located in Fujian, China Daysun Industrial is one of the most reliable manufacturers of bags in China. Their markets are Europe, America, and Australia.

4 Quanzhou Jun Yuan Commerce And Trade Co., Limited.

Quanzhou Jun Yuan Commerce and Trade Co., Limited genuine bags in China. They already got 6 production lines and gained over 150 years of experience in this industry. Jun Yuan can produce up to 150, 000 pieces of bags in no time, making them a trustworthy distributor of products.

5 Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011, Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd. become a professional designer and manufacturer of high-quality bags. They manufacture lunch bags, cooler bags, cosmetic bags, wine bags, tool bags, stationery bags, laptop sleeves, laptop bags, medical bags, fashion bags, backpacks, and travel bags. All of their products are available at reasonable prices.

6 Quanzhou Dingyi Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Quanzhou Dingyi Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of outdoor sports and industrial products. They manufacture a hydration backpack, hydration bladder, injection parts, molds, and a tactical backpack. All of their manufactured products are greatly equipped with quality and performance.

7 Shenzhen Keylink Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Keylink Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various kinds of bags and cases like business bags, luggage, camera bags, travel bags, handbags, and messenger bags. They are one of the top designers of bags and earn earned an excellent reputation in this industry.

8 Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks is a manufacturing expert of premium quality bags. They are surely a big help for you in organizing from prototyping to mass productions. They offer world-class bags with famous brands at very affordable prices. Twin Oaks is one of the best suppliers of bags that you are looking for.


China brands is an enterprise that masters manufacturing bags with high quality and performance. They have the widest range of bags with unique styles and designs. China brands offer bags that feature unique styles with outstanding quality at very reasonable prices. They are the most trusted manufacturer in China.

10 Ezihom

Established in 2014, Ezihom is a specialist in manufacturing bags, handbags, laptop bags, drawstring bags, toiletry bags, wine bags, and other collections. They are already engaged in this industry for so many years giving them enough experience to produce outstanding quality products. Ezihom also accepts customizations in each product you order.

11 Faly Bags Co., Ltd

Faly Bags Co., Ltd. is certified by ISO9001 as a company that manufactures all types of bags such as school bags, laptop bags, hiking bags, bike bags, duffel bags, waist bags, cooler bags, trolley bags, and sports bags. They are distributing their products to France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the USA, and Australia.


For more than 18 years, Baoding BaigouTianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer of all types of bags. They are engaged in the production, sale, and development of these products. OMASKA exports PU luggage, nylon trolley bag, outdoor backpack, business backpack, and lady bags for the domestic and international markets.

14 Orient

Since 1983, Orient is an experienced manufacturer of bags in China. They have a factory that covers 46, 000 square meters are and composed of over 1, 000 employees. They are a large family-run business located in Fujian province. Orient is a specialist in manufacturing bags with amazing styles and designs.

15 Yabo Bags Company

Yabo Bags Company is one of the largest manufacturers of bags in China. They have already distributed products to 25 different countries like the USA and Europe. Their main products are bags made of nylon, PVC, polyester, and cotton. Yabo Bags factory covers an area of 10, 000 square meters and composed of 150-200 workers.


For more than 10 years, DDHBA manufactures premium quality bags that offer efficiency, latest innovations, and respect. They have a professional design team that focuses on giving creativity to their products. DDHBA guarantee that their products can last more than 10 years. They have OEM cooperative and direct client that reached more than 5, 000.

17 Henry Bag

Founded in 2003, Guangzhou Henry Bags Manufacturer Co., Ltd. manufactures bags for industrial and commercial clients around the world. They also manufacture bags with famous brands at reasonable deals and prices. Their factory is composed of over 250 workers that are highly-skilled and expert in these jobs.

18 Quanzhou Enfung Cases & Bags Co., Ltd

For over 15 years, Quanzhou Enfung Cases & Bags Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures all kinds of bags. They have the newest manufacturing techniques that allow them to produce unique products. Enfung Cases & Bags can produce 200, 000 pieces of bags monthly at affordable prices.

19 Quanzhou Pioneer Outdoor Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Quanzhou Pioneer Outdoor Co., Ltd. manufactures the best quality backpacks at very affordable prices. They are composed of more than 450 employees that work on a facility that covers an area of 15, 000 square meters in total. They have a full range of outdoor bags, day packs, computer bags, sports bags, and school bags.

20 Zhongyi Imp &Exp Co., Ltd.

Since 1999, Zhongyi Imp &Exp Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing high-quality bags and experts in bag engineering, design, production, QC, international logistics, and trade. Their company covers an area of 5, 000 square meters and possessed more than 250 skilled workers. Zhongyi Imp &Exp is distributing products to different countries around the world.

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