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Balloon Helicopters
Wholesale Balloon Helicopters from China

Balloon helicopters are good for your business. If you want to your balloon business to grow, import wholesale balloon helicopters from Chinese wholesale balloons suppliers. They will give you helicopter balloons made from quality materials.

Ceiling Balloons
Wholesale Ceiling Balloons from China

Ceiling balloons best for surprises. Importing wholesale ceiling balloons from China for your balloon business, is the best decision. You will be surprised by these wholesale ceiling balloons suppliers credible products.

Barrage Balloons
Wholesale Barrage Balloons from China

There are lots of wholesale barrage balloons suppliers from China. Their main goal is to help your business grow. That is why, they provide high standard barrage balloons. Surely, they have the most credible services than any other.

Cluster Balloons
Wholesale Cluster Balloons from China

Do you own a balloon business and looking for wholesale cluster balloons supplier? Bansar is familiar with many wholesale cluster balloon suppliers from China. Importing wholesale cluster balloons from these suppliers is the best decision you ever had.

Fire Balloons
Wholesale Fire Balloons from China

Wholesale fire balloons are always in the China balloon markets. There are a lot of wholesale fire balloon suppliers in China who aims to help you with your business. Bansar is willing to help you find the best wholesale fire balloon suppliers.

Gas Balloons
Wholesale Gas Balloons from China

If you plan to import wholesale gas balloons, better import from Chinese wholesale gas balloons suppliers. They offer credible services at competitive price. Don’t worry because we will find the best suppliers for you.

Hopper Balloons
Wholesale Hopper Balloons from China

Own this popular hopper balloons for your balloon business. Buying wholesale hopper balloons from Chinese balloon wholesalers is encouraged. You can find these suppliers from Shaanxi, Guangdong and Zhejiang. Make your business grow by being one of these suppliers partner.

Hot Air Balloons
Wholesale Hot Air Balloons from China

China has over 80,000 wholesale hot air balloons suppliers. You can assure that you will find the right hot air balloon supplier who will help your balloon business be profitable. Import wholesale hot air balloons and Bansar will take care of the shipping.

Toy Balloons
Wholesale Toy Balloons from China

Toy balloons are popular especially for the children. When you buy wholesale toy balloons, make sure to choose supplier from China. These wholesale balloon suppliers aim to help every balloon business to grow. Bansar recommends the right wholesale balloon suppliers for you.

Water Balloons
Wholesale Water Balloons from China

Wholesale water balloons manufactured by expert Chinese wholesale balloon suppliers are developed through high-technology systems. That’s why, choosing them to be your balloon business partner is can guarantee your business success. Import wholesale water balloons from them!

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Balloons Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you have wholesale balloon orders and is not urgent, you can choose to deliver your orders through sea freight shipping.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
If you want to secure your wholesale balloon orders, you can choose air freight shipping. It is more efficient and delivers your order faster.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Rail freight is the best choice when your distant from China. The cost of rail freight shipping is between the cost of air freight and sea freight.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want to save time, money and effort, you can choose door to door shipping to deliver your wholesale balloon orders.

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Resource to help you import wholesale balloons from China:

20 types of balloons

Alibaba and Made-in-China can help you import wholesale balloons from China

Best 20 Wholesale Ballon Manufacturers in China

1 Shenzhen City Piaofa Industrial Co., Ltd.

For over 10 years, Shenzhen City Piaofa Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, producing, and selling all types of balloons and balloons accessories. Their products are phthalate attestation, CE, and RoHS certified. They can sell products to Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and more countries. Make your orders now.

2 Wenzhou 360 Inflatable Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou 360inflatable Co. Ltd is a producer of modern inflatable advertising displays, entertainment exhibits, and inflatable displays in China. The company utilized European technologies, product styles, and ideas to serve domestic and international customers. They can customize base on your requirement. This is your best place for having the best quality and unique designs.

3 Guangzhou Tianhong Inflatable Limited

Since 1999, Guangzhou Tianhong Inflatable Limited is one of the leading inflatable products manufacturers in China. The company has three main groups, one is the inflatable amusement playground, second is inflatable water games, and lastly is the inflatable advertising including balloons. Due to the excellent quality and competitive cost, they obtain a good reputation in the whole worldwide.

4 Happy Inflatable Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer specialized in inflatable products, Happy Inflatable Co., Ltd. has its factory and has an R&D team. Their main products are landing balloon, inflatable lawn ball, and many more. Due to their innovative design, superior workmanship, and high-quality yet affordable, they advocate by customers. Make an appointment now.

5 Wuhan Woohoo Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Woohoo Co., Ltd. is a metallic balloon manufacturer in China. Also, they specialize in different kinds of disposable and non-woven products. Meet the national standards of GB2829-87 and more. Most of their products are been export to North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and some countries. Order now and get a satisfying quality and price.

6 Hubei-Wuhan Woohoo Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Hubei-Wuhan Woohoo Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various kinds of balloons such as magic balloons, heart-shaped balloons, single balloons, animal-shapes balloons, water balloons, and many more. They have full experience and long-term practice. Also, the products can be import and export so this is the right place for importing balloons products.

7 Baoding Windmill Balloon And Electricity Co., Ltd.

Baoding Windmill Balloon And Electricity Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and earliest manufacturers of latex products. Through good experience and skilled workers in balloon production, they can produce different shapes and colors in 40 kinds of balloons. They meet CE and ISO9001 certification. If you want to order more balloons for any occasion, just contact them.

8 Yiwu HT Balloon Co., Ltd.

Since 1998, Yiwu HT Balloon Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and the Export Department of Huanteng Printing Industry Co., Ltd specializes in balloon producing and printing. Their main products are Latex balloons, foil balloons, custom balloons, and more. Through the latest balloon equipment, they can customize and achieve the perfect balloon.

9 Xiongxian Pengshuai Latex Products Co., Ltd. Gucheng Branch

In 2004, Xiongxian Pengshuai Latex Products Co., Ltd was founded and specialized in latex balloons. This is the best seller of the festival productions, toys, gifts, etc. in China. You can choose water balloons, round balloons, heart-shaped balloons, chrome balloons, magic balloons, and so on.  Aside from shapes or designs, you can also choose the sizes which will suit your requirement.

10 Yiwu Creative Balloon Co., Ltd.

In 2010, Yiwu Creative Balloon Co., Ltd. was founded and it is located in Province of Guangzhou. Aside from that, they own offices in Qingdao City. They produce products are balloon, latex balloon, Mylar balloon, and many more. They can offer you creative balloons that will suit your demand and for other purposes.

11 Chaozhou Chao’an Yilugaofei Balloon Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for number and letter balloon or shape balloon for your decoration and occasion purposes then you are in the right place. Chaozhou Chao’an Yilugaofei Balloon Co., Ltd. is a well-organized group of engineers who are focusing in balloon making and rotogravure printing. They assure the customers to have satisfaction since they offer the best quality yet affordable balloons.

12 Chaozhou Chaoan Junfa Balloon Factory

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum film balloons, the factory has a strong technical force and advanced testing equipment. They can provide excellent quality, competitive cost, and fashion design balloons. If you are advertising, want to have decoration, and in any industry purposes, this will be your best choice.

13 Yiwu Chunyu Trade Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Chunyu Trade Co., Ltd. is specializing in party products such as a balloon for over 15 years in foreign business. They are your one-stop solution from the sample, shipping, and services. They will assure all customers out there to have an excellent quality product that will save your money and time.

14 Hebei Miaocai Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Miaocai Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. It produces and selling different types of balloons. Their products are guaranteed good quality and reasonable price which takes advantage of domestic and oversea markets. If you want to have balloons that will meet your various needs, so you can count on them.

15 Chaozhou Chaoan District Xiongfeng Food Printing Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Chaozhou Chaoan District Xiongfeng Food Printing Co., Ltd. was established and it is one of the biggest printing production bases in China. They produce various kinds of printing such as foil balloons, advertisement balloons, and more. Also, they utilize sophisticated production equipment, has a professional R&D team department, and more.

16  Xiamen Weierrui Import & Export Co., Ltd.

If importing and exporting balloons product is your demand, well Xiamen Weierrui Import & Export Co., Ltd. has a solution for that. Since 2014 of specializing party supplies. They supply products like foil balloons, latex balloons, party decorations, and more. Guarantee a high-quality, innovative, and reasonable cost. Make your inquiries now.

17 Shenzhen Xuancai Balloon Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xuancai Balloon Co., Ltd. is specializing in the manufacturing of all kinds of balloons and inflatable products such as latex balloons, balloon light, balloon maracas, and more. Printing colorful logo in a high-quality is their capability, so if you want to have a better design and looks for your balloons, contact them now.

18 Yiwu Fanglin Toy Frim

One of the most popular buying centers in China is Yiwu Fanglin Toy Frim which specializing in manufacturing all types of balloons. The products include LED balloon light, latex air balloons, and so on. They accept balloon wholesale. The company will provide high-quality products at a competitive cost. Make an order now.

19 Yiwu Bibie Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Bibie Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. focusing on manufacturing CY-brand advertisement balloon, hydrogen balloon, and foil balloon. It has different types such as a wedding balloon, walking-pet balloon, cup-stick balloon, and more. Due to the quality, they won imposing reputation in the balloon market.  If you have bulk balloon orders, they can assure you to produce it quickly.

20 Shenzhen Mantianxi Balloon Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Mantianxi Balloon Co., Ltd. produced all types of advertising balloons, aluminum foil balloons, cartoon balloons, and more.  Through their newest color printing machines, they can assure to provide you a best and unique design that will surely suit your requirement. Custom balloons are also offered. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote now.

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